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    I spent a pleasurable hour or so tinkering on Saturday morning. At last I changed my spark plugs. I expected to see the original Denso plugs (?) but was greeted by a set of NGK Iridium plugs that looked well worn at the sharp end. All done now. I've attached a mini-guide for those that have never attempted it on a Lexus - or are curious. Changing LS 400 Spark Plugs.compressed (2).pdf
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    Thanks. Well I am not sure as I don't think they're OE. Given my mileage is a validated 78k they haven't done monster miles but may be 10 years old. If they were OE then up to 16 years. Perhaps the plug manufacturer is relevant? Maybe these can't do the 60-80k miles? the photo is a bit harsh though, the plugs are tired but were working fine...
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    Meanwhile, back on topic, congratulations Peter, you have a stunning car.
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    Have a look at this site for bumper protectors.. http://www.rearguards.co.uk/index.php?app=gbu0&ns=prodshow&ref=RBP729&sid=2ai71u3q0k1059nz6ztpvtlh77946tit
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    from my rt's i had about 3mm of tread left after about 17000 miles they only had 7mm tread new they do seem to wear quickly at the start but the wear rate slows down,dunlop told me this as i thought they where wearing too quickly ,i wouldn't hesitate to have them again on any car in the future.
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    I have had 4 of the Dunlop sport rt2s fitted and I can't believe the transformation. Would highly recommend for quietness, grip, but can't comment on wear yet.
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    Sounds like you have seized calipers - ideally they need greasing up every year (I do mine every 6 months) . They can be released / eased free if not too far gone by a bit of patience / WD40 / GENTLE tapping from hammer over a piece of wood or other medium (not direct on the caliper itself) - if they can then give them a very good clean and grease. They should be a service item but for some reason Lexus has elected not to include them on the schedule. Last done 3 years ago, sounds like they are seized especially when you cant drop them out of the way. If one has gone then its likely the other will need doing - also consider the fronts. Its not a hard job - 1 hour should see you complete all 4 corners if no issues arise.