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  2. Hi, i'm looking to buy a 2013 GS 250 - however there is many conflicting claims of what a fall tank of fuel will give you in terms to overall miles. Can anyone comment pls?
  3. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    Are you sure I have to go to 18' because I checked the factory wheel size and and the IS 350 also comes on 17' so I should be OK..
  4. QI Phone Charging Tray

    Not the latest design but my "new" phone is a Samsung S6 which does fit and didn't cost two arms and legs to buy works for me
  5. One of mine from a few months back. 😎
  6. Which Oil

    Thanks guys!
  7. QI Phone Charging Tray

    You could also just get a USB charger that plugs into the 12v socket - same area I guess so would be a much more cost effective solution
  8. Shiny B pillar plastic

    Essentially SRP is loaded with fillers. Whilst it does have some abrasives, it mainly cleans scratches of dirt and covers them up with a polymer. These get washed off so the scratches will return down the line. Ideally you want a pure finishing polish - Britemax Black Max is excellent by hand or machine. Dont really know why its called Black Max because its suitable for all colours. Its great for getting rid of the minor swirls and easy to use Its called a "Polishing Glaze" but its a bit of a misnomer. Its designed for the American market who use different terms to us, so a glaze is a finishing polish. Britemax has confirmed it doesn't have fillers in it but a polymer which coats the car ready for wax/sealants.
  9. I've posted some pictures in the GS section. I think it really is a great contender for an LS owner who maybe wants something a tad more modern, or like me, just fancying a change. It certainly doesn't feel like the second pressing of the grape compared to an LS, they're both great cars.
  10. The safety system + will be standard across the range so the RC will get it too when the updated model with the 10.3" nav screen comes out. Most likely premium nav will also be standard across the range. ACC works pretty well on the smallest distance setting. Its fine in traffic in the RX as it slows to a halt and starts off again if needed. On the IS its not full speed so only works down to 30mph.
  11. It does work and Lexus in the USA recommends woolite. Only problem is you have to dilute it which takes time and being gentle, its not going to remove heavy dirt Its probably fine for cleaning leather seats every month or so but I usually do it once a year when I get the time and Dodo Juice just cuts through it whilst leaving a matt finish
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  13. I thought it was ...miles, not months! From the above post, looks as if a 2005 GS might do? I prefer the more upright entry; I borrowed a 2005(?) IS once-kept catching my head on the door frame! Modern sloping cars! Not to mention the tendency for windows to be like pillbox slits! (Slight exageration...)
  14. Try also putting your contacts in cell phone memory, not only in SIM card.
  15. Have you done a side-by-side comparison with another cloth dampened with wool detergent in water?
  16. The 300’s are a superb all round car. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Well done Phil. Looks great in the pictures. Enjoy!
  18. That's what i found with Gliptone. Although the fragrance is appealing. Not the case with Dodo Juice though. Think you would be surprised how much dirt comes off with Dodo when you wipe down. Use an old pale towel and it's very obvious.
  19. Not to me. I love my Mesa Red and cream interior.
  20. Hi all, sorry to open up an old thread, but I recently bought a 2014 NX300h and have been getting "error code: (ID=223)" when trying to log into the portal (tried both Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth tethering). Did all your login issues come back by any chance?
  21. Post your Pics

    Reckon it’s all that caustic wheel cleaner I use keeping the weeds at bay! We had a cat cr*p in on it this morning which my mrs took to work on the bottom of her shoe!
  22. Had a black Golf VR6 back in the day so know what you mean, but it did look absolutely stunning when all shiny & clean.
  23. What a stunning car, I love the colour combo too, , a sunroof would be the icing on the cake, the one thing i don't have on my RX sadly Ed
  24. That’s conversation would go exactly the same way in our house. 😂 Even my children know their place in the pecking order, which apparently is below the F according to them!! 😉
  25. Post your Pics

    Here’s mine when I first got her.
  26. 12k ?? I meant 12 months, sorry :) Tis a tough one for sure. I do so few miles, i wouldn’t necessarily need a similar type of car. Something manual might be nice, after 5 consecutive autos.
  27. Great looking GS300 and i know I'm bias but i like the colour combo.
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