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  2. Anyone know any decent places to get tracking done in norfolk? Preferably norwich area? As need it done but had few bad experiences in past that I'm keen to not repeat. Thanks
  3. Thanks Alan, saves me buying new ones to find same trouble. Still, I personally think having no clearing mecahisum is crazy and could be dangerous to a point. Who's got any recommendations for the best hydrophobic coatings then?
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  5. NX Three likes/dislikes

    If you see 'Tahara' listed as the upholstery type, then it is artificial 'leather' on the NX. I can't tell the difference, except that it doesn't have the awful perforations so beloved of many manufacturers that make proper maintenance so difficult. I notice that some Lexus dealers list the NX Sport as having leather upholstery on Autotrader ads. It isn't an option so either they are confused or realise that customers will never know the difference...
  6. Hi Memebers, I have an issue with my lexus is220d every time I have to start the car it cranks alot before powering up, I have recently replaced the battery which is 830amp as recommended by AA would fix the issue, after few days the starter motor failed and had to replace it, even after the change of starter motor the car still has the issue of slow crank/sluggish start. Can anyone suggest what could be the issue ? As I have taken it to many garages and no one could give me an accurate issue. Can anyone suggest me a better local garage would be really helpful. Thanks in advance.
  7. I've had a good look at the car. In fact the seller pointed out that he had indeed re-finished the rear n/s bumper due to the owner "forgetting he had a gate post" :~)
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  9. That's the norm with most cars nowadays though. The new Merc 9-speed auto's will do 1200rpm at 90mph, same with the LC500 10-speed auto
  10. Change the batteries every 2 years and you shouldn't come across this issue again. These batteries only have a guaranteed life of 2 years so shouldn't die within that period but they could last up to 1-3 years afterwards but its luck of draw.
  11. Never bought a Lexus Extended Warranty and probably never will. My experience with these vehicles has taught me that its usually money down the drain unless you've got an unlucky vehicle! Had 4 now with no issues multiple years out of warranty period
  12. Automatic light reaction

    TBH I've always changed Lexus light sensitivity to -2 on every model My 3RX, 3IS and 4RX all worked exactly as they should i.e turn on when dark and turn off when light. Nothing more annoying to me than people driving around with headlights on when its barely dark at all.
  13. Mirrorlink

    I dont think they're clued up on it as not many of the models are without nav. Mine is also the premium nav version so may be different in terms of mirrorlink. Im pretty sure someone got mirrorlink working on their 2018MY facelift IS300h though
  14. 2018 Lexus CT200h Revealed

    Not really. Its more a case of less incentive to buy any other car as well unless its an EV. And the papers are blaming lower September car sales on Brexit when its actually the tax going up by a chunk for plenty of cars and loads of owners buying just before the tax change so no need for them to change for another few years
  15. Yes the Turanza's on the IS are extremely hard wearing. They're about 5mm at the moment after 14k miles so I don't doubt they could do another 14k with 2mm tread in the end. The RX has Dueler H/L on. Reasonably quiet but wear extremely quickly compared to the Dunlops
  16. I wouldn't use tar remover to be perfectly honest. Reason being is that they also double up as glue removers so there is a high chance it'll seep underneath and cause the edges to roll over. Additionally, being PPF, I wouldn't use a tar remover anyway as they aren't designed to be used on plastic so would imagine that it may stain the PPF itself. You shouldn't get any dullness of the paint unless its already in very bad shape to begin with. To remove the PPF, I did one side by heating the entire PPF with a hairdryer. Worst decision I ever made as it left loads of glue behind which took the mick to remove. The other side, I heated a corner with a hairdryer and then just pulled it. It comes off really easy without heating the glue up, you just need a good corner section to hold onto.
  17. I get mine from Lexus, and they are all alloy compression ones... not fibre (engine, diff and gearbox).... only cost pence, just get them when i get my filters etc...
  18. ISF 2008 - BHP

    Ive done 100k miles from new. All I know the test was done at the a guide an RCF was also tested on the same day also at the crank and it produced 460 BHP, ok this was only 1 year old so i would expect it to be close to its original claim, but the point is its the same same test and huge difference. I actually used Surrey Rolling Roads in Farnborough (who was recommended to me by a Lexus mechanic). So have you guys had a BHP test?
  19. Change to RCF

    No I meant from my future activities
  20. I should have know really shouldn't I, duh! Did I miss the How To guide somewhere? [emoji6] How's space in the engine bay for plumbing in the bottle? I really must get a good look around mine at some point. If only the household DIY would let up #sigh On a related yet somewhat off topic note, I've always fancied fitted an engine pre heater. I worked through a few Swedish winters and loved their warm car tech. Although we don't tend to get too many really cold days over here to warrant fitting them, I've still got the itch.It wouldn't surprise me if John has already cooked up a whiz bang kit for his GS, LOL
  21. Unless we're talking about a 200K+ miles car, that can't be normal.
  22. Anyone had their recall done at Lexus Bristol Yet? And if so what are your thoughts as mine is yet to be done and not yet booked it in anywhere and don't expect a call from any Lexus dealer to get in touch as I have only owned the car since Aug this year! paul m.
  23. Airbag recall

    Well Ratties ‘F’ is due her service beginning of January so I’ll just get it done then. 🐀
  24. OK here is more: It seems Lexus trying to up-sale, as only cars with "Premier" package are eligible with this scheme. According to above the cars will actually be scrapped by Autogreen:
  25. Just my guess... People most of the time abandon this project (including myself) when they realise this is £500-800 "jobie" (or £1500+ if we talking OEM parts)... and all that just for some LED lights which do nothing except of looking "cool". The price alone makes it easy to program the brain to switch lights on the stalk manually.
  26. An honest view of your experience - thanks for sharing again.
  27. Lexus main dealer warranty

    I'd just be extremely thankful that you had warranty cover - let's hope it's an isolated and very rare issue eh?
  28. Oh I see where you're coming from there. Can the govt sort electric cars by 2040 is almost a definite no. But luckily politicians don't build the world, Engineers and entrepreneurs do. Politicians will just make it harder or easier. Based on our cynicism though - best start sooner rather than later! Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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