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  2. I quote 'some american' ... .... the 4 exhaust ports in the rear exactly match up to the 4 muffler outlets, that is, each of the bumper cover exhaust tips are exactly where the exhaust leaves the car. There is a small gap between the muffler and the tips, so that perfect visual alignment is maintained when viewing the car from the rear, but heat and vibration are not transmitted to the bumper cover. I call that innovative design, not "fake"...... See, if you didn't have all that vibration and heat, you might find your Sat nav worked properly. 😂 😂
  3. Are you sure it is from the brakes and not the engine bay or suspension?
  4. I think its £17-18 with VAT. It was £15 a few years ago. I haggled them down on my older RX though to £10 each but that was in 2015 so probably gone up to around £12-13 if you haggle.
  5. Got it back today, looks okay to me but the light wasn't the best. I'll look more closely over the next few days. The garage gave me a large bundle of paperwork but none if it details exactly what was done. Still nothing from Insurance so at the moment I have lost my No Claims to get the car back.
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  7. I don't think there is any argument to be had. Clearly under warranty. There is a known problem on US/LHD vehicles with a wiring junction box that causes this issue, most probably applied to UK vehicles too. Or the motor could have failed.
  8. We had my first when i still had my IS300 ans we managed by mrs sitting at the back behind me and passenger seat moved a bit forward to accomodate baby benefits of having her at the back aswell was to keep an eye on baby and also feeding whilst on the go then got the GS when second one came which didnt require adjustments as the rear leg room was like a football field lol and as they a bit older and using normal seats i now have the Accord.
  9. All UCF-10 engines were non interference up to October 1994, after which the series III onwards were interference.
  10. Likewise. I think it's a great system compared to the way it used to be.
  11. Thanks for the reply Sorcerer, I think I might just have to bite the bullet and go for the exact match. It wouldn't be worth the grief!!
  12. Gates, Dayco and continental are very good
  13. Spacers do make a difference. They effectively change the wheel offset which changes the point where the tyre is in contact with the road in relation to the up/down and forward/backward movement of the suspension which can have an effect on handling.
  14. Definitely! You at least know it can be done with a normal key and how to do it, if you can boss this everyone can follow who wants to ideally!
  15. Thanks, the interior was filthy as... I have done a first light cleaning. The front seats are worn and need replacement. But it cleaned up really good and after a second cleaning it will be all good Skickat från min F8331 via Tapatalk
  16. Now resurrected lol...
  17. Yeah don’t use G1 on your windscreen mate I wish I had never touched the stuff, works a treat on the sides and rear screen though. If you want a gtechniq none permanent solution to try on the screen G5 is a much better ideal
  18. Calipers are known issue but preventative maintenance will stop seizures, if the OP is happy to do brake maintenance during the service then they will likely not be a problem. Hopefully, @65K miles the spark plug change would have already been done? It's worth checking as it's a big service job. Also make sure to do a condition check on the exhaust before you buy as this can be expensive to fix.
  19. This post has come alive again and I am also IS to NX; it is notable, as mentioned above, that in practice you can move from one to the other (assuming the IS is a few years old) with barely any rise in monthly cost right now. That probably won't always be the case. In my case, the one thing I still find I definitely miss is the IS' turning circle. I expected this but it is still there as a point. One other minor thing is that an SUV is fundamentally a hatchback and thus it is worth getting the equipment to keep things stationary on the boot (I have the cargo net). Other than that, I can't think of anything. It took me personally a long time to get the seat right in the NX, but I am there now. I'd say it was also 500 miles or so before I was really comfortable driving it - the whole thing is of course quite different and thus the usual roads require markedly different techniques. (It is perhaps noteworthy here also that I went IS Lux to NX F-Sport). For me, major gains include the interior (it oozes quality throughout - I liked the IS too but didn't like the lower centre); the adaptive cruise control is brilliant once you get used to how it works; and the boot carries a lot more. I think the back-seat passengers are spoiled a bit more too. I personally also find the storage easier in the NX, though that may vary. There are also minor further advantages to the NX which may in due course be added to the IS, such as locking/unlocking via any door. All in all, two good cars, but for me the NX is a touch classier and has a bit more kit.
  20. Thanks chaps. The calipers themselves are only 3-4 months old, so I would imagine the boots/pins should be in good condition, but I will of course check to make sure anyway. In fact, my brakes were fine until Lexus decided to change the calipers. Since then it has had to go back to fix a squealing sound - which still occasionally happens - and now this clicking.
  21. Sorry for the late reply - I was unconscious having surgery done to my back when you sent this message. As far as I can tell, nothing seemed any different than before, which in my case is good since I didn't have any issues previously. Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to drive mine for a week or so, so I can't comment on how it is now. And no, no extra's. I was hoping for perhaps some free fuel, but it was returned exactly as it went in. Not that I am that bothered really since I had a loan car to use in the meantime, so the inconvenience was minimal.
  22. Can I use any of the above for the chrome bits or do I need a different polish for that?
  23. I particularly like this one. With its cleaning petrol burning engine, plants LOVE the ISF
  24. Just to make sure I'm right with my lights I've attached pictures before I purchase the bulbs linked.
  25. The one I got is probably about 90% as good as the original. I would say it's slightly less focused at a certain angle. I have attached pictures to show. I think it's more of a plastic material than glass but overall I'm chuffed. The link is below.. Look at this on eBay There are some more expensive ones but unsure how different the quality is. If anyone needs any help please just let me know. If you rather not get to messy with it you could buy a screen with a digitalizer attached but they are anywhere from a few hundred. Secondly it's the integrated ribbon cable that fails so any other OEM one will quite possibly fail within time.
  26. thanks Tiger, gonna book it in local garage, and see where beams point on MOT ramp, then they are going to check the level sensor on suspension to see if it's stuck. looks like they are hid, and no thumb wheel in car to adjust. fingers crossed it's not to expensive
  27. That's great news! It is only just over two weeks away. I think it might grab a lot of attention as there can't be hardly any on the road yet.
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