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    Looks like the ultra rare Lexus crop circle accessory :) Think you need to get it checked out, never seen that on mine before.
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    Hello Guys. The centre caps from my wife's Suzuki Swift Sport (2008) fit perfectly in the DHP wheel. Steve.
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    Hello John. Sorry to hear you are having troubles. I know it is a long shot but have you tried disconnecting the battery and leaving it disconnected for a while to see if that "resets" whatever has changed when you parked up your car for winter? The fact it was fine before and now it is not points (to me) to it being and electrical glitch and quite often they can be cured by Turning It Off And Turning It On Again. Good luck. Steve.
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    If either party has spoken to their insurance it'll probably be logged as an accident already. Regardless of whether you claim or not it may possibly affect insurance. I've experienced this a couple of times over the years. Last one was a pressure washer stolen from the back of a 4x4, it was knackered anyway so wasn't too fussed. I rang to see if I was covered for contents, they said no so it was left at that, next renewal it came up as a higher risk due to the incident on file. Anything that happens means you are a higher risk regardless of any claim. When you think about it, the old fart could potentially run into you again )-; About as likely as winning the lottery but yet another lame excuse to put your policy up.
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    Interesting. Doing a quick survey from my window of a typical residential street in Cheshire, I can see 13 hatchbacks, 6 SUV (including 2 X5s), 5 estates (including a 5 series and an A4), 4 cabriolets, one MPV and one saloon. Admittedly, this is not the typical executive car territory, but based on that why would Lexus make so many saloons and not offer an estate? Mine is also the only hybrid.
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    Old topic but i got mine fixed. Mine was a vac leak. Check your vacuum it should be someithing like 18-20 inHg, if its less than 16 it will run rough. The problem was that i had a leak in the brake servo, however if this engine idles rough, it shakes the manifold off the cylinder head, developing another vac leak. So i isolated the brake servo and it still ran bad, and i ruled it out thinking its not there. Then i would reseal the intake and car would run fine, but after a while the brake servo leak will make engine shake the mani off again and problem repeats. I would advise before swapping expensive 3sge parts do the following: 1. Get a vacuum gauge - they are cheap and super useful and hook it up to full intake vacuum. Beams idles somewhere between 600-700 rpm, so at this engine speed your vacuum should be 17-20. Note misfires will also affect vacuum. 2. Do a compression test. These engines are super awesome and compression on hot engine is spot on across the bar (dont remember exact number but do remember being impressed how even it is) 3. Are you getting good fuel pressure? Check fuel filter clogged/fuel tank sock dirty. Does your fuel pump whine more than usual? I remember reading somewhere that these engines run 60-75 psi, but from own experience can only tell that lower than 45 psi it runs like a dog. 4. Read spark plugs. Do they look lean/rich? Sorry for teaching you to suck eggs, but spark plug readings are only valid for last engine cycle. So idle your engine hot for 10 mins and then check them. Super lean plugs usually indicate no fuel pressure or vacuum leak. 5. Also, ignition coils are not particulary strong part of the engine, but before swapping them test if they are good (there is a guide somewhere on the internet which shows how much resistance you should get across terminals). 6. make sure your engine grounds are not corroded and battery terminals are nice and clean. 7.also check how much voltage does the alternator give out. Should be in 13-14. sorry for long winded answer hope this helps.
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    Happy Easter to us all. Piers.
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    Hi Steve, welcome, glad to hear you found a decent car, perfect colour/interior combination....................
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    Love it that's its such a small community and members buy cars that others have owned. Not many forums can do that.
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    Here's a couple. I put it in the corner of the dash as I did with my last one, simply because there isn't anywhere else suitable. It's the only place that doesn't obscure vision (although it looks like it in the photo it doesn't) and as it's near the door mirror I naturally glance that way anyway.
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    Refreshing and honest - yes.......but still only an opinion. I owned a 400 for 15 years and loved it. Three years ago I changed to a 460. Compared to the 400, I find it an improvement in almost every way. My big gripe, initially, was the tyre noise on the 19" rims. Recently I changed tyres from Dunlop Sport Maxx to Dunlop Maxx - problem solved. As for the Cruise Control.......it's the same as the 400 and, in fact, every Toyota and Lexus. I find it very easy to use. Brakes - as good as the 400 Steering - ditto. You paid all that money for a car and didn't do a test drive? You see, opinions are like a...holes - we all have one :)
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    This seems to me to be a refreshing,honest and thought provoking story.Many thanks. Regards John
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    throttle body was the problem , replaced it and it runs perfectly now