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  2. For me, it's a no, unknown, yes. But, I do like the purpose, so be interested in the replies.
  3. Steering Knock

    Ha - they redacted Chris with a t on the end!
  4. Yesterday
  5. SC430 project

    Time for an update. After setting up the bass drivers in the rear, the music system is beginning to sound pretty good so it's time to take it up a level with some Focal 3 way door speakers that I've had laying about for far too long. I did think about creating some door builds but instead will try to use the original positions and hide the focal mids and mid bass drivers behind the original ML covers. Examining the speaker positions within the door. The mid bass is an oval 6 x 9. The tweeters and mids are attached to the door by metal brackets Gathering together a few mounting brackets and spare tweeter housings. Prepping for a weekend install. The 6.5 mid bass need an mdf baffle fitment and will no doubt shake the door so requiring some sound deadening. First job complete, with a bit of a hack, the tweeters fit into the original pods.
  6. Shame Rebecca never reviewed the IS-F :(

    That's not necessarily the case
  7. Extended warranty

    My view of most vehicles I've previously owned is any thing under 5 years old never had any problems, 5-10 years old can become expensive to run that's why I asked for opinions as no previous Lexus ownership and I know main dealer parts and labour could kill anyone without deep pockets and as mine is 7 years old so in the second range now makes me twitchy, I can afford the warranty but not a major bill right now.
  8. 2018 Lexus NX Facelift

    Hi Any rumours on the release date of the facelift in the UK? So keen to hit the buy button but want to wait...
  9. Are you Welsh by any chance?😉
  10. From CT to NX

    Link not worked sorry. anyway here it is : Gross Vehicle Weight, 2,395kg. Wheelbase, 2,660mm. Minimum Kerbweight, 1,785kg. Max. Towing Weight - Braked ... Max. Towing Weight - Braked: 1,500kg Max. Towing Weight - Unbraked: 750kg Gross Vehicle Weight: 2,395kg Max. Loading Weight: 610kg
  11. Is-F Lexus Cheltenham

    I found that mine just came up after 4 months of looking and waiting, had travel 200 miles to buy it and within minutes of picking it up it started to snow really hard 😳 Retreated to a Hotel...... 420bhp rear wheel drive unfamiliar car Nooo ! 🐀
  12. RCF Spare Wheel

    Was a cnc drawing done for the adaptor? Seems a shame to waste it. They could turn out a batch for use. 1 set up cost. Good skills :) Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
  13. ISF 2008 - BHP

    As David and Martin said, it's only going to be an estimate based on the power measured at the wheels. Does the printed dyno sheet list the settings used and the conversion from wheel HP to flywheel HP? As a very, very rough calculation allow 15% for auto transmission loss and the measured 365 whp = approx 420 flywheel hp. Here's a print showing a stock ISF at 357whp on a Dynojet machine which I would think is similar to Surrey RR.
  14. I like the Firebird but my goodness, that 3000GT!
  15. All the advice is appreciated. So that rules out tar remover, that's OK because I don't particularly like using it. It always reminds me of the alloy wheel cleaners which usually end up ruining the paintwork on the wheels. I gave up using wheel cleaner years ago after a newly refurbished set of alloys on a classic Merc went dull in about 12 months. The clay bar suggestion may be worth a shot though, although I wonder if the clay can get at the very edge of the plastic, enough to remove the black mark. I think that I will end up following Rayaans route and removing the plastics. I certainly agree with the opinion that it would make more sense to be applied on the front of the bonnet. I had quite a big problem with a Merc E220 and the paintwork on the front of the bonnet chipping. I believe that E class paint is very hard, to stop casual scratches, but then chips quite badly when struck by stone chips. Parkman.
  16. Goodbye IS-F

    Congratulations Mark & let us know your impressions when you have lived with it a while compared with the ISF 👍🏻 I’m sure the sadness at parting with the IS will probably short lived 😉
  17. UV is for sure less of a problem in the UK. But impact damage is the same anywhere. Salt and moisture probably our main worry. But anyway. Without and technical response from lexus we are all just guessing one way or the other. Which is a shame. I'd be more than happy to be shown my fears are unfounded. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
  18. Automatic light reaction

    Many current Mercedes models do not have an Off position for lights. I don't see this as an issue for the regulatory authorities (clearly it's not or they wouldn't have got type approval) as lights left on are not a safety issue. Whereas lights not coming on could be, as witnessed by me this morning with the number of numpties driving in rain and mist, virtually invisible until the last minute! My RC seems to switch the headlamps on very promptly, I pass under a fly-over nearly every day and no matter the ambient light level, the lamps flick on the instant I pass under and remain on for ~10sec after exiting. The fly-over is only dual carriageway wide. The sensitivity is factory level, never felt the need to change it.
  19. "However, I have pointed out that my facts can mean different things to different people, based on their perspective which is subjective" Ever thought of a career in politics? 😉
  20. So is Fred leaving Stockport and going to Bradford or staying at both?
  21. How about a Toyota Century? If you want more bling than the LS, the Century could possibly provide it. However it is not small...... Wouldn't mind the new one in a few years.
  22. Well.... I got loan car as well... but maybe lets not revisit that topic They did pastries in the morning, but I was in rush so just had cookies and Lexus branded candies... I feel like valet is must, fuel only if you travelled far to dealership - after all that is because of them, not just something you do for fun.
  23. Thanks. [emoji1362] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Hi All. Just wondered if anyone knew where to get adjustable sway bars and ball joints in uk for lex is220d as lowered suspension using tein kit but need to adjust camber. Any help would be great [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  25. As the hybrid uses an electric pump to create hydraulic pressure in the brake system it may be as with the SBC system in early Mercs, that there is a reservoir held under pressure and this may mean that Techstream is required to correctly bleed the system? On the Mercedes one can bleed without STAR (the MB equivalent of Techstream) but it doesn't bleed the whole system. Shouldn't be a problem if one is simply bleeding after pad change, rather than renewing brake fluid as part of the 2yr service?
  26. Lexus is220d sluggish or slow start

    Welcome Hamid, This is an odd one. Does it turn over slowly, or does it have trouble starting? After replacing the battery and starter motor, there isn't much left that can cause it to turn over slowly. Perhaps a quick video to illustrate the problem?
  27. Get a Dremel or similar tool and, using a drill bit the same size across as the screw head, carefully drill off the screw head. Open the case and there may just be enough of the screw shank left to grip with pliers to unscrew it but if not, drill out the shank too (but use a smaller drill bit).
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