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    I'm not going that way Dinho. I go across the M4 then up A420 to Oxford then M40. Just finished cleaning the car. Won't look this good after a 100 mile drive I'm sure lol!
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    Hi, We have a Lexus rx450 and my wife got a warning to say the battery was low on her key. She popped in to Guildford Lexus they.replaced her battery FOC which a small thing but great. She mentioned that both badges had de-laminated and they told her it would be about £200 to replace them. But because she bought it from them 10 months ago they would fix FOC. What great service thanks lexus Guildford - Pete
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    ********UPDATE***** when you arrive just tell whoever is on the gate, you are there for the lexus owners club meet. You will then receive the reduced admission price. If the weather is nice we will all be parking along the driveway up to the museum. British motor museum at Gaydon. reduced prices are £8pp £6 for children 5-16 yro under 5,s free. We need at least 12 members attending to get the discounted entry and group parking. Names below please. Please note....regarding payment you can pay on the day individually. Regarding camping if you want this could you make your own arrangements please. These sites are near venue. We have several camping facilities nearby which we recommend - Fir Tree Farm which is in Warmington which is 6 miles roughly 11 minutes away from here. Please find the link below - http://www.caravanca...firtreefarm.htm Anitas which is in Mollington which is 8 miles roughly 14 minutes away from here. Please find the link below - http://oxfordshirecamping.com/ However, here is a link with more camping sites near us - http://www.ukcampsit...ty=Warwickshire Our postcode is CV35 0BJ this is just incase you wish to find out the distance from us to any campsites. 1. IanS200 motor Museum...3 adult and 2 children./museum...confirmed 2. ChrisIS200SportTTE Museum/camping. confirmed 3. Bluesbreaker museum/camping .... confirmed 4. Maduggo museum. 2 adults confirmed 5. Bluesman....confirmed via pm 6. Dinho...confirmed 7. Bookend. 2 adult 2 children....confirmed 8. Moodyblue 2 adult 2 children...confirmed 9. Petayv8 and Wife......confirmed. 10. Ted55...+1....confirmed. 11. Pete shawn....confirmed via facebook. 12, Janis marcinkevicks.(facebook site).....provisionally. 13. Kelly (facebook site)...provisionally 14, Ally and kids....provisionally 15. Daz-is200 and father...confirmed via pm. 16. Christoo....confirmed. 17. Angel123....provisionally 18. Kevin-is200...confirmed. 19.. Sparky999 and wife....confirmed 20, Sherbetmelon.... 21. Rodt (1996 LS400) day trip..
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    Just a little project i have been messing with to pass the time. The original speedo needle is now the seconds hand The 3 marks were for, 30-50-70 mph.
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    Looks great, too good for a shed. Not sure about the three marks though......isn't 62 mph equal to 100 km/h?
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    Too good for the shed, get them on the market! Phil
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    You may already have a set of carpet mats but why not try to see if you can get the dealer to throw in a set of genuine Lexus rubber mats for the winter?
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    I got to drop something off first thing near Tamworth services J10 M42, so will be going A42, M42, M40, can meet you if you planning on getting to Gaydon for about 9:45 - 10:00. Will only be a 2 car convoy, but a lexus convoy is an eye turner.
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    its actually 16 at the moment, number 15 in the list is 2 cars, mine and my sons.
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    That's the spirit Dinho, See you there, We have at least 15 confirmed and i'm hoping some provisional's turn up. Would be great if we topped 20.
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    So is that 15 confirmed now, great numbers. Anyone travelling south passing Birmingham? Ive ruined part of my car but still coming,
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    Another thing to bear in mind with the American stuff is that it's designed for LHD. Many of the manifolds that are imported by people wanting decats and such end up finding that it all fouls the steering column on their RHD car! Cheap turbo manifolds are indeed prone to cracking. I've even seen some of the expensive HKS manifolds crack though :( Paul at Whifbitz is very good and knows his stuff so you'll be alright in his capable hands :)
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    looking forward to it. I should have posted on the new members area, but haven't had time. I will be in the very red IS 300 sport (auto)
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    So fellas! She´s done for this time... I´ve installed the TTE Coil Overs, BOOZ strutbar and the TTE´s. It was meant to be in a totally different anthracite grey colour and i was chocked when i saw them for the first time. At first i got scared ****less, but after installing them, they kind of start growing on me a little bit. Photo is taken with iphone and during dusk, so the Picture doesn´t do justice. What do you guys Think?
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    I would disagree. Most people would be happy to live with a black interior even if it isn't their first choice. But there are many people who would never have a red interior.
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    Not sure if I could let them touch my car, I'd have to inspect all the rags to make sure there is no bits in them lol. Chris, trick to arriving there kinda clean, drive real slow (60-70mph, it worked for me last time. No flies wedged in my grille or spread on my windscreen which is my pet hate.
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    They charge £20 for that service dahn 'ere Ian.....
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    I'm going to do mine Friday.ine was filthy at the last meet! But then it'll be filthy when I arrive as I've got a 100 mile trip! Oh well
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    Just cleaned and polished inside out ready for Saturday :D. really looking forward to it. ive check the weather and its looking good too
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    They have a great restaurant inside the museum. Mike
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    thank you Ian for the list of places to stay, im sure I will find a place cheers.
