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    Mirrors are held by 2 clips at the bottom and hinges at the top. Using one of those yellow dusting cloths, feed it in from the bottom behind the glass and coming out the bottom sides. Gently tug both sides together to release the clips, once released gently remove the duster then pull the glass out from the bottom then lift it slightly to disengage the top hinges.
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    Just had four new tyres fitted (Kumho's) by a reputable local tyre company. Took the car out and there was a horrible metallic clicking noise. Called them back and they found the wheel weights were catching the caliper. Apparently there is very little clearance on the inside rim. Weights added to the inside of the wheel, rather than the rim, cured the problem. Anyone getting new tyres might wish to check with the tyre fitter about this potential problem. All fixed, car runs like a dream........ fingers crossed!
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    I suspect the rain tomorrow might give it a good test. Usually parking with front of car facing slightly downhill is enough to test whether water comes in (as it is in your original photo) I checked by placing a little rag under the plastic cover just by where the boot lock is and checking to see if it got damp (which it did not) Fingers crossed for you as well
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    Had same problem with Mk2 and current MK4. Cheapest route, pull off old seal, clean out the groove, and then fill groove with silicone, and ease back onto the boot lip. The water getting in generally enters about where the boot latch is, but in fact appears to get up into the seal somewhere near the top of the boot, which is why you really need to take the whole strip out and clean it. I clean out the cr*ppy old mastic with a cloth and blunted flat head screwdriver (means you do not damage the seal when cleaning). Takes about 60 to 90 mins, and saves a fortune.
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    Edward, my seal [ls400] looked fine but was letting in water. Search this site and you find it is a common problem. I bought a length rubber seal from a supplier recommended on here that was not a Lexus product but so similar in cross section it did the job. All I can remember is the length given in the post was too short so measure yourself before ordering.
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    The wife complained of a rattle underneath her Seat Mii. I traced it to the exhaust heat shield. I made some large square washers from sheet steel and covered them in mastic that I use on our log burner flue. I put these washers between the bolts and the heat shield, about six I think. Job jobbed.
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    Take it back, demand they show you what they class as the "normal" on another car in the showroom/forecourt. This only backfires if the car you choose does the same. I currently drive a Volvo V40 D4 RDesign which I've taken back with several issues but after leaving it with them I get the call to say they couldn't find anything but miraculously the issue has gone when I get the car back. I'd prefer the honesty route and explain what they found and fixed rather than give me the same dribble response. Hope you get it sorted I'm a tad OCD when it comes to rattles so I know where you are coming from.
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    Take the seal off and reseal with clear silicone or buy a new length of seal, very common. Car looks fab!
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    124mph. Dont ask how I know. Chassis is stable though, could handle another 50mph easy if the car had a 5.0l or something!
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    Hi Graham and Bluesman. Thanks for your warm welcome. I've already found the Club really useful; it's so easy to find answers here. And I've been able to show the dealership some functions they didn't know existed (I can now remotely open and close my windows and roof!). Looking forward to finding out more and maybe in the future helping other members.
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    Welcome to the Lexus fold Geoff. You have now been smitten by the Lexus marque and you will probably own them for the rest of your days. Enjoy.
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    Your colour code is on a label where the vin code is on the passenger side center pillar, open the passenger door and you should see it.