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  2. Okay, PM sent to Global Moderator. Just speed-read through your build thread (not just the videos and pictures.) Awesome work Robb, the car looks really good. I smiled when I got to the steering wheel, I have something similar and I'm very jealous of the paddles. They aren't cheap but have you considered headers for a little more grunt?
  3. Yesterday
  4. I am not lover of the sort of programes that employs part time bakers and fill the TVs with mind numbingly boring programes but I was pleasantly surprised when by pure chance I came upon his motoring series and its really good. Gone are all those tyre consuming episodes which proved that if you bought this years whatever it may be £50,000 more than last years and theres no room anymore for rear seat passengers even if they have had there legs amputated but the naught to 195 mph is 0.00000000001 of a secand faster than last years model. So ditch that ailing Top Gear and use your loaf BBC give Paul Holywood a chance. What a refreshing change it would make.
  5. The black one hasn't been the same since Wednesday.....😉
  6. Any relationship to RPM? Check exhaust mounts and exhaust. They should all free hang from rubber mounts and you should be able to shake it. Should not be stiff. I think you know more on this subject.
  7. Just seen this now. A great job there and the paint certainly reflects well. It's a shame there's not much sun around! A beading pic is an absolute must! How many coats of fusso did you end up putting in the end?
  8. Hi Mel. The GS460 and the LS460 share the same 1UR engine but I was interested to learn they aren't quite the same. A V8 GS with 375 bhp would have been very nice and lighter than the LS but the GS had a little less power at 342 bhp. I bet it still gets to 60 in around 5 seconds.
  9. Yeah seems surprising as on paper the 2.0t seems a great idea and lets Lexus keep up with other brands, it does seem they are going down a heavily Hybrid route.
  10. We go to Chelsea often, and it's not hard to see how they got the name!
  11. Not sure about roof. Levelling and cabin lighting brightness aren't illuminated if my memory serves me right. Haven't been in the car in the dark for a couple of months though.
  12. I was thinking, perhaps broken due to defective manufacturing that causes substantially shorter life, but still working as it leaves the factory. Eg. 100 hours. Then again, I don't know how LED's work, perhaps it is not possible to have ones that'd perform as miserably as what I was thinking above.
  13. Any chance of a picture?
  14. Which tracker did you get?
  15. today i took a picture of the rear silencer / tailpipe assembly whilst i was at lexus i now understand how it all goes together. the finisher bolts on to the rear muffler
  16. That goes without saying
  17. Having had the nav screen out fitting the double din stereo, I would try disconnecting the battery for a little while to see if that helps.
  18. Looks pretty straight forward
  19. I think it depends on who your buyer is, as I tend to tinker and modify my cars they are sold privately afterwards and usually private buyers care more about making sure it has actually been done and done correctly which buying from an enthusiast gives them this piece of mind. For me personally a Full Dealer Service History is far from a sign the car has been looked after and will be a good car but it also isn't a bad thing don't get me wrong. As for savings servicing yourself then what you would loose again it depends how old the car is and such but if you are buying a second hand car worth less than 15k I would safely say you will loose less trading it in after missing dealer stamps than the cost of servicing would have been but always make sure you keep your receipts as proof. Also a full dealer service history isn't always true, my Dad sold a CR-V a few years back to a "dealership" with no stamps in the book but the car had been serviced, 2 weeks later the car is up for sale with full dealership service history and a photo showing a book of dealership stamps!
  20. Hello stuart, The Sc430 is in great demand this time of year and most of the ones on auto trader have been left on the shelf since last season ! , Best option I can think of is a Lexus specialist....try this guy
  21. For anyone who wants to see the results on all the great advice in this topic I have posted up a bit of progress here on my build thread:
  22. Park will equally do. Neutral is the only "gear" that the car cannot look after it's self. John.
  23. Hi Graham the main holder card has arrived with the welcome pack. waiting for the extrs member card to come in the next 10 days :-)
  24. yeah my miss's had a look and said it seems common in the us for the heat to affect it, so with the recent heatwave we've had maybe its just got a bit hot and needs to cool down properly and then fingers crossed it'll work again
  25. Well, they could have brakes and pulled back in
  26. have you also checked you third brake light am assuming you have a IS200 se as well as you brake fluid level
  27. Sorry, can't help have no experience of RX. Try posting in the RX section of Lexus Models. I am sure you will get help there.
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