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    there was definitely no other Ls400 in the whole of Scotland so it must have been me ........... or they were all hiding Plockton was on the run ( quite delightful ) Cocoa Mountain for hot chocolate at Durness and along to Thurso ( my how sad this is now with those town centre regal late 1800s buildings more or less totally redundant ) and i guess killed off by the new Lidl and Tesco ... John O'Groats now more user friendly than before ( free parking and no charge to use the " signpost " to take piccys ! ) We had afternoon tea with the Queen Mother at Castle Mey, well, tea in the Tea Rooms anyway ......... and just a most fantastic adventure with largely brilliant weather and very few midges. Even the coffee shops at Ullapool seem to have gone " upmarket " but what a magnificent and spectacular awe inspiring drive overall. It's a secret so don't tell anyone ............... BUT the drive in the sunshine back along from the SYHA up towards Gairloch village, looking across the loch is probably one of the best views in the world imho Just simply fabulous .... all of it ............... Malc
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    @Malc Bit of a coincidence. Just back from the Highlands 2 days ago and I recall the navigator remarking on the appearance of an LS400 somewhere on the NC500 route but we can't remember where. I wonder if it was you? Stayed in Stirling the day before you. Based in a cottage near Ullapool for a week thereafter and then another a few miles South of Inverness for the next week. We are frequent visitors and find it works best for us with a base to go back to. In another thread I was discussing with Phil @The-Acre that the LS (in my case previously a silver 430) is the perfect car to do the trip in. The best time is late September to early October when the roads are quieter. I was slumming it in the SC430 this time, it's a great car but nothing beats an LS for a long journey. I really miss the LS but despite trying a few in recent months of searching for a new carriage, I haven't quite fallen for the LS460/600 yet. I'm convinced the LS400 was the best built and curiously had the best sound system so I would say in most respects, class leading in its day and continuing to prove just how well built they were. P.S. Add the Canadian Rockies/Yukon/Alaska Highway to your bucket list of awesome tours. @nickd there was a request for pictures earlier, the nearest pics I took to Plockton (lovely place) was a few miles further North in the Torridon Hills after climbing the Bealach-Na-Ba. This is definitely a place to own a reliable vehicle but a convertible is perhaps being a little optimistic.
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    well there we are then ... 2435 miles done and averaging 29.5 mpg and that's taken at the 1550 miles mark .......... M'way and those dogged single track west coast roads and all over Scotland and back to Kent Fantastic journey, Lexus was and continues to be BRILLIANT ......................................... Definitely far more visitors on the roads in Scotland than 5 years ago and some pressure to find last minute accommodation ............. and I was remembering my first same trip about 30 years ago and I think then I was about the only tourist doing the self same trip. All the simple cafes have turned into gastropubs and bistros and searching for something ordinary and simple to eat was a big big challenge Brilliant brilliant trip and next time we go i guess it will be pre-booked accommodation and sadly that will take much of the adventure out of it ... and of course the volume of other tourists might just end up spoiling the whole event anyway. So many German and Dutch visitors particularly ...... and not another Ls400 and definitely the oldest car in the whole of the kingdom Malc
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    This was the comment I got today at a place where I was working. The owner, who owns a 4 year old Range Rover, said the Lexus LS was a top car in its day! I said it's still a top car today and invited him to take mine for a drive as he's never even sat in one. He came back saying it's amazing. He said its got gadgets that his hasn't got and was commenting for some time about the ride quality. So he had to admit, its wasn't just a good car in its day!!
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    More info here?
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    Ha.. never thought about shifting from Park to N.. as for the Trans mission getting stuck .. perish the thought Thanks for the info .. i'm off to play with it now ..
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    As above Its useful when the transmission gets stuck or when the car won't start and car needs to be moved.
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    I have always used Flakens 225/60/16 and they have always given good service wet, dry etc They are quiet too. I didn't know they weren't around anymore but I have a full set of new ones which I picked up cheap on Ebay earlier this year, they won't go on until spring time next year. Thank goodness their tyres are far more reliable than the Premier League football team they sponsor. 2017: Falken became a sponsor of English Premier League team Liverpool F.C.
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    Do you mean like this: I don't mean like that. I mean that your reply is the second posting in this topic, so it would have a number 2. This reply I'm writing now should be number 3 and so on, so that when we refer people to past threads we can say "Look at post No. 5 in xyz topic" Numbered posts were there before the update but not now.
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    As the guys have said above they are great cars and for that budget you should get yourself a nice facelift model with most of the toys,we have the Advance model with the sunroof,adaptive lights and sport front bumper. Good luck with your search.
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    Just got back from doing the NC 500, spent a week touring. Stunning, I'd go back and do it tomorrow.
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    I have is250 lowering springs on my is300h. I was looking at the Rs-r down springs that are made for the 300h. But you pay a premium for them as only in Japan. So after talking with rs-r they said only difference is the spring rate on the 250 being higher slightly than the 300h. Which you wouldn't notice. Drive is still like stock and handling is perfect. These cars are that high they are more like off road cars lol. But mine now sits perfect :-)
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    Thank God for that! I was thinking there were some folk actually putting their dog in that boot!
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    Mine did! This is the one I bought.
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    Hi Dennis, Thanks for that. I've just contacted him and am waiting for a reply. Cheers Chris.