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  2. What wheels for winter tyres

    Rich, Not sure if you managed to source wheels and winter tyres yet, but I have a set that was used on a CT for three winters to good effect. They are for sale if you're interested Gerry
  3. WALD rear lip for IS220d

    Start this project :)))
  4. IS250 Rear Diffuser wanted

    I plan to start manufacturing such for the winter. Pay attention to its quality. He's all crooked and oblique. I would be ashamed to put this quality on the Lexus p.S. have WALD style rear lip for sale.
  5. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Agreed. There are some extremely silly ones where you just wonder what happened to cause that. A lot of problems seem to be caused by not doing the basics
  6. Hi I wanted to inform you that we are getting our windscreen replaced via Auto Windshields who are replacing our CT200 windshield as it was chipped when we received it and Inchcape are refunding us with the excess and has been approved by Lexus insurance. I wanted to ask as Auto Windshield are replacing it with the original glass is there anything which I should be aware of and also as all the glasswork has VIN etching can the auto windscreens etch the numbers or does it not matter. Also I hope that they refit the DAB aerial and auto windscreen properly. Please do let me know.
  7. by the sound of it you dont have the premium nav as the premium supports 3 way split screen i have radio,mpg & ventillation screens all showing at the same time
  8. Electrical confusion

    Your mechanic may be right Greg, I don't have an LS430 so I don't know. However, I do repair computers for a living and when you hear the time-honoured phrase "Turn it off and back on again" it really does work most of the time, but you do have to remove all power completely for a few minutes so that any residual charge drains away and allows the fault condition to reset. I'd say it's got to be worth a try on the car.
  9. "Deposit Taken". Someone's going for it!
  10. Hi, thanks for your reply. I have Navigation system Generation I. I went back to dealer and he suggested just turn off the display in the settings menu. What I decided was to leave the display on "Car" showing the hybrid graphics. I used to have a 2009 very last model Jag XJR and that had a multiple use display, but it would stay on whatever screen that you had selected, so you could leave it showing audio, or climate, or whatever, without it switching itself to the sat-nav map display. I will just have to put up with it, I guess. parkman.
  11. Electrical confusion

    Thanks for quick response! My mechanic thinks I need to take it to a dealer to reset security (PCN?). But that may be worth a try.
  12. SK IS200 build thread :-) HKS Hi Power

    Some new. To day, i install a armrest, it's essential in this cockpit !!! And my new carbon shift knob :
  13. Today
  14. Sat-nav in 2013 IS 350h.

    Not sure what sat nav you have but does it have a display option in the carousel. In there there is an option display off. This works on mine.
  15. Electrical confusion

    Disconnect the battery for 10 minutes to reset everything?
  16. TPMS

    Yes, your summary is right. I checked the pressures, all ok and presumed that I had to buy some new TPMS, but having just fitted new tyres it pained me to change them, so basically I ignored the warning light over last winter. In the spring the light went out, so somehow, the battery got another bit of life! Went to start it last weekend and the light was back - so will follow John's advice and order some tagged batteries off Ebay and if I don't sell it (someone viewing this weekend) it will be something to fix.
  17. Electrical confusion

    Had a similar problem a little while ago. Seemed to correct on its own. Now: After starting fine, non driver windows wouldn't work. Now auto locks won't work, remote beeps but won't lock; remote doesn't beep at all to unlock. alarm goes off when I start it (but it does start). Fuse issue! i am not a mechanic, or very savvy... THANKS FOR ANY HELP Greg
  18. Thanks John for the reference to this from the SC forum. I wonder if anyone out there can confirm the batteries are the same CR2450 or something different?
  19. Good grief Haylands, I've never of such a pile of.....of, I cant even think of a word or phrase much beyond 'hells bells'...........
  20. same here had Volvo for 20 years then RX lexus[3]then had drive in GS loved it ? so I bought one lovely car,every time I drive it I have big grin on my face .Norman go for a drive and watch the faces of the posers with there X5 dower I would say , give it another go or try another car then get back into yours sorted .good luck
  21. Lexus Taxi

    When Mitsubishi brought out the Carisma (not one of their best models!) our local Taxi firm ran some. Mitsubishi bought them off the Taxi firm when they had 300,000 miles on, for evaluation. The guys were given a VERY good price I was led to believe.
  22. TPMS

    So you ignored the low pressure warning last year, it went off again in the spring and you didn't have any issues, right? Did you physically check the tyre pressures last year or after the light recently came on? Surely that's the obvious thing to do? It could just need a few psi adding and you should be checking them regularly for safety anyway. My GS has a second TPMS button that's intended for a second set of wheels, maybe winters. It's hidden away under the passenger dash if I recall correctly.
  23. TPMS

    Thanks John. I guess that it is time to renew but will check your post about changing the battery first as I thought this wasn't possible. Strange that the battery got some power back in the summer months - but I guess heat could be a factor. I have a local garage that fits and balances tyres for £10 cash so definitely a nice cheap option.
  24. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Amen to that. I subscribe to a couple of UK dash cam channels on YouTube; I feel there's always something to learn, even us old f*rts. Admittedly a lot of the clips say more about the dash cam driver than the other driver, but some are are instructive. And some are mind-boggling!
  25. Right, not a good idea to get your brother to check over a car when he is waiting for two cataract operations, the 430 was the biggest pile of crap you have ever seen, every panel needed repainting, wheels were awful (no surprise there) the interior was appalling, every seat was damaged, not worn but damaged, the center console and dash was chipped scratched and worn... I could go on..... It had been hit in the rear and the bumper was badly bent out of shape and so was the rear panel, there was evidence of water ingress into the passenger compartment (rust up under dash and even the seat belt metal ends were rusty!!) and the boot.... several stored fault codes that I didn't bother going into... And it was described as immaculate, with no bodywork damage, it had both rear arches scraped, golf ball dent on rear wing, damage to front bumper and one front wing, as well as the already mentioned paintwork damage everywhere.... all four doors had been repeatedly smashed into whatever was in the way and one rear door was actually bent where it had been smashed into things... I'm not saying who is selling it but it is a 2006 Canterbury Blue with Ivory interior, if anyone wants the reg or more details of it, so as to avoid it like the plague then let me know... Nothing else on the market interests me at the moment, I want a facelifted LS430, all on sale at present are the wrong colour or age, or so ridiculously priced I'm not paying it.... I'm in no rush, something will come up... I don't want a low mileage car I would rather have a high mileage, low mileage cars suffer from more problems than high in my experience. The SC we looked at on the way down looked lovely in the pictures and again was described as immaculate and the bodywork was pretty good but the inside had been "smart repaired" on both seats, the door card and areas of the dash and the work was not very good, it also had the rear silencers removed so sounded like an 18years olds Corsa... We also went to look at a 16,000mile SC430 at a Lexus dealer, (my brother doesn't agree with my dislike of low mileage cars) they are asking £17,000 for it, top money, it again was awful, front bumper badly damaged and scraped, dent on the roof, serious stone chips down the nearside, damaged leather on driver's seat, both headlights badly sun damaged, Lexus response, I couldn't believe it.... Leave a deposit and we will get the mobile painter to sort the bodywork and the trim, so another smart repair that will last a few months and then look awful, and we "may" change the headlights or have them refurbished ie, polished and it will return in a few months!!!!! They would also "probably" change the cam belt......... What is it with Lexus, as bad as the private dealers..... Rant over....
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