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  2. £1095 is what I have paid Jamie. I think that you should be looking to build and develop a lasting and worthwhile relationship with your chosen Lexus Dealer rather than trying to save a few pennies. Regards John
  3. Any nice kid friendly pubs . Somewhere with a play barn or ball pool around that area
  4. Had it for 3 years and more than 30K miles. absolutely beautiful car, go and get it!
  5. Today
  6. Just waiting on a venue/date unless I've missed something Stu, can then start to commit and get the numbers confirmed. Definitely up for it.
  7. The Force wil be with us, I am sure ! Regards John
  8. no worries and thanks for the reply 👍🏻 The hunt continues lol Dan
  9. Not an expert on the RX but if you read the threads on potential air suspension issues I would play it safe and go for the older SE. Just my opinion from reading what other have posted.
  10. Thanks for clearing up the XL question I wasn't sure and wanted to err on the side of caution knowing insurance companies can use any loophole to avoid paying. Mum not one to overinflate tyres preferring grip and my longevity to the tyres 😉 the avons are definitely on the list now.
  11. Thanks Graham . I did have a brief look and came across some mention of a similar problem but the issue seemed to be related to interference caused by installation of aftermarket HID lights . Not the case with my wife's car which is standard lights . If the local guy can't diagnose will have to go to dealers but have had a few run ins with them before so would rather avoid if possible . Cheers , Kev
  12. Many thanks for the replies its very reassuring for a first time hybrid owner.
  13. I don't think so try keep ac on all time and it should be ok Trimis de pe al meu SM-G900F folosind Tapatalk
  14. I'll give the settings another go next time it's raining.... - for me, they were wiping too often (I like fairly relaxed, intermittent wiping frequency), but turning them down, even in light rain saw them wiping pretty much non stop... - i'll experiment further :)
  15. Time for action, and not words. This morning an unlucky pigeon and my door mirror had a collision at about 50 mph "probably more like 70 when you add the speed of the pigeon". The result is in the picture below. Damage is more than it looks in the picture but at leased I have all the pieces, John
  16. Ah, that makes it easy doesn't it. Shows that I try to stay away from the electrickery!! Ta, will get some ordered.
  17. peter you have the perfect car as the RC can only accomodate small people in the back due to the lack of legroom but this will mean you wont be able to bring them back when their teenagers from a music festival when they're and covered in mud that can also be down to the parents
  18. There have been a few occasions where folk have forgotten to select "recirc" before attempting to replace the cabin filter. This can cause a selector breakage if the cover door is forced up to get at the filter inside. This can be a right pain and it's been said that Lexus charge hundreds to repair this. The good news is there is rather a good thread regarding the repair of this over on the US Lexus club site. It's a good write up and there are quite a good selection of photos to view. Here is a link for anyone looking to have a go at a home repair. Equally, it's worth book marking just in case you need it in the future never know!!
  19. Yep thats the one we have but it was bought used so didn't have an option of blue/red as they're extremely rare.
  20. Thanks Steve - that worked. first it made all the other windows functional but only from their own switches (and not on auto). so I did the reset on each window and eventually control came back to the driver door switch (I think I had to do another 5 second push though to complete it). And I have no little lights illuminated on any of the switches (tried putting the headlights on but no luck) Thanks anyway - very useable now. Is this documented in the manual and I just missed it? Mike
  21. Had my ride yesterday. For some unknown reason the dealer decided to put me in an NX Sport rather than an F Sport, despite the fact that it was the one model I wouldn't be buying. I was at least able to try the standard suspension setup. To be honest, I was very disappointed, particularly with the road/tyre noise - it was worse than my Forester on winter tyres. The ride and handling were pretty good, but it didn't like drain covers or potholes. I loved the quality of the interior, but found the non-touch screen infotainment fiddly, although I'm sure it is something I would get used to. I was disappointed with the fairly limited adjustment on the driver's seat and steering wheel compared to the RX. I think I'm going to look for a suitable RX a little older than the NX and try to persuade the wife it's not really very big. Funnily enough, when I got back to the dealer a customer had parked an RX alongside an NX which was useful in making a direct comparison of size. I have to say that rayaans is right - seen together there really isn't a lot of difference in size. I took a photo with my phone to make the point to the wife! We'll see where we go from here. I'll keep you posted. Thanks everyone for your input.
  22. Just watched it on Kodi. Remember watching it originally when it first aired on TV, always wanted an ISF after seeing that episode of Top Gear and after years of mundane company cars I've got my wish. Still glad I chose it over an M3 saloon as that was one of the options when I was looking....even if Clarkson did prefer the BMW.
  23. I can't see any reference to a neat 'option connector' for the GS So it looks like I may have to use a piggy back fuse connection. Fuses appear to be mini type right? I'd check myself IF I had a car to look at, so I apologize for the basic questions.
  24. Only one word, Wintertyres. Living in Holland with almost no hills i did make the decision to go for them some 8 years ago when we had a 2 weeks of snow. As both my wife and me were driving BMW's at the time we found out we could not reach the mainroad as the driveway was too much of a hurdle for rearwheel drive summertyres and snow. The cars moved maybe 1 or 2 meters and that was it! could NOT drive until the snow was gone. Imagine shopping by foot etc etc. The difference of driving in snow or icy slippery winterconditions with summer or wintertyres is beyond belief. You will have to experience it for yourself. it's not only about the deeper profile of the tyre clawing through the snow but also the different rubber that keeps it soft a low temps. Brakingdistances are considerably shorther even on dry tarmac. Below 7 degr celcius is where they start to work. I will never drive a car on summertyres in the snow again for sure. It is of course an investment but it is for safety and if you use the winters the summers keep clean!
  25. Thanks for all the help guys.
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