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  2. Yes you 100% right a Civic Type R rice rocket will not be luxurious as thats not what Honda intended it to be. it was built to be light on its feet, fuel efficient, punch way above its weight and sound trashy you will be surprised there is a market for trashy cars like these as the intending market would hate something too heavy to throw around, too much sound proofing, with a too refined engine which might put them to sleep.. over the years, ricer cars like Type R's, WRX's, Evo's, have always had these trashy characteristics and have been succesful. Lexus can if they want to tweak the RC200 to hit 60 in the same time as the RC350 just a fiddle with boost pressure and maybe a 1st to 2nd gear ratio tweak might achieve this. BMW has done it with their 428i which also has a 2 litre 4 cylinder identical power and torque of the RC200 but leaner on the weight side and hits 60 in the same time as the RC350. my guess would be lexus wanted to charge more for RC350 so detuned rc200 to make the 350 superior in performacne terms for customers. i agree and also disagree in your mention about the 2 litre 4 cylinder not matching car, brand etc.. i agree in the sense that you, me and a few prefer larger displacement models in these sort of cars. explains why i went for an IS300 over the IS200, again went for GS430 over the GS300 and recently own an Accord 2.4 over the 2.0 litre model but not everyone is like us and the premium car manufactures know this. The premium German manufactures have done this for a long time and it seems to have worked for them their bread and butter models which sells like crazy are the 2 to the 2.4 lire 4 cylinder petrol and mainly diesel models which you see everywhere and these are in no way refined engines but people are happy and willing to buy and drive them and care less about cylinder harmonic manufactures know the 4 pot will be lighter and thus more fuel efficient when compared to a 6 cylinder be it petrol or diesel. And what does the term 'Luxury' car mean these days? I mean besides the badge and more sound proofing what does the term Luxury car mean when new Vauxhall Insignia's comes fully kitted with start/stop technology, electrics everything from electrics heated/cooled leather seats, self parking technology, premium speakers, bluetooth, reversing cameras... you name it! when compared to say a C220 CDI Mercedez of the same calibre? premium car Manufactures are now combining two into one they are now building something which meets in the middle rather than extreme ends of each remember when some people shunned early lexus models due to being too refined and quite for their liking and opted for a BMW instead now Lexus cars are less sedate as some LS owners say the newer models dont drive anywhere near older ones. BMW has now moved more to the middle ground and are taming down their models and you also hear their hardcore owners say newer models dont drive like the older ones which were more raw and connected. They now build cars which fall into he middle ground rather than extreme of either side...
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  4. Actually not a bad one
  5. I know its not an LF but i found a low milage vxr8 2007 up for £17750 at a vauxhall dealer. Its been for sale for over 6 months so i rang them and asked if they would do a deal on a straight forward cash deal. They wouldn't knock a £5 off as it owed them to much money and had already been discounted. Some car dealers really should stop sniffing glue imo. Saying that the more i re search the Lf it just seems a better car. Tho i think the 6.0 ls2 does sound better (sorry but true) and the 3 seats in the back of the vxr8 would be better. But the build quality aint there and consumbles are extreamly expensive.
  6. Hehe, if only it worked that way. I can see the slogans now: Stay young - Buy a Lexus
  7. If you have two or more Lexus cars please divide your age accordingly
  8. You dug-up some properly old post. In fact both above assumptions are incorrect IS250 doesn't need new headlamps, nor it needs any adjustment. IS250 has "flat beam pattern", which means that it is identical worldwide and EU/US models have identical headlights. Being flat they don't bling on either side of the road. That means that cars can be driven in EU without any adjustment. You can find more info here:
  9. Where can you get the discs? Aside from Toyota?
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  11. That works for me...
  12. Hey all, This part of a post by @dutchie01 got me thinking: "Talking about age, i do have the opinion that the average age of " The Average Lexus Driver" is considerably higher than that of the competition. I sometimes think that with 55 i am amongst the younger ones out there. It is my impression only have not seen any demographic proof though. A lexus is not for everybody.. " I had a quick browse and couldn't see a relevant topic already posted, so thought I would start one. If there is one already, kindly point me in its direction. So how about it? To be precise, I am 39 years old and this is my second Lexus.
  13. 22nd April then?
