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    Back from its service today and all the callipers and hubs have been painted up and door chips sorted as best as possible on a silver car.Also got them to set the roof and windows to open/close from the key fob.All done so happy now.
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    No dismantling, get wd40 spray, put the straw thing on the end of it, and spray where it folds, with regards to the mirrors moving down, do you mean when you put in into reverse? If so, put the side mirror switch to the right and put into reverse and it should work, then again both mirrors should work, well both go down when I put my ls430 into reverse
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    I once went to one of the famous online car buying companies to sell a Jaguar X-type which had a short MOT on it, they said they'd offer me more for the car if I got a full MOT, they even told me about a back street garage I could go to who are, let's say, very lenient with their MOTs. I didn't end up selling to them in the end as I got a better offer p/ex for the car.
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    One of the things often overlooked when the ABS warning light suddenly illuminates is the wiring under the driver's seat. You take the car to your local mechanic who is a good deal shorter than yourself, finding he cannot reach the pedals in comfort the 1st thing he does is move the seat forward. The last time that seat was probably moved was when the car was bought so things like plugs/sockets and wiring under there may be a little brittle and the seat movement has now broken something. Always worth checking under the seat before doing anything else.
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    Mike, Here, in Holland, it takes a day to get an MOT. The time taken to do the actual inspection is the same as the UK but the garage has to phone the local MOT Standards Office to get the certificate authorised. The Standards guys often visit garages to look at the relevant car and check that the inspection was done properly, before authorising the certificate.
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    same here my passenger side was like that and a squirt of WD40 done it - it has been fine fr the last 3 years
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    Regarding power fold mirrors, I remember buying my first ls430 from baz, and this was the issue with the mirrors, all I did was spray lubricant where it folds and it started working
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    Vauxhall dealers do a trade deal - strictly (?) trade only - then it's roughly that price, but if you go in as a punter it is much more expensive. Incidentally, AutoVaux is not a Vauxhall dealer - it is completely independent. There are sellers on ebay for 4 x 5litres for less than £60, with free postage. I think they are mostly pretty closely linked to Vauxhall dealers - either actual dealers or mechanics or other employees doing a moonlight.
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    Just to update everyone, in the words of Lexus something small has made contact with the front offside corner of the car. No external damage to the car at all but enough to flex the bumper in and crush the sensor tube and activating the Pop Up Hood. Also in a representative of Lexus own words, I think you have been very unlucky and the contact was litterally just on the very edge of what was required to activate it!!! No sign of what was hit, checked all over the road and at the sides when this happened but nothing. Repairs needed, New Bonnet, Hinges (plus spraying and colour match over the wing and front bumper - three coat pearl!!!) F Sport Badges, Airbag control unit, pedestrian safety unit, pedestrian safety sensor tube, Pop Up Hood rams, bonnet stays plus all the assesment work to find out what happened. Grand total for all of that just over £5000!!!!!!!! I took one week for the assesment/ insurance approval etc and then will be another 2 weeks for the repair!!! This system is so the car companies dont have to design the car with the EU required 5 or 6 inches between the outer skin of the bonnet and the top of the engine block, they must have just twigged at the same time that we can make a fortune in repairs when these things to go off even if you dont hit a pedestrian!!! Im not questioning the safety feature but surley this could have been designed better so that when contact is made with anything, in my case something that didnt even damage the car!! The car doesnt then do something that causes £5000+ worth of damage!!! I wonder how popular cars with this system will be when they start to get to 6 or 7 years plus as deployment could have you facing an insurance write off!!!! I know people will say that is what your insurance is for but you wont get anywhere near what the car is worth to you and the added problems that then creates!! DanD, RX 450H, well lets hope as all drivers are fallible that you don't hit a pedestrian as I doubt there is a pop up hood on your model (please enlighten us) as this would do very little for a pedstrian due to the height of the front. With all due respect if you are so safety driven for both yourself and other road users and pedestrians is there a specific reason you require the large RX or is this just for the school run? When compared to the IS or CT I wonder which one a pedestrian would rather it be in the event of a accident?? If you say its for offroading then why did you even buy an RX?? So how much consideration did you give to the safety of other road users and pedestrians when purchasing your large 4x4? Only asking as you choose to question other peoples stand on other peoples safety!
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    The factory HID bulbs lasted 3-4 years in both our IS250's. On both occasions one blew so we changed both . Cost about £130 from the dealership. I was expecting them to last a lot longer but not a big problem. My friend got quoted £500 for both his hid's to be replace by Audi on his A4, although these were bi xenons
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    should of taken my shower gel into the car before ,i sat in the car with the door open then suddenly a load of water came off the roof straight onto me bloody freezing it was.
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    Just got a loan from my bank for my new (to me) IS250C at 3.6% apr.
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    Try a personal loan? Always seem to be better rates than finance offers by dealers.
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    I find some of the comments in this thread rather astounding, selfish and distasteful. Safety features should be regarded as good things, intended to protect you, your passengers, pedestrians and other road users. None us as drivers as infallible, and we all make mistakes as do other road users. I would much accept the cost of the added technology - and associated repairs where needed - knowing that I may injure someone rather than kill them... or that my kids may end up with relatively minor injuries rather than become bed ridden after being hit by a car. Some of the many reasons I drive Lexus cars are their safety features and records. And I am glad that airbags, pop up hoods, ABS, TCS and the like are becoming the norm. If money is your only incentive and you are only concerned by how much it is going to cost to repair your car after a collision, be it with a car, pedestrian or other), maybe a modern car such as a Lexus is not for you and you should go for a 70s Skoda. An expensive car will lead to expensive bills. Deal with it... or buy something else. Rant over.
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    Think that might be a blessing in disguise, think the depreciation on the M would be a massive ball breaker, having seen on FB a series 1 turbo go for £60+k, the only way for an F is up,....in time, good luck with ur search