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    after being abroad for a few yrs we are back in the uk ...picked up a 2003 ls430 today with 130k on the clock for the princely sum of 800£ .....cpl niggly things but they can be sorted or lived with well pleased to be honest
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    Just finished my second tour of Scotland, incorporating the NC500, plus much more. Totaled 1,915 miles in a week. First time up there in the Lexus and it was great. Loved every minute... Well except when I was stuck behind camper vans!
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    So sorry with the delay, Don't know why the pictures were not working. Ah well, here they are!
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    My japan racing wheels were looking a bit tatty so I've had them refurbished at flat out alloys in cardiff. I changed the silver for porsche grey metallic with a satin finish and diamond cut spokes for a more OEM finish and to hide the dirt a bit better! Hard to do them justice in photos, they look even better in real life! Cost was £500. All opinions welcome, except @Flytvr 😉
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    G60, tuned to approx. 240bhp. 350s/370 were probably on a par in the twisties, but they didn't stand a chance on the straights, and couldn't brake as late. I didn't think the IS-F would be as good in the corners, but I was really surprised. So much grip and gave me lots of confidence.
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    Nice to see summer coming around in the UK, I bet that 30c weather feels like 50c My normal day here is usually around 35c and soon it'll be between 40-50c lol I can't wait to drive the ISF in 20c weather or colder
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    Him and his better half are both Police in London and are based in the near-London SE. Sale process was very easy, with the exception of the actual payment mechanism (online / telephone banking). Price was agreed pre-meet, I test drove, showed the features, they had a look round and the deal was done. Happy bunnies all round. I'm sure he'll fit in; his other vehicles are a twin turbo IS300 and a custom imported / built GT-R (not sure, but I seem to recall R34 being mentioned) with 700bhp.
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    How long before your Mrs ummmmmmm - kerbs the wheels?
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    Well I've recently got my F sport back. Had its first MOT today at 28,500 miles. Over the past few days I noticed my dealer in Cheltenham had a 2015 GS300H Luxury for sale with 11,000 miles. To cut a long story short drove it this morning and did a deal on it. . was pleasantly surprised to find that although not advertised it had the Mark Levinson sound option. Hopefully picking it up Friday. Must say the ride and seats are much softer than my IS which is my main reason for changing now and not in a few months time. I have been getting backache for a while and am hoping the softer seats and ride will help.
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    Just spotted this one making rounds on the net: I don't know about you, but I found it extremely similar shape to LC (though BMW is probably larger car)... Almost like BMW and Lexus worked on similar project like Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ
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    Thanks yeah a lot of hard work has gone into it.
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    Post 97 on here and then on the next page you seem them installed in the alloys
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    Hope you were gentle on those poor non-V8 drivers 😁
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    Paint those centre caps black and bond genuine centres to them. Check out the earlier pages of my build thread as i uploaded a couple of photos. Creates a genuine looking centre cap. My alloys are Japan racing also so should have same size caps
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    Update: My Mini VCI cable arrived today (the same one Shahpor linked in post # 6 above). After one false start the <ahem> software and USB serial port drivers appear to have installed correctly, i.e. it runs and can see the VCI cable. Car is tucked away in it's garage 100 yards away, so tomorrow luchtime at work we'll see if i can have a little chat with Mr IS250! (my car doesn't have a name, yet!) Regards, Andrew P.S. Arqum, did you get yours yet?
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    @Flytvr thought your alternative isf thread was lacking some relevant content....
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    This is actually a very good question and subject to a lot of opinion. Here is mine: MB certainly squeezed on quality between 2007 and roughly 2015 but this was more in terms of interior and exterior quality rather than mechanical. Mechanically they've been the same i.e. hit or miss depending on your luck. The interiors took a large step up in 2015, better materials used for each model that was refreshed after 2015 and it all started off with the latest C class. Having said that, there are certain issues with exterior quality - gone is the rusty arches but wheels have proven to be a big problem. Audi quality has improved both inside and out. Again, have certain issues which are more common - electrical problems mainly. Mechanically have probably stayed about the same. VW is the same as Audi - definite improvement in all areas since 2008, just take a look at an 05 Golf and a 13 plate Golf for example. BMW quality has reduced slightly - they're cutting corners in places that people don't notice - i.e harder plastics further downwards but BMW wheels are notorious for not being painted properly in the area where the nuts are. Orange peel seems to be a bigger problem on the newer cars as well. Their leather quality has declined as well. Jag - I would say they've improved in some areas and reduced in others. Mechanically they are better now than back then but the quality of materials used in older Jags was far far superior than the Hyundai quality plastics used in cars like the XE for example. Overall, there's nothing to suggest that post 2010 Lexus models are any less reliable than older models.
