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    Note to moderator- please leave this in the ISF forum, it’s more likely to be of interest to ISF owners than GS owners. After one year running a GSF, I thought you might be interested in my experiences compared to my previous early ISF. First thing to say is that running a high performance car like this makes no sense at all in the suburban environment that I live in. It drinks petrol in traffic, it’s big to park and you cannot use the power. However, I don’t care about all that, I love driving it, I love the noise and I’ll continue until the eco mentailists or the mayor makes it impossible. I’ve always loved muscle cars and this is definitely a muscle car. In summary I’d say it is an evolution of the ISF, it rides better than my 2008 ISF, it feels more planted and agile despite its size, and it has a slightly more bubbly exhaust note, but it still retains all the other ISF traits such as build quality that we are all familiar with. It is more relaxing to drive than the ISF due to the better ride. A couple of longish trips have been made with no driver fatigue whatsoever. It has of course been absolutely reliable, (but I haven’t yet done that many miles). Update after year 2. One glitch was a broken windscreen which took about 3 weeks to sort because Lexus couldn’t supply one right away. I hope this is not a flag that parts are going to be difficult because Lexus have only sold about 50 of these and their bean counters won’t be happy about stocking spares that might be slow moving. To be fair they did loan me a car for 2 of the 3 weeks. The much criticised mouse controller for the sat nav and audio is fine, it just takes getting used to and the sat nav now accepts full postcodes. The info display on the panel is a lot simpler than it looks, again just need to get used to it. Has a lot more information such as g forces, but it no longer has a battery voltage display! The car complains if the battery voltage is getting low though. The car has a lane departure warning system which can be set up to correct the steering if you wander out of lane. This has been turned off. The car is not driving, I am. It has speed limit detection which displays the speed limit on the dash and the HUD. The only thing is that some of the road signs near where I live confuse it and it displays “unusual” speed limits. Don’t think the magistrate would accept that the car told me the limit was 90, when it was really 40. The headlights are pretty good but possibly not quite as good as the ISF. The 4 driving modes can be summed up: Economy and normal – no perceptible difference in feel or fuel consumption between these, feels slightly softer than the ISF in normal driving. Gearbox sometimes reluctant to change down when you boot it. Sport – similar to the Sport mode on the ISF. Gearbox more responsive. Nicer to drive in this mode. Fuel consumption similar to Normal and possibly a bit better providing you can actually drive the car rather than sitting in queues. Sport + -Don’t select this in the wet, there’ll be a lot of traction control warnings at even quite modest throttle inputs. Hangs on to lower gears for some time after you’ve finished accelerating. Very entertaining in the dry though and much easier to get the engine into the 3500rpm+ range. This is the mode that reveals the true brute character of the car, (when you get a chance to use it). I can’t say what Sport+ does to fuel consumption as the opportunities to use it for any distance haven’t been there. Haven’t tried the diff setting options yet. The finish on the car is superb, people have commented that even when it is obviously dirty it still shines. My car was a demonstrator so it may have been coated. Costs – Service due next week, but for some reason Lexus think it’s OK to put a £100 premium on the servicing costs over the ISF. Insurance – you have to shop around. Most companies load the premium because of the value of the car. I managed to get cover for about the same as the old ISF but had to accept a £750 excess which I covered for another £60. Not so good points: No spare and you can’t buy one in this country even though the handbook mentions a space saver. I don’t like the idea of a can of goo which will render the tyre unrepairable and probably screw up the TPMS sensors. Does anyone have any ideas where a spare can be obtained? The boot is enormous but the rear seats still don’t fold. Why?? No passenger front seat lumbar adjustment – penny pinching on a £72K car! But the wife thinks the seats are OK! Possible costs of brake pads and discs – horrendous costs have been mentioned on the forum for RCF items and the GSF uses the same parts. Non-Lexus parts seem to be unobtainable in the UK at the moment. Not an immediate problem but one that needs to be kept under review. If anybody knows where to get RCF/GSF pads and discs from somewhere other than Lexus UK, please shout. Graham
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    Put a deposit down on this beauty today. Ive been reading through this and other forums for the past few weeks deciding whether to take the plunge, ive struggled to find any negative opinions from owners and after considering the usual alternatives (C63/M3 and XF-R) it almost seems the sensible choice (If a 5L V8 could ever be classed as sensible!). I'd be interested if anyone on here has any previous knowledge of this car? Few bits of info, 18k via Private seller, CK11OMG, 83k miles, white leather, Full history etc.. To be honest Silver wouldn't have been my first choice but after seeing the car in the flesh it looks really classy, the mileage was also a little bit higher than i would have ideally liked but its in tip top condition and i gather these cars wear miles well anyway, It felt really solid and drove great. It's also got 2 services left on a service pack so it seemed like a pretty decent deal for a later model car. It's going to eventually be a daily driver, replacing both my leased Citroen C1 commuter and my supercharged MX5 weekend car (owned 17 years!) which i never seem to get any time to use. Im hoping it will tick the boxes for me, the noise alone gave me goosebumps, what an engine! Would be great to come to some meets in the future, i should be picking it up in the next few days so ill post up a few new pic's when i do.
