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    Just to say thanks Rudy publically.. For sending the wheel nut! Rudy sorted me out and all it cost me was the postage....I think it's been said elsewhere on this forum...it's the best and members are so helpful. Once again many thanks. Shiner
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    My 2002 IS300 sc front suspension 'knocks' badly on uneven road surfaces. Even a small ripple across the road makes it knock. I've done a search here and although this seems to be a common problem, there doesn't appear to be a definitive cause- rather it could be anything or a mixture of faults! My mechanic has given it a quick look over but can't find anything obviously wrong. The steering feels fine, very accurate with no play. Also the ride feels good, well damped with no play. The front pads and discs were replaced when I bought the car, just a month (1000 miles) ago. I have read that if the pad retaining springs are missing then the pads can rattle, but the springs are in place. I read that the caliper slider pins can wear causing the caliper to knock when the car is driven over bumps. To test this I drove the car over a road that always causes the knock, but rested my left foot on the brake pedal to slightly apply the brakes.- Instantly the knocking stopped! I've since noticed that under braking there is no knocking noise, So, does this mean that the slider pins and caliper bushes need replacing (I have seen an overhaul kit with all the parts needed) or has pre-loading the suspension by lightly applying the brakes stopping whatever is causing the noise to stop ? What a dilemma- I don't want to start diagnosing the fault by systemically replacing components until the cure is found! Sorry for the long rambling post- but can anyone help?
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    The after market warranty is irrelevant. Your legal rights are stronger meaning the Dealer IS responsible under the Sale of Goods Act (no matter what they might claim) Failure after 1 month means it was clearly "not fit for purpose" Insist they pay for the repair otherwise you'll sue AND report them to Trading Standards for failing to meet their legal obligations
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    I'll get my coat........Think I need stronger glasses. lol Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
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    You're most welcome and always a pleasure to be able to help someone out :)
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    Yes Rudy but it will probably require you to do that anyway as the new switch as its wires built in, so you will have to pare into the connection block . As far as I can make out on the schematic the two wires exiting the switch are showing connectors on the ends of the wires.
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    Excellent, extends my cambelt change to 2018 now !!! Malc
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    So how does that work then? The system uses the electric motor less at first to get the petrol engine up to temperature. I do a few short journeys to take kids places that I would walk in 10-15 minutes if it was just myself. They're the ones that hammer the fuel consumption, especially when the weather is cold. Longer journeys around town, especially on the flat are the ones that are really good for fuel consumption. When I take one daughter to the stables the car will do most of the 3 mile return journey on electric. Current tank is showing 30mpg at the moment. That's a mix of approx 200 miles of A road and motorway + 100 miles of town driving. Also if you're just looking for fuel economy then a fast, heavy luxury SUV is never going to be the best option. You'd be better off with something smaller and/or using newer hybrid technology, eg the CT or new IS. The RX is way better on fuel consumption than some of the alternatives though, eg a v8 range rover sport.
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    One of the best cars Lexus built imo
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    Thanks to Phil "The Acre" I poodled down in the sunshine to Brighton/Hove, to Grove Motors, a place you have to see to believe, was met by Phil in his lovely LS 400, left mine behind for the ex Lexus engineer to work his magic while Phil and I went off to find a coffee house the long way round of course, but who cares when your in such a beautiful comfortable car, good chat on all things Lexus and an hour later we were back at Grove Garage Tele 01273 773055 car was all done 4" section cut out and a new section welded in and we are back to near silent motoring. The price £45. No one can grumble at that. Once again the power of The LOC strikes again. Cheers Phil "The Acre". Mike
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    I got mine welded with brand new gaskets and bolts for £20 here in Birmingham
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    I have the same problem of getting white smoke only for a short while, but it happens regularly , it smells of oil but I've checked coolant and oil and both seem ok , any ideas please . I have 79k on the clock and its 2008, I've only had the car 6 months and I'm worried it could cost me a fortune