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    Not sure what the original finish looked like but this finish isn't for me The job itself looks spot on though. As Robb said though, try and get some Lexus centre caps - it'll set the car off great compared to the ones it has on now.
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    Great stuff. Nice bunch of cars! VR6 or G60? How'd the 350/370Zs fair against the F. F looks good in silver, but so much better in the flesh - clean or dirty.
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    David, it's great up there (bar the caravans/etc) and well worth the effort haulin' all the way up there. Great pic's, thanks for sharing. Now you've made me jealous as our recent trip to Belgium didn't have any scenery that compares.
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    I had no problems when fitted :) Really nice fitment
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    My father in law worked in mining in southern Africa and had nothing but contempt for Landrovers, which he regarded as lethal machines to take out into the bush. I've experienced Toyota hardiness many times taking a Hilux off-road in South Africa through floods and searingly hot boulder-strewn land. The mention of Porsche reliability reminded my of an incident over the weekend where a neighbour, who has a 4 year old Porsche Cayenne, used a stick to hold the tailgate open. I asked her about this and she said the mechanism (struts? motors?) had failed and the quote to fix it was very high. I noted the irony as I cleaned my wife's 1998 Celica with tailgate struts as strong as the day it rolled off the line in Japan.
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    Completed and WOOHOO me. £1.10. That was much easier than I thought.
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    I hope it was worth it!
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    Hey Stuart, did you manage to retrieve your missing £1 coin?
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    It's going to be an interesting one to sort out. I'm no corporate lawyer..... but if anyone shows any interest in buying any part of the business (whole, Japanese or US subsidiary) they'll structure it to leave this liability behind with the previous business. If the current Takata business was big enough / profitable enough to carry all this it wouldn't be going bankrupt. The recall Is such an overwhelming size and cost. Takata have also not done themselves any favours by initially trying to cover up the issue. As mentioned by Linas.P our line of liability goes back through the retailer ( used or new) and ultimately to Lexus U.K./EU. If we have a defective part in the car then it's their responsibility to solve it....... Lexus have issued a U.K. Recall notice so it's sitting squarely at their door. Even the synical view that many might have know Takata would not survive does not help the problem disappear as it's safety related. http://blog.caranddriver.com/massive-takata-airbag-recall-everything-you-need-to-know-including-full-list-of-affected-vehicles/#list Sent from my iPad using Lexus OC
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    Saw this on AutoTrader - looks a good one, not cheap but looks good. I have no connection with the trade seller. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201706126368137?model=LS 400&sort=distance&radius=1500&onesearchad=Used&make=LEXUS&postcode=ct147th&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1
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    I think most cars would Matt after Pete's. Power to weight ratio must be getting pretty high now I would imagine. Particularly liked how complient it was yet totally planted as well. Very impressive. Have a funny feeling you might be right about H&S.👍🏻😉 Look forward to catching up next time. That's a shame, we were in the House of Fraser car park on the top level. Hopefully we can all catch up next time.
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    With 285s up front he must do some speed before the understeer starts! His brother works there and has a modded M5.
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    For the record, I really like the standard wheels, just wish they were a bit wider!
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    Thought I'd share a few pics of what the ISF has been replaced with.
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    @Flytvr, it took a few months, that's for sure. There weren't many on when I started, now there seems to be a glut. I know mine has slightly higher mileage than average, but it did necessitate a couple of drops in ticket price before I got the bite.
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    today i took a picture of the rear silencer / tailpipe assembly whilst i was at lexus i now understand how it all goes together. the finisher bolts on to the rear muffler
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    Each to their own :) There are of course multiple ways at looking at this. In the past I used to enjoy being annihilated from the lights just so I could see a fast car perform. Would I still enjoy being beaten.......yep. I'd love to see exactly how fast a P1 or similar is off the line. So I'm guessing hat those in lower powered cars, like me, enjoy seeing faster cars take off and disappear (until said speed limit is reached)
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    Very trusting to let a Range Rover driver use your vehicle?
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    There's a USB port in the centre console box, along with a nice little tray to place your iPhone/iPod on and keep it out of sight without rattling around in the box. The iPod connection is more full-featured than the basic USB file management - it will actually show album art and tags. The interface still sucks, but that applies to the whole system!
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    Unbelievable value. The gsF is too big for my garage so I'm going to have to factor in the cost of a new home when I upgrade!
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    Hi everyone, picked this up yesterday. Drove back to Manchester from Leeds during rush hour so wasn't an ideal first drive:( .. Wanted black but the silver is really growing on me!
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    Probably my favourite photo so far. Really looking forward to getting the ones Matt did for the Banzai article. Guess that won't be for a while though! Still waiting for them to contact me to write the article.
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    For some reason I have many pics of front wing.....?