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    Yeah Carlisle is like that.
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    IS300h driving from Edinburgh to Carlisle via the A7. Sport mode, ASC full on and dealing with the gear changes myself. 100 miles of wonderful Scottish driving. When I arrived I felt like turning around and driving right back again
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    My aunt had several of these in a row. She was also an impatient lady and would never wait for the suspension to do its stuff before moving off. She once parked rather too close in front of a 2CV, which had a metal bumper with two vertical fenders (not sure it is the correct word) attached to it, and as the DS cooled down and lowered itself, its rear bumper "locked" with the front bumper of the 2CV. When she drove off later, she just ripped the front of the 2CV off!!!!
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    Hi, Happens on mine, most noticeable when approaching a roundabout at 40mph, so you slow down and if it's clear and you back on the accelerator peddle a little harder than 'feathering it', you'll get a slight jerk. If you pop the box into Sport mode, it doesn't happen, so I just put it down to a quirk of the transmission programming! As for the leak, most likely rusty ATF oil cooler pipes located in the engine bay roughly behind where the number plate is. I did a write up on this and would take 30mins to change at home with basic tools and a £50 Lexus part... Search the forum and hopefully you'll find it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I made a point yesterday of dropping in on this chap yesterday afternoon to see what he has to offer given that he is midway between Lexus Chester and Lexus Liverpool. Glyn Jones is his name and he operates from an individual garage behind the big car sales shrowroom (Wright/Heathland) on the Chester Road in Heswall. He tells me that he is an ex Lexus man and runs a Toyota Hilux and services all makes of vehicles. He had a BMW being serviced on his ramp at the time of my visit and he has been in business for about 8 years if my old memory serves me correctly. I was particularly interested in having him quote for a hard wire installation of a dash camera in my GS Hybrid and for the provision of 4 All Season tyres so that I could compare with the quotes provided to me by one of the Official Lexus Dealers locally. The hard wire installation quote was one third of the Lexus price and he can do it next week. I am still waiting to hear from Lexus re the tyres.They promised to contact me but have failed to do so.(not the first time they have failed to phone back and very disappointing given Lexus` highly publicised customer ratings).Mercedes not phoning back is a given ,but Lexus not phoning back suggests that Standards of Performance need reviewing ! Glyn phoned me back that afternoon re the tyres! I am not associated in any way with this Indie, but thought it might be helpful for members (IN THE LOCAL AREA) to be aware that there is an Indie who might be able to help them ( at a competitive rate) with tasks needing to be undertaken on their vehicles which are no longer under Official Lexus Warranty. His contact details are; Glyn Jones Unit4 Leighton Estates Chester Road, Heswall CH60 3RZ TEL;0151 342 9944 or 07545846762.
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    Ditto - same for me. I notice it more at roundabouts - no big issue though... Too many other RX positives to worry me!
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    They should be pulled up for false advertising, maybe all the car insurance adverts from now on should be.....insure 85% of your car with our multi policy.... and perhaps the police will start pulling over drivers as we only have 85% car insurance!?!? This is shocking and very sorry to hear the outcome of your case!
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    It gets better - the FOS have just sent me a survey to complete regarding how they handled my complaint.
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    My wife comes from Carlisle and I often say that the best things about the place are the A6 and M6 leaving it!
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    Just drove from Hamilton down the A77 to Portpatrick in my is300h and loved every minute of it, my longest drive since picking up my car 2 weeks ago. Tomorrow off to Keswick from Portpatrick returning to Hamilton up the M74 on Saturday - looking forward to every mile!
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    I'm going to have to delve into the realm of Lexus dealers quite soon for my 100k service, my local Toyota garage didn't want to know so it looks like a trip to Lexus Bolton is on the cards. Hope they are better.I'll keep you posted.
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    Hi Rob I am having a look at this thread because I am thinking about a RX450h - I have a very old LS430 so am usually on that forum - and spotted this topic. The plastic water tank you see under the bonnet is an expansion tank and is not used to top up the system. The colling system is sealed and should have no leaks and never need topping up. The expansion tank is needed when the thermostat is closed after a cold start - otherwise your water pump will have no where to circulate the coolant. Thermostat is a misnomer because it is not used to regulate the temperature of your engine but make it warm up as quickly as possible from cold. You will go nuts if you keep looking at the coolant level in the ET. If you car has no visible leaks - warms up quickly and the temp gague stay rock steady you will be fine. I fill my 430 up to the max line and it settles at just below min after a run - I played this game for a month or two and gave up. It is always good to be cautious after some maintenance - trust no one. Good luck Bren
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    I had a 220d and it was a super car. The only reason that I got rid of it was because I don't do many annual miles and. because of that I may, (only may mind you) have run into the problems associated with doing low mileages with a diesel. If I had done my research before buying the car I obviously wouldn't have bought it but, only for the low annual mileage reason. Somewhere on here you will find a thread that I started called 'Problems headed off at the pass' wherein I did the necessary EGR Valve cleaning procedure BEFORE I encountered any problems. It was a well looked after car, with a full Lexus service history and at that time was the best car I had ever owned. Definitely give consideration to the Extended Warranty option, well worth it in my opinion. My current car is 3 years old next month but I've already got an extended warranty that kicks in for a further 2 years as I am unlikely to change the car within that time. I've found my thread, here is the link Enjoy your car Mark
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    Update on Avon tyres getting them fitted now at Halfords
