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  2. @FlytvrNever mind that matey look at this some bloke abusing another's Rcf on airfield near an aircraft.......... sounds familiar Its ok though matey all will be fine don't let the sight of it get your 'Goat' 😏 🐀
  3. Rear Screen Demister

    It'll be interesting to hear what difference you find if you have climate control set to auto before pressing Demist. Hope it makes a difference. One other point to bear in mind is that the manual says: "Operation of the air conditioning system in Eco drive mode In Eco drive mode, the air conditioning system is controlled as follows to prioritize fuel efficiency: ● Engine speed and compressor operation controlled to restrict heating/cooling capacity ● Fan speed restricted when automatic mode is selected". So, as well as auto climate control, check that the car isn't in Eco mode - ie switch to Normal or Sport - before pressing the Demist button.
  4. GS450h 2007 Shock Absorber Failed

    Sorry for late reply, didn't see this, oups. All my bits came from Nippon auto spares, great company, great prices, fast delivery and very helpful. Only bit that disapointed me was that i ordered track rod ends, not realising the ball joint wasnt part of it. They didnt mention this and i couldnt return them as nippon had to special order them for me. Guess it was my fault for not confirming before ordering though.
  5. Wheel spacers

    "DRS Series: 3-20 mm Thick: DRS Series wheel spacers fit between the wheel and hub, and require exchanging the existing wheel studs for longer ones (studs are included)."
  6. That is correct. My old Prius would always start in winter, but often not in summer. In winter you need heat and demister which = hot engine. So the computer starts it.
  7. GS450H Leaky rear section exhaust, at the 'split'

    I recently used JB weld on a couple of holes on my system which seems to be holding up okay at the moment.
  8. Today
  9. You're right, I found the light and it's shockingly bad for car of Lexus standard. I might try LED first, then attatching two seperate ones with Velcro. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Sounds like design flaw - would be interesting to see what causes it.
  11. Yes, but Lexus does that on 17" i.e. 225 on front and 255 rear on the same rim. On GS 18" they fit 245/40. One way or another I don't think that going to matter... the theory is that for RWD car that gives extra traction and even-up the wear between front and rear, so you can replace all tires at once. However from my experience 245 are overkill on the rear for IS250, when I bought my current car I have replaced the tires and fronts were 2mm and inside was already below legal, whilst rear still had like 3.5-4mm left. Back then I thought maybe rears were replaced later or twice, because I would have expected rears to wear first on RWD, replaced all tires together anyway. Now my car is due for replacement again and same story again - front are totally chewed-up especially on inside, probably 2mm inside and 3.5 outside, whilst rears are 3.5 inside and 5mm outside. In short over 40k miles rears have worn 1.5mm less then fronts.
  12. MyTyres

    Looked at them, thanks. £546 for 4, so a decent price but still £80 more than I am paying (if my tyres turn up)
  13. NX450h

    When we changed from the NX to the RX it took us all of about 5mins of driving the RX to know we were going to have it,even though the NX had great interior quality the power and extra space of the RX was much better.Two years on we are still loving it and look forward to getting the 4RX in a year or so.
  14. Help Lexus gs450h p0016 code

    Hi are there any pictures to where the filters located
  15. LOC club stickers

    You know as a staff member you could always be a little pro-active and do that on our behalf.
  16. Nigel, there's a solution to this and for which I spent many years searching ... there's a piece from a few of us on here about the issue and for me, my indy remedied the area just under the trim by the centre console arm by the cupholders I think it involved turning the volume/sensor down ..... been fine since If you wanted to travel down to Thanet, near Manston old airport, then my indy will no doubt book you in to sort it for you. Let me know if you wanted his number Malc
  17. I had the very same last year when my LS was parked up for over a week, I started the engine and people turned round to see what the racket was. It was just the clatter of the hydraulic valves at the top before the oil reached it. It only happened once and for two seconds, it's never happened again, although I did get it serviced straight away. I don't know if there's any mileage in this but one mechanic said the one way valve in the oil filter can become faulty causes the oil to drain down. Either way it can be a symptom of high miles, although mine had only done 120k.
  18. The “Vehicle Smart” app is a better option IMO. Its gives you the option of having the families cars in a “garage “ for quick reference, and colour codes the mot status.
  19. door shadow light

    I received a pair as a gift when I had an IS300h and then transferred them to my RC. TBH I originally thought them a bit excessive since the IS had illuminated door sills but, although they would have been easy enough to remove, I never got around to it. I have grown quite fond of them in the RC, which does not have the illuminated sills, because they invite you to look down when getting out of the car and therefore act as an extra aid to not stepping into puddles and holes (and maybe other things) in badly-lit places.
  20. Headlights options

    I have bought some the 5500k ones I wanted better bulbs anyway but if it’s a ballast do you have a link to buy them
  21. Yesterday
  22. Aftermarket adjustable camber on 175k miles 2008 IS250 SE-L ... I doubt it. What I was told by few places - they don't want to bother with rear caber as adjustment is in award place and usually rusted (seized), covered in mud... so they just say it is not possible to adjust. Finally, even if there are no dedicated adjustment, it is always possible to bring camber in place by playing with adjustment you have - quite clearly IS250 didn't come out of factory with -0.14 camber on rear right and 1.03 on the left...
  23. Steamed up windows

    I've never found any detrimental effect on mpg by running the a/c, on any car I've had.
  24. Calling all Lexus LS Owners! I've been tasked with helping organise the launch of the new LS500 at our Dealership, which is expected to hit showrooms at some point in January. Having seen and driven it in Milan, it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. You will love it. Without giving too much away, I'm looking for a couple of owners of ideally a gen 1 and gen 3 LS. They'd need to be in "good to great" condition (I appreciate they will potentially have up to 30 years use). I'd need to borrow them for a night, maybe even a couple of days - but would organise something to repay the favour. Please drop me an email if you think you could help: Many Thanks, John. Lexus Birmingham.
  25. Yep, ambermine, I’m with you on this. Might as well fix that rad at the same time. I did not have to remove the rad for my cambelt/pulleys/water pump work...
  26. Think we need linas to confirm that one flytvr
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