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    Hi guys, I had this issue with mine, the buttons for the heated seats, TRC, headlight level, headlight washers and rear fog had all blown. These are grain of wheat bulbs, I ordered 50 from ebay from china for £7, ok these take couple weeks to get here to the UK but much cheaper than going to auto accessory shop. The grain of wheat bulbs un-twist from the bulb holder itself and then you can pull the bulb out, slide new bulb in and re-twist the wire in place, sorted. I done all my bulbs for £7, when auto accessory shop was charging £1.50 a bulb. OK I havent done the heater controls as these wasn't blown but I've already opened it up and they are the same type of bulb, so the same principle applys.
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    Do they look like: Yes - I know it needs a wash! :P
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    I assume that the shims (anti squeak plates) were cleaned and lubricated and everything went back in as it should. My first guess would be you have something caught on the brake rotor itself, or damage to the surface, does a visual inspection reveal anything? Check everything is tight whilst you're there.
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    No brand markings on them - there's an angled joint/hinge about a quarter of the total length in from each end and the blades have a sort of spoiler profile. To get the blades off you lift up a catch just beyond the hooks, then the blades can be slid off the hooks. Hope that helps!