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  2. I’m the one who bought Phil’s LS430, I can tell you the interior is cavernous no matter which seat you sit in and I’m 6’3” and it’s also extremely comfortable. Its also one if the few cars with a sunroof (or moonroof as Lexus would have it) where I have enough headroom. I’ve had a LWB W220 S-Class and yes it does have a bit more rear legroom but I think the LS430 is more than ample and is a much better car in just about every other respect.
  3. I got a 2010 450 which is due a service shortly and im thinking of upgrading the mapping its still on the original maps anyone had it done was it worth it any idea on cost and do you get new graphics thanks
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  5. Rear Tyre for IS250 - 2012

    255/35 r18 is a very common size. It's used on Merc C class and BMW 3er. 255/40 R18 is quite rare tbh
  6. F recall

    I may well stand corrected but I’m sure Dave’s System stops short like the stock exhaust, sounded great and wasn’t obvious to the key that it had been changed, I like the mesh in place BUT would happily have new tail pipes if it’s possible to keep the mesh or something similar 👍👍
  7. NX side-steps

    Went to blenheim palace today what a day? crap event and nearly crap all over the car but the side steps actually kept the loads of mud of the car,. As I was driving away all i could hear was the mud splattering everywhere but when I got home not much mud had gone over the car, So that was my chance for a quick clean
  8. no luck yet. Left it with the mechanic. Hv battery was around 58% but it slowly drops if u leave the car on. As said there is spark from the plugs its just then engine not turning over... yeah, i did push the throttle
  9. No Dave, they are considerably worse
  10. Hi - do you have a picture of the rear suspension gas struts - interested to see how easy it is to replace them.
  11. thanks, its definitely is not from the washer pipe - its from outside getting in - i have the pipe and the airbag curtain exposed. IMG_3409.MOVIMG_3409.MOV
  12. Correct Stevet . It was a typo, the 350h is the petrol version.
  13. Flytvr . Just the same as a isf . Struggle to understand lexus stock exhaust systems.surely they should be producing something better .
  14. @Warrington guy You just need to get one on that new Carbon of yours Matey, I mean there’s no one else in here with a White Carbon....... oh hang on a minute..... 🐀
  15. Looks like there are joints in the rear washer pipe near your water mark. It's definitely something you want to get fixed as water near the curtain airbag isn't ideal.
  16. An RCF on the standard exhaust IMHO is..... ZZZZZzzzzz ZZZZZZZzzzzz
  17. Ratty you must be on some good commission.
  18. I’m sure the c300h is a 2.1 diesel Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. @JonbI shall put you on the list then Matey 👍 Big Rat
  20. @Big Rat, I would be interested as well. I had the ISF exhaust done at Infinity Exhausts as did @Mark G and was very pleased. No doubt I will get the RCF done as it will need a little more rumble 😀.
  21. Exhaust mount

    Thanks. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  22. The C300h has a 2000cc turbo petrol engine running on the Otto Cycle compared to the Lexus IS 300h non turbo running on the Atkinson Cycle which has a higher efficiency giving a better MPG.
  23. Exhaust mount

    Definitely get it welded it makes sense. Lexus just want to replace the whole thing. I doubt for one minute there’s anything wrong with the system. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. @-nick-Hi Nick as @Toothy mentioned there is a thread running on a H&S group buy only need a couple more people for a full house. Plenty of isF with them on you tube to listen to, one of the cars for sale at Cheltenham was mine and to be fair the extra noise from the after market system it has is pretty tame. Big Rat
  25. Having fitted new front discs, pads and having completed an oil change, and...sorting tyre pressures-I drove to Cardiff via Stroud from Reading. There was no shimmy from the front wheels and I kept up with and in front of the flash driver’s both ways. I still need to sort the lower track bar bushes and probably the lower ball joints. I also have to replace 2 tyres. Most motorists have to pay for extended warranties now because of repair costs. Cars ain’t cheap whatever marque they are. It certainly helps doing some of the work myself but sourcing parts is valuable too.
  26. Hi Charlieboy3, following various tests my current position is: i have the windscreen edge (left side, right side and across the top covered by 2" gaffer tape, the drivers side roof rail has been removed and the whole length of the rain gulley has been covered with 2" gaffer tape, the headlining has been removed - today i let loose with the hose and drenched the vehicle - the test will be tomorrow -if it drips i am at a loss where its it coming in, if it does not i will have narrowed the problem down to the roof rail/gulley - the next step will be to seal the gulley - will keep you posted.
  27. Post your Pics

    @Ray-ISFThat'll be Gloucester Docks multi storey I'm guessing Ray 🐀
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