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    Approaching 1000 miles in the third generation IS. A few random ramblings... The ride gets better (or at least you soon get used to it). Having said initially that it was markedly harder than my previous Volvo in comfort, I really don't notice that now. I was also already willing to accept that for the driving experience. I haven't yet got tired of the excellent driving experience. In particular, I still love trying the car on new roads. I genuinely look forward to driving it every time. (As you can tell, I've had it a month so I don't do that many miles.) The car wins universal and genuine approval. Men love the macho looks in particular; women love the interior. Most of the features are exceptional (I have a Lux with leather and nav). The HD DVD is superb and I have put documentaries in to watch 5-10 minutes at a time when I'm waiting; the sat-nav is generally very good (although it could do with specific lane guidance); the range of music options (CD, USB, iPhone by connection, iPhone by bluetooth plus DAB) are good, and the Dolby is ok (though Levinson would no doubt be markedly better). The hybrid really isn't a problem at all. If you want to use it properly, stick it in Eco if you want EV mode for a period (say in traffic or in a residential area) and normal otherwise, and you still have plenty of oomph (in fact, almost too much - you're at 70 before you know it); if you want a sports car, use sports mode and the shifters (but be prepared to pay for it at the pumps). Sometimes, honestly, I find I'm just in the mood for one or the other! I remain mystified by the "annoying drone" or "whine" reports - there just isn't one, there is a brief (albeit initially odd) roar as you move up to 70mph, but it is brief because you get there so quickly! Otherwise, the car is disarmingly quiet at all times. For reference, I have put 100 quid of fuel in and still have over half a tank. The car was also walloped by a football but was left unmarked. One significant advantage I only noticed yesterday: the "volume" on the audio system is set individually for each type (i.e. for USB, DVD, DAB or whatever). This is great because it means no more blowing your ear off when you switch from one to the other! If it so happens your phone's bluetooth connection isn't great, you can move the volume specifically for bluetooth up; if it so happens your FM reception is very good, you can nudge it down. Great! A few ever so minor niggles: - water and dirt accumulate more easily than on any other car I know, due to the design (most particularly there is metal further down the front, and there is a significant amount of metal/paint in the underhang under the rear numberplate), so you do have to take time daily to clean it; - the direct moulding of the top of the car to the side, which the salesmen like to go on about, is great stylistically but it means there is nothing to stop water just dripping off; and - the bluetooth connection does cut off a lot, almost regardless of what you do, and the speaker reception (which is actually above you) isn't great for phone calls (i.e. people on the other end of the call sometimes complain that I seem distant). The good thing for those to come is that most of these niggles can easily be ironed out - they just come with the territory in the first model year. What we have already is a genuinely fantastic car; what will come in future years will be truly outstanding! I'd still love to get hold of the Lexus UK PR contract, though. Their web site is still full of flawed information and they really do need to get to know UK and Irish car journalists better - this makes it exceptionally difficult to persuade people to take a risk, even though I genuinely can't see a car among the competition which is even remotely close (taken overall).
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    Hang on a minute, isn't driving an LS like being dead?
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    Cracking report Ian - makes me look forward to Sunday too - I think quite a few of us will be picking up our new motors then - the so called "drone" was a big worry for me so you have put my mind further to rest . Thanks,
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    The answer is simple, pretend you are driving an Audi or Merc and then you don't have to use the indicators at all. None of them do !!
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    The 15 years mentioned means nothing if the car as been well looked after main problem is rust on the subframes and cills .My mark 1 was 22 years old when I sold it to a guy who as had four Ls 400s, every time he buys one he gets offers for them .The Mark 1 I owned for sixteen years and put 180k on it I have no doubt barring accidents it is still running about today.And the Mark 4 will see me out, I have arranged an "EL Cid" departure.
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