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    Day two saw some mock up by SRD. They can’t fit the supercharger bracket or blower until they change out the broken auxiliary pulley. Hoping that shows up at some point today!
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    So a few of you may remember me asking questions a few weeks back about mk4 400's. I'm now pleased to say I've officially joined the club ^.^ Over the past few days I've been in a position to buy one and had planned to do a 3 hour trip to visit one to hopefully bring home. Whilst checking the route with the father he noticed that another one had just been listed (turns out it had been listed late the previous evening) it was on the way and we decided to give them a ring on the way down. Once we were there the current owner explained that his brother in law had brought it new back in late 97 and took delivery jan 98. He bought it off his brother in law a few years later and has had it since. Was selling due to getting a new car and no longer using it as much. Stacks of paperwork, two new keys made at Lexus for over 400, timing belt done june 2016 also. Bonnet struts replaced all sorts of good upkeep history I have attached a few pictures for you guys to look at. It needs some tlc round the edges but overall is a solid car. Glad to officially have joined :) Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Morning All, As suggested, thought I’d start a new thread to document the progress by SRD on my supercharger install. Hoping they receive the replacement auxiliary pulley today, as it’s holding things up! I won’t try posting the video of the knackered pulley again, but here are photos from day one, mostly stripping everything down, with one of the two new coolers fitted, and the rather lovely ATI custom harmonic crank damper pulley.
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    Well the powers of the Ratty never seem to amaze me. If you'd turned up at Kemble yesterday afternoon, you would have seen her in the flesh. Quick IPhone pic of her at Kemble yesterday afternoon.
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    It's been over a week since I got the car and I took it on a bit of a grand tour towards the end of the week. I even remembered to stop and take some photos The car is great, even better than I had hoped for. One question...is it possible to make the wing mirrors fold in when the car is locked? Other Lexus' I have had used to do this, and I can't figure it out for this one. Cheers Simon
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    5D carbon wrap made by myself :
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    Here is Silvia. Shes only had a quick wash before getting wet in the rain (typical.. everytime i get my car washed it rains). She will be getting pampered to some SRP and HD wax later today, will post some pictues later. and before some one says.. i know the rear alloys need to be swapped lol.
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    So today was about getting the car fully back together and ready for it’s test drive/run in tomorrow. Here’s how it all looks with everything back on, and the badges etc all fixed in place.
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    Here's the pics (hopefully) . A subtle difference but definitely worthwhile.
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    Well ‘The Rat’ was on the ropes with one or two naysayers on here about raising the profile of The is-F I won’t mention any names @Flytvr oops 😬 But wouldn’t want to celebrate to early either, but with if I may say so a great bunch of people on here well apart from that little builder bloke from Somerset can’t remember his name but @Big Rat you know who you are 🙄 Anyway I was wondering if there ought to be an ‘F’ car meet next year as the is-F is ten years old round about March time what do others think, needs to be somewhere central and although I don’t have a family it ought to be perhaps a family oriented location ? Big Rat
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    In preparation for the increase in power I decided to upgrade my brakes as well. Project Mu slotted discs and pads. Also new brake lines and Endless fluid with new OEM shims as well to complete the package.
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    GY08GBE but I know the new owner but his private plate on it and I haven't a clue what it is now. If any of you lads are thinking of selling....... don't!!!!! I regret it and wish I still had it.
