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    Called at a car meet yesterday and spotted this beauty. Can't be many around
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    Had pals visit for the weekend and their pah tagged along who was keen to go for a ride in the GS He has a mobility scooter which none of us thought would fit in the boot but to our amazement it went in quite easily! Anything we bought whilst we were out, had to go inside the cabin tho Excuse the dirty car, I washed it the next day...honest. Along with their car which took some cleaning and machine polishing to get the Seagull poop off the roof, I've never seen such a mess
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    My daughter loves it. She's only 4 years old but she knows a Lexus and Toyota when she's sees one on the road, when she sees a bmw she's says "look a Bmtroubleyou" lol. But she loves the sc. I keep saying to her I might sell it to get a 4 door car, and she says noooo don't sell it because I love it. So I'm actually looking for a very cheap 4 door car and I mean cheap as I want to park the sc up for winter too. Mine has the orange type of colour interior and I've had it resprayed Porsche lapis blue pearl. It was light blue when I bought it, but because the previous owner took it to Austria and back, it was scratched up to the max.
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    Lexus Cheltenham - always had good servicing on all 5 Lexus I've had serviced there. Also purchased one brand new Lexus from them and prep & handover was good, no problems. Less good imo are their part-ex prices and willingness to do a deal on their approved used vehicles. The deal I got for a new IS300h was good but I've purchased 3 approved used Lexus and each time this dealership was poor in comparison with others in terms of price and part-ex values so I bought from other Lexus dealerships. One of the sales guys was a little less than honest when I was shopping round for an NX so this dealership would never be my first choice when buying an approved used Lexus. Happy with all servicing here though and it is my closest. Lexus Derby - bought an approved used IS250 F-Sport unseen from this dealership. Asked all the right questions on phone and via email and all replies were accurate. Turned up to collect the car and it was exactly as advertised except for a slight scrape on one of the wheels. They agreed to repair this free of charge after delivery and did so with no problems. Got a good deal on this car - price and trade-in - well pleased. Too far away for me to use for regular servicing though. Lexus Wolverhapmton - bought two approved used Lexus from here, an IS200t Sport and my current NX. Both experiences were first class. Quickly got to a deal I was happy with on both occasions and the prep and handover on both occasions was faultless. After-sales care was spot on for both cars too because I had to take each car back for minor work soon after taking delivery. NX went back for a wheel alignment adjustment. Can't remember exactly what the IS200t went back for but it was minor. The reason for going back was to ensure any work was done foc because, for example, wheel alignment is not covered under warranty for obvious reasons. Visited Lexus Birmingham to get something checked out on one of my Lexus. Can't remember what though. I was promised a call back and never received a call. I could have chased but I got it sorted elsewhere. Can't for the life of me remember exactly what it was though. Just wish Lexus cars went a bit longer between services though. Probably ok for owners doing 10-12k miles per year but less good for me because I do 20k miles per year which is two services.
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    my dashcam is a thinkware f770 ... it fits really snug to the glass, behind the mirror & hard to see outside the car ... the wires are totally hidden in the roof lining.... fed up of crazy BMW drivers onthe M25, woried about exactly this scenario.
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    Get in touch with this Lexus Dealer, selling on EBay so geared up to post bits out to you! http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Lexus-Birmingham-Parts?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 paul m.
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    Nothing to lose by asking. Don't be too surprised if they reject the request. They have replaced a lot under extended warranty... last I heard on this forum they had removed wheels from those parts being covered. Lexus just don't do wheels very well .... and have not done for years. Very poor approach for the brand. The wheels on my old is200 Sport were replaced by Lexus ....but they were shot within 2 years. Blistered and bubbled all over the place. Take a look at the inside of your wheels ...... they are not finished properly...so the outer finish has a week point at the edge of the spokes. That's where they peel from. I could pull up the edge of the finish at that point and feel it pinging all round the wheel .... very very poor. The finish of my wheels (which I really like the design of) on my current IS250 were literally flaking off in sheets and blistering from underneath the finish around the valves. I decided to go to a reputable local refurber. Chemical strip, repair a few kerb marks and resprayed, glazed and oven baked all over. Now they spankingly good and a doddle to keep looking good. £300 but oh so worth it to me. This is how they look now. They were done last year around May/June.
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    I believe you can also mute the radio by holding the MODE button on the steering wheel Its funny how the dealers don't know these things - its in the manual as well and if I was Lexus, Id be insisting that they read the manual front to back for every model that comes out
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    To cut a long story short... After MUCH 'work' behind the scenes by my Lexus dealer ( and the scheduled Service and MOT - passed :) ), the Warranty company DID pay for the work. I take my hat off to my Lexus dealer, who did a great job and were VERY supportive. My car is now back home.