  14. Asking price and sale price are completely different things.
  15. Clear indicators always look great on the LS400 for me. Gorgeous looking car.
  16. They're plenty of ISF's which are priced too high and give an artificial view of values. Those who have sold have dropped considerably from their starting price.
  17. @Mark G As you can see I'm in the motor waiting for the off just give the Rat the date or cake or ................
  18. It will be interesting to see what happens with that car, prices do seem to be holding up well I think, obviously depreciation is still a factor for all of us but knowing what I paid for mine and looking what the dealers are asking now for the same car it would appear prices have held up well over the last 12 months or so. I do think if the car is looked after with good history they will prove to be a good investment in the not too distant future.
  19. All I can say is it looks ace The wheels and clear suit that colour to a tee, it looks the business, Don't think the wheels would suit my mk4 jade green as well, but I still want some. on my wish list now :)
  20. One wonders what is going on there? Hope you get some satisfaction.
  21. So that leaves Sat the 15th or 22nd, I can do either, seeing as you are the road boss on this trip @Flytvr its up to you, no pressure, well not from me but @Big Rat, well you know what he is like................
  22. I mite be up for joining you if it's mid week .
  23. Purchased privately no warranty only 41k miles. Live and learn.
  24. My car was in Lexus Lincoln 2.5 years ago to do the valve springs recall. Service Manager called during replacement and said it was going to take longer as they were concerned about damaging hybrid electronics and wiring harnesses due to having little space. They said it will take another day so they can take their time. When completed, I picked up car and since then I had issues with intermittent 'Check hybrid' warnings . The hybrid energy monitor on screen never worked again, and gradually the air-conditioning failed! First- Service Manager Lexus lincoln told me the AC compressor has failed and the 'Controller' cost of £4531. Second- I asked service manager for further info on which 'Controller' was faulty and he said it's the 'hybrid ECU' and when it fails it will damage the aircon compressor too. Third- I said due to all intermittent faults since recall on valve springs i am concerned the hybrid ECU must have been damaged like they were concerned during the valve spring recall. Therefore the faulty hybrid ECU and subsequent aircon compressor damage is down to Lexus. Fourth- Lincoln service manager then conveniently changed his story and said that it's not the hybrid ECU that can damage the compressor, it's the compressor that fails and damges the hybrid ECU.... Fifth- I arranged meeting with General Manager and service manager to discuss this and other issues. During discussion on AC faults they completely out of the blue claimed that the Hybrid ECU was already faulty before the valve springs replacement 2.5years ago therefore it cannot be their fault!! They lied, and have never once told me about any issues with this!!!! Sixth- I asked to speak to the fitter and see my car immediately. Fitter then said that the air con compressor has failed but the Hybrid ECU appears to be fully functional and does not need replacing!!! Seventh- I said why have I been lied to and why did they quote to replace hybrid ECU when it's ok. General manger said that we like to quote worse case (which was never mentioned before) then when you get your bill and it's £1200 cheaper you will be very happy with our service!!! Unbelievable!! All of the above is just the tip of the iceberg too as there were a number of very alarming accusations, lies etc it was utterly shocking!! The car kept cutting out when I first bought it nearly 3years ago and it was loosing all power, power steering and abs ,total loss of control and just had wait for car to stop!!!!!! Extremely dangerous! If this happended on a country road me and my family and others could be dead. They took car in and I was expecting a huge bill, when I went to collect they said no charge and would not tell me what they did to car to repair! Now Lexus Lincoln are still refusing to tell me what they did to my car and now say they did not repair the car and just did a diagnostics but they did not tell me their findings.!!!! Question- Does anyone know if and why the Hybrid ECU would control the aircon and would it not be the cars ECU doing this? Also is there fuses between the ECU and aircon compressor to protect equipment during failures? Really really appreciate your time with all this mess!
  25. Hu both wanted with a view to achieving this
  26. these do seem amazing cars but i would personally steer clear of an older car Japanese import ............ since the radioactive fallout issues.............. just might turn out to be a slightly infected car maybe at some point down the line. Just my own personal fears i guess BUT it would keep me awake at night. Malc
  27. I'm going to take the F for a blat over to mid Wales this week to check out some roads. I will keep an eye out for routes that have establishments conforming to @emjay82, @Rusty Crobar and @Big Rat's precise requirements.
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