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    LPG aside, I often think a little more should be made of the fact that some of us are keeping well maintained older vehicles running. I don't keep my '02 IS300 going for the good of the planet (sadly eco credentials aren't too high on my priority list when I look at motors) but I think many are a little blinkered about the impact producing a new vehicle has. It's all very well saying that the brand new hybrid whatever only emits unicorn farts and sips fuel but look at what's been produced to make that vehicle. The steel, the plastics, the precious metals mined by some poor sod in some far away hell hole. You can't tell me that I'm doing more damage to the planet running a thirsty 15 year old car than ordering a new economical one every three years. There you go. That's my rant-lite for this morning Your children can thank me later.
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    Got myself some new 20' alloys for my Ls600hL rsr, just need new tpms fitted and jobs done, keeping orginal alloys and putting winter tyres on them and store in garage till needed MRR H3 20'' staggered rears
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    I think, the one and only LS460 in flame-blue or ultrasonic-blue 2.0 (8X1):
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    She went straight through the MOT yesterday with no advisories. Well chuffed. The bit that miffs me is the fact that I don't get a reduction on RFL for LPG. The CO limit is a max of 3.5% and mine was 0.0%,the max for HC is 1200 ppm and mine was 64 ppm.
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    I too have always been curious about how things work. The Toyota HSD has a lot of stuff to be curious about. I've given up on anything except basic understanding and accept that it works and works very well too. The throttle response on my Mk3 GS450h is so much better/smoother than it was on my Mk2 GS300. Two years in I'm still enjoying driving it. John .
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    Many many thanks to all you chaps for your input. I am off to the dealership in about an hour to see what's what. Hopefully get s coffee and a biccy too!
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    @Arqum Arqum you may want to send a pm to @emjay82 he has some may want to offload. Big Rat
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    Try one of your keys in it first to make sure one fits, If one does the next step won't cause you an issue. Press the lock in with your finger & you won't be able to open The boot or fuel flap. With the release buttons until key is inserted & turned. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Just clocked 123456 miles today. In my partners 2000 is200 6speed (was mine up to about 5yrs ago when I bought my 2004 is200 auto). She says it's still my car just in her name! Good to drive an auto and manual.
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    lol @Flytvr I believe in karma and something like that would probably come and bite me! Hopefully I have sourced a set. Watch this space!!!
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    I think some would see the 430 as superior to the 450h. Especially at that age where you can't get a Lexus warranty. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sorry mods - what I meant was...... You could borrow (rob) the wheels off the forum member that no longer uses locking wheel nuts to secure his wheels to his ISF :)
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    I bet they still started! [emoji106]🤞[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
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    Hi Geoff, Having had company lease cars for over 20years with my last business I can comment from the other side of the fence. I treated those cars exactly like my own private vehicle.... serviced on time.... tyres changed before illegal... family & other animals told to treat the inside with respect.... cleaned inside & out regularly. I saw it as a tool of the trade...didn't want my customers seeing a skip driving into the car park ..... and when blessed with the presence of a senior manager or going to another site with a client I didn't want them to have scrape the kids McDonald's off the seat first. What I couldn't control was where it was serviced & the quality of parts & tires used.... as were all on contract accounts. I've also know guys who are '000 s of miles over service times and almost having to be threatened with consequences if they didn't get it done or only coming to light after being nicked for a tyre, speeding, bulb out etc. So I'm sure your relative will know long standing customers..... whose mileage and vehicle condition they can probably almost predict along with their service history. Over the years I have enquired a couple of times to buy my vehicle at the end of the lease.... I would call the price competitive not mind blowing cheap..... but of course I knew every mile it had done. Hope helps Phil Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
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    I'm up for this and will be there
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    If your handy with a multi meter, you can try this for the rear demister: Other than that, you can see here that the wiring goes to the near side pillar, and there is a relay in the engine bay:
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    I know someone running an F without locking wheelnuts. However as I am not a Gold member I can tell you no more!!!! 😺 🐭
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    Good, you just need to get used to the querks of the the CVT gearbox then. Effortless or 'lazy' driving as the Mrs calls it It's not a traditional auto but works really well. The CVT in the smaller bhp cars does tend to make the engine work hard for longer. Whereas in the bigger bhp cars the engine isn't at max rpm for long at all. Enjoy.
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    You've hit the nail firmly on the head there, when I put my foot down the revs do rise very rapidly but I noticed that if I take my foot off the gas slightly it seems to bump down the gears if that makes sense. As I say, my first automatic ever so just presumed it would flow through the gears. At low/medium speeds its literally silent.
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    Hi Farquie, thanks for the welcome. I went for the Sonic Titanium, very pleased with it so far, love the quality of build.
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    The price seems high to me as there are many later GS450H vehicles with lower millage on the market with better performance, fuel consumption, cheaper road tax, and lower prices with no cam belt to worry about. Unless of course you really want a V8. John
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    I suppose that we should just accept that "it works" but I've always been the type of person that loves to pull things apart to see how they work. I always have in mind, that if something (like the clutches in DSG type boxes) can wear out they will and will have the associated cost of replacement. Of course for lots of people who move their cars on every few years, that won't matter, but for those who tend to keep cars for longer, it is always something to consider. So, just to recap on the IS300h, no friction clutch to wear out, aside from the damper which does look like a clutch plate. All in all, very clever stuff !