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    @Mark6pot Mark Nah Matey that's chicken feed at those miles. Now with me being a bit of a research freak I know of the full index numbers of 98 ISF's + another 20 that are on cherished transfers. I've looked at the MOT history of everyone of these cars irrespective of the mileage and they are what I can only discribe as bloody good 😊 So out of all of the data I've got the mileages are in between 15008 and 211344 for all years covering 08 to 63. And I looked at this last month. One thing and one thing only is abundantly clear and it's this.... Inner tyre wear to both fronts is mentioned in nearly every single car every year sometimes failure but mostly advisory irrespective of mileage. It is extremely rare for suspension steering to even be mentioned again irrespective of age and mileage. The strange anomalies that come up fairly often is 'engine tray covers obscure steering suspension components' but I've yet to see this result in a fail. The odd windscreen chip like yourself and advisories figure fairly regularly for pad wear. One or two for lighting issues but again rarely. I think this speaks voulumes for the build quality of these cars, I'm in the process of doing some comparisons with the same number of random chosen M3 C63 of the same age range to see what's thrown up, hope some find this interesting. Big Rat
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    29.6 mpg over nearly 300 Miles.
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    I'm pleased with the new lance, my first one clogged very easily (user error?) and in frustration I enlarged the feed. The downside of my 'mod' was that it used up the foam faster than it should #duh The new lance is much more controllable. The Blizzard snow foam is much thicker and sits on the car longer than Bilt Hamber, which I have been using. It seemed to shift the dirt just as well so I'll try it a few more times to see if the results are consistent - it's relatively dry at the moment so not a thorough test. I haven't tried the Purity X as I'm waiting for a good few hours so I can strip off the remaining protection and start over. Then I'll finish off with Purity X.
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    And I didn't know, that you didn't know, that I didn't know. But now you know, that I know. You know.
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    that... the SatNav on my RX has a compass. Yes, I know it sounds obvious, but I just never realised it before!
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    I didnt know you didnt know.
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    Basically yes. It is very odd, but fundamentally the solution was to have the "Personal Hotspot" page on my iPhone open in order to enable the car to connect to it. So, in this case, it was Apple and not Lexus. (Sono gia infatti in Italia in vacanza, sfortunatamente senza macchina!)
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    Car failed MOT today due to number plates not having a "BS number" or the name of the number plate manufacturer displayed, learn something new all the time. Back in tomorrow for a free retest with proper plates. Some advisories were; Large stone chip on windscreen passenger side, smaller than 10mm. Cut on inside tyre but not through to cord. Front break pads worn but not at limit, this I was aware of as I check myself. For 113038 miles not to bad.
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    Mine passed ! no probs.
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    Things you didn't know you didn't know!
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    Thank you for this! - 2 years on, and the rattle is still there, so I will take a look...
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    Personally not my favourite colour scheme. A few observations. car having adjustable air shocks with High / Low / Sport settings Didn't know that they had this on the Mk1. Certainly not on the Mk2 Would this be a Japanese local Car sold to the former owner. 4,200cc and not 3,969cc as my Car being a Mk2 Reg May 1993. Unusual or not? Tyre wear mentioned - in several MOT's. Surely would be the original tyres with such low mileage. Steering Column top becoming slightly worn. Interesting. Have all owners of Mk 1's had such a problem before 20k mileage?
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    We all know the score buddy, 'she who must be obeyed' always wins. We recently stumped up for one of the fancy prams and by golly they ain't cheap.
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    You are probably right she wanted so fancy pants I-Candy thing! Once Imogen gets a bit bigger she can go in 1 of those cheap as chips tiny fold away prams, but the boss is already talking about having another 1 and as I don't get much of a say in these matters think I will need to make sure I have enough room for a pram and a travel system in the next couple of years!
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    Whilst in the 'trunk' I figured it was about time I finally showed the boot net. It sits deep inside (forward portion of) the boot so doesn't block the opening but you still have easy access to bits'n'bobs when other things are in the boot. We find it quite handy.
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    So your boot is around 100 liters larger.
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    Thats why I use a "light" glass sealant like Powermaxed rain off. Beads very well on side and rear windows but tones down on the front after wiper use so it makes visibility better but can still use the wipers! On a side note, you're right about the lambswool brush - its now used for interior dusting! But, Lidl have a wheel cleaning brush - its basically a little noodle mitt in very stiff but flexible metal. The metal is all covered and it works extremely well and is very sturdy. Cost a grand total of £2.50
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    I had the Avons fitted and have driven about 200 miles since - they are very quiet and smooth riding I'm well pleased with them. Now for the rain but I suspect I won't have long to wait ;-)
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    The IS is 1795mm width but the boot capacity is 378 litres which seems quite a bit bigger buts most of it is very difficult to use due to the shape constraints of a saloon car
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    Thats Impressive! The boot looks possibly bigger than my IS! Any chance of a photo of the empty boot on the GS?
