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  2. SC430 project

    In the course of rapidly re-assembling the car in time to attend the Kemble Grand Tour - RAF Cosford meet yesterday, I didn't record the process but here are a couple pics. Building MDF speaker pods for the mid bass drivers and trial fitting them to check for clearance to the door glass in its lowest position. Re Refitting the door cards. The tweeters were a very tight fit but they are in, secure and working, without the need to add any further fixing. Not the most subtle of installs but when I have time to set it up properly, I think it's going to sound okay.
  3. And what do you guys think of Optima battery? 50Ah but impressive 850CCA? Or the battery is better than the car?
  4. Hi Guys, I have just joined the club as I am interested in buying IS300h luxury trim 64 plate with 125k miles on it. I like German cars and had BMW 320d and C220 Merc in last few years. Both I bought with 100k+ miles on the board and I never had any issue with them all the time I had them apart from regular services and tyres change. They proved to be economical as well. I have read a lot about other Lexus models with high mileage’s but I haven’t read anything about IS300H crossing 100+ and yet keeping inact which German diesels do quite often and quite decently. I am still confused as if I should go ahead with it or stick to old school - long lasting diesels? I have been following threads in here for quite a few days and found them very interesting and helping. I hope I would also be listened to :)) Thanks
  5. What about Excide 030 or 031 (post reversed). 4 year. 75Ah and 650 CCA... Does that work for is250?
  6. How did you find this other reg?
  7. One area for all F Drivers

    I have sent Steve an email, there is nothing more the mods can do, (apart from jumping on sales based threads). That's not very nice.
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  9. One area for all F Drivers

    Perhaps they are all busy trying to fix the Gold membership bugs
  10. Isofix?

    Cheers all. Now I know!
  11. I can remember going to a VAG show years ago ('03/'04?) and first seeing clay bars being demonstrated. Amazing what they do for neglected paintwork. At the time the trick was to feel the paintwork with your fingers inside the cellophane wrapper from a packet of fags then clay the panel and then feel it again through the cellophane. Any plastic wrapper will do but you really feel all the imperfections before and the smooth paintwork after.
  12. One area for all F Drivers

    Great news Stuart, stunning car. They’ll only be a few isf owners left on here soon! roll on Saturday
  13. Newish isf owner

    Cheers lads just having a browse about on here some great info glad I joined up I was surprised to read a few other posts regarding the water pump going I also had mine replaced by Lexus Leeds was an expensive do think it was £425 off the top of my head defo something to look out for if anyone's looking to buy one
  14. Ah, OK, I didn't know that. Parkman.
  15. Thanks for the positive comments. As its a 10 year old car I used bog standard car shampoo from Costco followed by a Farecla G3 Clay Mitt with G3 Bodyshop detailer as the lubricant and finished off with a tub of wax I had on the shelf I bought about 10 years ago. Mostly a large tub of elbow grease but actually it wasn't too hard at all. It is really satisfying to go from sandpaper pint to glossy smooth paint. Clay bars an Mitts really are amazing and I was very sceptical of them but they do work as long as you use them correctly. Oh and use microfibre towels to dry off the car and microfibre cloths (cheap from Costco) to polish. Make sure you remove the labels though as they will scratch the paint quite badly if you don't.
  16. One area for all F Drivers

    Big congrats!!!!
  17. One area for all F Drivers

    The black GSF at Hedge End isn’t, ahem, “available” any more. I pick it up on Saturday. It’s stunning. Immaculate. Can’t wait!!
  18. One area for all F Drivers

    Tell us more!!!!
  19. One area for all F Drivers

    Ahem... make that 3...
  20. Right so original reg of that particular car is showing up as a range rover. It's also been under another plate reg M1YAN. DVLA hasn't updated yet so the MOT history is still under M1YAN
  21. Newish isf owner

    Lovely example, nice mods list too 😊
  22. Newish isf owner

    Welcome Wayne! Good to see another Northern owner on here. I see you can spell Northern right though!
  23. Picked up this period JDM Alpine MD/CD head unit. I'm a bit of a sucker for Minidisc and I think it's rather splendid. Being JDM the only instructions available are in Japanese but with a combination of Google Translate and MS Word I'm sure I'll be able to turn the demo mode off some time soon... (Hope the video shows) VID_20171120_120606.mp4
  24. Newish isf owner

    Very true I can't imagine how I'd get it out of the isf seats there perforated if I remember rightly, I suppose it could be a quick excuse to I'm just nipping out to drive err clean the sick up out of the car love won't be long 😉
  25. Newish isf owner

    Ah yes it's good to have a range of vehicles for all those other duties, vomit and nice leather not good 😁 🐀
  26. Sorcerer - thank you for your logical explanation, thought i 'd put your theory to the test - put it in auto, to the footwells it went, decrease the temperature to 18 and it moved to footwell and face vents, went down further to 16.5 and it went to face vents only - took it right up to 28 and it moved to windscreen and footwell - bugger me, it and you are clever. Bottom line is there is no fault - if i want them to come out of the face vents when i first get in, i will have to move to as warmer climate Ian M - fluffy dice are a no go area - the wife's of course - got them from the Aerosmith Rock 'n' Roll ride in Disney about 14years ago - sorry not for sale ! Glover - i is jealous still would be interested if the default can be changed.
  27. Thanks Pete, I'll give them a call and get booked in.
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