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  2. I have found in my opinion a jap car will go on for ever if serviced correctly and not modified. I am not talking about air filter and exhaust mods , but mapping , injectors etc. Not forgetting the ISF has a lot of forged engine components and i think the car is slighty de tuned , so the end product should last a very long time . I have had quite a few jap examples and never had any issues with them at all - 2 x Nissan bluebird turbos 2 x toyota supras Nissan 300zx turbo 2 x nissan Skyline GTR's 4 x subarus Evo 5 Mitsubishi Shogun 2 x is lexus
  3. Gold Member 28 194 posts Name: John Lexus Model: GS450h SE-L Year of Lexus: 2007 Location: Oxfordshire Posted March 13, 2016 · Report post I don't know how big your dog is but mine is medium about 18Kg. My wife found a Kleinmetall Allside car seat cover. This hangs from the front and rear head and rests with the base on the seat. It can be half or full width and works a treat. It can be removed in moments leaving the back free for humans and completely free of everything that comes off the dog. It wipes clean and is waterproof just in case although I have never tested this. Here is the cover on Amazon: I have no connection with the company. I'm just a very satisfied customer with satisfied passengers who have travelled in the back when the cover was removed. John
  4. That is pretty much the only option if one is not fancy RC200t or RC300h. Obviously, not this 2.0t bucket, but 3.5L version they have. I am still so upset Lexus didn't introduce RC350 in UK.
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  6. As FRAMEWORK within which you will consider what members will undoubtedly suggest that you choose carefully and wisely,you must not overlook the fact that we are all on a one way journey and we will not pass this way again. Eanjoy your LS Alan !! Regards John
  7. Spilt something on your keyboard?
  8. You are correct in that they will only change the air filter if they deem it necessary, which seems to be never. This is what mine looked like last time I changed it: I too have just used silicone on my door seals and I am surprised how much noise has disappeared. Never had to worry about such things in the olden days, but then they were probably drowned out by the creaking the dash used to make.
  9. great thanks, i will let you know how i get on. have you ever changed the spark plugs yourself?
  10. Changing the intake is dead easy. Getting the factory clips off the radiator hose was more tricky, especially if you've spilt antifreeze all over your hands 🙈
  11. If you mean air suspension, the SEL does/did. It has a 'height' button near the gear change.
  12. Mintex Front discs and pads £99 - free postage (ebay number 321820459908)
  13. I was looking on eBay and found a seller hills_of_woodford_toyota they seem to sell Toyota and lexus items there is also the lexus ebay shop. I fell lucky and found a set of genuine is300h mats but the lexus ebay shop was alot more expensive but they do have more items the link is on the lexus uk website under OWNERS-Genuine parts hope this helps
  14. Typical, all ready to start and it begins to drizzle. What i wouldnt give for a garage instead of this storAGE ROOM WE HAVE.
  15. Beautiful looking vessel! I've had mine for exactly a year now and it's been faultless, and for a 16 year old it still drives better than most new cars I've tried.
  16. They are not lit Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. Thanks rayaans do you work for lexus or have any more info on the problem tsb etc. And are you referring to the circle in dents? Thanks again
  18. Covers do provide sound deadening - the foam on the undercover provides this. They will also prevent a lot of loose dirt from landing on the engine. Anyway ... I will keep mine on as they will only get battered around in the garage if left off. I can see the reasoning for having them left off but theres no hassle in removing them if the securing points were stronger. I had glued the securing points back on the cover - put the cover back on this morning and the epoxy looks like its "rock ard" but I have amended the securing clips to make them a bit more secure - simple process really The securing points I have circled in Yellow (3 of) I greased these up before offering the cover back on and I also done the same to the rubber points on the cover. Before putting the cover back on and to make it a lot more secure and to make it easier to press into place without squashing the rubber securing caps on the cover I cut 2 small pieces of MDF and placed then in the recess in the rubber clips as shown below - why this was not done at the manufacturing stage who knows?? The cover went on real easy - a combination of the grease and the MDF plug. Will see how long this lasts but it looks to be solid. I used the epoxy shown below - just another type of 2 part glue but specific for plastic repairs Was out in car this morning and no annoying low speed rattles anymore. Happy Days
  19. The brown spots are most certainly tar or iron. I remove them from my car yearly using autosmart tardis and an iron remover.