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    Hi ive got the same problem i had a word with a helpful chap at our local lexus dealer. He says that so long as the new disc is genuine lexus the software will update all the maps etc, but the operating methods will remain the same. He also said if you were thinking of the latest disc to wait until October as the new models will be out September and the new disc usually follows about a month later. A new disc costs about £106 i think thats ex vat. I also have similar issues with my cd player does the one you got have Bluetooth and aux, etc Cheers
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    Had the same trouble bought the ones from Lexus no more noise
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    I have read pretty much all of the 'wheel related' threads on here and, I have always wondered about Lexus wheels and so, I will ask my question. Do Lexus manufacture their own wheels and further, do some/all motor manufacturers make their own wheels or, are there specific wheel manufacturers from whom car makers buy wheels? I must admit that at the moment my wheels are fine, the car is 3.5 years old. My car is under extended warranty until December 2018 and so I am wondering, if I have a problem with my wheels will they be covered. I must sort out the paperwork for a look see. There is a VIP Event at my dealers this coming weekend, I might go along to see if there is anything that catches my eye. If I change, I won't have to worry about the wheels for a bit longer
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    Agreed. It's suspension so get new items in there. It hurts, especially when you spend £500 on suspension on a £1000 car (my story recently.) But, running these cars always involves digging deep at some point in the interests of safety and preserving the wonderful attributes of Mr Toyota's best.
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    Allan There is no point in putting second hand units on, they will be worn and the problem may get worse. Google the Japanese car spares sites .
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    While moving as it sets to the speed your doing as you move between different limits you can adjust speed by levering up/down. I use it as much as poss when traffic and decent runs allow.
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    I'm yet to use CC on the CT.Do you set it whilst moving or stationary? (I know I should read the manual too haha). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What do you think? Movement in all the rubber Suspension is off it's rubber mount
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    Another tip of the day, I asked the dealer how you mute the radio, he says you cannot, just turn it down,found that if you press the CD pause/play button the mutes what eve you are listening to inc radio.dab
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    @JonP The tyre wear is an odd one my fronts have done almost 20k with up to a couple of weeks ago 4mm across the whole width of the tyre ( Car now on 42k) then I noticed both inner swearing quite badly, odd I'm relenting now and have spoken with Lexus to make sure it's not a warranty breaker going to fit the LCA from RR Racing in the states as per @Peter P18 Big Rat
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    Doesn't matter what it costs. Don't bankrupt yourself, obviously, but If it's affordable (to you) and worth it (to you), do it! Life's too short! ...and post a video up here! I think they look and sound cracking!
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    Here is a little vid clip of the exhaust, Really hard for the phone speakers to pick the sound up properly. Im off to france tomorrow And where i have a house its just country roads so ill try and get some better vids.
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    Just fitted the led side lights, think it looks a lot more up to date now.
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    If the speed and load rating wasn't sufficient for the car, they would try and avoid paying out in the event of a claim. The same is possible with the size not being the official size but i think that's a bit more subjective provided its a sensible change like 195 instead of a 205. With the winter tyres some insurance co's still like to be informed, the majority don't. You can download a full list from the ABI website, our current insurer used to wan to know, they don't anymore. This is what my BMW has (the Lexus isn't with me at the mo), this has been marked on tyres for a few years now, i don't know if its all brands though;
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    So I think it's time for a bit of balance regarding some of the male driving Gods on this thread, now dispite my driving history and experience I'd owned my 'F' a couple of months when I followed Mrs Rat back from picking up her car from a service. Nearing home she rang me to remind me about the concrete blocks delivered and at the end of the drive whilst we were out. So I think you know where this is going I reversed up the drive from the road, like all considerate drivers should and despite all the reversing aids fitted to the car sensors, cameras 40+ years experience, straight into the large visible stack of concrete....... As you can Mrs Rat and her sisters were beside themselves at my misfortune full of support and sympathy, ok well maybe not, only minor paint damage thankfully 😅 Big Rat
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    Well, I decided to go ahead with alcantara. I still have no idea if the centre console to a '13/14 would fit, but I found a great, local guy to do the retrimming work. I'm stunned - fantastic quality work and exactly what I was after. I'll be using him again in the future! (Mods: Not sure if I'm allowed to post a link to his website?) Anyway, here are some before and after shots:
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    @Rusty Crobar Russ it was so loud when I was working nearby had to wear these on my head....... Big Rat
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    There is some good advice on the Financial Ombudsman website: "We generally consider that if insurers expect substantial "wear and tear" to occur within the period covered by the policy, they should not sell policies for that duration." http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/technical_notes/extended-warranties.html Your claim in the small claims track of the county court would be against the dealer who (mis)sold you the warranty, rather than Lexus themselves. The only way to get them to change their mind is to publicly shame them..Twitter, Facebook, the motoring press...
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    Got metronome 52mpg over 100K miles in my old SE, just swapped to a 2017 Sport and almost done 1000 miles and it's a shade under 48 mpg. Can live with that, obviously the change from 16" to 18" tyres but still amazing for a 2.5l petrol. I only drive on Normal though, too much turbo lag on ECO for me.
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    I spent most of the day cleaning it.... AGAIN! Toothbrush and rag inside the car almost have the dirt out of the creases. I'll be spending tomorrow getting deeper down in the engine bay to get at those hard to reach places before giving the car another wash and a good thick coating of wax and a nice soft buff back to a mirrored flawless finish. Here are the latest pictures i took after a 270 mile trip home with it.