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  2. Lexus insurance a joke!

    Their prices are always stupid. Although not as stupid as Adrian Flux. I got a quote of £1300 on RX and £1100 on IS. Admiral covered them both for £1036 and gave be £50k lifetime personal injury insurance. Adrian flux are something else - £4k for the RX so just howled in laughter and told them to stick it where the sun don't shine. Chris Knott on the other hand were brilliant - even beat Admiral's quote but I didn't fancy the hassle of changing over for £36
  3. To be honest, the auto dimming mirrors can be a pain in the rear. It's normal for the interior rear view mirror to auto dim but I've not had a car before where the door mirrors also dim. Initially, it seems like a good idea and it may well be on the open road, but not when reversing. I used to be a telephone engineer on BT and many years of driving my BT van means that instead of twisting round in my seat to look out of the rear window, I'm far more used to, and far more comfortable, with using the door mirrors to reverse. However, the dimming mirrors combined with the abysmal reversing lights of the RX300/RX400h make it almost impossible to see anything behind the car and I scraped the gatepost once, which cost me £180 to put right. In fact, someone hit my driver's door mirror and I replaced it with 'normal' non-dimming glass and it's so much better now.
  4. Ive not really researched into but I thought they were the same company as they tend to use the same shipping methods, have all the same products but just at different prices. They're probably using the same bloody warehouse to get things out of as well because everything from CP4L comes via Heathrow on a plane, same as ECP
  5. I doubt a significantly cheaper aftermarket brembo pads will be the same performance as the supplied brembo pads to Lexus.
  6. I smoked a Ford ST. Looked fairly new. A few times. Gave me a salute afterwards. Boy racer don't know how to shift. Granny shiftin not double clutching like you should.
  7. Exide is on eurocarparts. Optima on Amazon
  8. Rcf v 718s

    Sean how was the boxter compared to your car plusses and minusses?
  9. Tom's isf replica

    Haha I already asked for a Grom vline before and that got completely shot down. At least with this, she'll actually see it even though she doesn't 'get' it. Cheers for the link pal. Now do I go for just the diffuser or the whole lot....
  10. 4RX Wiper Blades

    I read that they are sister companies. Bit like B&Q owning Screwfix I guess
  11. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Indeed, guess it’s important to remember Lexus took a big gamble with the IS F, performance cars weren’t their thing by any means, so I guess they played safe by sticking to some of their inherent qualities. One being the quietness of their cars. They’ve certainly improved with the soundtrack for the RC F and GS F, but I agree the stock exhaust on our cars is too quiet. The exhaust manifolds are also very poorly designed as Lee was telling you today. As for your spreadsheet, if it’s any consolation I’m still nowhere near done with mine yet! Lol.
  12. Thanks for the tip on how to access the rev counter. The car is full of surprises. Tried it out today on a lengthy trip. Interesting how low the car revs at high speed (75mph); from a long life perspective this must be a good sign for Rashi.
  13. Tom's isf replica

    Think you better be getting practising your massage techniques like me buddy, woman+ spending cash on cars =👿 ://
  14. Built-in TomTom satnav

    Interesting. I’ve never seen one of those before. Guess I know now haha. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Price I believe. Got some Brembo coming from USA. Will check them out on arrival. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
  16. I'm a bit like that sometimes - 0-60 in 2.5 secs & thats just reversing out the garage.
  17. Built-in TomTom satnav

    It was the standard Lexus fitment to Advance models, certainly in 2013. It's a customised Tom Tom unit called Lexus CT move-on I think. Works fine and updates are available fromTomTom at a reasonable price.
  18. So top it up yourself then, if it needs it.
  19. Tom's isf replica

    Really like these kits! Do you have a link for the ebay seller? Been on there website, and the prices don't seem too outrageous. Hinted to the misses that the diffuser would be a lovely Christmas present!!
  20. Eurocarparts Discs + Pads

    I'm glad I read your post I've just spent an hour browsing and ordering I can't believe they can do discounts as cheap as they are I've bought two full service kits for a BMW and a Subaru with Castrol oil for the price of a good meal , so thanks for that 😀
  21. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    And you Pete, cheers for letting me pop round and have a look. Car looks stunning and Lee and the lads have done a great job on the install. Just following you for that short period, really shows how much our car's are in need of an exhaust. So much potential, yet they are so quiet stock. Thanks for making my spreadsheet with mod ideas, longer and longer!!
  22. Lexus insurance a joke!

    Yup, everything the same. It happened before on a GS450h. Lexus’ quotation was 5-6 times most other quotes I’d had! They quoted me double what I’d been paying on a 550bhp modified 911 Turbo! The excuse? “You’re a younger male with a powerful, big engined car” Maybe it’s just me! I’m 33, have no endorsements, I live in a safe area etc. Literally *nothing at all* to stand out as a big risk, yet the quotations I receive are astronomical! As I say, all other companies offer resonable quotations!
  23. Lexus insurance a joke!

    Like for like cover? Lexus wasn't significantly different from my existing company
  24. So, in advance of picking up my new GSF, I got a quote from Lexus insurance, just out of curiosity. The best I’d seen so far through a comparison site was £264 for the year (benefits of living in a safe area, I guess!) Their quote? £2,168.77!!! Can anyone top that?
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