  20. Hi John There is a Lexus IsF / Owners club meet in the Midlands on the 18 th March, the full details are on the Meets page. If this event is something that could be included in your discussions to both promote the brand and fly the club flag so to speak, the individual who is organising the day his contact details are on the afore mentioned meets page. Its a simple cars and coffee type affair you'd be most welcome. Paul
  21. Drives is part of what I do, most local authorities require permeable surface when it's over a certain surface area, with run off areas onto the property and not to the highway. Drainage is also a requirement frequently both on and under the surface. The biggest reason for failure of the surface by far is usually lack of preparation of the sub base. All surfaces have there fores and against beit gravel, block, patterned concrete and so on, much of it personal to the customer. I would recommend as much research as possible into the contractors having first sought the necessary permissions if required. For on line perusal the site named A J McCormack is worth a look. Big Rat
  22. That's very nice, when they came out I went to a main dealer in Melksham in Wilts for a test drive, they had the full range in stock, I took out a 300 manual and really liked it, but I got a better deal on a V8 Manual M3 a mistake but that's another story. Big Rat
  23. Hi Vince and welcome to the LOC. We are a friendly bunch so please don’t hold back asking questions big or small should you have any problems with your car. We always welcome ideas on how to overcome problems with our cars but as they are the finest cars in the universe they don’t go wrong that often. We always love to see pictures of your cars inside and out so don't be shy. Happy Lexus Motoring. Mike. Bluesman.
  24. Hi all, Our Rx400h only came with 1 master + 1 key shell only (no internals). So I bought an aftermarket key 4d67 from ebay and managed to programme the central locking with Techstream but the immobiliser will not programme. Getting error saying "the communication error occurred between the key and the ecu". I can only imagine that this is as it is not a genuine key. Has anyone actually managed to programme a replacement key for the Rx400h? It seems to be difficult to find a used rx400h key, do we know if a used rx300 key will work? Or any other known models that will work with the rx400h? Or if anyone has any other ideas that wont cost the earth. Thanks Mobi
  25. Your experiences mirror mine Geoff. My average has dropped over the two month's I've had mine from around 32 to 31mpg and motorway, around 33mpg at 70. Annoying having charger stuck where a long fingered Octopus would have trouble getting to it! How have you found the cross-climates compared with the OE Dunlops? I'd be interested in whether they're any better than the Dunlops off road too if anyone's used them on the green stuff? I think that the Dunlops have a bit of an unfairly bad rep as so far, they've been fine (in the dry anyway....just useless off may as well have some nylon slicks with non-stick coatings for all the grip the Dunlops give but this isn't their natural environment). I've found for me, the switch to 36psi all round has been the best compromise in terms of ride and handling. The RX seems to be all about detail. Good or bad (like the position of one of the chargers) everything has been thought about. It seems like real attention to detail everywhere, except for the silly position of the HUD and display controls where they cannot be readily seen or adjusted on the move, but perhaps that's the whole point. Adjust when stationary.
  26. Malc, Agree with you 100%. I spent my working life flying all over the world but never having time to look around. I retired in 2013 and we decided to spend our retirement exploring the places we only visited briefly. We moved to the European mainland which makes it so much easier to just jump in the Lexus and go. We really enjoy visiting the States and in 2014 we flew to San Francisco, hired a motorhome, and spent 6 months wandering around till we got to Miami. This year we are doing it again but, this time, we are doing 'mountains and deserts' - exploring the Rockies and Sierra Nevada from the Canadian to the Mexican borders. While we were in the States last time, we met a couple in Death Valley who were wearing T-shirts with the logo 'SKI'. I asked where they could ski in Death Valley. They told me it stood for 'Spending the Kids Inheritance'. They said they had fed them, clothed them, and educated it was the parents' turn. Of course, the other big thing is HEALTH! We tend to take it for granted......until it fails. Life (and retirement) is for living. Keep your mind and body as active as possible.......and go for it! Preferably in a Lexus :)
  27. I think I'd buy a stress ball. So so where's the pics of the new motor? It must be out of service now.
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