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    Chris, If the Global Moderator says it is Karma............then Karma it is! :)
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    For the caliper I would be looking for a reconditioned one,many members have used this company for spares and calipers http://biggred.co.uk/onlinestore.php or have a look on the link below http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PAGID-Brake-Caliper-Rear-Left-LEXUS-GS-300-430-450-H-/331317518343?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4d24102007Shouldn't be a big job to get it fitted. Water pump is not cam belt driven so not a major engine strip down to replace,depends if you want to go OEM or aftermarket but here's a decent brand at 80.00 quid instead of 190.00 from Lexus. Add another £30.00 for the gasket and O rings ( Lexus only) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LEXUS-GS-450h-OE-Quality-FAI-Water-Pump-2GR-FSE-Engine-Code-/171382760362?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&fits=Car+Make%3ALexus&hash=item27e73563aa If you can find a decent independant to fit the parts you should be looking at no more than 150.00 labour to do the whole lot and around £200.00 for the parts. If you do decide to go with Lexus why not check to see if they give a discount for Gold LOC members, even paying for a years membership with a dealer 10% discount you'll still be in the black :)
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    .... it's ok ........... it's an Italian Merc and the guy wielding the weaponry works for Alfa R :nuke:meo Malc
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    Here's what the seller tells me, and as Raybestos and Delphi are both basket cases (insolvency)it may be any part you buy from America will come from anywhere, except Japan! I have taken off the gaitors to the two parts (which could be original to the car?) ill I'll keep them in case the new ones rot and maybe then remove and replace. oOo The part is made in China. Not even Lexus parts are made in the US, everything is made in china , taiwan, singapore, thailand, the list goes on. We guarantee our parts are the exact same fit and function as original and we inspect all parts at our US facility to ensure quality. I have sold over 100 pairs of the parts you purchased in the last year and I have never had a defect on the brand we sent you. We do have a 60 day return policy, so if you would like to return the part you can, but you would be subject to a 15% restocking fee and we would deduct our original shipping cost from the refund. Please let me know if you would like to return the parts and I can assist you, but I can assure you it is a quality part. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your purchase and have a great day! oOo Does beg the question if OEM has lasted over twenty years and 113k miles how come these "OEM quality or even better" are only guaranteed for twelve months! I think we know.
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    Lol you can imagine the havoc my kids can cause with all the buttons in the back of the 600... From the back they can change stations volume etc of the stereo up front grrrrrrrr along with putting side n rear blinds up n down etc etc only happened twice now and have stopped after I pulled over and said I'd phone mum n she can come and pick them up in her inferior car.... Result no more pressing buttons for the fun off it...... Yes I'm a ogre when it comes to misbehaving in the lexus
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    Something like this Graham? :) www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMVSXi2JgpY
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    . . . . . . . followed by an order for 2 BRAND NEW seats from your local lexus dealer ! ! ! !LOL
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    Power hose and fairy liquid ..... 😆😆😆😆😆 lol Ok not helpful 😈😈😈
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    It was me that reported ball joint rubbers perishing whilst resting on my garage wall. I purchased aftermarket replacements which I have left exposed to the atmosphere to see how they fare, and they are still as purchased after around 9 months, so they seem good. It may be an idea to replace the ball joint rubbers on any cheap UCA before fitting. Pete
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    i use gliptone leather cleaner - it dries very quickly without residue and all the dirt ends up on the micro cloth. i then finish off with gliptone leather conditioner but i have to use small amounts on the cloth as it creates the same problem as you have - try using small amounts and it should be ok
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    Direct responce to the "dangerous" overtaking / power delivery lag. I can see what some people are referring too when they make this point, and I experienced it once myself, needing a quick overtaking manouver with my previous car being a 2ltr 150bhp diesel. I floored it and a delay followed which made my heart jump into my mouth, before it took off. The reason was I was in auto mode, and had floored it in the wrong gear ratio, it took a moment before the computer decided to drop a gear ratio. (possibly the fuel economy algorithm) The solution I use ever since that moment is to manually drop a gear ration using the paddles, preferably switch to sport, then move the gear stick into manual (move to left). This instantly automatically drops a gear ration and will rev to "red line". The power with this method is instantaneous and very impressive. If you have a test drive give it a try.
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    Hi William, It was me that posted the PM from you to me but didn't honestly think there wasn't anything in the content that should have remained private. The dealers name was out there for all to see on the internet. I am sorry that in posting the PM has upset you but I did it in all innocence think that there wasn't anything personal or private in it that would compromise or embarrass you or anyone else. Thinking about it, it shows what a great member of the LOC you are demonstrating that you went out of your way to help another LOC member. I have taken the dealers name out of my original post but cant edit it from other posts where it has automatically copied down. Once again William sorry. Mike I accept that you posted in innocence Mike. The problem I have, is that I know this dealer, and this dealer knows me we sometimes play golf together our families are friendly. This man is nothing like “Lexus Chap” but he is still a car dealer, I would prefer that he was not aware that I was advising someone I met on a forum, not to buy from him. As I say he is quite a decent chap but I would still be happier if he did not know. William
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    I should add that I initially thought the speed limit display on the nav screen was a bit fuzzy. But then I realised that because it is about 4 inches lower than the satnav (iPhone) in the Saab and that I was looking at it through the bottom of my varifocals.... I believe that sort of thing is called 'human error'.
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    It may be worth mentioning the fact that Lexus rear calipers have a long history of seizing.
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    I've told Fred to get the sandwiches ready :)
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    I've now replaced most of the suspension at the front. I decided that genuine parts were far too costly and went mostly with brand name products apart from the lower arm bushes (no.1 & no.2) which were imported from Taiwan (the well reviewed american ebay ones are also made in Taiwan, so I just assumed they are rebranded). I bought the following: Meyle upper control arms x2 (german brand, probably made in taiwan or india I think) Borg and beck lower ball joints Taiwan lower bushes x4 Taiwan tie rod assembles Taiwan droplinks The mechanic broke 2 breaker bars in the process of fitting these. Apparently everything was rusted out and impossible to undo. Labour rate was £450 for all of the above plus timing belt, pulleys and waterpump. I would say that it was a decent price for labour. So far the car feels nice and tight. MUCH better than the worn out components and no more noise. ALL the old components were worn out to dangerous levels at 180k miles. Now, on to the rear :( LOL
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    Bottom line is the colder it is the higher they rev,and after a few minutes drop to normal
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    I'm not getting old, I AM old, but I was right about mine. Just been out, on a fairly chilly night, and it idled at 1000 rpm exactly.
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    Haha your all getting old then,it's normal guys,my IS200 starts off at about 1500 rpm when cold and then gradually drops to about 650 rpm happy days.
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    Absolutely stunning! You have me convinced to go down the paint job route now!
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    Hi flumperboy it depends if your transponder is a 4D transponder if it is you can't add it to a 2nd car it's locked to 1st car it's added to, if you take it to an auto locksmith he will clone your working transponder & place it into your spare key, you'll need to code the remote to unlock the doors lots info on site about that, hope this helps