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    Phoned up my local Lexus dealership for a price to change the gearbox oil. Told them the model ISF year 2009. Got a phone call back .... 'the technician said is it auto or manual ?' oh dear
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    Look at the following. May help you.
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    I've used 1E3 and the match is spot on. Get that mate or near. The BMW is way too light and will look out of place compared to stock.
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    You should be able to beat that quite easily, on a run of that nature, I can get 55-60 mpg.
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    I've just driven 75 miles and due to the m6 crawling most of the way and 50mph zones I got bang on 60mpg. I wasn't even trying. Booted it when the traffic subsided...
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    Yes, I too find the wood effect steering wheel to be harder on the hands than the original all leather one, but, it looks sooo much classier in my opinion. There's not much wood in the 'standard' cabin of an LS400, unlike in the much nicer 430 cabin. I'm really glad I swapped my steering wheel over.
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    It could be fault with the car battery. When was it last replaced?
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    Firstly hello, Here it goes.. i have been reading and extracting knowledge and experience from this forum anonymously for quite a while now. Helped me a lot with my transition from being a BMW fan (No swearing please) to now a proud Lexus owner. Had a few Lexus cars over few years allow me to run trough some of my car's backgrounds. Fed up in fixing German cars BM's (been owning various models previously) in particular, i have decided to try something new. So i have bough this: GS300 my first ever Lexus with black interior. As standard Lexuses are quite too "far away from the ground" i have lowered it: And then put some alloys on: After initial drive and seeing the reliability of this car i was confident that i will stay with lexus for a while. Always wanted to try V8, hard to come by in these 2nd generation GS's. After long search i have found what i was looking for: GS430 my first ever V8 (custom exhaust was already fitted by someone previously owning the car) what a sound it produced! I could have spend the full fuel tank just revving it! Had this for a while and eventually found a good example of 2005 LS430 so i went for it: Bought this just a couple of weeks ago still newbie in terms of how most of the stuff works loving it to bits though. What a car ! considering how much it costs nowadays. So i think i have my dream car up to date(being sensible now). I will do some mods to this one as well will keep you updated with more pictures and specs to come. Thank you for keeping this forum running and active with the latest prices, tech stuff and so on. Hopefully we will get along just fine.
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    Thanks guys, I'll be honest, not a car I'd really looked at before but now walking around it, it is a nice looking car, as are a lot of the Lexus range. It had to go back to have some back order trim replaced and they leant me a NX, again a nice car. I have looked at some US sites to get more info, I work in engineering so I like to understand how things work, especially the handling in sport+ mode and it's nice to share info on tyres and stuff. And I need to not fixate so much on economy, an enthusiastic 30 mile drive on clear B roads has dropped the average mpg to 27, obviously a car that needs to be enjoyed rather than driven for economy! All in all I'm pleased I chose the car, I've got a few long distance trips coming up and I'm looking forward to see what it's like. And hats off to Lexus dealerships, excellent service + given me a comprehensive price list for servicing and common parts/fitting, my last luxury car was a Honda Legend and I was impressed by their service but I think Lexus beat them.