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    9th January 1998 she was born at R.R.G. Salford Quays Manchester. She has 154000 on the clock and Has only let me down once in the 8 years I have owned her. All those years she has run on LPG and never missed a beat. She had some suicidal female driver texting on her phone at a junction and she hit us having to replace the N/S wing and front bumper I remember she was fined and banned her car a Nissan Micra just folded up. She still looks like a million dollars, the car that is, when she has been washed and polished and I still look forward to getting into her to go for a drive.
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    Here’s a few of mine.
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    Travelled down to Phil’s yesterday and bought his LS430. Superb car, drove it home 280 miles and it felt like nothing!!! Unbelievable condition throughout. Really pleased with it. Here’s a pic of it on my driveway, there will be more to come.
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    Had a word with my dealer regarding the future of F models. Turns out the anniversary edition is coming to the UK after all. He said RCF no word on GSF though And it appears that theres going to be a version of the RCF with pricing less than £60k. Also RC Black Edition too. A few months later, the RC facelift will be revealed And the LCF has been confirmed to arrive with a 4.0l twin turbo V8 with 600hp minimum. Pricing will be over £100k All hearsay but let's see what happens!
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    Here's my GSF. You can add to your database Big Rat, ex Lexus GB car.
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    My gt86 Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Before the illuminated Taxi sign was fitted....................
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    This is the third GS I've seen, and in all honesty it's hard to see how I could have found a better one. It really is just about in showroom condition. 68k full Lexus history. Maybe not everyone's choice but I particularly wanted cream leather. Hopefully this will be our means of getting to Austria in the spring.
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    I mentioned earlier that a fair few have changed there cars and lots of new members so it's time for pictures of your 'F's ! I'll kick it off with mine............ Big Rat
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    One of mine from a few months back. 😎
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    Wind has been blowing tiles off houses last night. Here is how convo went: Mrs: "the wind has blown tiles off some houses" Me: "What about our house?" Mrs "You're car is ok don't worry" She knows!
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    So I've been going through 'The Rat' archives and thought I'd show this I won't put up the full vid as it's a members car and it will be recognised. The car was a Lexus press and motoring magazine loaner and was used for much promotional work, 175 mph with 2 gears to go 🤗 Big Rat
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    I'm chuffed that its gone to someone who really appreciates it, and I got to be a passenger in it for 10 miles for the first time ever which felt good! A pleasure to meet you Martin, and I hope the car gives you as much pleasure as it gave me. Now I'm on the hunt for a replacement, I've got two GS's to see on Saturday morning.
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    My old girl will be 21 years old on 20th August this year. LPG fitted about 10 years ago. Now on 160,000 miles and a pleasure to drive. Originally an 'R' reg, but couldn't resist buying the number plate.
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    I drop her off at the door (my wife that is, not yours!) and then go and park. A compromise that she is happy with. Also, by the time I've parked she's already started the shopping which reduces my time in the shop!
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    Hi, the car is at home. When you pick it up, don't put the manual in the boot. As you"ll never find that little button that you accidently hit and that makes that you won't be able to open the boot anymore. Ben
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    I think I saw that very car working my local town not so long ago. It was parked in the taxi rank and had a yellow light on top. Having said that, it was dark and it could have been a Toyota Avensis. ;) Wheels look wrong colour and steering wheel - was it flat bottomed???
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    Mine will be 18 this year, so it is going to celebrate by going out on the town - having a few Jaeger bombs, some vodka chasers, and then hit the disco floor and see if it can chat up some cheeky little Subaru for a blast (or maybe pick a fight with 911). Teenagers !!!!!
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    @The-Acre Please before buy a GS300 do a Testdrive with a GS450h, after this you never buy a GS300 I am from Germany and buy in 10/2017 in GB a 2007 GS450h, in your Country a enough good cheap 450h for selling.
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    Got some more done today back on the engine, weather was not ideal for this but its 1 of those jobs ive been meaning to do since having the engine stripped. It was time to paint everything and make it look nice and fresh. I removed the oil filter housing first as this was still on the block then i got the block masked up... The block was cleaned off and it left just a bit of surface rust but wasnt too bothered about this, i then did 3 coats of high temp hammerite satin black. I was going to go for gloss but i figured satin would be better if i ever had any sort of a leak and also it looks just a little more subtle. Whilst i was at it i also cleaned up the engine mount brackets and the oil filter housing and gave them a blast of aluminium paint and got them fitted back on the block. i also masked up the secondary sump and got that painted again in alluminium paint and this also turned out pretty good. and thats it for now, will hopefully be doing the piston ring gaps pretty soon as i now have a proper ring filer, this is going to be a very long tedious job as ive got to do both compression rings of each piston
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    Such a shame, I was just about to send him £8,000 repatriation money to secure my winnings in the Namibian Lottery. what am I supposed to do now?
