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    The lip on the back would be evident as soon as the discs were changed unless something has clouted the backing plate recently. Definitely a disc off job to take a look. This tutorial I did for the GS should be very similar to the SC, if not exactly the same.....
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    Hub face not scrupulously clean before fitting new disc?
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    You seem to be a tad out of date.......they have stamped out cannibalism completely in 19 of the 32 boroughs which make up london, still practiced after closing time in 4 others.
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    You should send it. You might get your money back. Not sure where are you in London but I've used Guildford and Tunbridge Wells branch and they were good. Especially Guildford. I've got techstream myself so I do not need to pay money for "diagnostic". Sent from my R7plusf using Tapatalk
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    Anything here? https://lexus.7zap.com/en/eu/
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    I have now purchased a used, but like new, Lexus 19" wheel tyre size 235/40. This is slightly larger than the 225 size which Lexus fit as this seems to be unavailable or hard to get. The wheel fits easily in the boot and only sticks up by 3" above the floor level. The next step is to construct a new carpeted boot floor with a raised area similar to Big Rat's post. I will report again in due course. In the meantime I wonder if any member is aware of the bolt size and thread for the centre fixing bolt?
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    I get what you are saying Peter - it is an argument I've heard before Most thieves are after a quick easy job and nothing is easier than taking a keyless luxury car using a £80 device bought on eBay The type that resort to violence are usually stealing high value vehicles to order and will take it whatever you do Disabling my key is easier than fitting a disklok or using a fob guard so I'm happy Lexus came up with something LR are still working on after 7+ years
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    A friend on the MB forum had his AMG stolen by thieves smashing in his front door and threatening him and his wife to hand over the keys. If they can steal the car from the driveway using a laptop and intercepting the keyless signal, without entering the house, I know which I prefer ... It's only a car
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    That seems a very well looked after car - if I was in the market for an IS, I would be very tempted. Like you, I think my next Lexus might be an RX!
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    Lexus IS250 far the better drive in my opinion. I've drove both the 300h and 200T. 300H felt noticeably underpowered and sounded dull compared to the 250. Couldn't wait to give it back to be honest. 200T only felt slightly quicker than the 250 but did not have that glorious V6 roar. Give me the 250 V6 any day.
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    Used to have a brera, nice looking car but although it's sold as a 2+2, it's a 2 seater. Beautiful car though, totally reliable, only cost me £2400 for an engine rebuild 3 weeks into ownership!!!! It's a piece of art, not a car. Just leave it on the driveway where it belongs.