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    being as this is only 10 mins down the road i'll show my face if you dont mind that is.
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    Hi guys, new sc430 owner (2 weeks) - look forward to seeing you on the 24th. I live 3 miles from Gaydon and am happy to try to answer any questions about the location.
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    Here you go, it's the original TTE Documents so they're in German but you'll figure it out, full pictorial parts list with bolt sizes and locations. This is the TTE fitting guide for you as well: http://users.telenet.be/francis.braekeleire/lexus/documents/steps_to_compressor.pdf IS200_compressor (1).pdf hauptkomponenten.pdf kleinteile.pdf location_uebersicht.pdf teile_übersicht_bilder1.pdf teile_übersicht_bilder2.pdf teile_übersicht_bilder3.pdf teile_übersicht_bilder4.pdf
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    hello everyone, new person here, hoping to join you all there on the day. i will post in the new members bit once ive sorted some pics out.
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    Afternoon all new member here before I put my name down where is everyone deciding to camp for the night, fancy a night under the stars drinking beers and eating burgers lol cheers peter.
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    I would of loved to of attended, I am flying on my hols that day though :( For anyone that has not been to the museum before, it is a treat! Huge variety of cars.
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    I'll help organise the camping if nobody is doing so already
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    Count me in Ian!! Anyone decide where they are going to camp?
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    Me & Misses confirmed you and the wife on list jon. should be a nice day out.
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    At the moment 90% I should be there, if M.O.T is a nice pass next week then i'm in!!
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    I can confirm we will be there 2 adults and 2 children.
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    Deff up for this one, cant miss out again! I have some friends in Leamington so would be an excuse to see them also. however think i might be in Poland that month but nothing set in stone yet, so will confirm as soon as i know
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    im up for this, depending on work/family and the date =)
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    Ok if its August that gives me time to get car back on the road and sort everything out and maybe persuade the mrs to come as well because she has said she would do camping, I just wont tell her about the main focus 'cars' 'meet' lol
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    I'm up for it but would only be able to do the one day. Mike
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    My choice is, sorry me and the other half's choice is Museum, camping site, beer, barbecue, more beer, seconds at barbecue, some more beer, set-up tent, and maybe just another beer or 3 to celebrate if i set the tent up the right way. For entertainment we could play boot golf in the LS's, they big enough. After you have fell about laughing at me setting up a tent. If all else fails then skeggy followed by beer etc, you get the picture
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    I'm up for the trip to the motor museum, other half is ok with it too, only condition we have is it needs to be weekend, damn work gets in the way of all fun. As for camping, we both up for that too, sadly needs to be weekend again, bloody work grr, I like the skegness pod thingamadoodads, barby is good with a few good peeps and a few more good beers. First week in june is a no go, hols to isle of man for the TT racing, 2nd week in sept is out too, family hols lake district, other times should be fine, other half does work the odd saturday but will be able to sort i reckon as long as dates are know.
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    ^same^ I'll be there wherever it is but if we could arrange a campsite not too far away after the meet? My mrs would come if we go overnight and have a BBQ and some drinks. :)
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    Personally, I would travel any distance in the UK to attend a Lexus Owners Club meet,-if last Sundays East Midlands ( my first) was anything to go by, I'd take me and my LS anywhere to repeat the experience, a finer bunch of people I never met. I'd be up for an overnighter, camping sounds good, -as I mentioned on a previous thread, I wouldn't mind taking responsibility for cooking the food,( barbecue ?) It would also give members a better chance to get to know each other, something not achievable on a one-day meet,whatever we decide, count me in.
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    I'm interested provided its a Sat or Sun away day
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    Good work Ian. I'm definitely keen if this goes ahead :)
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    Right here is a short video of my Lexus in Athens. I hope you like it. Next time it will be daylight
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    When I bought my LS I was told that you can override the need for the code, I am not sure if this is the info that you need but it might be worth a try. I have not tried this myself, it came on a seperate piece of paper in my Sat Nav and Stereo instruction book. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position (combination meter warning lights illuminated) While pressing CLIMATE and AUDIO switches simultaneously, turn the HEADLIGHT CONTROL SWITCH in the following sequence: OFF~SIDE LIGHTS~OFF~SIDE LIGHTS~OFF~SIDE LIGHTS The SYSTEM CHECK will become displayed on the screen. It will take approx. 30 seconds for the check to be completed - the display will change from CHECKING to OK Once all the function checks display OK then press MENU. The DIAGMENU will be displayed Starting with the AUDIO button, follow the sequence: AUDIO~DESTINATION~AUDIO~DESTINATION~AUDIO~DESTINATION The SECURITY menu will be displayed. Using the numeric keys enter 440215. Press ENTER The displaywill return to the DIAGMENU. Switch the IGNITION SWITCH to the OFF position. The security code is now cleared - the unit will operate normally. PLease ensure that a new security code is re-entered with the customers knowledge. As I said before I have no idea if this will work, maybe you can let us know how you get on... Redsteve.