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  2. Hub Bearing

    I'm afraid that's pretty much what I'm thinking. I hope not as it's a place I've been using for years but, (without going into detail), there have been some recent changes. As I say, I do hope it's all in order as they've always been fine before.
  3. Check Your Timing Belt Early!

    If you do need to get it done, I would get it done by Lexus as it is such a critical component. If they mess it up then you have far better come back than a local garage. However, shop around because not all Lexus dealers charge the same.
  4. What a beautiful car, you've done a fantastic job Adrian, well done!

    So futuristic looking,that bottom picture makes mine look like it was designed in the 1990's........oh it was designed then. Looks very nice.
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  7. Used that too. Covers the warranty owner, not the car, such that if you are travelling in another car, it's still covered - I think. At least it did, for my wife.
  8. How less practical is CT vs NX

    Who's touchy? It's a discussion - opinions will be expressed. You said 'fooling yourself' - I don't see how. It's a shame you're not saying more through fear of causing offence. If someone is offended because you say their car-fi isn't all that, then they probably get offended at all sorts of things. Surely the compression is done at authoring, are you saying it is further compressed in the car's system? If the end aim is pleasure to the listener does it matter if it real or simulated? Out of curiosity have you done a back to back test yourself?
  9. White isf on ebay

    Does look a nice one. Wish the owner had gone into a bit more detail with the info though. I think with a car like this you should really go to town with your ad as it's likely to appeal to a 'car enthusiast'. He obviously likes Lexus as he wants to replace with a GSF. I wonder how many owners it's had (the service history has quite a few different dealer stamps)? I wonder how long 'some time' is? Has the big service been done (that I've seen mentioned on here should be carried out at 6 years, even with low miles)? Wonder why it's been used so little since 2011? Looks very nice though.
  10. AFAIK RGM make the bumper guards for Lexus. There is a possibility that they just havent updated the website yet so might be worth giving them a call unless Lexus have changed supplier
  11. As in my earlier post I came across the same problem. As with sorcerer's post (John) in red it states as I did that fuel "petrol" still needs to be injected to keep the direct injectors from being destroyed making the system less viable than it normally would be. Unfortunately for the moment anyway there seems to be no way round the problem. I am now looking into the possibility of electric assist conversion to make more use of the 186 HP electric motor fitted in the GS450H transmission. This could be along the same lines as the Prius conversions. The problem with the Prius conversion is the relatively small electric motor in the Prius "50 HP" severely limited it's performance, but no such problem with the GS. This used in blended mode would give a considerable boost to MPG figures. John.
  12. Commuting in a CT

    I use my CT for my daily commute - about 30 miles, 75% on the motorway. I find it quiet and I'm getting mid to high 50's mpg. Negatives are the slightly poor ride quality (and mines on 16" tyres) and it can struggle a little if you need to accelerate on a hill. Other than that its a fine commuting tool, cheap to run, good seats, nice sound system (I have premium nav). All that said, I wouldn't replace the CT with another, I'll be looking for an IS next year as its a more refined package, but that's the same if you go up the range with most manufacturers
  13. Test drives.

    If I was a dealer I think I too would be cautious as I am sure there are time wasters - as there are in all walks of life, especially when something is "free" - so you would expect them to do their job and ask the right "qualifying" questions to sort out if the person is really in the market to change their car in a reasonable period of time - only fair and I do the same in my business - out of 10 leads there are only ever a few that pass this first test of answering some basic questions! However, if there are no sales people coming back to ask the basic questions then the dealer has some issues!
  14. Is that intended to be a serious post Chris?
  15. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    My economy is back down to 39mpg every tankful now we're out of the summer too. Averaged 42mpg for just about every tankful from June to September
  16. Good to know you got the tracking sorted. The GS seems quite sensitive to wheel alignment. On many cars nothing is felt, but uneven tyre ware soon points to problems. Sorry I could not give info on local suitable workshops for tracking, but I do live a 150 miles away from you. Unlikely they will try this, but do not let them take the steering wheel off to cure the off centre steering. It must be corrected by adjusting both sides of the steering rack to track rod ball joints adjusters. John.
  17. NX Tyres

