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    • I had to replace mine and found it very awkward on the 430 - had to remove the airfilter box and move coolant bottle out of the way to gain access - maybe someone with smaller handles and nimble fingers might be able to fit it without problems.
    • Hi All, Passed MOT yesterday without any issues. Just one advisory on corroded brake pipe. Second time in a row passed without any work.  2004 model car with 247k Miles, that is brilliant. I am so happy tell me is there any other car out there 2004 with 247k miles which will pass mot second time without any work :)  Just thought I will share this with you all.  :)
    • Original post: CTvNX.... wife + 2 offspring+ shopping= maximum paraphernalia potential . Go for the NX if wife is happy to negotiate parking it. At the end of the day, whatever the driver prefers to drive that suits the pocket  should win the day and often over-rules a lot of other practical considerations.  Hah! sound system arguments! Which one drowns out the sirens of emergency vehicles, plaintiff cries of crushed cyclists and mangled pedestrians... its a car, not an auditorium! You are welcome to be as offended as you like by that comment, it doesn't stop it from being the truth. By the way, there is a( in my opinion misguided) lobby keen on removing audio systems as they are a distraction to drivers.
    •   It would be possible to tell if the calipers were seized, and also a visual check would show some problems with the brake hose. However it would not be possible to properly bleed the brakes without the correct equipment. It is possible to do a fudge job of bleeding the brakes "if you know how", but this is not what your paying for. To be fair to the mechanic if he has never worked on hybrid braking systems before it would be easy to assume the braking system is like any other car, but this is far from the facts. I managed to dig out the typical hybrid brake circuit so that you can see it's complexity.   John
    • So far the car has not let me down expectation wise, i did have a minor alarm issue, but hopefully that has been resolved. The LC steering seems a lot more precise, this is mainly due to the rear wheel steer, the car acts and drives a lot like my old GS450h. Its a lot easer to get in and out of the LC, the seats although bolstered are not as high as the RC, plus the sill hight is a lot lower, the only slight issue is that the doors a longer so you need a bit of space next to you to get the doors wide open, so things may be slightly more difficult to get in and out if your parked in a tight space. The LC is very smooth compared to the RC, the gear changing seems more precise although i have found a couple of times it has got confused on which gear to use, mainly when your traveling slowly, 10/15 mph then go to accelerate. i have only done one short 70mph trip, but the car was very quiet at this speed. The seats thenselves are very comfortable and supportive , and with the aIcantara inserts your not going to burn your bum in the hot weather, I have only used the heated seats once so far and they are 100% better that the RC which i found to be nearly non excitant The infotainment system does take a bit of getting use to, although you can say this about any a new gadget you buy, but its no way near as complicated as a lot of reviews make out, the problem with the reviewers is that they probably only have the car for a few hours or a day, not enough time to really get to use it, no, there isn't switches for the heated/ventilated seats and you do have to go into the system to switch them on and of, but it does have a concierge function which when activated and set up, will automatically adjust the heat of the seats and steering wheel depending on the outside temperature and the inside temperature you have set, you don't even need to have the heating system on for this to work, it will also adjust the cooling of the seats in the same way. The RC-F was a great car and i don't regret having one, but the LC is a lot more comfortable to drive, smoother and when set in comfort mode a lot more comfortable ride, but then if you want to you can put it in sports mode and your back in a RC-F, although even in this setting i don't think it is as firm a ride as the RC was.  So over all i am a very happy Bunny.   for anyone who may be interested hear is a link to the LC'S detailing
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