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    I've got myself an LS400. After getting old Baz to lower the price a bit and he also put a new MOT on the car as well as recharging the air con which is now ice cold, I've bitten the bullet and gone for it!!! Absolutely everything works on the car except the electric aerial which doesn't bother me because I use a DAB tuner which uses an FM transmitter to the main unit. The steering wheel adjusts in all directions, bone dry boot and spare tyre well, climate control LCDs light up, new bonnet struts, heated seats work and everything else is fine. The engine oil is a lovely golden brown colour and the transmission a nice red which doesn't smell burnt, the gear changes are so smooth and barely noticeable. I've booked the car in with my mechanic for a new cambelt on Friday which is costing £360 all in including a new waterpump as a precaution. The car has just had 4 new tyres and new rear brake pads. I'm loving the car so far and think I prefer it to the LS430 which I had before, it seems that bit quieter and more refined to me, I also find the seats more comfortable. The car also has a PS1 in the glovebox and a DVD player under the passenger seat which are linked to screens in the front headrests. All in all a lovely car and I'm very pleased with it.
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    Had the opportunity to drive a NX300h Premier for the first time on Friday, whilst our RX was in for its scheduled service. We had booked the day off to go to the Chelsea Flower Show, so were able to test the car from Winchester to Battersea Park via the M3, dual carriageways and slow town traffic. All in all, I was very impressed with the car. In particular, I liked: - The gadgets! and there are plenty to play with whilst stuck in traffic!!! - the lane departure system that lets you know when you drift across the white line without indicating... and the gentle way the steering wheel tries to correct your course - the head up display... very clear and easy to read... as long as you are tall enough (unless there is a way to reposition it for shorter drivers) - the excellent sound system with DAB and its 15 speakers - the adaptive cruise control: brilliant in nose to tail traffic on the Motorway - the all-round cameras with side monitors - the car feels much more nimble than the RX around corners and roundabouts, no doubt due to its smaller size and lighter weight - the quietness under normal conditions - the LED lights which I found far superior to the RX's HIDs - the WiFi and phone setup What I am not so sure about - but could live with: - the seats: my bum felt numb after an hour or so - the noise when putting your foot down: this is well documented and is inherent to the CVT transmission, however I felt it was far more intrusive in the NX than in the RX, possibly because the RX's V6 as a deeper engine note - the satnav graphics... while the satnav is efficient, the interface is still cumbersome and the graphics look dated - The remote touch pad. I think I prefer the RX's remote touch with the mouse. I find it a little less sensitive and therefore easier to use To summarise, the NX will definitely replace my RX when we are ready to change, as we will no longer need the larger car. I previously had some reservation as to whether or not the 300h would be powerful enough (after the RX) and whether the 200T might be a better fit, but I could definitely live with the 300h. As for the gadgets - I love my gadgets! - there are certainly plenty and you travels are punctuated with dings, bongs, beeps and bells, but I would be keen to hear from other Premier drivers as to whether they are just gimmicks that you soon tire of and forget, or whether they are definitely worth the extra money.
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    I think they are having a laugh at your expense, have a look at the likes of F1 autocentres, they are about £103 fitted for Dunlops.
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    Well done, glad you're happy with it....more refined indeed...hmmm pistols at dawn.
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    Don't forget to post some photos, everyone likes photos!
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    Looking like a trip to Bristol this weekend tbh!! the in laws are down there anyhow. Wonder what I could get off / thrown in with the 2011 silver car there.. If no joy could always head down to Exeter lol!
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    I'm booked in with Lexus Glasgow for thursay and for £80 they service, pump dye round for leaks and re gas so fingers crossed for no leaks, knackered compressor etc. I can spend a hour or so drawling over the new cars in the show room!
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    John, Thank you for the URL. I do not require anything. John
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    I have no idea if there is any pressure in the system, so me now thinks a visit to a professional is in order. I do have time to kill on Thursday so will call Lexus Glasgow and see how much they charge, at least they will check the system first. Thanks everyone for all the advice.
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    Kwik Fit, Halfords and the like, will not diagnose or repair any faults or leaks. You will be better off getting a mobile tech who will vacuum the system and refill with the correct amount and type of gas needed. You must not get any air in the pipework as it will freeze and block it up. Around here they charge about £45
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    Thanks Rudy, I'll give kwik fit a try.
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    Sorry to hear that ... Deer where we live. So I have one of these ( http://www.deerwhistles.co.uk/ ). Whether it works or not, who knows, but it's small and unobtrusive... and cheap.
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    I'm across in the UK at the moment and, yesterday, I was driving from Aviemore to Ayrshire over the Perthshire hills. It was a winding road and I was only doing about 35mph when a deer jumped over a stone wall and landed in the middle of the road. As it landed, I hit it.......I had no time to swerve or brake. The deer was winded and, after about 15 mins got up and legged it. I was really pleased that I hadn't injured it. When I checked the car, it seemed OK with only the impact zone being indicated by a slight crazing of the paint on the bumper. However, I've just done a really close inspection and things aren't so good. A couple of bits of trim had come loose but they were easy to fix. The driver's side foglight (LHD, remember) had popped out of its housing but I refitted that. The worrying bits are the cracks which are at the rounded apertures for the foglights and trim. The impact point is pretty obvious and I'll have the rear of the bumper checked in Holland to see if there has been any delamination behind the impact zone. I believe that, if the safety integrity of the bumper has been compromised (delamination or cracking) this can cause a failure in the MOT. The other bad point is that the deer's horns or hooves appear to have impacted the front of the bonnet which will mean a bonnet re-spray.......at least. The good news is that the deer and ourselves are OK. I've attached some pics - excuse the flies..........
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    As long as they keep us moving whatever the weather it's all good!