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    Always promised myself one of these so thought id buy one to run along my mk3 LS400, picked it up last week and over the moon with it criteria was that it had to be an SE-L with the lane keep assist, full lexus service history, cream leather interior and have the half wooden heated steering wheel... obviously had to be in great conditon too. Its currently having the wheels powder coated and ive some cream overmats waiting for me at Lexus .
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    Yep, those would be a pretty safe bet. They'll be stretched slightly, but not a ridiculous amount and the amount of stretch should be pretty equal on both axles. It's also worth remembering that the brand of tyres you fit can also have an influence as some of them are wider than others (despite being the same size) due to some makes having more rounded-off or square-looking shoulders.
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    Stock wheels are 8x18 et45 F / 8.5x18 et50 R with 225/40-18 & 255/40-18 rubber.
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    It might help, but it would look... ugly. The cover hides not only the camera sensor, but several wire looms too. The bag of silicagel seems to be working well, though. -Tore
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    Hi Everyone I've just ordered an NX300h F Sport Nav from Twickenham Lexus and expecting delivery later this month. I'm coming from a very enjoyable relationship with a Skoda Yeti 1.4 TSi SE Plus and looking forward to Lexus ownership. I looked long and hard at the seductive Audi Q5 but it's too late in its model life and so chose the F Sport Nav after a couple of test drives. I've specced a tow bar for my Thule bike rack with protection pack and will easily be able to get my fishing rods in the massive boot. looking forward to also to hearing your tales of ownership... best regards Andy Longfellow
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    If your battery is near or over 4yrs old, that should be your first port of call. Failing that, if your battery is only a couple of years old, check the terminals are free from corrosion or clean as necessary... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Were you looking at cars at a Lexus dealer or independents? Ive not come across any serious issues on Lexus dealer cars - only cosmetic damage which they fix anyway i.e. dents and kerbed wheels.
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    Hi,im also new here,just signed up yesterday
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    Wasn't as hard as i thought. It was easier to repair the sub in situ than the doors but it's not to bad.
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    hi i have repaired my door speakers with a foam kit : have a read here: there is also a video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW2VWq2LLHs
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    Turned out all 3 were a bust. The two higher mileage cars just weren't up to scratch (one had serious electrical issues actually) and although the lower mileage car was nice the dealer wasn't budging on price and was a right prick into the bargain, so I walked away. After that I decided to give up on the Lexus and look at some other things. Lo' and behold, I spot another car this morning - 07 plate with 80k miles at £7,500. Hot tailed it over first thing. Clearly done all of it's miles on the motorway given the number of stone chips and some dodgy door mouldings but it's got FLSH, one lady owner from new and the interior is immaculate. I doubt anyone has ever sat in the passenger seat. I pick it up on Wednesday. It won't cost a fortune to have the exterior touched up and get some new mouldings. Funny how things work out!
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    https://tiresize.com/calculator/ http://www.autopartuk.com/tyre-calculator/ And this one will show what your real speed vs your speedo display. Hope it helps
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    While you await try drivers.lexus.com you should find the manuals there