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  2. Interesting that an M140 was significantly slower, I wouldn't have thought there'd be anything in it
  3. Great find, its still an auto box by the look and sound of it.
  4. My ears are information on this 👍
  5. @emjay82 I'm guessing when @Peter P18 see this he will have some additional info, same outfit where he gets his bits and bobs from I think. Big Rat
  6. @emjay82 Yes I agree entirely shall we got ours to sound like that, rear box delete should do it ! 🐁
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  8. Fantastic sound, the burbles/popping at low speed is superb 😍.
  9. I'd bought an ls last year (£600!) with only one key, the seller tracked both the spare and grey master key and posted them to me free of charge! i think I'll have to bite the bullet with this one but I've been driving my accord for a year with only one key with no problems so far, I was quoted £120 for that key (remote fob inc boot) but the guy never turned up: I've not bothered since
  10. Well done and welcome to the club, exactly the same colour/wheel combo as mine!! Blue is the best of course haha. Had mine about 2 months and loving it, I wish I had the luxury of a driveway, mine lives on the road side :( Enjoy.
  11. Indeed, they come with lots of toys, even on the most basic spec.
  12. I bought my car last year with only one key. The one owner of the car I phoned before I bought it, had already lost several keys (he had to stop driving due to Parkinson's). He tried to hunt in his house, as did his wife, as he thinks the other keys were lost there - but no joy. I think it cost me around £280 all in, with discount to get the key fob, key cut, and then coding (both keys done). The spare is safely well stored away!!
  13. I understand what your saying but this thread talks about what people have done, not what they plan on doing at the weekend like it was in 10p shorts posts. Also, the posts aren't what put him in prison, it was the accident. We are all in a position where if we were ever to have an unfortunate accident, there are no posts on this thread showing prior intent to drive like a knob that day. The only reason the police used his posts were because he had previously said they were going for a blast the day the accident occurred. Appreciate the debate however Mikey, hope you don't take the post the wrong way Marcus
  14. Cheers sure this one has the sunroof and spoiler too very fine line between the two cars it seems!
  15. Mine has been in the dealer for the same issue the display did not have any of the arrow lines going either way. My Air Con was also not as cold as it should be. Like yours, the hybrid system was working fine and that battery was charging up and down It was in and had a FULL weeks worth of stripping, protocols followed and a warning that the warranty would not cover anything if it was a broken wire, corroded part etc. They were in contact with lexus technical through the process as they could not find anything wrong. Eventually it was traced to an air con pipe, and a possible sensor/compressor issue (the air con/hybrid are linked in some way). LUCKILY the warranty company were superb again and covered the full cost (it was in for a total of 7 days). My car is 11 years old in November. The cost to the warranty was just over £3200 (which was parts at cost and labour at cost plus 15%). The cost to me, had it not been covered, would have been £5k + easily Lexus warranty comes good once again and, as ever, Lexus Edinburgh were super helpful. Brian.
  16. In reality Access has always been my flexible friend..... Its amazing, they give you free money 😂
  17. 🐀... Who told you I worked in an office ? Have you hacked my work's cctv?... 😡
  18. Nice little vid, love to know if it's a standard gearbox 😁 Got to love that noise and look at those brakes ! Big Rat
  19. @emjay82 I still love you Michelin Man after all I worked for you and your company and I still feel that your tyres were then and still are today the best all round money can buy. But now I'm just a poor builder trying to make a crust it's not easy when you are trying to compete with all these other blokes in suits sat in offices in the warm and dry on 100k + salaries whocan still use your products. Whereas I have to choose between feeding Mrs Rat or fit Nanking ditch finders to the 'F' life's so cruel.......... Big Rat
  20. Dear Sorcerer i have done all that but they say nothing can be done. Hence my looking for some answers. In fact my dealers have been very helpful and are still trying to help but if this is a bigger and a wider problem the solution MAY come faster Just spoke to another friend. He doesn't even know if he has an Adaptive cruise control. Wasn't sure about the speed limit display!!!! I am seeing him personally to explain what is what!!!!!
  21. Congrats on the new job Welcome to the LOC
  22. Sorry meant does* not don't bloody typos
  23. Surendra I don't have all those extras but I never actually tried to suspend guidance thru voice control but I will try now you brought it to my attention
  24. Thanks Steve I have seen them,but I would like the Lexus logo on the mats,o can't believe that's it's that hard to find,even asked Lexus eBay and they didn't seem to know either.
  25. Cheers Martin After years of churning out diesel fumes from my vehicles I'm trying to ease my conscience - hence the phev and hybrid choice now I must be getting old The garage is the old hayloft and cart shed at side of our Georgian farmhouse - looks and sounds idyllic but in reality I've got loads of work to do before I can enjoy it really The phev parks in RH side and the RC will look great in LH side I reckon
  26. Welcome to the forum.
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