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    Thank you all for the comments :) Still May 2017 Like i said after i have paid the car i have collected all the paperwork from it hoping that i will find out something about the previous owner ... and i found a name J. Murray and some photos with him,so my detective skills which i have never used before have been activated and i have managed to find him on Facebook but it looked like it was using just one per year so i wrote to him but never received anything back , so i have looked at all his friends and wrote to them but again nothing back . When i almost lost my hope i said lets look again through the paperwork and there it was , an invoice from VW on a Golf diesel affected by the recall with his name on it and very little in a corner his telephone number so i have called him but no answer . Few minutes later i got a call back from him , explained who i am and arranged a meeting in London in about 1 hour for a chat . Got there to find a nice chap in his 50's with a sad story . He bough this car last year as he had only Lexus cars for a number of years and that was one of his goals and decided to change it for an RC-F in December last year as a present for himself . He managed to find a buyer for the car and his next car, the RC-F at a Lexus dealer in London which i will not name it as i don't want to damage its name too much . A deposit has been paid by the buyer of the LS600 with the condition that the car will be serviced at a Lexus dealer + a health check and the cost of everything that needs to be replaced to be deducted from the remaining amount which he agreed. Car has been taken for a service , it came out and 15 miles later a nice engine started under the engine . Apparently the mechanics have fractured a fuel pipe next to the cats and fuel has leaked onto so a fire was inevitable . He called Lexus but they said it is not their problem and they had nothing to do with it , long story short , Lexus never admitted the fault , he claimed through the insurance , car is a CAT D write off , he paid an external engineer for a report of what happened and he was going to sue Lexus . Sad but at least i knew where to start from and that explained why i have not been able to see any fire from the top of the engine , also there was no smell of smoke inside at all . He also kept all the service history , extra 2 keys as the car came only with the wallet key , manuals and any other paperwork that was car related so for a small fee i have bought them all from them and we said goodbye to each other . - To be continued -
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    Hi all, May 2017 It has been 1 year and 2 months since i have sold my GS450 , i just sold my Audi A8 and my plan was to buy something sensible , economical as my work commute of just 14 miles per day can be done comfortable in pretty much anything but me being me as always and my plans always getting ditched due to an emotional decision i have decided to browse a website known for selling damaged vehicles and looked for a Lexus. This is when i knew i have found my next car and despite my brain shouting pretty much to move away from it , i chose with my heart . It is a Lexus LS600h L from 2008 with 92k miles looking a bit sorry for itself , not starting due to an unknown condition and having a burn damage as well as no history and just one key , the card key . I have managed to go and have a look at the car before the auction day and to be honest i was a bit disappointed as it was looking very for itself , i have seen that i t has just one key , no service history , no paperwork about it , the interior looked like someone lived in it for a while , front bumper with some scuffs as well as the rear . The fire was nowhere to be seen , despite looking at the engines for a while so in the end i said ''challenge accepted'' . The auction day came and in the final round was a romanian (me) and a polish guy , it got a bit over my budget and just a few seconds before the bid to finish i have outbid my competitor and won it . I have already discussed with Westfeld Motors in Rayleigh , my old lexus garage to see if they would take such a project and also with Richard from the Hybrid battery solutions in case there is any problem with the hybrid systems and both said they will do it . The payment day came , paid the car , asked the place if they can let me take a few things from the car and also if they can deliver it to Westfield Motors which they agreed . I took all the items from the car hoping to find something about the previous owner and more information about what the hell happened to this car . Here are the pictures taken from the auction website and the description of it . - To be continued - Copart description.pdf
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    @Flytvr here are pics when I first got the car, steering wheel is now in cf and has a flat bottom and the interior trim will be changed to CF soon.
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    I believe you can also mute the radio by holding the MODE button on the steering wheel Its funny how the dealers don't know these things - its in the manual as well and if I was Lexus, Id be insisting that they read the manual front to back for every model that comes out
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    I destoryed the dynasors off Chixilub in Mexico !! Do not tackled with me young man!!!! :):) Regards John
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    You had starched underwear? 12 years old? Luxury. We had to go up in nothing and we were only 6. John
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    School? We didn't have such a thing in my day, up the chimney in starched underwear at 12 years old. In all seriousness, what an interesting story this is, who needs TV?
