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    I did minor service and MOT test last summer at MK Lexus, polite service would recommend them. Well, maybe without MOT - wrote some strange advise about engine plastic covers which obstruct view of engine...
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    You can disable this function - I'd recommend doing so - I have had it happen, inevitably on a wet day. It's caused (if not intentional) by the fob in your pocket - every remote I've ever had has operated inadvertently if you bend down or the fob is squeezed in your pocket. The Lexus is no different, but the remote seems to have a longer range than most, so an inadvertent trigger in the house will send them down, unknown to you, on your drive or whatever. I have it disabled now. But it's a TechStream function - you need the proper TechStream software and OBDII connector- dealers can do it but they'll charge. You can obtain it - on Ebay, allegedly illegally - but the EU Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulations (BER) directs that car tech information and repair instructions should be freely available (to prevent franchise dealer monopoly) so I doubt that dissemination really is illegal - I think yet to be tested in court though..
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    Heard of this before. Think its a setting input at the dealership....something to do with airing the car on a hot day...prior to jumping in. IIRC it is activated by holding the 'open' button longer than normal. Thereby the car not only unlocks but the windows open too. Carl had this on his 250 when it was snowing...not too handy.....he surmised maybe his toddler had got at his key fob at home. Maybe something in whichever pocket was pressed against the open button without you realising. Perhaps go out to the car and test the theory?? Not sure...might be possible to deactivate it at the fob itself? Hopefully someone in the know will be along shortly.
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    Here's a perfect example. I've just driven for an hour to do a Porsche Boxster, but sadly Mr Porsche isn't getting done today - despite the fact I took two screens with me, just in case. The result of the questions asked, the info provided was; has rain sensor, no top tint, no aerial, no GPS. In actual fact, the screen he has; no rain sensor, does have top tint, does have aerial, no GPS. So I guess 1 out of 4 isn't bad - must be my or my company's fault it's wrong...
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    Cheers Andy. :) Will need to leave it for a while. Got more DIY to finish off around the house, then off to France for Le Mans (not in the F sadly!), then heading to New Jersey to sort out a couple of insurance cases. I've also got the log burner being installed at the house over the next week or two, followed by the shutters for the two bay windows! :( Good news is we just had 5 huge trees cut down at the front of the house. :) Enough logs for 2 winters once they are seasoned, and no more branches, sap, bird dropping hazards if the car is on the driveway! ;)
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    If you need a stock I will be happy to come up and help out.
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    No, didn't manage it. But I advise other forum users to lift the rubber seal at the base of their rear wiper to check for corrosion. If the shaft looks messy, get a few drops (no more than that, it has to go somewhere) in it, just in case.
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    Yeh Stu that was my reaction..WOW!! thanks guys.. i dont have kids atm, so well excited to be a dad soon. Thats some good stuff to know Sham, thanks for that info buddy.. and Stu i know its just a car, so im gona enjoy it for as long as i can hold on to it.
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    Hi, I had the same problem with our 2000 is200. What I found was that over time black gunge accumulates in the washer bottle so this then travels up the washer pipe and collects behind the washer jets in the jet housings. So what you have to do is carefully remove the washer jets from the housings. Do this by using something small like a drill or I used an allen key that I ground down small enough to fit in to bore of the jet. Then move the allen key to the side of the housing and prise out in turn all 4 of the jets, clean them and be carefull not to lose them. Lift the wipers off the windscreen-press the washer button for a good while and this should blast this gunge out. When clear replace the jets and adjust the aim on to the windscreen. Might seem a bit long winded but hope this helps.