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    Thanks for the prompt replies,I have been browsing the forum for a while now and have had a read of the rules,I have to admit that I had never considered a hybrid but as soon as I had a test drive I was hooked. As stated I have been a Toyota enthusiast for many years now and this is my first Lexus,simply cannot believe the build quality difference from a normal Toyota to the Lexus,I am hooked,I will certainly relax,sit back and enjoy the ride.
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    I usually keep mine in normal mode. Eco dulls the throttle so much it makes it very sluggish and you end up pushing the accelerator more to get it going. Sport is fun but can be a bit quick if you are not used to it. The usual method for best economy is pulse and glide. Accelerate to speed then lift off and then apply a bit if throttle to maintain speed. You will find the economy depends on temperature. In the summer I get 55+ in winter lucky to get 50. Thrashing it in the motorway is also not the way to get good economy. Relax, sit back and enjoy the ride.
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    once you filled it thro the plug and refitted you run the car for 5mins with the cap off,filling up as necessary,then run at 2000revs if i remember rightly for 5 min,top up replace cap,the instructions for filling are on my filler cap,this gets all the air out
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    Mark, As you appear pro active and capable about forestalling problems could I suggest you check there is no rainwater ingress at the rear of your Rx. Simply open the rear most storage compartment and remove the central black plastic tray thereunder. You can then see under the two side corner trays and that is where there might be water. It can be so bad that it runs forward to both the front and rear seat wells and saturates the carpets. There are accounts of numerous causes and accompanying remedies here and on the US owners site. This I would advise all Rx owners to do.
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    Although NOT the F, the wife's RAV4 has just been mot'd, fsh with Toyota, bought by us in Jan 15, mot revealed NO brake fluid cap on reservoir n a missing breather pipe on the water reservoir, thanks for your attention to detail Toyota/Lexus Southend, don't think we'll be back anytime soon 😤
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    Now it's getting darker... Did using LED help the reversing light... light? Was it easy? The idea certainly appeals! Still have the bulbs in their packet lol. Thanks for reminding me! I'll fit them in 2 weeks when I get a chance and let you know if they make any difference. I'm not sure about removing the reflectors though, as I'm not sure it wouldn't technically be an MOT fail if a sharp-eyed tester noticed they were missing.
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    yesterday at Bamber bridge near Preston saw a red ISF towing a box trailer!