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    Recently iv noiticed that when I turn on the car and either accelerate from low revs or just rev it slightly there is a weird scratching/sloshing sound from the engine? Seems to run fine and no engine lights etc. Anyone had/seen this before?
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    Looks good, you better start saving for the real thing now ! Allan
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    I had my SC430 converted but realised most SC owners would be horrified as it might look like you are defeating the object. I would support this sentiment if I could afford it. This is a great compromise though if you cannot afford the high fuel prices. I am a teacher and should strictly speaking not be able to afford such a great car. I have learned through my LS400 that a Lexus could be one of the cheapest cars to own if you do your homework. These forums are key!!! Ialso had my LS400 converted years back. Not a single problem. No difference in power but get 280 miles on £40. I share the cars with my wife depending on the kind of trip we swop cars. With my SC I get 300miles on £40. I do not miss the boot space as I only put the roof down on short trips. If I do have luggage I do not put my roof down or place it on the back seat. I do not think this will happen a lot and only when I take my wife on a weekend trip. I do not like putting the roof down on a long trip on the motorway anyway. When I have my children with I use the LS400. I now have a luxury car running at the same cost as an 1100cc. The cost of any trip is now 40% cheaper. Sc430 A 70l tank fits in the boot space. I closed this space with original boot cover and if you do not know the car you would not even notice the tank or lack of space. With the roof up you still have a great boot when needed.
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    You might find a specialist wheel refurbisher closer than Lexus. I used one near where I live. They took a couple of hours and the results were as near perfect as you can wish. The cost was £70 and the damage I had was very slightly worse than yours, so the cost for you might be a bit less. Given that the DIY kit costs close to £25 and it would take a great deal of time and effort to repair your wheel yourself, with uncertain results, i would recommend using a professional.
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    thats a good buy - i remember a couple of years ago a guy had a new grey coloured seat base for the mark 4 for the sale - it was on their for months without anybody buying it and he kept reducing - then i bought my mark 4 and noticed i couldnt get the black scuff marks off the seat base - I then bought it for a cheap price and made my lex perfect - sometimes you do pick up real bargains
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    Wouldn't have thought replacing a caliper would give a warning light they're not usually a 'married' part and the pad thickness warning is a simple complete the circuit setup.
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    It's always worth remembering that the vast majority of accidents happen within a short distance of home, and also that the friction between your tyres and the road surface is what actually stops you - and can make difference between hitting that other car/pedestrian/child and stopping in time. I've always fitted premium brand tyres to my cars.
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    That actually looks like a Qualitat model you've got there http://z4.invisionfree.com/lexusaltezzaclub/index.php?showtopic=9225&hl=
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    PCV part number is 12204-88570, it is specific to the Altezza's 3SGE unfortunatly. I work at a Toyota dealer here in NZ. We have thousands of Altezza on the roads here. At their peak it was well over 10,000. I've never heard of a "J" Edition, there's Z & L Editions though. You'll find the letter at the end of your model number if it is one. This site will help you identify what model you have http://www.japanvehicles.com/newcars/toyota/Altezza/equipRS200.htm & http://www.japanvehicles.com/newcars/toyota/Altezza/main.htm Do yourself a favour when it comes to servicing, get your hands on a quality 10W30 like Royal Purple HPS or Redline. Don't waste your time with cheap semi synthetic especially 10W40, if you must run a 40 weight then a thin full synthetic like 0W40 Mobil1 or 5W40 Shell Helix is next best the way to go. Another very good option is Motul 300V 5W30 if your budget alows it. Thats what I run in mine. As for performance parts, put a K&N panel filter in & some Iridium spark plugs for a start. Then upgrade the exhaust. Add an LSD if it doesn't have one. There's not much else you can do without spending big money like upgrading the ECU to an Apexi Power FC or Turboing. Most people just make do & upgrade the suspension.
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    Hi if you unclip the glovebox to the left hand side you will see the amp you have too put your hand up the back of dash too access the plug it's the bigger one of the 2 plugs, hope this helps
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    I did that before sat nav was invented. Its not what its for. it should improve on that and when compared to other cheaper bolt on's its not as good. So be happy with mediocrity but please don't tell me its worth the money its just not.