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  2. That's not the right one, the terminals appear to be the wrong way round. This is the only reference I've found on the internet, from Panasonic Hongkong, which has the correct reference numbers and, most importantly is the right dimensions. Because of the battery carrier design, wrong height batteries won't fit:. My own battery, on my IS300H which is used only intermittently, failed after 12 months from new and was replaced under warranty. At the time I bought one of those RAC portable batteries just in case. Yes, the car was covered by the Lexus assistance, but it's still a damn nuisance waiting for the AA man to come. The second one, now 2years old, started showing low volts symptoms this autumn in the first cold spell. Again the volts had dropped. This time I bought one of those CTEC intelligent chargers and the first time I put it on, it spent some time on its first 'desulphation' stage. After that it was OK and now zips through the first part of the programme. The battery seems to be much better and is holding its volts at 12.5 or so, even after a few days of non use in the cold. Having said that, I now leave the CTEC plugged in most of the time!
  3. No, but the Silicone Dioxide based sealants offer good resistance and extra protection against chips, scratches and swirl marks, and it's this type of coating that Lexus are offering (in my case) for over £500, which is pretty excessive. There are companies that do it professionally, but by the time their labour costs are covered, it's about £280 to have done, perhaps a little more. Of course, none of these coatings will protect against a supermarket trolley bash or a large stone pinging off your bonnet at 70mph, but you wouldn't expect that. Chip insurance is something different to sealant and standard paint protection insurance, which from Lexus does not cover stone chips. I have the document quotations here open in front of me. That's on an additional stonechip and paintwork protection insurance, not the stand alone paint protection (paint sealant) policy which also covers interior leather protection (application of stain resistant coatings and leather conditioners). Good point RE the PCP, and from that point of view, the extra chip and minor paint/body damage insurance is worth taking out. There is a "but" though. If you have fully comprehensive insurance, check the excess. In my case, it's a protected no claims with an allowance for several claims within the policy period and a low compulsory excess. If you have this type of fully comp insurance, you can claim for uninsured damage by others or your own accidental damage, and the cost of the repairs may be less in excess than than taking out the extra protection insurance plus won't affect your no claims.
  4. On Saturday I fitted a dash cam to my 2010 RC450 , I didn't hardware it, I just used the 12v socket hidden away under the armrest (bloody silly place to have your sockets) i just fed the wire under the passenger mat and teased the cable around the door trim. At the a pillar I managed to open it slightly without removing it and am very pleased with the results. My model of s the SEi and I note some models had a 12v outlet in the storage area under the gear lever which would have been even neater. Hope this helps. Ed
  5. Had my 60K service done June 2016 & paid £761 inc VAT. Here's what they did: The 60k service includes: Oil and filter change · Pollen filter change · Brake Fluid Change · Diff oil change · Spark plug change · Key fob battery change · Wheels removed and thorough inspection of brakes · Coolant check · Air Filter check · Suspension check · Light check · Torque up the wheels · Adjust tyre pressures These are the main items covered in the 60k service. The labour total is £397.44, and the parts/oil cost is £365.56. Also got another quote from a different dealer who quoted me £895 and then dropped to £718 with LOC discount but didn't include the brake fluid change. Basically I went to 2 dealers, got 2 different prices and 2 different work schedules, ended up going to the one slightly further away from me & more expensive as I they did more items on the service and had treated me well in the past, IE not charged me for a courtesy car when I needed one & happy to drop you in to town & pick you up later whilst the car was serviced. A deal can be done for less than £895 but just check what they actually do or don't do for the discount!
  6. Never been made to fit one and i owned mine at 30. Try elephant and admiral as they are always cheapest for me.
  7. Has anyone removed the a-pillar trim on their RX to feed wires behind. I'm always a bit concerned that I will break something when I don't know the location of the clips or which to prise off first.
  8. 1 - Performance, rarity, build quality/reliability 2 - Better Satnav/phone integration, ventilated seats, slightly louder exhaust than standard 3 - C63 AMG (6.3l V8 just to see what all the fuss was about), RCF (Is it any better than an IS F????, more power but heavier......), Not really much else out there in the 'sports saloon' category that ticks the boxes for performance and reliability I don't think.
  9. Suits the later style of wheel 👍 Big Rat
  10. There will always be more behind the arch, that's where all that lovely salty water sits.. Just give the rear a good clean, remove all loose rust and scale and treat with something like this.... Then, when you have repaired the painted part you can see, treat the arear behind with something like this... I find the Dinitrol range to be superb, much better than Waxoyl, which has, IMHO, stayed the same for years and not moved with the times......
