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    Barry The door mirrors on the Mark 4 do have heated glass it should come into effect when you press the rear screen demister .
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    Searched the forums but not seen this:- Lexus LC 500 http://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/2016-detroit-motor-show-what-can-we-expect/ss-AAgkZvI?ocid=mailsignoutmd#image=2 Apparently coming to the Detroit Motor Show
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    Quick write up of a problem that may help others. Noticed our 2006 RX400h was very quick to condensate, especially when parked up and would take ages to disappear even with air conditioning on etc. The passenger side foot well carpet seemed damp, more so than other side. After removing kick panel trims and scuff plates i found my way under the carpet and discovered a pool of water! Made the major decision to remove the carpet from the vehicle as it was ringing wet and i wanted to discover where the water was coming from. After four hours having removed all the seats and centre console box, i was finally in a position to remove the carpet. What i found was shocking (see photos) There were pools of water everywhere, right by wiring and electrical components! After a mammoth drying out session, i began water testing to see where the water was coming from, sunroof drains were working fine, no blockage there, window seals all good etc etc. Then i removed the rear parcel tray/organizer in the rear boot. There was a lake just under the nearside lamp....... which was obviously moving forward past the hybrid battery into the floor wells. On inspection of the rear lamp, it seemed the water was running down the tailgate past the lamp gasket into the vehicle! A good clean up and some sealant round the gasket, as good as new with no water ingress. So if you have water under the front footwells, you might want to check the rear lamps first!!!
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    Will the insurance company mind you getting rid of the car before its been sorted out? Mike.
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    ..... John " too many dodgy ones " Well, with a 20 year old ( or even older ) car there isn't going to be one that's perfect unless you're amazingly lucky ................... the alternatives, well, any car of that age, unless it's a collectable, won't be in any better condition either ............. LOC Members problems could be that we expect such brilliance with our, now ageing, cars and quite frankly, in my simple view, there just isn't anything comparable out there for the quality, durability and comfort that we experience with our Lss' ............. and at such silly low money too. Almost any other car, if not all other cars, of our " vintages " will require inordinate and unwarranted monies to keep them on the road and in good nick ! Just find another Ls eh ! you'll be happy when you do Malc
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    All the best John And IF you decide to go for an S Type, there's a specialist who runs a business where my workshop is in West Sussex. So if you decide to go down that route let me know and I'll put you in touch with him. Phil
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    Brings tears to my eyes to see this sort of damage, caused by other idiots who's insurance companies pay out, leaving them unaccountable, and the victim out of pocket. Rant over.
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    Personally, I completely understand where you are coming from. I spent probably three times what I paid for the car to get things sorted to my liking and still have rear wishbones and Springs in the Dining Room. yet to be fitted. I've never spent so much time trying to source expensive parts (£77 quoted for two small rubber hoses to radiator from Auto box - criminal) and worrying over the Car. OK Its lovely to drive but ... I don't think I'd have gone for the car if I'd known what to expect. It has to some extent I feel almost taken over my daily life. It should be just a Car. Resigned to enjoying it with perhaps a week a year when I won't be worrying over something or other.
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    Or......RTFM Barry..... Or get the wife or one of the kids to read it and explain what the green and yellow lines mean on the reversing camera screen, a close friend had to have this explained to him.
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    (ahem) OK, OK, nothing to see here, move along. :D
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    You're not wrong infact I have one in my workshop (although i very much doubt this is the actual source of the check hybrid/vsc/ etc etc) What i think you have there are two quite separate things which are actually unrelated, as yours is in for a recall for the inverter then whilst they are doing the modification to the inverter you are entitled to your coutesy car absolutely. I think you will find that at 2008 the Hybrid Battery itself is starting to get weak which is totally unrelated (i suspect) to the recall. There are several temperature sensors & an air flow sensor inside the battery compartment however it is extremely rare for one of these to fail & would be instantly identifiable by the fault codes they generate. There are also around 15 -20 voltage sensing wires which have been known to snap (again quite rare but I have seen it twice on Prius's) again would be very obvious from the diagnostic data list. There are a few tips i could give but i think you will have to PM me for those. If i can help i will. Richard
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    Different, but not my cup of tea. My only complaint about the front end of my Mk4, is the acrylic headlights, which I need to restore, where as the glass ones on Mk2 were maintenance free.
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    Although technically a very good car, the Golf R just seems to lack character and soul. There were / are some blinding lease deals about if that's up your street. I was a signature away from a 2 year deal for sub £7000 all in for a DSG Golf R. A new mortgage got in the way of that one!
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    Thanks Chris. I have found the two front drain holes and they are clear. I wasn't able to see the rear holes so your diagram will be helpful. Will have a look if it ever stops raining here.
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    Really handy info. Many thanks spurty.
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    Holey crud, that's a lot of water and impressive dedication to finding the source - Sherlock-like If it helps, also consider your windscreen as a source if it has been changed recently. Had mine done due to a crack and started getting lots of condensation but no wet carpets. Got the windscreen people back, they took out the windscreen and realised that the previous fitter had put the glue primer in the wrong place along part of the bottom of the screen. The result was a 20cm section which wasn't sealed, letting moisture in.
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    Frightening amount of water there, great information should help others in time to stop them having to do the same before it gets that bad, might be useful having this as a sticky up top Mods? Water is relentless!
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    oh well. Radio five on am for me then...