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    Interesting. I've just come from an N55 and I wonder if I would have my head so dramatically turned like you have if I took a Nissan Leaf out for a test drive. Car ownership to me is more than something that cost 1p a mile, I put far more miles on my 5 bicycles than my IS200t for example and even my old IS200. I'm fortunate in that I don't need to count the pennies. I want a car that I park up and get tempted to turn around and look at as I walk away, that delivers performance, comfort (to a degree) and reliability. Something that looks decent on my drive and implores me to go out and wax it, open the bonnet, check the levels and pamper it. I'm not sure a Nissan Leaf or a Renault Zoe would ever tick those boxes.... if I wanted super cheap transport It's not that long before I can get my bus pass for gods sake. Being an old bugger I can recall the transition between steam engines to diesel then electric. There is still a massive fondness out there for steam as we all know, not so much diesel but even the old Deltics have a fan club of their own. The idea that you want the combustion engine to disappear just strikes me as odd, so I'm guessing that despite your rhetoric you're not an enthusiast as such, you are simply part of the throwaway generation that bin things the second something new and different comes out..like phones and TV's. I'm not having a dig as my son is the same as you, he is on the Tesla list and is imploring me to test drive one, scoffs at my turbos, straight six engines and promises me that like you I will somehow be morphed into someone I'm basically not.... I just humour him .... Or perhaps you are an enthusiast, someone who marvels at Newtons Law of motion but if you were you would surely encompass all manner of propulsion within reason, however I guess you could argue you are. You are on a winner though as we all know that one day most vehicles will be battery powered or similar. This whole thing reminds me of the stampede for the Prius when it came out, yet nearly 20 years later I've just bought a nearly new 2 litre petrol turbo engine - perhaps its me and I just don't get it, yes that's what it must be. That aside its a great thread (Informative) and I will arrange a test drive of a Nissan leaf as have a dealership down the road. The idea of having one on my drive and plugging the thing is an altogether different prospect....
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    The lash adjuster doesn't vary the lift - there is no lift variation in IS250 engines (or in the vast majority of internal combustion engines generally. To vary lift you need a different camshaft or shafts, with reprofiled (ie higher) lobes) - there are other ways of doing it but beyond our scope here - and they are very complex and expensive). And it doesn't adjust valve opening times (vary the valve timing - that job is done by the timing gears on the front of the camshafts in the diagram). The rocker is held in place by the fact that it has little cups in the ends which take the lash adjuster tip and the valve end. Then the cam lobe sits on top of it, exerting no pressure when the valve is closed but considerable pressure when the valve is open. Even when the valve is closed the rocker arm can't move out of place because of the presence of the cam. The lash adjuster only provides a little cushioning between the valve and the cam. When under pressure it is like a cylinder full of oil - effectively solid and incompressible - the one way spring and ball valve closes. But it has a tiny leak facility through a very small channel. When not under pressure it can refill with oil (it sits in a recess full of oil and the one-way spring and ball valve relaxes). All this happens very quickly of course - multiple times a second - so that the lash adjuster finds its own length and this can vary depending on the length of the valve. The valve length varies with manufacturing tolerances, fitting (grinding-in) and, during service, temperature. The high pressure chamber shown a few posts back is only at high pressure then the lash adjuster is pushed down by the cam. If you didn't have a lash adjuster and the tappet was absolutely fixed length or the cam bore directly on the valve, there would be varying clearances between valve and cam due to the factors above (tolerances, temperature etc) and the valve gear would be noisy or the valves would not close properly and burn the seats and the whole shooting match would be impossible to adjust. The hydraulic lash adjuster does the adjustment automatically.
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    Do, in respect of Tesla at least there's no sales flannel, just book a test drive take your driving licence and have a go. They have 'showrooms' dotted around, a few in the likes of Westfield and Bluewater so got me out of Christmas shopping last year! As a car enthusiast it's a must, even if you do come away and think, no it's not for me. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    One happy is220d owner reporting for duty! Don't let this forum get to you too much; you would expect it to be the devils own car reading some of the comments! I was in the same position you are in now when I got it, but I soon realised it wasn't that bad. Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed my Lexus experience. I have had mine for a year and a half now, and apart from one small issue (seized caliper), I have covered 14,000 trouble free miles. Yes, when it first arrived it needed a new flywheel, but it had covered almost 110,000 miles by then and it is hardly a Lexus specific issue. Having said that, I am not so sure the issue was the flywheel, but that is another story. Either way, warranty took care of most of it. I too travel a lot on the motorway, and the diesel engine is just brilliant on there. Not so much the gearbox, but you get used to it. However, one thing I might suggest is an Extended Warranty. In my experience, it is definitely worth it. I am not just talking about the diesel either since I would have it for any Lexus I owned. In my opinion, the peace of mind it brings is well worth it. Oh, and post some pictures so we can all admire this beauty
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    No guitars or stereo I'm afraid, just a few model cars. I have had the Corvette, Ferrari GTO and testarossa since I was a boy :)
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    If you can't creep in silence how can you startle pedestrians in the road? That's why I bought the is300h in the first place.
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    Wow, so first welding quote back in.... £450+VAT.....!!! And just for the side with the hole and not the other side that almost has a hole. For those rates, it's cheaper to by a brand new cross member from Lexus!! Off to the breakers/eBay I go! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi, If anyone needs any help with insurance for a chipped vehicle at all then please feel free to drop me a line. I'd be only too pleased to try and help. Regards, Dan.