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    Whilst trying out some scaffold boards under my jack/stands at the weekend (gravel drive) I decided to clean up the OSR arch/suspension before slapping on a good coat of rust converter. I applied some to the tired rear disk bells earlier this year, didn't coat them with anything else and they've stayed nicely protected. I hope to get all of the undercarriage cleaned, treated and under sealed before too long. Anyhoo whilst I was rummaging around the OSR tail pipe I found that a heat shield fixing had corroded through. I managed to remove the nut and add a penny washer back only to find a second fixing had also failed but in a more awkward position on top of the rear box. This nut wouldn't budge but still had enough thread for me to add a spacer and washer which nipped up the heat shield properly. A bonus of this find/fix is that the rattle I thought was the rear parcel shelf/boot has now gone
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    I feel your pain 🐀.... 35, had a hard life, at one point I lived on milk for 12 months, not sure how I got by. I'll ask my mother 😉
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    I think you will find the car belongs to me now or at least it will Saturday afternoon. 😀
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    Afternoon all! I just wanted to share a few small notes on my ownership experience since June ('17) and a little review after fitting Tein H-Tech lowering springs (front only) shortly before a 1,000 mile round trip to Cumbria (which included a good deal of B-road thrashing) over the weekend! So...... After driving every flavour of BMW 3 (mainly in full M or M-Sport guise) over the last 20 years I'm fairly used to having my fillings rattled out with relatively firm suspension. I was in a 218 Merc CLS just before my recent ISF purchase so my last full year of vehicle ownership has been very comfy indeed. All the reviews of the ISF I'd ever read mentioned that earlier ones had a firmer ride but in my opinion, after owning the card for a few months now, it's actually not bad at all. Way better than any of the M-Sport BM's I've driven and far more refined than any M3. The occasional bounce out of the seat on bigger humps and bumps was a little unusual at first but by no means unbearable. I owned a brand new IS250 for a year or so back in 2008 and got the IS bug then. I've have been looking for a low mileage, good condition ISF in Silver ever since then but other interesting cars always presented themselves before I found one (Golf R32, Jag S-Type R, Impreza WRX STI... what was I thinking!). I'm pleased to say I found a near perfect ISF only a few months back. Mine is a 2008 in (the best colour) Silver and arrived on my driveway with 45,400miles on it in June this year. It's been to Southern France fully laden with family and dogs since then a it's seen a good deal of England too. It's now showing 53,500, soon to go in for it's major service and has managed an average of 25.2MPG since I've been driving it. Not bad at all for what lies under the bonnet and the amount of time it's spent at full tilt! So, after fitting the obligatory intake (HPS) and panel filter (K&N) in the stock airbox I fitted a H&S catback after only a few weeks. These definitely gave more poke and a much nicer noise. My next 'fix' was to even out the tyre gap between front and rear wheels and arches. On the stock wheels an shocks I think the rear has the perfect gap but the front appears to be a good 25-35MM higher and the car looks odd from the side with this stance. Coilovers would be a great and highly desirable upgrade but given my shockers were in "near perfect" condition (according to the local stealership) I started looking at lowering springs to get a 1-1.5inch drop at the front but, most importantly, I wanted to preserve or improve handling and ride quality. The US forums all seem to score Swift springs or Tein H-Tech most highly (not many in the UK have fitted springs on the ISF as far as I could see) but many say the swift springs on stock shocks give a slightly firmer ride whereas the Tein springs seemed to actually 'improve' ride quality. Lower stance 'and' better ride from a simple lowering spring?!? Lets see how much truth there is in that. A full set of 4 Tein H-Tech springs, specific for our cars, cost £205 delivered. My local performance modders fitted them for £240 (3 hours labour). I only fitted the fronts as I am perfectly happy with how the rears look and the ride. A grand total of £445 all in, bought and fitted. I've also got an unused set of rear springs that'll be up for sale soon. I'll be uploading pics later tonight but in my opinion the look is perfect. The ride height is now perfectly matched between front and rear. The ride quality.........wait for it........... is actually better than before! The car is more definitely more compliant and less bouncy but has retained the positive steering and great feedback it had before. It's just like stock but with less bounce and much less rattle when the road gets rough. It's definitely more of an aesthetic upgrade over a performance boost but for the money it's definitely on my list of very worthwhile mods. I love the stock wheels on our cars so my next upgrade after the RR USRS arrive is getting those fitted along with 12MM spacers front and rear and a full realignment. PICs will follow tonight and anyone who is coming to the RAF-F-FEST on Sunday can see it in person. See you all then! :) Dan.
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    Couple of teaser photos from Lee. Main engine cover is a work in progress, so keep that in mind. It’s growing on me, but can see it being a Marmite point!
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    When ever i read a article about ISF with postive comments it puts a smile on my face.. just beacase i have the thought of "i told you so". This car was very under rated back then.. slated for the exhaust, slated for a 8 speed box, slated for the fake air intakes.. but guess what, it looks like the japs set the expectaions back then and only they knew why. . . and those who own this beauty know why.
