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    The British motoring press are extremely biased. I have now covered 1200 miles in 10 days and without doubt is the best car I have driven. I did 30years in the police and for a short time was in charge of the local road policing unit so have driven many vehicles at very high speeds in difficult situations. The Lexus is without doubt the most comfortable car I have owned for years, the closest being my Mercedes 300ce from 1992 which in those days was a £42000 car. I am absolutely amazed that a 220bhp car is so economical and I love driving it . My average so far according to my phone app is42mpg. Over the last 3 days and 300 miles the average Mpg was 44. 75. This car is certainly making me smile.
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    Following are some pictures of my RC300h, which I have had for nearly a week now. I confirm my original impressions, especially with regard to the precision of the handling and the marked differences between the individual drive modes. I have not yet got a firm fix on the fuel consumption but, at the moment, this looks to be 10-11% higher than for the IS whereas a comparison between Lexus' declared figures for the two cars on the combined cycle was leading me to expect only 6-7%. I suspect that recent cold weather could partly account for the disparity. All in all, the RC has been a pleasure to own, except for a malfunction in the rear-access mechanism, unnoticed at the time of delivery, which cost me an 80km round-trip to the dealer for what was fortunately a quick repair. It has been nice to have up-to-date firmware (version VD12103A, which I presume is the most recent). A source of annoyance that has nothing to do with the car itself is Lexus' abandonment of a good old-fashioned printed owner's manual of the type that has always provided me with instructive bed-time reading for the first few weeks after buying a new car. I suspect the claimed need to save paper is yet another instance of green credentials being exploited for financial gain. Anyway, I have been busy downloading such chapters as I think might be useful, thus creating a fair amount of pollution of my own in the form of used ink-cartridges, wasted print-outs of warnings and waivers and manufacturers' specs etc. During the week I came across a couple of snippets of information that were new to me though maybe not to hoarders of Lexus trivia. Having always thought, wrongly it appears, that the initials designating individual Lexus models are meaningless, I was surprised to learn that "RC" actually stands for "Radical Coupé" or perhaps, if you trust other sources, "Responsive Coupé". Frankly, both names are a bit hokey (as well as open to debate, maybe more in the former than the latter case). Equally trivial was the discovery that "Sonic Titanium" (i.e. colour code 1J7) is known as "Atomic Silver" in the U.S. and, more surprisingly given the unfortunate historical connotations, in Japan itself. Lexus Australia, on the other hand, takes a no-nonsense approach and favours plain "Titanium" without any adjective at all. Anyway, whatever name it goes by, 1J7 was judged Japanese Auto Colour of the Year for 2014 by a local research institute called JAFCA, which studies the psychological and marketing aspects of colour. To the gawking motorists mentioned in my OP, I can add numerous pedestrians who also gape at the RC without a thought for their own safety as I sit there trying to banish visions of an activated pop-up hood from my consciousness. Having several times found nose-prints on the side-windows, I have once again taken to carrying disinfectant wipes just as I used to do in my early days with the IS300h. Sometimes the persons attached to the noses are still present or sheepishly sidling away unless they feel encouraged to chat. One memorable encounter of the latter kind occurred only this morning with an individual who revealed himself to be as much of a tactless wit in the Clarkson mould as a discerning student of car aesthetics. After confessing that he had not seen an RC before except in pictures, he proceeded to express his astonishment at its "extreme elegance" before concluding that it was not, as he had previously expected, "the sort of car Russian billionaires buy for their girlfriends". My suspicion that he might not have been wholly unfamiliar with the social milieu in question was confirmed a few minutes later when I spotted him driving away in a sinister-looking purple Panamera Turbo with Monaco plates.
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    No surprise there DAN as your towing package represents the aerodynamics of a brick pulling a horse ! ;) ;);) Regards John
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    IS300h driving from Edinburgh to Carlisle via the A7. Sport mode, ASC full on and dealing with the gear changes myself. 100 miles of wonderful Scottish driving. When I arrived I felt like turning around and driving right back again
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    The adjustment is made at the top of this rod by slackening the 10 mm nut and sliding the bolt along the slot in the required direction. John.
