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    VVTI malfunction bank one is easy to fix, It's the filter in the oil control valve that's blocked, just needs removing and cleaning out. the valve is arrowed here, Just unbolt it remove and filter should be stuck to the end if not use a cotton bud to fish it out.(NOT WIRE OR ANYTHING SHARP)
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    With it being an IS220d the d indicating diesel I would think not.:)
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    not sure if you are joking right?? have you actually considered buying the 'real deal' (Avensis)? IS's are mounted longitudinally so not sure if the chasis is designed to take the avenisis engine without some modification. will also involve new ecu, wiring, gearbox and the list goes on.. do you really want to take this on?? if you doing an engine swap then might as well fit the GS430 V8 in there and LPG it. . maybe easier to buy a diesel Audi, BMW ??
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    Interesting, what are the noticeable symptoms please? If the slider was truly stuck then I'd expect binding on the none cylinder side then, as the pad/disk wore, no pressure on the none cylinder side.
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    Not the first time I've heard of rear callipers seizing on a GS450h but I wouldn't say it was common. You could strip the calliper down yourself or get a local mechanic to do it. Clean the slide pins of dirt, corrosion and put them back together. Be a lot cheaper. I did this with my front callipers on my IS200 after they seized but it only lasted about 1000 miles and I had to do it again. Couldn't be bothered to keep doing this so in the end I just bought new callipers. What is it with Lexus and seizing callipers?
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    Unfortunately I've got to take it back again next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!