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    Never liked convertibles, witnessed the aftermath of an accident in Canada, Corvette Stingray (with roll bar) flipped,killing both the driver and his girlfriend,-I like a roof over my four wheels.
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    Just received good news that my September 1998 registered DHP passed the MOT without any problems or advisory remarks. Only had to replace 2 rear tyres earlier this month, and also the rear headlight height adjustment bar between electrical component and trailing arm. Oh yes replaced a broken aerial mast, but let Lexus Newcastle fit replacement wiper rubbers. I didn't realise that the wipers were a different size between nearside and offside even after 5 years of ownership. I am currently working away from my home base, and have managed to fix the 2 items using info from the Internet, Ebay and the standard Lexus Ls400 tool kit. Can recommend MOT testing station and garage I used here in Newcastle. Just need to get my 17" alloys refurbed now
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    465.7 miles before the low fuel light came on. I'm going to pass 500 miles for sure this trip.
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    Does it definately need replacing? Mine didn't work when I got it. After a couple of pushes and pulls it loosened it up and hey presto, it now works fine.
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    I managed to get 25mpg out of my four litre Jeep on a run out to the BMW meet.....Problem was it took me so long to get there everyone else had gone home... We're taking the IS on a road trip to the Czech Republic in September so I might give it a wash..