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    Nice little meet today. Pleasure to meet some of you and put faces to names. I think there were 7 F's in total? A new record! Hope everyone gets home safe. Enjoy the photo's...
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    Hi guys Just like to thank everyone that turned up today . This was my first Lexus meet , wot a great bunch of guys . Every car on display today was amazing. Proud to be a Lexus owner . Oh Tom that number plate is brilliant.
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    Today I want to thank everyone who came and made this meet a success. It was a pleasure meeting you all and you exceptional cars. I hope we can have another meet during the warmer weather in a few months time. PS I have a few photo's I will be uploading most likely within the next few days. Dinho
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    We might need a new venue as the manager of the beefeater had his car written off as @Warrington guy and @Rusty Crobar left the car park... MOV_0038.mp4
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    @Flytvr Hey Davi I've found a picture of this lady selling the car, she tried to run off some hard copies of the advert but hit a problem the world stocks of ink ran out 😂 Big Rat
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    Finally managed to get a few pictures. great cars, loving the experience
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    Had carpets out on Thursday. Full rinse down with cold water in the garden to remove initial dirt Deep shampoo with high quality carpet shampoo and degreaser Rinse through repeated as above until water running clear from carpet and sound absorption material. Final rinse with very hot water. Above washing time in total. 120 Minutes. Drip dry Then hung in small room with heater and dehumid. Carpets hopefully going back in today. Will take some pics of re-installation. Word to the wise - if you ever have a substantial ingress of water into your RX enough that it affects the sound absorption material under the carpet I would urge you to remove and dry the carpet properly. Put it this way, it's taken 3 days of drying in a 90 degree room with a de humid on flat out to fully dry that sound absorption material it's so thick. If like me you initially thought it would dry out naturally in the car whilst running around with the heaters on then you are very much mistaken, as I was. As well as noting there are no natural vent areas on the floor pan coupled with the fact the carpet is polyurethane/similar backed means almost zero possibility for moisture to escape adequately enough. No wonder it was so stagnant.
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    After about a year I've got my Celsior back. It stayed local and I told the guy who bought it last year to give me a shout when he wanted to sell again. That 'shout' came today :) I spent a lot of cash and hours on this car and really happy to have it back.
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    and it's a bit different, integrated within the main Lexus website. Biggest issue I can see so far is it requires you to verify ownership of the vehicle by quoting some info from the V5. For those with lease/company vehicle without access to the V5, that will prove difficult........ on the up side, once you've done that you should then be able to see the full service history of the car - provided the dealer has updated it!
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    I'll give you a shout if I ever decide to sell the IS-F......can have 1st dibs on the plate.
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    Confirmed, when using rear washer you can see bubbles flowing through this tube Thanks very much, one down in the process of elimination.
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    I am going to ring the dealer for a bit more info on the car........................
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    Dealers are a hit n miss in my opinion. Iv always used Birmingham as my local.. never had a issue, did what had to be done on all my Lexus's, and provided good service. But when i went 3 weeks ago to look at a car i was refused a test drive. The sales man went to get the keys for a white is300h, got the trade plates, took my details. The moment my mrs said she prefers black he told me the car has not been in the workshop so i cant test drive it. Was a pee'd off a little. Ended up picking my GS300h F Sport yesdterday from Sheffield Lexus.
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    I got mine done as soon as I bought it. Full detail and paint correction for £ rid of most virtually all the scratches but still have a few paint chips to sort.
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    Hi Just bought a new NX300h Luxury Nav in Velvet Black from Nottingham Lexus. Got a fantastic deal and excellent trade in on my one year old CT200h Sport. Very good team there who are very helpful and well worth a call if you are looking to buy.
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    One to feed the people. I didn't take that many at all, I talk too much!! 1UZ Power
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    Finally picked it up today! I was never even that into cars but now I am see that changing... have already set memory seats and taken it for a few drives. The little things like auto dimming rear mirror, f sport frontage and auto folding mirrors... I can see why you guys love it. Photos...
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    @Tom24 He won't want the plate this is his other form of transport on his days off, plates not required 😂 @Warrington guy en route to the pub Big Rat
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    @emjay82 Couldn't agree more I mean sat on a plane with a load of screaming kids calls for the appropriate action by the crew 😂 Big Rat
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    I think @Tom24 is serious considering swapping his two weeks for a day and night in Mid-Wales. The weather will probably be similar , beaches are to die for and there's so much to do for kids ..... . No brainer really
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    Great clip, are you sure they're Russian? Could by @Rusty Crobar returning home from today's meet....
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    Great afternoon and a good turn out, nice selection of cars. Good to put some faces to names/usernames
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    Thanks for a great afternoon, some really classy cars in attendance. Thought I'd throw in some colour to an otherwise quite monochrome line-up Good to put some faces to forum names, not sure how many I will be able to recall .... Roll on the warmer weather and more GTGs
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    Great photos there, looks like a good turnout too. Hope you all had a lovely afternoon 😀 would have attended myself but have to work Saturdays. 😔
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    Personally, I would rather go with something like this: Incidentally, did the IS250 ever get the HDD navigation over the DVD based system? If so, does anyone know which year?
