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    Noisy cars................anti social things................................
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    He can park next to me. I don't mind showing him up
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    Hi Steve here is the sequel http://www.evansweb.info/2009/11/22/ls400-centre-console-illumination-repair-part-2
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    http://www.evansweb.info/2009/11/15/ls400-centre-console-illumination-repair-part-1 Hi Steve Care to try this.
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    Worth pointing out that performance is relative to what you drive now. I found the NX difficult in terms of performance, didn't think there was much in it between CT and NX on that front albeit NX felt slightly quicker and wouldn't attempt country road overtakes in either. In the RX I find it much much easier, it just blasts past traffic.... effortless.
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    I'll park round the corner if I do come Seriously though, it's surprising how quiet it can be when you also consider how noisy it can be, if that makes sense.
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    Ah, don't thank me. Thank cornershop
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    I have just downloaded the Toyota Techstream 12.00.127 and it seems to work, at least it launches and all options look to be available. I cant try connected to the car as I dont have a usb OBD2 connector but will buy one shortly. I am not sure if it is OK to include the link to the rar file here but will share it if PM`d
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    It says Lexus on one side and IS on the other don't you know To be honest that's what I was after. Or rather that's what I thought they'd give me. The things dealers do that we get excited about. I think there's a whole thread there. I remember the first time I got BMW branded mints and water after a service at Sytner. "Do you think he noticed we charged him over 300 quid to change the oil, kick the tyres and give it a wipe over with a mucky rag?" "Nah, he was as happy as a pig in **** with those mints. Wouldn't stop going on about them."
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    Anything here? https://lexus.7zap.com/en/eu/
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    Hope you enjoy the recorded stream, Sean. Such a shame GT racing doesn't get more exposure; its not a massive deviation from the truth to say there were more marshals at Silverstone last weekend than spectators. I see you have an RC-F, so here is a better shot of that IMSA GT3 (taken on Saturday, when it was sunnier):
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    I'd have thought you'd have heard a rumbling/droning noise way before a scraping noise if the wheel bearing had gone. Could be that maybe the hand brake shoe retainer pin (that keep the shoes against the back plate) has snapped or something, and the shoe is tipping outwards slightly when turning left. Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
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    Just to say that I managed to view the video without any problems. John, in case you weren't aware, you can use a program called VLC media player to view mp4 videos. It is very good and I have rarely come across a video it couldn't play. You can get it here: https://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-windows.en-GB.html As for noise, I agree it is a strange one. I currently have a clicky noise from my front brakes which sounds like shims, and it sounds nothing like what you are experiencing Jeremy. I am not sure what to suggest other than I am very curious to know what is causing it.
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    Hi, no i didn't found out how the water come to this connector . after drying out AC connector still didn't turn up and i was thinking te ragas and went to dealership.They said is a hole in the radiator and they ask me is i want new radiator .i said i will test myself and replaced .i went home and remove the radiator from car (all gas went to atmosphere) as dealership told system is empty .was full of gas and test of the radiator show that nothing wrong .i fit all again to the car and went to ragas to dealership . they charge me £100 and even no sorry .after ragas they said AC still not kick on and they said Compressor is burn and need new one but first of all need diagnostic few hours £180.00 per hour .i decline all this and went home -purchase Tech stream from Russians hackers and cable for £20.00 .run full AC diagnostic and see a code from previous water in signal cable (now fixed) .clear code .AC kick in instantly and now all ok. I'm not happy with Lexus London dealership 2 of them ,will not mention which one but they just try to sell and repair working parts. Very disappointed
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    UK sales of the LC are pretty good so far with over 180 cars on order. Forecast for the first 12 months was 250. roughly 50% hybrid that are ordered in a somewhat basic spec. the V8 is ordered mostly in top spec. the LC has received raving reviews in the european motoring press. The European introduction was in Switzerland where the journoś were given a 2 day trip they could do independently from each other stay over in a pre booked hotel next day back to base. Combined city, autbahn and mountainroads. Much better introduction than in the states where most motoring journalistst started thrashing the car around a racetrack then reporting it was not as sharp as an M4 etc etc.
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    LC going cheap... A little TLC required though http://www.carscoops.com/2017/09/someone-has-already-crashed-lexus-lc-500.html
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    Fantastic links. Had a quick look tho while at work. I shall order some bulbs and pick a date soon. Lol
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    I've driven both the hybrid and the V8. The hybrid did nothing for me :(
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    when i had my ct200h i got my update here http://www.thesatnavshop.com/product-page/lexus-navigation-13cy-2017-usb-map-update usb came in post activation map code came over email same day. was half the price of dealership at the time
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    4ltr twin turbo 600 bhp according to a Japanese magazine, name of which I can't recall.
