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  2. Touch wood I haven't used the breakdown cover but looked through the booklet and happy to discover it also covers my dearest wife for travelling in her car or me in her car . I reckon saves about £100 a year for decent joint cover so warranty only £347.50 per year . I haven't claimed off warranty yet either but only had it for 2 months . Timed it so I can renew for 2 years just before it is 10 years old .
  3. Nothing that exotic round these parts!
  4. Hiya is200 Newbie, I have got a 400h, and the drivers mirror is just starting to fail when I put it into reverse, as for the cog cleaning exercise, I think I will probably break it rather than fix it, I've had a look on you tube but still a bit scary, is there any magic spray I can use, Regard's sando63 P.S the mirror works fine on the door switch.
  5. @Rusty Crobar Russ it gets better all the time lexus have produced the worlds first self healing car ! Pleased it's a simple fix for you 👍
  6. Bad In terms of music choice?
  7. @Malc Not sure matey, but I know how dark I get if I can't get some 😂 🐀
  8. Mine caught me out today too, should have realised when it did not turn over as briskly as normal when I rushed off to work this morning. Jumped in it this evening at the office and it was dead. AA man said the battery takes a huge pounding over the winter and really needs a good 20mile run to charge it up properly at least twice a week. I now need a replacement but cant find my note of the size and type from Lexus/Toyota, does anyone have the details of the MKIV (1999) battery type? I know its an odd size and has the terminals reversed in comparison with the normal Euro style batteries.
  9. I've had far more attention in my RC than I have ever had in my Mercs and that includes the AMG.
  10. Can't be worth much. Isn't it that really unpopular white? @Mark G
  11. I very nearly posted a message to say 'I can't see anything below' Doooohhhhhhh!
  12. Well, I've come to a decision regarding the calipers. Having looked at many white cars with painted calipers via good old google images ..... I'm going with a light, fairly bright looking green in a smooth hammerite paint. I've dabbled with adding a small amount of white to a proper green (not the dark green that is available now) smooth hammerite (that I had already) and it looks good on a trial I've done. I'm undecided on adding decals as there is not a great deal of suitable flats to use. Pics to follow ...
  13. Today
  14. Let me know how it works out. John.
  15. Can you code in new sensors with tech stream then? How much tech stream cost? Might have to buy a laptop and it if useful...
  16. I suspect they're probably changing the whole dashboard if they don't know what it is
  17. Just to add the Bluetooth issue was down to the phone I had at the time. The compatability list is helpfully to know what features work and what don't so that's something.
  18. I can recommend Tech One in Sidcup. Toyota and Lexus specialists.
  19. I have a Premier and it does have a lot of toys, most of which I don't use. You may wish to consider Pre-collision braking which comes with adaptive cruise control which I don't have but which could be handy. I don't know if later years have a head up display. The FSport which matches my 2013 onwards model has rear steering which is supposed to be good and variable ratio steering which I fancy but it also has black headlining - great if you're a Goth - and aluminium rather than wood trim inside which appears to dent very easily. It also has 20" wheels which look great but you'll need to be very careful parking near kerbs. I believe also that to provide the "more aggressive frontal aspect" there aren't any fog lights but if I'm wrong I'm sure someone will soon correct me. I like my 450h very much it is very quick but also very smooth. Enjoy your purchase.
  20. Bloodyhell spose I've got a busy weekend then :s Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  21. Read this and you will have answers
  22. Gonna get it sorted next month ready for the service as knocks 15% off it.
  23. I used to get LPG for 36p and I was getting 42mpg on a run sometimes 45mpg but local I was getting around 22 mpg
  24. not to replace, just to re-sit it if possible When i had a new screen the wind noise thankfully vanished Malc
  25. @Jgtcracer @Mark6pot @MNMJ The thick hole diggers came from instance of a difference between Light Infantry and the posh Wooden top toy soldiers the Coldstream guards, after the 'altercation ' We sneaked into there officers mess in the early hours of the morning and dug a very neat trench right across the front of the bar area and left behind a selection of presents. Purely in the interests of inter regimental rivalry of course 🤓 3LI forever 😂
  26. Hi, thanks for your help but it's the hybrid radiator that's in front of the engine radiator, that cools the inverter of the hybrid. Thanks
  27. To specifically address this point - fuel consumption depends on may factors e.g. temperature, wind direction, tires, tires pressure, tires wear etc. So that you get 7% more mileage on one occasion doesn't really count. Similar to what you said I have tried comparing MPG on different fuels and found no correlation between increased mileage and premium fuel, much more correlation between tires pressure, tires wear and time of the year (weather temperature).
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