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    Sorry its been a few days...i wanted to test it out and its SOLVED all problems. I still need to clean the egr anyway but so far so good. I wanna thank everyone for their input its all been a major help. Now its time to see how everyone else is getting on lol.
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    Before, during and after it's first clean in about 3 weeks!
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    Now a Lexus IS250 F Sport owner! Post to come soon with pictures! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    RCF, CT200 and Sc430 in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
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    Is it just me, or does anyone else just see a stormtrooper in this photo? 🤔
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    Here’s mine when I first got her.
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    @Flytvr Hey Dav no wonder @Mark G ‘Blue ‘is difficult to find he’s got a second job........ Big Rat
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    Here's mine, not the best photo, someone graffiti'd on the road... 😉
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    @Linas.P "£3750 for my 176k miles IS250" no way it must be some kind of mistake. Maybe they missed the leading 1 from millage :) As for the stone chips it got few in the bumper as expected but windscreen is almost new as it was replaced (OEM one with Lexus logo). @Jamesf1 Thanks for sharing that. It is probably then a feature rather than fault @Mike Hartland You welcome. What else I've found out is while normally driving in GEN3 to Luton from M25/M3 was 35mpg, now in GEN4 it was 43mpg in a medium traffic. Another observation is GEN4 doesn't use so much of aluminium - like front fender and bonnet was aluminium in GEN3 while in GEN4 it seem to be old good steel. In general I've noticed that GEN4 got more accountant interventions - money was shifted from technical parts (like aluminium) to the interior closer to the driver. I've attached some promised photos. If you take a look at the last one you will notice that I've replaced the remote touch knob with the newer version one :) If yours is a little bit tired like mine or you don't like the look of the older version this is really easy change and cost £12 only for brand new one from Lexus.
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    I'll let the gratuitous blue pictures do the talking Loving my first mod to the is F
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    Had another part turn up yesterday thanks to co-ordsport (part box) my mishimoto oil sandwich plate is here. Got this trial fitted to just to see how it went on, it can be rotated to sit in what ever position you need for the ports. This will now allow me take an oil feed for the turbo and also fit oil pressure/temp sensors for gauges. Rod bearings are going to be here on monday along with my turbo, cannot wait to get some momentum back to this build! Hope you guys are enjoying the updates, ive been toying with the idea of doing a youtube channel dedicated for the build, not that confident infront of the camera though so we will see how that goes
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    Mine will be 20 on the 24th January, and is just under 150,000, they do look good when clean
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    A rare occasion for me, I had to drive from London to the west Country on my own on Friday Night, to meet up with the wife and kids. My Lexus is 18 years old and has just tripped over a Hundred K. I am an old git staring sixty in the face and am mostly well behaved these days. Once I got past the road works on the M4,found myself cruising at 85-90.Then an occasional blip up to 110 just for fun ,then I heard this voice in my head saying" I can do 150 , Go on, Pleeeaaase!!" Common sense kicked in for a bit ,then I was reasonably well behaved until I got off the motorway and passed through Melksham.You then have a series of Roundabouts with a two mile stretch of straight between them. So obviously I put it into sport mode and floored it, talk about Jeckyll and Hyde!,It can fly!, Slow down for each roundabout, ( a bit), then off again I turned up at Trowbridge grinning like a loon, The Oldest Boy Racer in Town! The best and fastest car I have ever had.
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    I spoke to Jo who deals with on line sales a while back asking why they had stopped selling and it was due to staff shortages in the parts department but she did say they would be back.I have bought a lot of accessories from lexus birmingham and they are very efficient and fair priced.
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    Pardon me for skipping across the void/chasm to the "sporty" section, but I can't help thinking Big Rat should be nominated for the forum's comedian award!
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    Here’s mine -
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    Sorry to rain on your parade but better you know now than later once he has your money.
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    *****, this person try's to make a positive out of everything. I imagine any stone chips with make the car lighter and improve the power to weight ratio and maybe a car with no service history is great because you have peace of mind that nobody else has touched the engine and it's a blank canvas. Probably an ex estate agent 😂
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    We’ve had loads of snow here, and my RCF coped superbly. Didn’t wheelspin in the garage once! She did come out of the garage, but as you can see, there is a cloud in the sky, so she was quickly put back under cover!!
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    @emjay82 So I Drive 175 miles to Brighton for Mrs Rats 4 day break at Christmas and we take her car so we can leave all things ISF behind we get to the Hotel car Park and in front of is............. Yes you’ve guessed it an isF........ Happy Christmas Mrs Rat....... Big Rat
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    Here's 🐀 's motor before he washed it and ruined all the vinyl stickers he had made up 😔....
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    @mike m Mike down in Lincolnshire they haven't invented garages yet, my 'F' lives in a garage......... we'll sort of.........