    Just had two new Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV tyres fitted to my NX this morning. Noticeably quieter and much more (wet) grip than the Yokahama BluEarth tyres that came off. So much quieter that I may well replace the rears before they need to be. Early days but I felt the difference straight away. Ok, brand new tyres will always be grippier in the wet than worn tyres but I don't ever remember my NX, when the original fronts were much newer, being this grippy at the front. Changed at 26k miles so good wear from the original fronts but I'd rather trade grip for wear any day.
  18. I think you have the answer from Lexus. The Mechanic obviously did not know about the Lexus braking system. Brake fluid does not come out of the rear brake bleeders in the normal way by pressing the brake pedal, and as you have been told by Lexus the rear parking brake shoes have very little lining material on the when new. They also do not ware under normal circumstances as they are only used when stationary. There are times however that we drive off forgetting to release the parking brake for a short distance. Good luck with your claim, and please let us know the outcome. John.
  19. Passed MOT

    Congratulations, that looks to be an excellent vehicle.You must be very proud having surpassed the distance from Earth to the Moon.
  20. I don't think sheep have the required acceleration for this market segment.
  21. 2018 Lexus CT200h Revealed

    How do you know how I think? Speaking for your self Rayanns? No being condescending then.
  22. I had to replace mine and found it very awkward on the 430 - had to remove the airfilter box and move coolant bottle out of the way to gain access - maybe someone with smaller handles and nimble fingers might be able to fit it without problems.
  23. LC Arrived.

    So far the car has not let me down expectation wise, i did have a minor alarm issue, but hopefully that has been resolved. The LC steering seems a lot more precise, this is mainly due to the rear wheel steer, the car acts and drives a lot like my old GS450h. Its a lot easer to get in and out of the LC, the seats although bolstered are not as high as the RC, plus the sill hight is a lot lower, the only slight issue is that the doors a longer so you need a bit of space next to you to get the doors wide open, so things may be slightly more difficult to get in and out if your parked in a tight space. The LC is very smooth compared to the RC, the gear changing seems more precise although i have found a couple of times it has got confused on which gear to use, mainly when your traveling slowly, 10/15 mph then go to accelerate. i have only done one short 70mph trip, but the car was very quiet at this speed. The seats thenselves are very comfortable and supportive , and with the aIcantara inserts your not going to burn your bum in the hot weather, I have only used the heated seats once so far and they are 100% better that the RC which i found to be nearly non excitant The infotainment system does take a bit of getting use to, although you can say this about any a new gadget you buy, but its no way near as complicated as a lot of reviews make out, the problem with the reviewers is that they probably only have the car for a few hours or a day, not enough time to really get to use it, no, there isn't switches for the heated/ventilated seats and you do have to go into the system to switch them on and of, but it does have a concierge function which when activated and set up, will automatically adjust the heat of the seats and steering wheel depending on the outside temperature and the inside temperature you have set, you don't even need to have the heating system on for this to work, it will also adjust the cooling of the seats in the same way. The RC-F was a great car and i don't regret having one, but the LC is a lot more comfortable to drive, smoother and when set in comfort mode a lot more comfortable ride, but then if you want to you can put it in sports mode and your back in a RC-F, although even in this setting i don't think it is as firm a ride as the RC was. So over all i am a very happy Bunny. for anyone who may be interested hear is a link to the LC'S detailing
  24. My IS250 going into the garage for airbag recall on 31st. No Lexus dealer in it's into Toyota loaner is an Getting an exhaust problem (split seal) checked as well and they said we will charge £99 if it turns out not to be under warranty....I said well I ain't paying that.....supose it is an Arnold Clark Toyota dealership but c'mon boys. Doubt I will get anything but will let you all know.
  25. That sounds like the drop link. They are not expensive to replace, I had both of mine done. The 'knock' is still there though. 😕
  26. CT200h and TomTom Live Services

    I had a CT advance with the built in tom tom. It is basically a tom tom fixed to the dash. There is a memory card that stores the map data but to my knowledge no mobile SIM card. I did not use live services but could take the memory card out and update the maps on my computer via the tom tom web site. It has nothing to do with the Lexus portal. I remember there were live services like traffic info but not sure how it got the information. Is it from your phone via Bluetooth? The Pre facelift CT advance was the only model to use the built in tom tom. Which is a pity as it is better than the Lexus offering and you could change the voice to Wallace and Grommet! Have you got the manual? You need to subscribe via the tom tom web site to live services. The tom tom has nothing to do with the car computer. Its like a tom tom stuck to the windscreen with a remote control put on the centre console. It's called the Lexus MoveOn navi. A search should bring up more information. Hope that helps.
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