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  2. I suspect that people are wary of telling their insurance company about an accident that was not their fault and did not involve a claim on their own insurance because they know that the scumbag insurance companies will use that as an excuse to increase premiums come renewal time. The old " statistics prove " phrase will be trotted out. I take it that you do or did have connections with insurance companies ?
  3. 98 LS400 Exhaust Leak, Y-Pipe replacement ?

    Thanks John. I've been quoted £545 all in for a cat-back system on mine (the Y section is leaking and back boxes have rotted through). Lex want around the £900 mark so quite a difference already.
  4. A switchable valve in the exhaust would be nice. It is nowhere near as loud in the car, the microphone was mounted just above the rear number plate. Apart from the lack of silencers the car is standard with 230,000 miles on the clock.
  5. 98 LS400 Exhaust Leak, Y-Pipe replacement ?

    Hi Norman. I have not used MIJ myself, but have had reports from others that have had good service. I was quoted £295 including VAT to replace the rear exhaust on my GS450H using stainless steel, and my OEM tail pipe trims. This was less than half the prices I was quoted else where, and I feel a very reasonable price. I had contacted them, but had finished doing my own system before I got a reply. I do not regret making my own system in any way saving £100 even on MIJ prices, but would have gone with them if I had received a faster reply due to there Email problems now sorted. John.
  6. I would go for the RX300 then! Good luck with your search George!
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  8. Same here with my IS250 - lacked the sense of fun the IS200 had. Absolutely cracking car though, could not criticise it in any way if asked. It is hard to explain.
  9. 94 Es300 EGR code,

    Hello guys! Cars throwing a P0401 code, not consistent, comes and goes. Valves been cleaned out and such. Recommendations? 94 ES300, 151,000kms. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  10. I dont understand your post, there are no safety issues at all or corrosion mentioned on the car >at the pasted link above your post<
  11. 18000 miles on the original tyres; still plenty of life left My parking solution is to park on the end of a row as far away as possible from other cars.
  12. Mpg no longer an issue as it will be Mrs car, she is urban commute so mpg will be dire, but she does about 50 miles a week so shouldn't be an issue.
  13. 98 LS400 Exhaust Leak, Y-Pipe replacement ?

    Hi John, Good job you mentioned MIJ - I was trying to remember the place in Walsall as I (potentially) need to get mine sorted on the GS! Have you used them in the past? I just called them and spoke to a very helpful chap called Jay so now it could just be a case of deciding :)
  14. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Can't comment, I did exactly that many years ago pulling out of a layby, into a neighbours car. My defence was to blame the rugrats in the back for distracting me. It wasn't true, and I fessed up to being careless.
  15. 5 or so weeks in, I am loving the RX. Today, it's in the office car park between and black X5 and a white Q5. It's definitely the best looking car!
  16. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Totally sympathise with the driver of the white car. Discovery's are such ickle tiny things, barely noticeable.
  17. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    I find most dashcam incidents are too trivial to post, someone cuts you up, doesn't go on green because they're having a shave or putting on makeup. It happens. I very rarely react to the offenders.
  18. 2018 Lexus NX Facelift

    It looks like the QI charging tray has been enlarged from that top video.
  19. The premium sometimes relates to the car the insurable risk always relates to you as it's you who makes the contract with the insurer...what that contract insures whether it be a Fiat 500 or a Ferrari is just a matter of choice. The whole idea being that you don't have to insure your own car at all...just buy Third Party, and only insure the other persons car. On the other hand if you go Comprehensive then you'll pay for your Ferrari too but as stated that's your choice. The point I make relates to you not having a choice when asked have you been involved in an accident in the last 5 years...doesn't matter if there's a claim or it wasn't your fault. To say No when the answer should be Yes can leave you being denied future insurance and technically uninsured even though you have paid the premium no matter how expensive and no matter for which car type. You are in breach of the contract and the T&Cs therefore it's about you being honest...dodging with a cagey answer to save a £100 or as I pointed out saving nothing is playing games with the truth and all I saying is tread carefully insurers only want two things your money and the truth. The OP was asking for solid advice not hearsay.
  20. Peter: that 400 is the same color as mine also it is a 97 the only difference is the indicator lights
  21. 98 LS400 Exhaust Leak, Y-Pipe replacement ?

    Hi Richard. Welcome to LOC. As your in the West Midlands I would pay a visit to MIJ exhausts Pleck Rd Walsall. They could possibly make you a new one using your old cat or a new one for less money. I recently replaced the rear exhaust on my GS450H with stainless parts doing it myself. See my post in the GS section "Exhaust problems". MIJ quoted about half the price of other exhaust makers, and I would have used them if it were not for them having Email problems at the time, and getting a slow return response to my enquirey. John.
  22. Hi there. I own a '98 LS400 and it has recently failed it's MOT for a 'front section exhaust leak'; (this was predictable as it sounds incredible and is definitely not 'normal''). I have trawled through various forums this week and it appears the y-pipe leak is a common problem, but I have a few questions. First of all I don't want to just replace the flanges/get them welded as it appears this is a temporary fix and the y-pipes actually need replacing Secondly, I'm looking for a replacement y-pipe section and have found one from America on eBay but its says its only a y-pipe "with resonator" not a CAT. Thus I don't know whether this is ok to buy ? Heres the link to it. I thought all models (98' onwards) would have a CAT at the end of the y-pipe. Some are saying it can be a CAT or a resonator ? Ive also found a another replacement exhaust system thats from a 96' ls 400. Would this fit a 98' model, as I'm assuming the exhaust wasn't changed between these versions ? Apologies for the length of the post, but its a pretty expensive problem and won't pass its mot until I get it sorted. Thanks, Rich
  23. I will fill mine up and do a check, but I am only expecting to get about 22mpg average. If it is higher, then great. I am expecting my LS400 to be better on fuel overall. Again it just depends where and how hard you drive. Even with a very light right foot, I doubt you will get much more than high teens just around town.
  24. He uses "1exuschamp" now. He doesn't seem to sell Lexus anymore, probably got fed up with the LOC members warning everyone one about him.
  25. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    I got a dashcam after a woman reversed into me while I was stopped and claimed I ran in the back of her - took me 18 months of fighting until she backed down - she should of been done for fraud but nothing happened to her On the PHEV forum they remove dashcam footage if you post it I've caught a few incidents over the years but thankfully not needed to use them yet This clip was just posted on a LR forum I frequent - MUTE THE SOUND
  26. Hate to put a downer on things but honestly regardless of driving style if you're hoping for an average for 30mpg from the Rx300 then to be straight you are going to be dissapointed. Go in wide eyes open, that's all.
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