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  2. I cannot advise much more regarding the noise, but one thing I wanted to point out is that IS250 has rear caber adjustment. I have done alignment twice at ATS and both times they have adjusted it... it is definitely wrong if you still have some aliment in red after wheel alignment. Just to be clear I don't think wheel alignment has anything to do with noise, bet bet would be with brakes or bearing as above.
  3. Steamed up windows

    agree run regularly but I don't run it all the time party to aid fuel consumption (to save the planet. In my 5L v8) but also as I find the air too dry I moisturising my face whilst I hammer down the m1 might be considered dangerous by some.
  4. Uk Gov MOT Checker

    my lotus shows a fail which I had no record of - owned since new - a headlight or something. Talking to the garage they said they may well have failed it, corrected the headlight and passed it without me knowing. I was dubious as that mot was "service and mot" so an mot failure = shoddy service. I concluded that the system was wrong or someone made an error typing the details in.
  5. Rear Screen Demister

    Mine appears to be spot complaints and very quick. However it appears to take precedent over the heating system / fan......or is all the juice going to the lovely heated seats. The whole thing is still a complete mystery to it a safety thing that windows getting cleared are a priority over cabin temperature ? I have no idea.
  6. Lexus is 220d white smoke

    Hi! I will be calling Lexus Bristol on Monday morning! I will go and see them if they say that they recognize the problem and I will be coming to Bristol! Therefore your flowers will be delivered regardless! :) Thank you very much for your time and for helping us all understand what the problem was!
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  8. LS400 1996 I too have intermittent alarm going off when it wants.I believe the problem started after a new windscreen was fitted.I believe i' have a now got a leaky screen.As the problem occurs when she steams./condensates up on the windows [like a old Ford Cortina] I have been told by a alarm tech that a good dowsing of silicone spray over/around the in cab sensors will probably sort it short term..My question is WHERE ARE THEY SITUATED? I need to find them my NEIGHBOURS need me to find them.
  9. The Santa Fe is pretty rubbish dynamically – the RX feels taut and agile by comparison, and the seats are incomparable, but they are at very different price points. I agree on speed – the faster you drive the RX, the better the ride. A bit weird thinking about it.
  10. This happened!!

    Probably depends on availability and how quick you need it doing. I asked for one but they said they had them all booked for services etc and I'd have to wait for a few weeks. I chose to get an immediate fix and forego the loaner. Just dropped and picked up both kids from school instead for 5 days as the car was back pretty quickly. The only reason I went to Bradford first is because i didn't know who they used at the time but I do now so Id probably go direct as well.
  11. All this talk of 'F' cars in garages look at these........,,., yum yum says papa bear 🤗
  12. Just seen Ep1 Ser2. Loved the line from Clarkson that sums up my ISF experience..."turning petrol (pause for emphasis) into noise!" Otherwise as others have said the celebrity slot is a bit yawn inducing
  13. I thought I would add this link as so far it is about the best value for winter tyres by a reputable manufacturer, really intended for those who might travell to germany or austria.......225/60/r16 dunlop.......£ / pc. 99Read more: content above is the exclusive property of Ltd.
  14. Hope you a happy chappy Nordiclad. Happy motoring. My azure blue f sport is due to arrive at showroom. Looking forward to it.
  15. tracker

    I found the decrease in premium was a lot less than the subscription so it didn't make sense to keep paying
  16. IS winter wheels

    @Neil300h If you really are thinking of getting rid of your winter wheels for the IS then please let me know. My RX is going to be gone in January (LC coming ) and I won't have a 4WD after that.
  17. Bulbs and engine cover clips

    Clips arrived today. Clearly Chinese copies but look the same to the untrained eye. 10x for £2.18 ain’t bad. Popped the replacement in and had a closer look at the panel while I was at it. Not idea why the manual says to remove it when changing the dipped beam as doing so really won’t give you anymore room. Osram Night Breaker Unlimited have been a good improvement over the standard Osram bulbs in before. Not much more distance on the road but brighter, clearer and also light up signs better.
  18. @ComedianWell you’ve got me there thrice the choice it is then 😂 🐀
  19. hearting and coolant

