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  1. Yesterday
  2. I didn't think of looking in that book, I'll do that now!!! Thank you.
  3. If the smoke is only at cold starts, after the car has been sat overnight or longer, and also the smoking disappears after the engine has warmed up it might indicate the valve seals. However, if the engine was not serviced properly, and cheap/poor oil was used for prolonged intervals, I would buy a compression tester (on amazon for about £20 or less) and properly check that V8. This motor is indeed an amazing piece of engineering, but still vulnerable if mistreated. I had a 2003 mazda 323f in which the belt driving the alternator and water pump broke. The engine overheated and boiled off the coolant. No damage to the pistons and bores was done, the engine still holds the compression properly, but it was hot enough to crack and deform the valve stem seals.
  4. Martin, t he DVD I bought would not load and the company would not refund the money saying I had damaged it. I managed to get a refund out of PayPal and then was lucky enough to get a genuine Lexus 2012 DVD on eBay. I suspect there are lots of pirated disks out there and whilst many seem to work some don't. (There is a thread somewhere on the forum.) I hope yours works for you. John
  5. Paul I'm in Nottingham. I haven't used any refurb specialists here or indeed anywhere but this company gets good reviews and states that it does a one day turn around
  6. Hello and a warm welcome to the lexus owners club. Feel free to post some pics of your lovely new lexus soon 😀
  7. The "manual" mode is useful to get the effect of engine braking in a non-hybrid. Long downhill stretches can be controlled with the stick rather than using the brake pedal. If "manual" mode has a use other than this, I haven't found it. Others will correct me if I am wrong or have described it badly. John
  8. I can see why he added a splash of colour to jazz it up a little. I like the GSF best in the blue.
  9. @Neil E Nope just a big fat wonga wedge 😂 🐀
  10. @Warrington guy Dave now look what you've made me do 😂 Smitten Rat
  11. That looks lovely, I do like the red leather to. carl
  12. Malc, I sense you are pulling out the red rag...yet alas the Merc, any Merc is a bit of a cow to the Lexus bull. No animals were hurt in this metaphor and any reference to male/female gender is coincidental in the context of the metaphor.
  13. @Rusty Crobar It's usually a quick task to tap out one of the studs to measure it and order the longer ones. It's not the offset that's the problem, it's the thickness of the wheel centre or the thickness of any spacers in use.
  14. Now available with £99/month finance, basically you pay ~ £604/month rent for 2 years after which you have an option to buy the car for £23,647.50: **£12,264.77 CUSTOMER DEPOSIT**BALANCE TO FINANCE £23,235.23**23 PAYMENTS OF £99 FOLLOWED BY GUARANTEED FUTURE VALUE/FINAL PAYMENT OF £23,647.50**TOTAL AMOUNT PAYABLE**38,189.27**24 MONTH TERM BASED ON 8,000 MILES PER ANNUM**5.9% APR**CALL 0208 649 5980 FOR MORE DETAILS**FINANCE SUBJECT TO STATUS**, £34,650 Non VAT Qualifying
  15. I'm rather surprised you say your car is more jerky in standard mode madasahatter 😕 it's totally the opposite in mine.
  16. I agree, it really shouldn't be so unreliable. No excuses for launching a buggy, laggy web function. That said Mercedes aren't faring much better with their Mercedes Me connectivity suite..
  17. Thanks all. Got battery from Toyota (no Lexus dealers nearby and Toyota 5m from work) at lunchtime and fitted tonight, windows/park-assist all sorted. Thankfully car worked through day to get me to/fro work/nursery-run/home. battery indicator hard to read but I think battery is original so getting on for 9/10 years old so due replacement anyway. toyota didn't offer battery fitment but I also did not read this forum in time to know they did this, not bothered about doing myself anyway.
  18. No different from that offered by Mercedes-Benz. 90% is visual inspection. Can't say I'm horrified, all part and parcel of 'luxury' car ownership..
  19. They also point out that the NX whines and groans and isn't as good as a german car........
  20. You have competition on the lottery thing... don't worry
  21. Hmm, so it's been since Sunday where I cleared my tpms warning, and it's still not returned. Either this is a real lazy system (checks once a week) or I've done something? Good news though, the flash is gone so driving much more comfortably now I've not got the warnings constantly lol
  22. If you ask for a 3 service package deal you get a little bit off at dealer plus free mot & breakdown I believe i paid £680 for 2 minor and 1 major I think
  23. This, combined with this cable. Works nicely and leaves me an extra USB for my FM transmitter or for charging the phone etc.
  24. Hi Lucas. I am sure Richard will put things right for you. For clarification the reason I say there is no kick down is that the GS hybrid along with all the other Toyota derived hybrids until this year "things have changed from now" is that the vehicles only have one gear ratio, and further it is permanently fixed in this ratio. It has no reverse, and no neutral. Everything is accomplished electrically buy varying the speed, direction, or if the electric motors are being supplied with current or producing current as a generator or allowed to spin freely. Even engine starting is done with the same motors. There is no normal starter motor or alternator. So you cannot kick down into another ratio that does not exist. John.
  25. Hi Normski, Thanks a mil for the detailed response. Appreciated. Fortunately, I dont see any of those symptoms on my IS200 or my IS250 (touch wood) Will keep an eye out though.
  26. D@mn, I'd love a right hand side A Pillar lining. My car must been driven by a smoker sometime in its long life and has a few marks which look like cigarette burns. Unfortunately for me, I'm on the southern tip of Africa :-(
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