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    @Warrington guy Dave you could be right, but I suspect he's out now scouting his used car dealers trying to find one in fact this little beauty looks right up his alley ............... Stylish eh 😂 Big Rat
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    That's right, @Rebecca, my car doesn't have ML. I'm guessing your car (despite being registered in 2011) is a 2010 model, like my old car was. There does seem to be a lot of crossover between 2010 & 2011 F-Sports. For example, @dougie175's car is a facelift model on a 60 plate, yet there's quite a few pre-facelift cars out there on an "11" reg. Case in point is this car that's currently for sale at Lexus Bradford. What's interesting (to me at least) about this car is that it was registered only 2 weeks before mine and that the number plate is almost the same. Only the last two letters are different on my car, so I guess Lexus Nottingham were also the original supplying dealer for it. Anyway yes, sadly Lexus cut some of the equipment from the F-Sport trim for MY2011 cars. Not only is Mark Levinson unavailable (not even as an option), but the newer cars also don't have the electrically-adjustable steering column, memory seats or the auto-folding & dipping mirrors that 2010 cars had as standard. I was originally a bit miffed that all the music DVDs I had bought to play in my old car were now useless, but the normal stereo is pretty damn close. The memory stuff I never really used much, but I definitely do wish that my mirrors dipped when I engage reverse. That's the one thing I really do miss!
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    Big rat . I'm surprised dav hasn't been along . Especially when there's a lovely red interior on show
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    I must disagree with you there Peter on two counts possibly three. One your going to get less mpg from V Power in spite of what the adds say. Two your paying "in your words" possibly £5 extra for less mpg. A fuel additive "injector cleaner" added twice a year would have the same or better results at less cost. I did work for Esso Petroleum for a number of years, and most of what you hear is marketing hype. Although the CT "the car the OP is asking about" has a high theoretical compression ratio, it's actual compression ratio is much lower as being an Atkinson cycle engine the inlet valves are kept open for part of the compression "short compression" stroke so reducing it's compression. It also has a long stroke combustion designed for a long slow burn to get the most from the mixture expansion as it burns. This increases the engine efficiency. John.
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    To cut a long story short... After MUCH 'work' behind the scenes by my Lexus dealer ( and the scheduled Service and MOT - passed :) ), the Warranty company DID pay for the work. I take my hat off to my Lexus dealer, who did a great job and were VERY supportive. My car is now back home.
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    Couldnt agree more Ian, We all drive a Lexus AND are motoring enthusiasts one way or the other as we are interested in the LOC and spend time here debating our cars. It will be our common interest to lift the Lexus brand and increase the Lexus service. Brand loyalty seems bigger with us than with other brands. SO, Lexus, are you listening? We are here to help if wanted! Having said that, i do think that any manufacturer that takes itself serious and has a group of customers organised in a club open for all will listen in as this will provide tons of information that will enhance customer service and marketing efforts. Lexus UK will no doubt have a highly trained Customer Service Department that you can contact on facebook, twitter and by mail and you will get a reply within the hour? The M/D s of the dealers and all sales directors and managers will follow the LOC activities out of professional interest? Will they? Anyone working for Lexus amongst the members?
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    I guess that is more IS mk2 type of thing. I think I have even seen few IS220d taxis... overall mk2 IS has understated looks, but not IS-F as much. In terms of RC-F I believe is it similar to SC - I remember Top Gear naming it worst car of the century, but all those evaluations are done on list price of new car. I tend to agree that for £60k (~£80k on today's money) SC was rather disappointing car, but looking at used prices they are quite appealing. Same for RC-F... I cannot imagine myself paying £60k for new one, but at current prices say £35-40k is it excellent value.
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    All the time, even had people getting in the back on a Saturday night and asking me how much it will be to take them in to town..........................
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    I'll be very interested in what lexus have to say. In all my years I'd driving and I've owned many brands, I've never experienced such poor quality wheels as lexus. I've owned 2 lexus cars and both of them have suffered corrosion and paint flaking. Never had this on any other brand. Definitely not what you expect on a prestige motor.
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    There was an issue that Lexus acknowledged years ago where they were replacing countless wheels due to the alloy corrosion on the cars wheels. I am aware of it from the Gen 1IS's (IS200) but probably before that also. I think the replacement wheels just fizzled out at some point - not enough people complaining? Its a bit of a poor recognition of the failure of a component as its been evident for over 15 years+ (same as the brake calipers really) Its evident on the Gen 2's also but worth giving it a go but I wont hold out hope for any replacement, maybe like Linas says, you may receive a discount but at Lexus prices that wont amount to much over the 4 wheels required unless they send them away for a refurb but unlikely as they wont be able to guarantee the product in the future. All 4 will need to be done to match the colour. The issue you will have and is what I have experienced, is that if left, over time they will corrode on the inside and lead to unbalanced pressures on all 4 tyres (worst case) as the corrosion on the inside will break the seals and lead to "slow puncture" scenarios. I was looking to replace mine with OEM Lexus ones but judging by the lifespan of them and the hassle in rectifying the issue when it appears again (tyre removal and refurb) I am planning to replace with non OEM ones.