    As I said in my initial post the only way to be sure of complete evacuation of air in the heating matrix is to drain all the coolant from the engine and associated ancilliaries, unless this is done air will remain as it will be trapped by any retained fluid. The important procedure is refilling the system and gradually purging the air at the various vents as the fluid is poured into the engine above the water pump and not in the expansion tank,filling at the expansion tank will cause air locks . Topping up the system at the expansion tank is fine if there is no airlock.
  20. Winter tyres

    I need to Pedant myself here! It's 'reminiscences'!
  21. Well, more of a courtesy car than a test drive really. My wife's new NX needed some minor paintwork sorting out so they brought a 67-reg CT200 with 2k miles on the clock for us to use. We've done about 250 miles in it including some motorway, urban and a trip into central London, right across to the west, and back again. Pretty mixed driving. I don't know what trim level it is but it seems to be specc'd OK with satnav, cruise, heated seats, rear camera etc. So here goes: Likes: MPG: 49 and I was not driving for economy. That includes a lot of fairly "assertive" central London driving and 80mph motorway driving. Not bad at all. And it's still new and relatively tight. Smooth. It really is, especially in traffic. Good pickup in Sport mode, which it was in for most of the time. It seems to go much further on battery than the NX does which is a major plus. Build quality - whilst the inside feels a little cheap in places compared to a Golf, it feels really solid. And we know that the Prius upon which it is based lasts forever............ Dislikes (sorry, there are a few ): Road noise. Seems rather excessive. Probably the low profile tyres. Ride. Bordering on terrible. I'd just eaten and had a coffee before I went out in it for the first time and I could feel my dinner jiggling around in my stomach over our fairly average local roads. And this isn't a "sporty" car, so why's it so hard? Headlights. They're like half-awake gloworms in jars, and I'd just cleaned them. Very poor. I'd expected LEDs or xenons on a well equipped model. The satnav. Aaaaarrrrghhhhhhhh.........I can't even begin to list all of the issues. One example: I needed to enter a road name in London rather than a postcode. It would not let me enter London on its own as a Town and then move onto the street name. I tried. And tried.. This stuff should be intuitive, as it is on a £100 Garmin. But to be fair, the premier system in the NX is similarly frustrating. Satnav routing. Weird. Just weird. And I'd checked the settings. I got to see some weird and wonderful parts of London last night on the way home. Telephone: I've paired phones in the NX but didn't stand a chance with the CT. The same phones and the system just could not see each other. Again, this should be intuitive. So overall, mixed. Fundamentally, the actual drive itself was very impressive. I guess a gazillion Uber drivers in similarly platformed but less plush Prius' can't be wrong. It's the details and tuning that don't work for me. I've read about the 2018 model and would be pretty confident that Lexus will improve some of these things. and we know that every Lexus is a fantastic long term buy. If they fixed one or two of the irritants, I'd definitely consider it.
  22. Over the last few months during the summer weather, my dashboard display showed an average of 50 mpg. The real mpg calculated from petrol bought and miles covered was just over 45 mpg. I'm quite happy with that as it's just above the average for the IS300h of around 44 mpg on (You have to sign in to change the display from litres/100km to mpg.) But since I last filled up, my mpg display since refuelling has plummeted to around 33 mpg (so that's probably around a real 29 mpg). I was wondering why this had happened so looked into it a bit more. First of all, I've been only doing journeys of 4 miles, in stop-start traffic, at an average around 12 mph, in temperatures around freezing. No fast driving at all since refuelling. So I thought I would look at the display that shows fuel consumption minute by minute - I hadn't really looked at it closely before. The interesting thing was that for around the first five minutes of driving the car was doing around 20 mpg. When it was really cold, it might have been for the first seven minutes. Then when the engine had warmed up, it suddenly switched to above 40 mpg and even 60 mpg for some of the minutes. And after less than 20 minutes the journey was over, giving an average for that time of around 33 mpg. I'm not unhappy with that as I can see where the problem lies - I'm driving the car when the engine is cold with headlights, air conditioning, wipers, rear screen demister and heating all turned on . But I'd be interested to hear of other people's experience in cold weather. Is there someone whose typical journey takes them straight from a cold start onto a fast road? In those conditions, how long does it take for the engine to warm up? Is it quicker than the five minutes I'm seeing before the mpg gets back to a more normal range? How does the mpg compare in those first few minutes?
  23. So to my amazement my late 2000 (T3?) GS300 passed the MOT with its very aged and knackered exhaust. Two advisories, webbing of a seat belt and "oil leak pinion rear diff". So two questions if I may for your thoughts, experience and knowledge :) 1. Theres no Diff whine, and though wet, I'm not getting any drips. And to be honest I've not had a leaky diff on any car before. Is this common? Tough to fix? Indicative of anything major (other than the diff running dry of course)? (cars just coming up to 150k miles) 2. Exhausts. How much difference to the sound do the "resonators" and maybe third cat make internally? I don't want to lose back pressure anyway, but I see/read that people who have fitted stainless steel systems without the "resonators" on the middle/Y-pipe are getting a lot of drone inside. What needs to stay in some fashion to keep the internal noise level as close to stock as possible? I ask because I still want to replace the system from the front to the back (not the manifold and 2 front cats though, they're okay). Standard systems used are £300+, third party new totals around £400 or so. Stainless steeel fitted new, cheapest quote so far is £390 (I've had loads of quotes). However, thats almost certainly without the resonators/mufflers on the Y pipe. Last option and most likely one is some shiney tail pipes from the USA (those plus shipping works out cheaper than UK fitted ones). All I want is a healthy system in the middle (third cat/front pipe and middle Y-piece) and shiney non-OTT tail pipes that just give a little more external tune for the lovely 2JZ. Seeing as standard rear boxes are pushing on £200 a piece new, I can get a pair of stainless steel ones for about £280, or for £340'ish I can get a Manzo cat back (Y-piece and rear boxes) however the Y-piece has no "resonators" and tempting as it looks, I fear a terrible noise inside and possibly a drop in back pressure I'd rather not have. Sorry for the waffle, but the whole picture might save some guess work for you :) (Images of a standard system and a Manzo cat back for reference about what I am waffling on about)
  24. GS300 MK2 exhaust and MOT question