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    369 days from delivery and just 7500 miles later my RC had it's first service today. All went as expected, no issues, hybrid health checked ok. Dealer was superb, very accommodating, right up to when I requested their LC500 as my courtesy car No amount of cajoling would change their mind. So away I went in a brand new CT200h... If it didn't have a Lexus badge on it I would never have equated the two .. I'm sure the car fulfils a purpose but my word I found the car terrible. The ride was so hard I'm sure I've chipped a tooth. The seat was totally unsupportive, no amount of adjustment helped. What on earth is that gear selector all about? The engine sounded like a rolling tin , half filled with nuts and bolts. The throttle had no resistance behind it, not that it mattered really, there appeared to be no power either! The e-CVT clunked in and out of D, N and R. When the ICE cut in or out there was a hefty jolt. I had to double check the driver's window was closed properly the wind noise was so bad above 50mph. On returning the car I suggested a tech take it out for a drive. All perfectly 'normal' ... Getting back in my RC was like slipping on a nappa leather glove, so smooth, silent, comfortable. I really can't believe how different the two cars are.
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    Without being bitchy, if I had a red one, I’d try and improve the colour by leaving it out in the sun. Here’s the improved red -
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    Think we can all agree that black isf's are the cleanest judging by this thread 😎
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    I’m of the opinion that consideration should be given by the powers that be that the forum could be ‘F’ ISF/RCF/GSF. Just a thought what do others think ? Big Rat
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    Hi All, ( pics below ) made some small changes and very happy with results. 1. replaced head light bulbs D2S. removed 4300k and fitted 8000k, gives car modern look like new cars. 2. carbon roof spoiler lip fitted, bought from ebay for £20 and very decent quality. 3. fitted red led strip brake light bentley stylee 4. replaced third brake light bulb with small red led's 5. Private plate just to hide car age
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    https://jalopnik.com/its-time-to-make-a-case-for-the-lexus-is-f-1820400740 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It's in need of a good wash but here it is on my drive :)
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    So more progress photos from Lee at SRD. Auxiliary pulley assembly turned up, so they’ve done a load of stuff today! I was shocked when I saw these, really impressed with what’s been achieved. Still work to be done, but damn! Well done guys, super impressed.
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    We now have 2 posts swerving off topic, should we rename the club "The Legal Owners' Club"
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    I have no experience of the Lexus CVT boxes but I have driven plenty of others and do know that I've never read or watched a review of a car with CVT that wasn't complete tosh.
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    Hi folks. Warrington Guy is right, I did own a mesa red one until June last year. I sold it to a guy from Kent. I've just been in touch with him and it's not my old car that's been written off. There were only 8 mesa red ones left in the country (so I'm told)...... only 7 now. :-(
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    @emjay82 I'm to tired to sign anymore......... Big Rat
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    1 st November, little ride with two friends !!! 89 MK III Supra Turbo & 96 UK Spec Supra Twin Turbo :-)
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    Just been out to the shops and on the way back saw a familiar figure waiting at the bus stop. I thought it was my loyal duty to stop and offer a lift. Her Majesty also allowed me to take a photograph
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    So for me the picture that captured the location the weather and of course the is-F was this one taken by none other than @Rusty Crobar Thanx Russ 👍 Big Rat
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    Becky Blue looking lovely
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    really not quite sure what all the fuss is about ........... it's quite well proven that whatever the miles on the Ls400, even several hundred thousands, you are probably going to be buying a really good car with many years of life ahead. If you want to keep your car in aspic and never use it to it's full advantage, and enjoy the pleasure it will give you, then by all means pay many many £000s and do that. But for me the joy is in using the darned thing ............... now exactly 200,000 miles, bought it at about 123k miles June 2011 at £1400 ....... minimal maintenance costs to date ........ she's BRILLIANT Malc
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    I made my own using an empty small propane bottle, a 12 volt solenoid, a grease gun flexible hoes, a brass "T" piece, and made my own timer. John.
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    I guess that the reason why the dealers have "never heard of that as the cause" is because intermediate shaft replacement costs £700 and the bolt I replaced cost me nothing. However, my 2011 CT had a low tensile bolt in it which i replaced with a high tensile bolt. There hasn't been a clunk since. If you kneel by the side of the car with the drivers door open, you can feel the top joint between the steering column and the top clamp of the intermediate shaft without having to remove any covers , or wires etc. If you subsequently sit in the car and turn the shaft to the right position, you can gain access to remove the bolt and replace it with another and torque it up. My £700 saving fix took me 15 minutes using simple tools. Most of those minutes were spent finding a new bolt of suitable size, length and tensile rating ( head stamped 8.8 as opposed to original bolt not stamped at all) The car has done 70000 now and still has no knocking from the intermediate shaft. The choice is yours. I cant see any modern independant mechanic wanting to own up to such a simple fix when there's the potential for a week or two's wages in the balance but there again, I really don't trust modern day fitters anyway. 50% of what I have been told about my Lexus by professionals isn't strictly correct but does somewhat coincidentally err on the side of profit.