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    hear you go, just a quick wash then a hose down with purified water and left to dry.
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    Hi guys, spent ages searching for a nice IS250, almost gave up trying to find one pre 2006 with good mileage and manual! (Not fussy at all) this is one popped up literally last min with a full Lexus SH and 1 owner from new! My previous car was a civic type R and after owning the Lexus for a week I'd never go back.
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    Welcome Kevin. With only around 600 GSs sold each year in the UK you have some exclusivity but with that comes a lack of information about them. Look at US forums as the GS is sold in much greater numbers there.
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    last pic is what i upgraded from.
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    Image below of the tube of grease showing the part number if any use to you - cost me £10 from dealer.
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    Have you asked what the reason is for it having such a low mileage for the year of the car - breaking it down, that's just over 1000 per year.!! You need to consider that the mileage is not that important due to the age of the car - the cost is a bit excessive to be honest. It is still an old car however you look at it.. If rust was an issue with these cars (luckily its not) then the mileage would be irrelevant. It has obviously not been used regularly so I would take a very close look at hoses / fluids / moving parts as being sat for any length of time is not good for any car. You have said it has got a full service history ... what has it had done and at what mileage. I would have expected the dealer would have referenced the age of the car and not the mileage when considering the service work required?
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    Don't forget the pictures, we always like to see nice clean shiny car pics
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    CTR was a ground breaker in it's day though. I had one in 2004(ish), and for £16k on the road, there was nothing to touch it, in it's class, imo. As to having to change gear, that was never a chore to me, the gearbox was a jewel. That said, I wasn't sorry to change it after about 18 months, I think it's one of those cars that you enjoy owning, but maybe not keeping long term.
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    I know how everyone loves pictures, and here are some of my lovely Lex with its new number plates - only Lexus LS owners will get it! But seriously, I have a noise issue which I'm going to Lexus next week to see if they can diagnose it, so any help or insight beforehand would be very gratefully received. The issues is that the LS cars are so quiet that any noise at all becomes very irritating after a while. I have a low hollow rumbling noise from the front at any speed over 60-65 mph. It's very noticeable well over 70mph. I thought it might have been the rear suspension damper issue I had, but that's replaced and it's still there. I hardly noticed it much before as in NZ where I have been driving the car for the last 4 years you can't drive faster than that and the motorways are very smooth typically. The noise is also there over harsh surfaces but can be subdued on very very smooth road surfaces. Its has to be something as my first LS430 that I had for 5 years didn't have the problem, I'm pretty sure. My tyres are Bridgestone Potenza RE050A standard issue, which I've always had and on my first LS with no issues. It's driving me nuts, as it's all I can hear and think about as I drive!! 😱 Thank you in advance for any insightful suggestions. Nige
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    Swap tyres around, see if anything changes. If not, at least you have eliminated one possible cause.
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    6's have won. Ordered the updated 245/275 combo through a friend of mine who works for Kwikfit. £600 fitted for all 4 :-) He is also going to check alignment for me. Should be going on next week :-)
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    Depends what you want. If you want a ceramic sealant which will last 2 years, go for Cquartz UK. Its great stuff and just needs an occasional top up with the supplied Reload. Extremely easy to use as well unlike some coatings out there. If you want something less permanent, go for a sealant like FK1000p or Soft99 Fusso for winter.
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    Hi everyone, just fitted retrimmed steering wheel to my 05 GS300. I've uploaded a few photos, see what you think?
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    Calipers that don't seize ... but I guess time will tell Automatic dimming glass all round (for when the suns out)
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    150 thousand miles without a belt change mate , I would get it done ASAP. Kit should cost around 150 quid . Maybe 70 quid fitting at a good garage .or you could go to Lexus and re mortgage your house lol.