    Sorry to bring this thread back to life, but I've MOT'ed it now and thought I'd share the results (and put a new thread up) So, I pulled some of the gum gum off and found a 2cm hole. Due to the cold, I just got some JB weld and stuffed it on the hole (in a manner of speaking) and some over the blow on the silencer. I then had a look underneath at the rest of the system and found other random areas with exhaust paste and gum gum hanging off and generally, one very old and worn out looking system. The previous owner kept it garaged, but I've only a sodden patch of grass to park on, which doesn't help. I assumed the exhaust would fail on "excessive corrosion" and a bush/bearing/ball joint or something (as I get a slight low speed knock and mild wobbles at 80+) and any number of other things (being paranoid as my previous car, a CLK 320 failed terribly) But to my amazement, it passed with 2 advisories "slight webbing of nearside front seat belt, but not weakened" and "oil leak at pinion on rear diff". So I was well happy and surprised! And more happy that I have a lexus again :)
  25. I think thats a good idea & reasonable thing to do if its within the means of any buyer and the buyer 'expects' they will keep or want to keep the/a top end luxury car for 5 years or more. I think 'cause buyers look a them as an old, out of date cars they should last another 10 years with nothing spent on them 'cept oil changes and the get scrap value to go towards an LS 600, lets face it......once a top end luxury always a top end luxury car
  26. If you look on it will give you the parts catalogues and diagrams which can help with seeing how things are assembled. You need to sign up, but it's easy enough and free. There are other similar sites around as well.
  27. One s/h, looks to be for the earlier models and one (or more?) new one for the later cars, links below. Link1 Link2
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