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    There is no need to remove the under tray ,I take off the front nearside wheel which gives access to the oil filter by removing two screws from the plastic vented horizontal screen, one under tray screw and the oil filter is easily removed.pulling down on the under tray below the oil filter allows any oil escaping from the filter to drain into the tray or plenty of old rag will soak up the oil. The car is canted to the drivers side with the jacking up so all the oil runs out of the sump plug which is accessible on the drivers side, this does involve some rolling about on the ground but not as much trouble as removing the under tray.
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    I thought it would hold for more than two seconds. Sometimes when stopped on a hill I can stay stationary without the parking brake or foot brake depressed. Perhaps in the situation the creep forward is equal to the roll back. I thought it could not roll back. Like how the include electronically controlled baking these days. Never know when you may need a cake.
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    I know, that really grates on me too. Here we are with our literal gas guzzlers which is so much better for the environment and we get a paltry £5 off our annual road tax (or was it £9? Can't remember now). Our savings should be commensurate with the reduction in emissions that running on LPG brings.
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    my Ls400 wheels go either side of the standard speed bumps ! I guess not many cars are quite that wide .............. the whole road width ones are of course not quite the same tolerances However, I have lost my front lip to even low kerbs when parking up close and personal to one and had the remnants of the lip surgically removed a couple of years ago now ............. it doesn't detract from the look of my car at all ........ but then i am " old school " and perhaps a little more functional and accepting of slight intolerances and imperfections Malc
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    I have arms like a gibbon. There was no way I could have got my blubbery body actually under the car. Most awkward bit was locating the rear screw of the under tray into it's hole to reattach,but realised afterwards that I could have left the two rear screws in place to complete the operation. It would have meant having to hold the bowl to catch the oil as the bowl would have sat on the under tray at an angle. Had to lay on my left side for most of it,and that's the side that I had a hip replacement on six years ago. I paid for that the next morning,hip hurt like hell.
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    The plastic trays also upset me. Why make a simple oil change difficult? My old W124 Mercedes had an under tray with a little slot/ aperture carved out for the sump nut. So easy. The oil filter was on the 'top' of the engine. Total time for an oil change ......a leisurely 30 mins.
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    Nooooooo....it's a pain in the butt, in the area of the digram Lexus gave me I could find nowhere which gave any access to the area in the diagram, I will have to take it to my 'leci but I can't see him being any the wiser because 'the work as such' amounts to nothing more than taking one plug type flasher unit out and 'plugging the new one in........it's finding an access point thats the problem. What has crossed my mind is that they (Lexus) needed the VIN number to find out where it should be on my vehicle, maybe somethings got mixed up years ago.... Got your points about the servicing.
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    I haven't tried ECO mode yet. Will it automatically select itself as I cross the border heading northwards on holiday at the start of October?
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    I'm in Scotland full time and it is hilly but with a gentle foot I've averaged 33.6mpg since December, it does drop int he cooler months and makes up for it with the (Scottish) summer temperatures. Im pleased as my previous Merc C200K Estate was very similar, good on a long run, but around town was 24 mpg. Around town the Lexus still breaks 30. I wish i could just take it off eco setting for a couple of tanks to see how it fared but I'm just a typically mean Scot!
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    Yes it does. Or it should do anyway unless someone's removed it!
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    That's bad advice. Ratty ring master (7 mins 47 secs) is suggesting you give your car to the ring demon @Mark G (7 mins 21).
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    thats no way to treat a Lexus
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    Not really many issues with these to be honest and those that do happen tend to be bad luck! With your budget, I presume you'll be going for the facelift model? There wasn't much change over the years from 2012 when the facelift came out until 2015 when the 4th Gen RX came out so I would always say go for an older one as the price will be better. If it has decent mileage, then even better. The main thing to look for on these is the wear and tear. Being an SUV, tends to attract families and some examples are real dogs. My RX F-Sport with ML and Tracker sold for £23500 at a dealer and it was in better condition than some 1 year old ones they had. Mine was a 2012 with 46k miles so I would expect a Premier with all the toys would be roughly around the same price with slightly more mileage on it provided its a 2012. The Premier model has air suspension. It could prove costly in the future if you're not going for the Lexus Extended Warranty but I am yet to hear these fail on the 450h. It seems to be a common problem on the 400h however. I would probably go with an F-Sport, Advance or Luxury and give the Premier a miss. It doesn't really have much more than the luxury for how much extra it is either.
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    Just picked the car up from the service, nothing untoward picked up other than a slightly seeping water pump so very pleased. They even wavered the £15 insurance for the courtesy car because I'm a new customer! (I was wearing jeans and t-shirt btw). I am loving Lexus ownership! This was in the showroom, very nice, got some serious presence....
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    @emjay82 Going dressed looking like the boss of a 3 ring circus will get you nowhere, what you need to do is this......... it's actually @Rusty Crobar practicing his pitch for a mustang V8 when he goes to Florida 😂 Big Rat