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  2. Audio Upgrade

    Just enjoy the tunes in the car and seek quality music listening at home.
  3. Gold Membership

    Cheers Colin will pass it on to Steve. Regards Mike.
  4. Hi from a CT owner

    @LenniH I enquired with Lexus and for them to fit it the cost would be £450. That’s a crazy amount of money. I do miss DAB but as yet haven’t found a decent one on Amazon or eBay that I like. Most have an ugly ariel that sticks to the inside of your windscreen which I don’t want. The search continues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Highest Mileage on IS300h

    Yeah, I've done this before, but changed it back after a couple of days, on my mainly urban commute it was very odd to see the revs drop to zero quite a lot of the time so found it more distracting. I had switched to this mode out of curiosity though. Its not a setting on the large screen, its on the mini screen above the steering wheel. its the last settings page (the gear symbol), if you go down those settings using the buttons on the rhs of the steering wheel, you will find it,you can have rev counter on always, never or the usual where its sport mode only, you can turn the EV indicator off too. Vince
  6. Average MPG average for CT 200h

    Have Goodyear’s on the rear of mine and they’re so noisey. Hard wearing though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. My old one was......looked great. Glad this one sold; I was tempted-even though I've sworn off cars generally! Nothing else compares.
  8. 2018 Lexus CT200h Revealed

    Very true that. 2011 >2018 not much change to warrant an upgrade. Especially having to pay tax now. I’ll keep my 2011. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Built-in TomTom satnav

    I’ve never seen this before. Doesn’t look standard Lexus fitment to me. Unless it’s an aftermarket fitment. All pre 2014 CT had the flip up screens when nav is fitted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. NX Tyres

    Cross climates are now out of stock nationwide. I wonder if they only supplied a small quantity to see how they went and have sold so well they have now all gone. I will have to check over the next few weeks to see if they come in stock again. I was very tempted but just did not move quick enough. :(
  11. I understand what you're saying but other cars I've had (admittedly German (sorry!)) have allowed any outlet setting on auto. But having set off on a journey on Monday and monitoring what it was doing I must admit the system choosing the outlets is far better as in the winter it waits until the air is to temperature before bathing your upper body and face with warm air; in previous cars I've had a chilled blast on my face and feet until it got up to temperature. Just another example of Lexus brilliance. These cars never cease to amaze me!
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  13. Exhaust Back Box Drooping

    Well done you for not letting it wind you up 😂 😂. Their coffee isn't all that, I gave it two fingers...
  14. Which to choose

    Really the Luxury v F-Sport choice is subjective. I much prefer the look of the latter, which is why I went for it.
  15. Keyless Entry

    Just to pile on the agony, my NX has this. I find it useful when exiting as I often lock using the back door as I pass.
  16. I have a 1999 Toyota Altezza 1GFE, which recently has had the engine light come on after driving it for a few minutes. Every time i restart the car it goes away but comes on again after a few minutes. I have done the paperclip diagnosis on the ODB1 port, but all it does is make the engine light, ABS light and the ECT light flash continuously. Does anyone know what it might be? Cheers,
  17. Coventry Lexus.

    I think I’ve seen Cov Lexus mention a few times on here...just wondering who’s the guy to speak to about F stuff there?! Ta.
  18. Only 5 on Autotrader right now

    Did anyone know the answer to this? Can you keep extending the warranty even though the car would be over 10 years?
  19. Exhaust Back Box Drooping

    I certainly did not, however I also didn't get a salesman claiming he would phone me back about an RCF then not bothering!!! I'm not annoyed about it at all, dont feel like I need to rant about LEXUS EDINBURGH!!!!! not phoning me back at all. Not that I'm annoyed, just in case you were wondering. What does Lexus coffee taste like? Is it a premium coffee that never breaks down but most people don't appreciate it non the less. P.s. I'm not annoyed at all
  20. To cure all your aural woes.. "Through extensive acoustic analysis of the factory and Mark Levinson audio systems, our team has identified the root cause of the sound quality issues within the IS and thereby implemented corrective measures within the framework of vehicle. Simply put the O+ IS sound solution transforms the audio quality of the stock system to audiophile level in terms of clarity, imaging and dynamics, all the while delivering deep low frequency reproduction without compromising the detail in your music. "
  21. I think I prefer the maroon one I linked on the ‘Shortage of decent cars thread”
  22. Exhaust Back Box Drooping

    Sounds like a good deal, but I bet you didn't get a Lexus coffee and a 2 pack of custard creams 😉
  23. I didn't think it would hang about!
  24. Exhaust Back Box Drooping

    I had rust here too so had a new plate welded in.
  25. Mr Vlad......where do I find the rev counter settings.? I can only find SetUp on the menu screen and no mention in that of rev counter. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong area ??
  26. Gold Membership

    colin79666 got stuck with order #2605 thanks.
  27. Built-in TomTom satnav

    There should be an SD card in the slot to the right of the screen, it holds the maps, traffic camera locations etc. Looks like you have an empty slot there.
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