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    The driveway is a non-starter unfortunately. :( Tried to put mine at the back, but can't open the drivers door as our neighbours garage wall is too close. May just move to a house with a double garage and a car lift! ;) Would solve a lot of my problems! Lol.
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    Welcome... Modify it :) Look forward to some pics. Stu
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    winner, may have needed a reset or something, but killing the power to it looks like what fixed your problem.
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    Here's a pic to help removing bulb.
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    It's hardly fair to compare a £25k car with a £50k car. I would expect the RX to be twice as good as the CT. They are for completely different markets. However I must agree with the poor ride quality in the CT. That's why we don't have to pay road tax.
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    Dude its totally up to you. It does somehow transform the look of the car but just not a look i take too :) Your car looks stunning makes me want to own a IS again. Have you ever thought to swap your seats for full leather? That was top of my list when i had one Btw you replied pretty quick im wondering if were on a similar time zone. Im in California now
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    Lovely mate , the 200 defo has better styling I think, the bonnet on the 200 is a lot nicer than the 250
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    Lovely looking cars. Similar colours to my IS250 SE-L As a matter of interest what detailing products do you use?
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    may have blown the amp? would explain why no speakers are working and why the sub is going crazy.. standard HU?