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    Shahpor Funny I don't even use sat nav. I prefer Google maps.
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    I did look at connecting to power and earth directly behind the radio but when i looked at the wiring diagram the power and earth to the amp were actually better (thicker wire) and aligned with the pins on the amp end of the patch cable. That sounds like one of your blown fuses may be affecting the power to what was the amp - i'm sure one of the audio fuses only supplies the amp. The colour coding for the speaker wires is pretty easy to work out with the audio wiring diagrams that you can find here through search - so it would be worth you methodically checking both sides of the plugs at the amp end to make sure those are correct. As i'm of an age where i need glasses more and more i actually took digital photos on the plugs from several angles and then put them on the pc so i could zoom in, see the colours clearly and check them against the wiring diagram. These are the two diagrams i used (i think Tigerfish posted them on here - mine is a 2002 so these applied to me perfectly) they may not be right for your model so check the colours. But they don't show which wires go to which connetor plugs - so i recommend taking photos. Try disconnecting the speakers then bridging one pair at a time with some spare wire - that might help establish which speaker is the problematic one. But certainly sounds like you have some kind of fuse issue, which i see the others have been advising you on better than i can.
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    Those look significantly better! I ordered them too.
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    The fix is fairly easy, the wipers were obviously taken off at the stem and put back in the wrong place. Take off both wiper arms then with them off operate the wipers and let them self stop. Replace the wiper arms and job done.
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    Pete at PTR who did my flanges says that worst case the total job is £250 inc VAT fitted cost. This includes removing the exhaust, fitting new flanges on Y pipe and cats with gaskets, also includes new studs on exhaust manifold (mine were rusted and sheared) and replacing the slip joint exhaust clamp on the other end of the Y pipe (mine was seized). However it could all be cheaper if yours isn't as far gone as mine! So it is a drive in/drive out service, but you need to work around him and his schedule, which I understand isn't ideal. if anyone does want to enquire further, talk to Pete: pete@ptrexhausts.co.uk He can also specify full systems, including mufflers, cats/decats/sports cats, or full upgrades including manifolds for anything you own (My Ducati is next :-D)
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    Standard practise for plain flanged joints is just to smear silicon sealer between them and tighten up. Works just great on the stainless system on my V8 Morris Minor. In fact a lot of V8's don't even have exhaust manifold gaskets, just rely on sealer. Pete
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    The nearest thing I can find to return to the old style is to bookmark an individual forum, e.g http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/forum/50-lexus-is200-lexus-is300-club/ This takes you straight to the IS200/IS300 forum displayed with good old fashioned pages.
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    Ok, it's been a while since the change, so I'm assuming that this is the finished article now? I'd like to ask that whoever twiddles the knobs consider a couple of changes, please. Firstly, as mentioned above, the load more activity feature is awful, particularly the fact that you have to select it after reading each thread. Much more user friendly would be, if possible, to have pages of content, so you could select a page and scroll through all the threads on that page, in the normal way. As it stands, I believe most people won't bother pressing the more activity button, and will just read the small number of threads displayed on the opening page, which in turn will reduce site traffic, and result in a lot of content not being seen by all interested parties. Secondly, it would be nice to be able to select a page directly on longer threads, rather than having to open the thread on page 1, then navigate to a later page. The latter point is less important on a decent connection, but on a slow connection, like the caravan club wifi I was using yesterday, both of the above are enough to make you log off and try somewhere else.
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    Martin, sorry to hear the bad news; sounds pretty serious. Two scenario's come to mind for what happened; 1. Possibly the ATF has not been changed for an awful long time and, at over 200,000 miles the gearbox has given up. Or, 2, Coolant has leaked from the old radiator into the gearbox and ruined it. It can happen to LS430's unfortunately. It's more likely to be the second case. Hope you manage to work around it somehow without costing too much.
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    The back end is purely driven by an electric motor, if you aren't heavily accelerating or have slip on the front wheels then there will be no power applied to the rear wheels. If you are lightly braking then the electric motor is providing that braking force which is less likely to lock the wheels than the mechanical brakes and the ABS and VSC systems would stop any wheel spin from occurring within a very short space of time. I never really drove my 400h in that much snow, the one time I did it when up a hill without any issue, a hill that a lot of other cars were struggling with. The RX300 isn't exactly an off-road vehicle, I'd say the 400h is just as good.
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    Guess you answered your own question. Easy fix though, divorce and cheap shirts
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    This is what mine looks like. There is a small (2mm ) hole at each end of the smoked plastic facia .. where the hazard switch is located. You can see the one on the left directly under the the word Auto, directly in the centre of the facia. Once you've seen that you can work out where the one on the right is. Behind the facia is either a DVD slot or a USB port. If you have the ML with HDD then you should see the option to 'record' the disc to your HDD. You can get 200 or so CD's on the HDD.
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    Your pic is too small to see but doesn't look like you have it. Here is mine - holes highlighted as red circles. The whole panel with hazard switch/clock etc comes out on mine to reveal the DVD slot. Also, I'm pretty sure I have a software eject button in the map info on the menu. This panel must be removed first of course :
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    http://afcparts.co.uk/home.php I got mine from them for the whole car, front and rear.
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    They look great, much better than with the circle around them. Ed.
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    Here are the ones in the above link fitted.
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    I love this car. It's my favourite ever car in fact.