  11. Toothy Dont know your age and not asking but I'm with SAGA 😂 No requirement from them to fit one top notch policy unless you want a tracker fitted that is. Shop around would be my twopence worth. Big Rat
  12. Thank you. This seems to be what I was looking for. Luckily we have a certified Lexus mechanic here in my city, so I will go to them and tell them about the issue. Hopefully they know what to do then. Thanks!
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  14. Burnt Copper all the way LOL!!!
  15. Sealant wont stop stone chips or the odd supermarket trolley rash. I got Toyota's chip insurance on my wife's Yaris and I've had them out to two stone chips, a scratch on the passenger side door and a scuffed rear bumper all at no cost to me apart from the £10 call out fee. If the car is on a PCP then the final value can be affected by dings and scrapes etc. Something to keep in mind.
  16. I had to have one fitted on mine when I bought it in 2012 at the insistence of my insurance company. Ordered it from Trackers website and then fitted a week later in my car park at work. Choose the Locate model as had the 4 way tracker rather than just 2 way. Have no idea where it is on the car & fitter was excellent with no marks left after fitting. When the insurance renewal came up in 2013 & 2014 insurance company didn't require a tracker so cancelled the subscription and then in 2015 & 2016 then did so just called Tracker & had them switch the unit back on. Have had no problems with it and the on line tracking system is good, although could do with an update & mobile app. Get a call from them every time it goes in for a service & the battery is disconnected. Personally I wouldn't get Lexus to source & fit one as buying from Tracker direct was fine for me and getting the dealer to do anything is always more expensive.
  17. Sounds like turbo lag to me and the is220d has plenty of it. Other than that it could be your egr valve. It's an easy job to take it out. 10 minutes. Give it a good scrub and soak with carb cleaner. You might be surprised with the results.
  18. Agree back in July 2016 I was zooming in on the pics and it didn't look like a original fit and finish. HPI check also noted MOT advisory was play in the rear suspension area.
  19. I see your point, i had my previous written off after a small bump that wasn't my fault and was left out of pocket! But for me i will always go fully comp, as the legal protection does come in handy if you a not at fault in serous incident like i was many years ago. Plus the last time i checked the difference its not a huge saving going third party, fire and theft. I renewed my policy this weekend and the price difference was only £20 between FC and TPFT.
  20. Good effort chaps, despite the weather & looks like 5 is the new 4!
  21. Before settling on a company to supply and fit your tracker check with Direct Line that they are acceptable to them. I had to have a tracker fitted in my CLS55 AMG, Direct Line were quite prescriptive regarding the one fitted... That said have you approached Lexus? Their dealerships can supply and fit and I think would be best experienced in how to do so without causing possible issues later.
  22. Like the look of that, would go well on mine, or Orange like the GS-F.
  23. I am insured with Lexus, they don't require a tracker, slightly more expensive than the cheapest online quote but not by much, however when it comes to claim they were very good to deal with unlike some of the cheaper companies who can be a nightmare.
  24. Look at the panel fit on the bonnet and the boot and then compare it to your own car, I wouldn't go near it.
  25. My insurance company (Direct Line) insists I install a tracker to insure the IS-F. I've looked at brokers who don't require a tracker, but it doubles my premium (from around £450 to nearly £1000). Can anyone recommend a tracker and a company to use? I'm apprehensive on allowing someone to pull trim apart and mess with the vehicles electronics. Never had a tracker before so don't know what to expect. What are people's experiences with fitting? From a good few hours Google searching, I'm considering SmarTrack Protector Pro, from a company called "trackerfit". £199 for the tracker and fitting. Then taking out the £399 subscription which covers the device for it's lifetime.
  26. Dear fellow owners, I am in the process of replacing the brake calipers on a '06 IS250 as I wanted to get rid of the seizing-recall-affected parts. After checking numerous forum entries, TS bulletins, I got confused about the correct greases to be used. i would prefer using Lexus/Toyota greases. This is what I found: 1, For lubricating the slider pins, seals etc.: - Toyota 08887-01206 / 08887-83010 Rubber Grease (this has been mentioned in a lot of documents, reviews and also in the early manual) OR - Toyota 00289-1WG00 White Grease (Technical Support Bulletin of the recall) 2, To use as an anti-squeal grease on the shims and as lubricant on the contacting surfaces between the pad and the pad support plates.: - Toyota 08887-80609 Brake Caliper Grease (Toyota Ireland) Is it safe to assume that this combination will work fine? Thank you for your help in advance.
  27. Yes, the calipers are an issue. The Slide pins need regular greasing or they are liable to seize. TBH I would expect to have a good clump of receipts with any car. I have kept a file for my car that I would pass on if I ever sell it....but its a keeper. I too came from a is200 Sport. IMHO the 250 is way ahead on every level. I was about to suggest you read Noobies post ... but I see you have.
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