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    Glad to see that this topic gets some interest and thank you all for the comments . Next part will be written tomorrow so stay tuned
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    I don't know myself, but looking to car service history Lexus has replaced rims for previous owner @ 4x£47.50 inc. VAT because previous set has corroded. So maybe they do not replace them under warranty, but giver huge discounts on replacement (over 80-90%). I guess if you don't raise it with them you won't know.
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    £1995 for the Premium Nav option, then another £1000 for the ML. Personally I couldn't justify £1k on a sound system in a car. I find the 10 speaker Premium Nav sound more than adequate. I would prefer to spend it on my home system, where the acoustics are far more controllable ...
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    Butlers get terrible press, no-one ever looks closely at the nanny, Louise Woodward anyone.....
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    I'm hooked on this story......
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    Now THIS is going to be an interesting thread! Hurry please with the next post Adrian, let us be part of your big adventure! ( admire your courage by the way)
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    Nothing ventured and all that, but you're a braver man than me. Let's hope it all works out as Malc said, a shallow pit!
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    There's nothing to loose by using the likes of V Power and possibly gaining a cleaner engine. At approximately £5 extra a tank it's worth it IMHO.
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    Primarily the amount of power you get from any liquid or gas fuel depends on it's calorific value "the amount of energy it contains for a given quantity", and secondary what the engine was designed to run on. The lower octane fuels contain more calories than the higher octane, and the CT was designed to run on the lower octane rated fuels this is in the handbook. You will gain both performance, and economy by staying with the correct grade. There is nothing to gain from using higher octane fuels providing there are no problems with the engine such as a faulty knock sensor. If the knock sensor is faulty a higher octane fuel will mask the problem. John.
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    I'd go for the premium product, I use Shell V Power in my cars, can't say it's noticeably better, perhaps a 2-3mpg improvement,but i do believe the added detergents are a plus factor in keeping the fuel and engine cleaner,and, in the grand scheme of things, with an average of 50mpg it's not going to break the bank. There have been too many reported cases of supermarket fuels causing issues, rightly or wrongly, for me to take the risk. I don't want to get in to a heated discussion, just my tuppenceworth.
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    excuse me ... isn't the average Lexus owner 60+ and also wearing jeans and trainers and also I quote from the following too " That said, the 'structural' aspects of Lexus dealers tick the right boxes. You're greeted professionally when you walk in, the coffee is excellent, and clearly effort is spent on making everything look slick." When taking my Honda Legend to the Main Dealer . Barrett's in Canterbury ..... using their free courtesy bus to the City Centre and to their Jaguar Land Rover showroom there, via their other main dealer showrooms en route ........ for Mini and BMW.. . it is quite clear that it is the dealer offering a tremendous service with coffee, newspapers etc and that is down to the ethos of the BRAND of Barrett's . a long standing family business ... not just the marque requirements My dealings at the Mazda main dealer in Canterbury were not of a similar quality, where the sales staff couldn't care a monkey's if one wished to view a new car or not ( my 1994 car was in for a free re-call earlier this year ) ........... clearly not owned by Barrett's and it shows hahahahaha ............ maybe it was the jeans and trainers and a 23 year old Mazda that made them think I was broke and not worth bothering with eh ! Malc
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    unfortunately if everyone listened to Lexus reviews made by Top gear we wouldn't buy any model.
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    Yes the ML is optional The majority were demos, press vehicles or pre-reg. They had significant trouble in the first year shifting them due to the Top Gear review and hence, significant discounts were given after the 1st year on these vehicles.
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    That's excellent news. It's good to see that Lexus dealers seem, in general, to be on the side of their customer. It's sad that Lexus themselves now seem to delegate all warranty claims to TWG who, in turn, appear determined to refuse as many as possible.
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    @doro708 Well done that man a lot of car for the money, even not knowing what you paid as looking at Lexus Main Dealer prices they do in my opinion represent great value for money, I've a soft spot for these. Love the interior trim colour throughout and who knows with a bit of luck not to many faults. Will watch the thread with interest. Bug Rat
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    Its refreshing to hear LOC members experience's with positive dealer engagement as well as poor service. I wonder is this club blog ever read by anyone significant within LEXUS UK ? Sadly we will never know! If we have been treated unfairly or in a less than professional manner perhaps we should complain directly to customer services at Lexus and see if they take a grip of those dealers that fall short of required standards for what is a great brand and product!
