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  2. Tried to upload into the members gallery, but got an error message saying that the upload failed for some unknown to me reason. So here we go, a few first shots. Sorry I don't have a good hand/eye for taking exciting pictures, but I can assure the car is beautiful :) especially the body and interior condition considering its age. The tyre pressure warning disappeared after topping up the spare wheel. The rear number plate needs a bit of an attention, but I'm not too obsessed about it yet. More important things are in the queue, like checking the transmission, diff oils, give the underside a thorough wash and a fresh anti-corrosion coating. As well I might give it a go and change the radiator. Bought the car in Lancashire, had to drive over 550 miles round trip to test drive it, but so far I must say it was worth it. Found on autotrader, if anyone interested I can share the sellers' details. These guys are spectacular, very down to earth, transparent, non pushy and upfront. All their (around 50 so far) autotrader reviews are 5star, their sales culture is something I have never experienced from any second hand car dealer I met before, and they sell brand new cars too. Just before I bought mine they had sold a beautiful second hand SC430.
  3. Who knows, but the seller has a history of dealing in damaged vehicles, which may or may not be unconnected.
  4. The 4th line in the description
  5. But where in that add does it say that? (cat d)
  6. Hi Cat D mean it was a write off, damaged and then repaired. The car you've put a link up off looks nice, but I wonder why it didn't sell the first time.
  7. @emjay82 I know that feeling well, swap my neighbors for yours 🙄 🐀
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  9. So what about this LS430? (link below) ALSO whats 'cat d' mean & where in that other add did say cat d? I never heard of it before this post & still cannot see it on that add
  10. For sure Joerg, never give up ;) Thank you again.
  11. I agree. You do want that reversing camera - it makes life MUCH easier. It's a big car to park. ( Check for the usual seized callipers too. )
  12. The swap of the navigation unit took about one hour. During that time I had some fun with an Lexus RC F 200t which they gave me for a test drive Don't give up. Go to the dealer and give him a deadline to solve the problem.
  13. Well the previous owner was obviously a smoker and so am I so I guess mine might be I worst condition than yours.
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  15. Guess your lucky one as when had my dpf cleaned did enquire about removal but was advised not too as it will throw codes back and will go into limp mode. This is a mystery wait might not happen straight away
  16. You'll regret going for the lesser spec if it hasn't got reversing camera because that also means no satnav (not that it's much use anyway because it's outdated and clunky), no Bluetooth handsfree for your phone and lots of other 'toys' missing that use that central display unit. Ok, you could live without them - but why should you when they are available? EDIT: Just thought I'd say that I've driven lots of vehicles in more than 40 years of driving (including a few BT vans), none of which have ever had a reversing camera - but now that I've got one I love it! Yes, it's a bit of a gimmic and a bit of a toy, but also surprisingly useful too.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, so please excuse me if I'm posting about previously discussed topics! I've owned a 2001 IS200 for a number of years, and absolutely adored her. She wanted for nothing. But I always fancied the IS300, mainly because of a nostalgic memory of the J2Z in the first F&F movie (i know, I know!) Anyway, i recently part ex'd her for an 04 IS300 LE. 2 Owners, FSH, confirmed 40K. I dont do a massive amount of miles, and tend to keep my cars for a while, so I figured a few subtle mods here n there might be ok. In an ideal world, I'd do the J2Z GTE transplant...but, I cant bring myself to spend three times the purchase price of the car on that! Are there any 'non-turbo' simple mods I can do to spice her up a bit? I'm not expecting miracles, just a bit more poke! I must confess, I dont know one end of a spanner from the other when it comes to auto repair, so I would have to take her somewhere to be done. ( I've also just put her on 18" RX-7 rims as the standard ones just looked a little small) All suggestions welcome!
  18. Ask other dealers to price match normally local ones might be cheeky but dealers further away are cheaper
  19. Yes it was but I'm unsure on it at the minute. What issues have you spotted on it. I'm going to look at an 06 se with 80k on first thing tomorrow it's really clean and well looked after it just doesn't have the rev camera etc. So I'm Gna see what it's like. There is another 04 with 88k on the clock near London with full service history and great spec too but that's the one with the steering mot advisory. Decisions decisions . Thanks for the advice on the cambelt guys.
  20. Although I've only had my car a short time I've not yet felt the need to use manual gears, I just put it in D and let it do its thing!!!
  21. Or....I'll just have to park around the corner 😉 for appointments. Don't like the neighbours all that much so not too worried about them 😁
  22. I had this seal replaced by Lexus Sheffield, due to a minor leak. No problems since, but it took quite a bit longer than they expected.
  23. Just carry earplugs for your clients...
  24. Thanks! I'll have a good look into the service history, and get the car on a ramp to check what the transmission fluid looks like. The radiator itself doesn't show any corrosion on the outside, the coolant fluid is also nice and pink (prob. just changed) and no gunk/rust under the rad. cap. I don't know if the trans fluid was changed, so better to change that as a preventive measure, and the diff too. Tomorrow I'll call the Lexus dealer where the car was serviced for probably past 6 or more years, and try to pull out more history info. All I found out so far is that the wheels need rebalancing, and the cigarette lighter socket by the shift stick doesn't work, but the one inside the centre console and the rear one work. I read somewhere that there is probably a switch somewhere to switch between the near shift stick socket or the other two - is that true? Can't I have all 3 sockets working?
  25. The devil is in the detail, looks good buddy
  26. You're right the car does need it! For me the constant burble/bark would be too much for my work and the neighbours. A switchable exhaust would be of interest.
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