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    I've started a model showroom in 1:18 scale of cars I own. I have a model LS460 coming for Christmas even though I don't own one---------yet!!! Anyone else got any models? Pictures Thanks Bod
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    I would read the CT200 forum right back to year dot and then decide....my guess is that faults are as rare as hens teeth. If you want peace of mind then go for it.
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    Thank you so much, John, Bob and Steve for the advice. And with what speed!! You have confirmed what I suspected - that I was being foolish in penny-pinching 500 quid. It really wasn't pitched very convincingly by the salesman - so low-key I almost wasn't listening. I just need to confirm that it starts from the point when my standard 1yr-warranty runs out, so that I'm effectively getting 3 years. The car is simply brilliant - I read every motoring-press review which universally panned it, and all the owners' reviews and customer-satisfaction reports which unreservedly loved it, and rejected the nonsense talked by journalists. I figured I'd trust the people who actually lived with them! Thank you again. Nick
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    Hi Nick and welcome to the LOC. I too use Lexus, Cardiff. Natalie and Charlotte on Service Reception are fantastic. I bought my first IS250 two years ago, it had a full service history but with the last two services done by an independent. After an inspection, they accepted the vehicle for the Lexus Warranty. Had my present IS250C for a year now. I bought it from an independent trader in Southport and it had a full Lexus service history from Lexus Manchester. It was accepted for two years warranty without inspection. Since then I've had a replacement headlamp assembly (water ingress and condensation) and a replacement rear caliper (seized)just last month. My claims roughly equate to the premium and I have another twelve months to run, that doesn't take into account the AA premium cover too ! It is dependent upon you having your CT serviced at Lexus. You should be able to start it after the twelve months dealer guarantee. I'd organise it now if I was you as the price could rise substantially, the present deal is based on 2 years for the price of 1. Yes, the premium is payable over 10 months interest free. As "royoftherovers" says...."A NO BRAINER"
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    Steve, I agree completely with royoftherovers. My 450h is 2007 and my experience of short journeys with longer ones occasionally is exactly as he describes. My longer ones can be up to 4 hours without a break and I can do this without problem. In my previous gen 2 GS300 I would stop every hour or so to stretch. Do it! You will love it. John
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    Changing the radiator is easy, very easy. Grove Garage are very good, I'd certainly recommend them.
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    Unit has arrived, connector is different to my CD nav. But from a quick look it appears there is the usual black/yellow/red power set on the harness, a shielded pair (audio) a selection of grounds, and a green/greenBK pair for what I assume is "changer control" All I need are some pinouts for mine and the next model headunit and I'll be able to confirm if a loom mod is possible.
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    How maddening. Like my front skirt kerb scrapes. End up parking two feet away from everything around and especially both sides when supermarket parking. Someone is bound to have a suggestion as to how to mend the damage. Hope so, as I have a noticeable scratch on the boot lid which needs repair.
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    Hi Phil has changed his 430 radiator twice - he buys his from eurocarparts have a read here:
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    Great bunch of guys at Grove. There are many Lexus owners that use them including me. Mike.