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    I tried the Turtle Wax (Magic wax with a black die in it) on the scratches on the bumper yesterday - my lad was using it on his black car so I thought I would give it a go to see what the result was on the damaged bumper. The wax came with a lipstick type of wax on a stick and a bottle of wax. While it is not a cure as the scratches are quite deep and it does need repair and re-spray, the wax has covered the scratches. They are still there but not immediately noticeable - pictures below are before and after. First time using this so I done the whole car - stone chips are not visible after using this also (they are still there but the die has hidden them) I thought it was really good stuff as a temporary measure - bit messy and needed to wear gloves. BEFORE - original post after the damage was done AFTER - after using the wax yesterday AFTER - after using the wax yesterday
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    Hey folks I think I found the rear seat rattle problem. Mine is a 2014 RX 350. Beneath the rear center seat are 2 hinges which appear near the front of the seat. The left hinge is tight and snug while th right hinge has a little play in it.....very very little. But it's enough to get that rat-a-tat-tat metal to metal sound. I can reproduce the sound by hand by bouncing the seat or by shaking the hinge. The right hinge parts are a bad fit. But it is still intermittent while driving
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    My 2010 F-Sport doesn't have ML either. No cooled seats either just about everything else though
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    A small update. The weather was a bit dodgy today so I was restricted to some interior work. It was well overdue tbh as a few recent sunny mornings had highlighted significant amounts of dust starting to accumulate. So the car was vacuumed for the first time in a while and the dashboard and other plastics etc were given a quick spruce up. The floor mats were then removed, cleaned using Autoglym Hi-Foam Shampoo before being treated with a liberal coating of Scotch Gard. My main motivation for tidying-up the interior though, was because this arrived during the week. Original... F-Sport.... Just a small change then, but one I'll notice everytime I drive the car.
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    Hi Ian, that is an interesting combo. Here lives a man that knows itś cars! I always admired the little IQ for itś package. position of gearbox, minimalist design. A car for people in the know.,, And Edward, many moons ago i had an Alfa GT Junior which i drove to the beach every day in summer when i was a student. Fun was over when i had a puncture and tried to jack it up went straight through the chassis can still hear that ripping sound.
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    i guess the manufacturer thinks the flying tyre was sufficient warning lol
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    The biggest tip I can give is check your insurer has amended your car value - at this years renewal I discovered my three year old CT was still being insured for its replacement value not it's market value - getting it amended saved over £100. Maybe not every insurer fails to spiral the value down each year but mine hadn't and it was costing unnecessarily as a result
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    There is an audio warning when you're very close, it's sort-of an expensive-sounding crunching noise.....
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    I have only ever seen one car advertised without the ML, and I was quite surprised because I thought it was a standard fitment\default option. With regards the TVD I would agree that it probably doesn't have a great impact during day to day driving (assuming you're not pushing it everywhere you go) but the cost of this as an option vs. the £18k plus for the diff as a spare part seems it will make cars with a TVD more sought after in the future. When i was looking for mine I had the choice of a base car with only ML, about 10k less mileage and in very good condition, or a car with all options (including the light grey leather which i like as lifts the interior) and about 10k more miles and not such perfect condition. I went for the fully optioned car as I like my toys, don't do a massive annual mileage and i hope will be more desirable come resale time.
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    Yeah maybe space suite... Or they can loan me RC-F or similar until it is fixed .. I don't mind...
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    Reading on here about the failures of the multiple ECUs in the LS460 made me realise the LS400 is as complicated car as I want.
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    IMHO all this gadetry is a darned distraction, which I assume with the coming of driverless cars is not an issue. Maybe in the future cars will come with kettles, fridges, bookcases (for us traditionalists), a workbench, and wine cellar, all useful to keep you busy while the car whisks you up the M1 into the back of another car! It might be 28 years behind Lexus, but Lexus then must have known you only want a certain level of distraction, not a full-blown IT system in the dashboard.
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    I do love the Blackpool illuminations at night... just right.... Not a brilliant picture but the best my iPhone can do...!!!!
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    Last one was daughters Colt, the letters are just too big on a black car... (her's is a CZ2 and had a big "1.3" badge the other side as well, don't have a before pic..) We think it looks much better after...