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    I suspect most LC's sold will be the hybrid. It has enough performance for it's intended purpose. I would buy the hybrid in that market and for that car. It's an expensive chassis if you pay that much money to have an RC-F engine in it. And possibly slower. It's 200kg or something heavier isn't it? I note the launch events have been road based after the RC-F track launches. Journos seem to really like it, totally not realising they are driving the same engine and are being manipulated in their expectations by Lexus. Or just happy to take the free lunch and say nice things. Cynical eh? My humble un-informed opinion of course!
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    First of all there is always a lip on the outside edge of the discs this is caused by the wearing down of the face of the disc by application of the brakes and the pad taking off the metal over time. The cause is probably a wheel bearing starting to fail as the sound is present when loading is applied to the bearing,from your description it is the front nearside
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    Not quite as clean, with many bug splats from the EVO triangle
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    Yes, every time with either the 400's or 430, in fact in the past (pre 2011 when I bought this) I have found travel quite a problem eg, If someone is based mid england, ie brum, there maybe 3 cars they notice on the market, one in bournemouth another up in newcastle on tyne & another here in London, on top of that a buyer has to make arrangements with a seller to view which ever car at a time suitable to both & which fits in with working hours.....so its nowhere near as simple as seeing an add with a couple of cars worth seeing its getting all the other variables in place to see the car......on top of that....there is the added cost of rail fares which add to the total cost of the car, a buyer maybe driving back or coming back by train to brum after rejecting the newcastle car with a view to travel to bournmouth to look at the other when the bournemouth seller finds it convienient to meet, even when there were more car for sale and more choices to view all that was an inherent problem
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    Again good points - since ditching the RR Sports which were the most stolen vehicles according to the press I have worried less I couldn't see anyone queuing up to steal the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV I have disabled the spare at home and will do it to the main key when I remember because it's easy but not going to lose sleep over it - it's just a nice simple feature that deserves a pat on the back The RC got me worrying again but agree it's not in the same league to them - just to me
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    We all believed the RC would bring the IS in to popular view but it didn't happen. Lexus would need an M3, golf gti like success with a model to make people sit up and listen. I just done see it happening. Personally that's one of the things I like about the brand. It's rarity for the owners. Inagree big capacity cars will become the sought after models in years to come although I was reading something about turbo cars not performing as expected in terms of emissions so manufacturers may start favouring N/A cars again in the future. I cant wait to see what the LCf will be like. I assume there will be one.
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    Interesting point of view. i just wonder if there will be even less buyers for the RC if the LCs get traction
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    I think there will come a point when you see a V8 merc and V8 BMW selling used for more than newer turbo models. Comparing used to used. I know you're right about lexus being niche, but things like the LC might wake people up to the brand who then see the RC. As I have said before I've been surprised by the reaction of sporty car owners when they see the rc-f. You'd think it had come out of a secret cia project for how much they know about it. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    I had seen I can disable it via the cars settings but it seemed a pain to then use the normal key. Will try the key instructions, especially as have 3 keys. It's something manufacturers should be on top of. My brother-in-laws friend Lost his week old rs3 this way recently. Imagine in the showroom, 'these are all the security features sir, Alarm immobiliser tilt sensors etc but do be aware if some one has a small gadget from the Internet there is no point locking it. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Wouldn't worry about it personally. Plenty of S/RS Audi's, M BMWs and AMG Mercs around to take. The only one that seems to be nicked more often in the Lexus range is the RX.
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    I get what you are saying Peter - it is an argument I've heard before Most thieves are after a quick easy job and nothing is easier than taking a keyless luxury car using a £80 device bought on eBay The type that resort to violence are usually stealing high value vehicles to order and will take it whatever you do Disabling my key is easier than fitting a disklok or using a fob guard so I'm happy Lexus came up with something LR are still working on after 7+ years
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    I cannot get that to play, but the usual cause of a slight knock from the brakes is missing anti rattle shims. If the brake pads have any free movement in the direction of travel of the disks when the brakes are applied the pad rotates with the disk until it hits the caliper body. Jack the front of the car up, and get someone to hold there foot lightly on the brake. Try turning a front wheel backwards and forwards if you hear a slight knock that is the problem. John.
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    I've always wanted to go to Cosford. Bit of a trek but I'll see if I can get there.....
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    Great, I'll confirm a little nearer the time but pencil me in please. Thanks 😀
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    Well, what a cracking weekend that was! I won't mention the result in case anyone is catching-up on the GT Open YouTube channel, but I will post a picture of the low-key Lexus display in the paddock at the back of the Emil Frey garage. First chance I've had to be see an LC500 in the metal; wow, what a stunning bit of kit. Such beautiful detailing, all over. In the background is a GT3 spec RC-F which - as far as I could tell - was the genuine #14 car from the IMSA Weathertech Series. I'm amazed Lexus paid for it to flown over from The States and then just leave it sitting round unattended in the paddock. Perhaps I'd missed some big corporate walk-around, or may be it's a bit of a mock-up from a European GT3 testing hack. Either way, great to see it up close. Like a lot of racing cars, surprisingly rough and ready close-up. The car fibre on display is actually a wrap of good old aluminium sheet in places. And by the way, the RC-Fs of Emil Frey and Farnbacher racing sound amazing, somewhere between the guttural throb of the SLS and the flat-beat of the Bentley.
