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  2. And get the sprouts boiling, they should just be ready for Christmas .
  3. Steve, was the car actually hit by another or did the springs just collapse through exhaustion and old age ? Malc
  4. That made me feel sad. Why have you decided to let her go?
  5. hmmmmmm, whoever did the paint job didn't get a properly good match with the bridge But I like the " burgundy " , is it ? and I like the interior colour too .... the rest of the car i would find just so complex and daunting to drive tbh It would probably take me the rest of my days to learn what all the bits and pieces are for. Malc
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  7. Dash Cam

    Am I correct in thinking the 12v battery powers all the accessories and the hybrid battery starts the engine?
  8. Thought about coil overs, but want to retain the variable avs or whatever it's called, the suspension buttton functionality. Didn't realise that the ones about might not retain the adjustability. Guess that's what they mean by without stabilisation, I thought that was the gubbings in spare wheel well with another acronym they were referring to. Darn it. Best ring Lexus! Thanks for heads up on the track rod end, will tackle this myself, have a bid hammer and like using it 😁. Know to count turns off and replace same on, but will the front then need aligning after it's replaced? Should I replace both track rod ends, or just the bust one? I'm fitting new disks and pads, so I'll be on the other side anyway, but unsure if recommended to change in pairs?
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  10. SC430 project

    Yes that would be an interesting swap for sure but i do like the sound of a NA v8, nice induction set up and make it scream. I wasnt much of a fan when thses came out but like said already the more i look at them the more i like them. Especially with a few tweeks to the outside, lowered, wheels and a kit and it transforms them
  11. A coil over system could be a better option, which solves the recurring situation. Cost per corner is less than stock set up but you can't just change one corner, so initial cost is more.
  12. RX350 Pointers

    Okay so maybe it took a few weekends before I could dig into it.. Anyhow I think I'm onto the culprit. Checked the rear sunroof drains and they seemed to be clear and still attached. I loosened off the side trims in the boot for access then stuck some heavy gauge solder wire up the tubes to make sure they made it to the roof. That sort of cleared them from the enquiry. So I parked it in the garage for a few nights to dry off and started watertesting using a spray bottle of water. Didn't take to long to figure the leak was coming from further back than the sunroof. Had to take the passenger side roof rail off and find the rear most seam on the roof has the slightest of nicks in it. Whenever the rainwater was rolling off the roof into the 'gutter' it was running right over the pinhole creating my issue. I've attached a few pics in case anyone else encounters the same. I checked the driverside and the same thing has happened there although the leak was nowhere near as bad. Applied some sealer to both areas but it didn't appear to cure properly. Will give it another go with some proper stuff. Jay
  13. kinda new to the forum

    Project thread up and running 👍 check it out in the build section
  14. Lexus have released a video of the LS in Autumn Shimmer (Copper Brown in the UK) with cream leather interior. What do you think of the colour? Ive seen it on an RX and it looked horrid, seems to suit the LS much more.
  15. Nearly forgot the mince pies as well seen as though christmas is coming.
  16. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    So time for some more updates, firstly ive just become a gold member 🤘 got to support the club. Ive tried to change my profile name too but im not sure thats worked. On to the car and time for some more transmission bits, next up was the pedal swap and master cylinder fitment. I was going to use the wilwood master supplied with the clutch kit but as this was designed for a mk3 supra, the billet adaptor supplied would have to be modified to fit the IS300. I really looked into this but i just could not see a way round it without butchering the billet adaptor and i did not want it looking crap. I decided the wilwood master would be sold and i am going for an IS200 OEM master and clutch line. This would again be using original toyota/lexus parts making it look nice and factory fitted. I first of all made a little template out of card to mark the bulk head. I then marked up the bulk head and drilled the holes for the master cylinder studs I the used a cone cutter to cut the hole for the mater cylinder plunger to go through. As you can see good old toyota came up trumps again by leaving a hole in the insulation for the bulk head exposing the master cylinder location. This was the same for the inside of the car on the bulk head insulation. It was pre cut so all i had to do was pull it out. I then fitted the master ready for the pedal to go in. Now as this was auto i would have to swap out the large auto pedal for the manual pedal, ebay provided these. Went from this ........ To this .......... Thats better, looking like a proper original manual now! Master cylinder all bolted up to the pedal box now and a paper gasket used. Just waiting on the factory clutch line now and the beauty of this is the clips on the bulk head holding the brake lines have the blank space for the line the clip into. So no ugly braided line hanging across the bay and another part i can sell on with the wilwood master. Whilst i was at toyota i also ordered a gear pattern plaque for the center console, not fitting this yet but just thought it would be a nice touch to make it look OEM factory fitted. This brings me up to date, from here updates will be slower but i will keep this going soon as i get something else done. Once the clutch line comes, next weekend im hoping the engine will be out so some juicy updates to come.
  17. Nice easy fix at least. Although my Merc looks worse than that each morning when I go out to it.... lol Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  18. TPMS

    It may be of interest that more readily available CR 2032 cells will work perfectly well as the voltage is the same. The downside is that they will only last about half the time period "about 4 to 5 years" because of there smaller size and capacity. John.
  19. Lovely car. Pleased you have a solution.
  20. I left the Celsior at a hotel near to East Midlands airport whilst on holiday and came back to a very slammed rear end. On the near side I could just get my fingers between the tyre and arch but the offside was so low there was no gap at all. Got the AA out and discovered that the offside spring had broken and slipped over the bottom mounting. No other option but a rear lift tow back home, the AA have some clever little devices which they fit around the damper/shock absorber to stop the suspension from bottoming out completely during transportation. 2 new KYB springs ordered, job doesn't look too bad but mine has the TEMS so may be a bit more involved, can't grumble with 23 years old springs and UK roads.
  21. The only shocks that fit with full functionality are Lexus, and I have not found any for under £265 for one rear shock. I did some checking a while ago, and it looks as though the ordinary GS shocks of the same year will fit the GS450H, but you loose the ride stiffness control. There is no hole down the top of the shock threaded rod where the adjuster is. The track rod end is easy to change, and again no special tools are needed. To remove the tapered stud just give the outside of the ring it fits through a good smack with a hammer. This distorts the ring momentarily and the tapper stud pops out. You will not damage anything by doing this. John.
  22. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Dont ever give up hope i too was at alot of these points that you have said but now im at a point i can ive just jumped on it. As for skills tbh these cars are very very easy to work on compared to something like bmw where i work. The japanese made these things very easy to take apart and put together unlike the germans who seem to try to over complicate things.
  23. Dealer servicing courtesy car

    Mentioned to my dealer I was interested in an IS. Service manager told me they had one and to let him know when I was next in and I could have it for the day. Just ask the question - they can only say no
  24. Airbag recall

    I'm thinking it's going to be a Citroen C1!!
  25. Airbag recall

    Letter Saturday as I mentioned, phoned this morning, Monday, and the girl said someone would call me back. Within half an hour the service dept at Lexus Bradford had called and a courtesy car and appointment made for 11th October. 5 hour job. So far so good, I didn't ask about the loaner, wait for the surprise.
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