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    I shall have to get a picture of my Celica GT4 ST205 to tie in with the model bit. But amp rack tech I can do! Began small, then added the other bits :)
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    Having owned 5 different LS models over many years (lS400, 2x LS430 pre and post facelifts and 2x LS460) I would say not to worry about reliability problems with anyone of them. I had a slight problem with my previous LS460 with a steering rack problem (discussed on this forum few years ago) but that was partly my fault for not researching the seller. After I part exchanged the car back, the car was for sale with the same seller without any issues so I suspect it was some electrical code he was able to clear rather than the 5k job Lexus quoted me. All the cars have been a pleasure to drive and bombproof reliable. In between these cars I had a Jag XJ6 which drove great but just did'nt feel as luxurious as the Lexus so part exchanged it after 6 months for an LS430. In my view the LS460 is better than the LS430 and the LS430 is better than the LS400, overall as a car. There are individual things better about each car but as an overall package the cars have continued to get better. Before I bought my current LS460, i tested a GS250 but just couldn't get used to the difference in size, although it was more modern looking. The Lexus salesman told me that he found that in his experience LS owners find it difficult to adjust to any other car
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    As someone who has been running cars on LPG for more than nine years, with the LPG tank fitted in the spare wheel well, I am an advocate of the 'goo and compressor' method. I've been lucky in that I've never had a puncture in all that time (and I'm now touching wood and praying to any cosmic deity I can think of so as not to tempt fate, given that all four tyres currently on there at the moment were brand new just a couple of days ago) but a mate of mine in a similar position has had two punctures. The first one was sorted by using the goo and I can tell you that he went on to have it repaired in the normal way. The tyre fitters charged a little more for the time taken to clean the wheel and tyre but it did not stop them from repairing it. The second puncture was actually a blowout so he just called the breakdown people who went out and recovered him to a Kwik-Fit if I remember correctly. The point is, not having a spare is not a big drama and is easily sorted if you're unlucky enough to have a problem. Inconvenient and a bit more time-consuming yes, but not a huge problem. For many years now, my wife and I have driven from our home in Preston, Lancashire to Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and even further afield for our holidays and we have no qualms or fears about having no spare wheel and doing the trips with just goo and a compressor - it really is not a problem.
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    I too wanted one of those Jags back this summer. I've had Toyotas all my driving life and in the last ten years they have always been the sensible, economic type (one of which had to have a new engine at 60,000 miles). So I decided I wanted a big luxury barge after my Corollas injectors gave up at 155,000 miles. I've always wanted a Jag so I went on their forum to ask about the pitfalls of owning one and not one person replied after 40 views. Ok I thought, back to my old faithfuls, I'll try an LS. Jumped on this forum and asked the same question, only to be greeted by instant and copious amounts of advice and friendly chat on different model Lexi (I think). In the end I went for a GS300 at a give away price of £1000 as the smaller car suited me needs best. I absolutely love it and don't think I'll ever buy a different marque ever again. Bod
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    any photos of the NS suspension adjustment. Im in agreement the dip beam is like a candle in a jam jar
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    I have to say I have had similar experience with my main dealer. they blow hot and cold, sometimes exceptional service to other times not calling back after I have been unable to get through to the right department. id say this has happened to me on several occasions so I would agree that there level of customer service quality is shaky at times. im always torn as haven used my main dealer many times and I have come to know a few faces well,and they are genuine helpful people but like all businesses there are always a few weak links in the chain and it is those that can tarnish the dealer as a whole.
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    Ditto - same for me. I notice it more at roundabouts - no big issue though... Too many other RX positives to worry me!
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    Yeah Carlisle is like that.
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    Or me I have dozens and dozens of them and I have a PRS.
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    Hi Timmy and welcome to the LOC. We are a friendly bunch so please don’t hold back asking questions big or small should you have any problems with your car. We always welcome ideas on how to overcome problems with our cars but as they are the finest cars in the universe they don’t go wrong that often. What a great looking car. I love that red leather interior. Happy Lexus Motoring. Mike. Bluesman.
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    Beautiful. Great colour combination. Enjoy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Interesting - same colour combo as ours! Im liking the Black grill surround but the roof and mirrors aren't to my tastes unfortunately but hey, its not my car!
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    A belated welcome to the forum from me Tim. That looks the business, it really does; I love the red leather. Nice to see black vinyl roofs making a come back! Hope you have many happy miles behind the wheel, keep us in formed with updates[ I always like to read about other Lexus models, it will hopefully help me make an informed choice for my next car...
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    From what I know you need to remove the drive shaft from the hub by disconnecting the shaft at the differential flange joint then remove the centre domed cap on the hub,remove the cotter pin, cage washer and securing nut then tap out the drive shaft with a copper mallet.