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    So how does that work then? The system uses the electric motor less at first to get the petrol engine up to temperature. I do a few short journeys to take kids places that I would walk in 10-15 minutes if it was just myself. They're the ones that hammer the fuel consumption, especially when the weather is cold. Longer journeys around town, especially on the flat are the ones that are really good for fuel consumption. When I take one daughter to the stables the car will do most of the 3 mile return journey on electric. Current tank is showing 30mpg at the moment. That's a mix of approx 200 miles of A road and motorway + 100 miles of town driving. Also if you're just looking for fuel economy then a fast, heavy luxury SUV is never going to be the best option. You'd be better off with something smaller and/or using newer hybrid technology, eg the CT or new IS. The RX is way better on fuel consumption than some of the alternatives though, eg a v8 range rover sport.
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    Yes but the job is not for the average DIY solderer. The printed circuit board for the ECU is "multilayer" and therefore has the tracks on both sides of the PCB. Removing the old capacitors is fairly straightforward but clearing the holes to fit new ones is a delicate job to avoid damaging the solder pads. I have found a UK source of all but one of the recommended specification replacement capacitors with the other due in early May so I will then order them and make up the kits.
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    Thanks for the kind comment. It's a 300, sold my 200 sport to get it :) Anyway... Yes indeed those codes are related and normally come together. It is indeed to lean (too much oxygen detected) Normally this points to a dirty MAF sensor but as the 200 doesn't have a MAF sensor it can't be that lol. Possible cracked vacuum or PCV line/connection Faulty or stuck open PCV valve Failed or faulty oxygen sensor (bank 1, sensor 1) Sticking/plugged or failed fuel injector Low fuel pressure (possible plugged/dirty fuel filter!) Exhaust leak between engine and first oxygen sensor That's the info I have on those codes^ in my obd2 code book thingy lol. Good luck :)
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    Yup, very true - not only is the RX a big, heavy 4x4, it's also a big, heavy, FAST, COMFORTABLE 4x4. My previous Hyundai Santa Fe was a 2 litre diesel and did slightly better mpg BUT it was dull as ditchwater to drive and far more un-refined. If you want fuel economy, go small hybrid...you cannae change the Laws of Physics, Jim... EDIT: sorry, just realised I pretty much repeated everything javadude said....sorry... :eerrrmm:
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    Someone has Pimped your Ride!I did not know that such things as projector lights for the doors existed, now I have to have some on my car. The badge lighting is kinda neat, too....... of to Ebay for a look....
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    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lexus-IS-F-5-0-V8-32v-FSH-73k-2-x-Keys-Rare-model-Yamaha-Engine-/291129501462?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item43c8aba716 Guys I can tell you it was mine. Written off last August/sept. The reg its on now was what it was on when I purchased it. The repairers told me it needed a shell really, but they couldn't buy one. they priced up all the panels and the bill was going to be more than that clown has it up for. It had heavy off side rear impact with a tree. It was a well looked after, but well used car, track days, daily driver 20k miles year in my ownership (18months). Did a 3K trip around europe two weeks before it met its end. I have photos of the damage if any one is interested. Miss it terribly...particularly when its replacement a 135i Coupe has broken down on me today, bloody thing. :-( Having said that, i wouldn't want that back for £10K never mind 14K, unless its had a shell...which it clearly hasn't.
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    Yes I have had mine for 2yrs, best value for money you can get. Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
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    So how does that work then? Well engines don't tend to be very fuel efficient when they're cold. And people in cold cars often want the heating on, which means the engine will be on. But driving around town with a hot engine, you'll see pretty good mpg on the 400h.
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    Can't beat a reboot!
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    or try this http://www.totalfishkeeping.com/lexus/shiftlock.pdf
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    Hi, As promised the diagnostic information for the problem you have is on the link below. The description is for a Toyota model but is the same for the Lexus GS300. Dependant on your repair skills you may understand it but if not any decent garage should be able to use it to find the problem. One thing to do before anything else is to check your brake lights are working, if they are not there is a chance that the brake light switch has failed or the associated fuse which forms part of the key interlock circuit. http://bgbonline.celicatech.com/94_6gmanual/shift%20lock%20system.pdf
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    Depending on where you guys meet, I'd be up for this. Nobody ever seems to do meets down South. I normally drive 2-3 hours to meets as we never have them down here in the South West