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    Just reading some comments on this thread regarding the C63 and as someone who owned an IS-F and moved on to 6.2 C63 I have posted my initial impressions on the IS-F forum already a few months ago. I was not and am not a big Mercedes fan - I'd still have my IS-F if it weren't for practicality reasons but I've found the C63 slightly quicker than the IS-F. With a remap it will certainly be quicker than the GS-F and RC-F too. I agree though that +-0.1 or 0.2 seconds to 60 does not make or break a car. I would say that the Lexus is better built and feels better built too but I bought both cars with a main dealer warranty for peace of mind. Probably not necessary on the Lexus though! My C63 on 18" wheels rides better than my early IS-F. I didn't drive the RC-F as it didn't fit my needs but would certainly consider a GS-F in the future. The 6.2 AMG engine feels a little (but noticeably enough) quicker and as @Stuno1 has stated is easily remapped to 500-515bhp as the engine is detuned in the C63 to avoid upstaging the E63, CLS63 and S63 etc when they all used the M156 engine. Regarding the C63 having a greater proportion of 'yob' owners - I went for a debadged silver estate on 18" wheels in a bid to avoid unwanted attention. Talking of attention though, the exhaust imho is one of the best standard exhausts on any normal five seater car. It's quiet with a nice burble when pottering along but nice and loud with pops and bangs when pressing on. I know the comparison being made here is RC-F v C63 and I'm not addressing this specifically but with the choice of NA V8s reducing all the time the Merc 6.2 engined cars will probably hold value relatively well due to the following AMG engined cars have. As good as Lexus V8s are, they just aren't as widely recognised except by true enthusiasts resulting in limited new and used demand. Good for us when buying a used F though! Each to their own though, the IS-F, RC-F, GS-F and AMG V8 engined Mercs are all very good cars 😀
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    Count me in for this one. Was hoping to make it to the last Kemble meet but it clashed with a little NC500 trip.
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    Agreed, were not all shy, just 7 hours away!!
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    I confess that I often find the acronyms themselves to be more interesting than what they actually mean. As you point out, CST sounds suspiciously like an example of marketing BS [by which I take it you mean TE = Taurine Excrement], and indeed, given the flashes of semantic inventiveness one frequently encounters in them, the involvement of professional copywriters in their creation seems more than likely - and, to my mind, quite welcome insofar as engineers have never been renowned for their communication skills. Japanese companies seem particularly fond of acronyms, Lexus being no exception. My own favourite in the Lexus repertoire is V[EHICLE] D[YNAMICS] I[NTEGRATION] M[ANAGEMENT], the meaning of which seems, correctly in my case, to be conceptually so far beyond the grasp of non-engineers as to require an accompanying for-dummies picture of a ball rolling unhindered around the inside of a hemisphere.
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    You're quite right. It's go kart handling and high revving engine is great but the rest isn't. I had more fun with my Skoda Citigo Sport. Revvy little 3 cyl engine and great handling. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sorry to disappoint, this red ones owner was in 39deg heat sunning it up for a fortnight. Looks like the sun was shining for u all too 👍👍
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    Serviced my baby on Friday 1st of September at Lexus Edgware road (London). Everything was perfect apart of bill lol, but since I bought the car I set in stone in my mind that I won`t let to touch this expensive (bottom of range, but for me it`s still expensive) toy nobody apart of authorised dealership garages. Yes I could save few quid here and there if I would do it in different places, but decided to build FULL (and I mean the FULL) service history has to be from Lexus, even if I need to change simple things like vipers it will be done in Lexus and I will have record that even small things been done only at Lexus. Car washed, hovered and given back to me in brilliant state - no complains! When I bought the car (and still until now), I`m very worried when leaving it in narrow (packed) parking spaces, I still get worried if catching pot holes, I still get worried when my missus is scratching wheels against the kerbs and I have to swallow it, but guys bear in your mind we are getting back from Lexus cars generally that what we are expecting to receive for all our worries. This could be a bit silly, but I always paying more extra attention as Lexus owner to other Lexus cars on the road and you know what - 90% they are bloody smiling when driving their cars, so am I... Correct one bloke before mentioned that everything is about respect, other things can just happen, let`s try to draw a line where we need to worry and where we are getting a bit paranoid and that`s it...
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    Those who know the subject will recognise some parts. The LPG ECU hidden away under one of the covers on the RHS.