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    Great stuff. A new record I believe :)
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    Just looked on Autotrader. First car that popped up was this. I know which I'd prefer!
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    Collected Alexa today yeah she has a name am sad like that. Took her for a wash and fill up her tank. Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
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    Hello ashleigh and a warm welcome to the forum 😀 That's a lovely looking lexus you have there.
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    To be fair there wasn't any crap on it that I could see. The wires/elements looked in perfect condition but it has made a definite difference since cleaning. I gave it a couple of days before posting just in case it was that placebo effect.
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    I think Audi offer it through MyAudi On a side note, it seems pretty good. Ive added both my cars - shows PDI dates, inspection dates, everything that's been changed, warranty work etc etc
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    And just in case you are not jesting, make sure you have unlimited minutes on your mobile call plan.
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    Hi Guys, That was me in sittingbourne.P717 HMM. I had just left left my sisters house in Sittingbourne & was on the way to visit a sick friend in Herne bay & observing the speed ,limit .when another LS I now know to be Malc came past me like a bat out of hell. I did to try to catch you up Malc but got caught behind a large lorry waiting to turn right. I saw you in the rear view briefly & the next moment you was along side me on kickdown.(Sounded good)Had you flashed me up I would have stopped for a chat
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    Thanks for that. It confirms my suspicions, but the struts I got from them for both the RX and my LS bonnets have worked out fine, hence I went with them for the rears. A phone call on Monday I think. However, my old struts have been binned as I had to cut them off the brackets, so I'll be asking for upgraded items to be sent prior to me sending theirs back. I'll have a look at the motor first though. Pete
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    I think the problem is that the original struts have no part number or any meaningful markings on them for places like SGS to base their replacement struts on and so the replacements often aren't up to the job. Like you, I also got a replacement set from SGS and had the same problems. When I spoke to someone there they said that they always err on the side of caution and pressurise the struts to a low value first. He said that if I sent them back they could increase the pressure rating, so that's what I did, but sadly they still didn't work properly and I still had the same problem. I ended up buying a set of original struts from a breakers yard on Ebay for £40 and they now work perfectly. The brand new set of SGS struts are currently sitting in the garage as an expensive failed experiment. The only other thing I could suggest is to make sure the lift motor is well lubricated - mine was dry as a bone when we looked at it.
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    2 sleeps to go until I become the next new owner, of this.....thanks in advance to Paul for his time (and jet washing skills)
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    So you can see us all standing there in the rain haha? Hey at least it didn't take me as long to give the ISF a bath this morning with the help of mother nature.
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    Hi everyone I test drove a 2005 is250 SE Auto with 65,000 miles last week. The ride was smooth, and I could barely hear the engine. The car has a Lexus service history up to 2015, minimal external imperfections, and the water pump was replaced a few weeks ago. I decided to purchase it there and then! I look forward to posting my experiences in the future
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    Hopefully it stays dry. Up nice and early to give the car wash.
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    Hi I'm just 5 mins down the road from you in cannock and I've seen you driving around on several occasions. Muckly corner, eastern avenue and the A5 near Brownhills to name a few.
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    It is so difficult to argue with these smart young upstarts Robert ! Regards John
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    You are one extremely lucky boy Rudy (as indeed are all members of this Forum). Most people currently on this Planet do not have the opportunity to have one bite of the cherry and you have at least two ! 99.9999% of people who have ever lived on this Planet have never owned a car. 99.9999% of people who have ever lived on this Planet have never lived to be your age (whatever that is) 99.9999% of people who have lived on this Planet have never been as Rich as you (however Rich you are ) Just dwell for a few moments and ponder what I have said, as I pondered many years ago and you/we should thank our lucky stars for the pleasures we have been privileged to experience. I wish you well with the Celsior and look forward to your continuing contributions informing us of the pleasures she provides. Regards John
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    Brake grunt is normal according to my dealer. In desperation, as it was driving me nuts, I purchased a set of pads and fitted them myself (with plenty of Cera Tec) and now they are virtually silent. imho any half decent garage can change brake pads or DIY. and dont pay Lexus prices, not that they seemed interested in doing anything to mine. Enjoy your car they are superb. Ed
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    Welcome Robert. I've had mine 19 months and am still learning. The manual is not always clear but the help on this forum is. Just ask. John (coming up to halfway to moon.)
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    From your avatar you have the colour car that I was searching for. I've had mine almost 2 months now and I'm still learning new things about the car. Fire away with any queries, there are plenty of helpful folks around here.
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    pre-fitting 1) need to cut the second hole on the genuine bumper. Without cuttint you can't put on the car ( rear lip ) 2) need remove genuine side skirts 3) need remove LEXUS LOGO ( trunk spoiler )