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    Good afternoon all, I've just ordered my first Lexus - an NX300h Sport in Mercury Grey with the parking and protection packs - after a good few years with Honda. I'm currently a moderator over on the HondaKarma forum, and the move away from a brand I've had for quite some time and one that I have a great respect for has been a difficult decision. Why an NX300h? Well, I only buy from Japanese manufacturers as I value the build quality and reliability after some bad experiences a few years ago with overpriced German rubbish - don't get me started on the VAG DSG gearbox! I looked at a new CR-V to replace my current CR-V, but to be frank I think it is a little out-dated now especially when compared to the Lexus. I like the way the NX looks, I like the interior quality and I liked the drive - in the end it was an easier decision than I expected. There were two deciding factors - one positive reason for buying and one negative. The positive was the deal and service from Lexus Swindon which has been simply excellent. The negative was that Honda have what they call 'Connect' as their latest 'app' based satnav and audio system, and IMHO it is hopeless. I'm not into tech, and just want stuff that is simple to use - and the Lexus standard system reminds me of the system in my current CR-V, and that was a real positive. I'm hoping to be an active member here, and looking forward to getting to know you all. I should pick up the car in a couple of weeks.
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    I agree with Richard about making more of keeping well maintained older vehicles running. The environmental cost of producing a new vehicle far exceeds the cost of keeping an older vehicle which is properly maintained on the road. This is the response I always given to anyone who says old cars are not environmentally friendly, cause pollution etc.
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    I had a similar problem once when I went to a place in Devon for a few days, apparently something local was interfering with my then Gs300 alarm signal, when I was in the car it worked, but outside the car it didn't, I drove about half a mile up the road, and it would work from the outside, when I drove back to where we were staying, it wouldn't work from outside.
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    I've come across you before Denis.....you're just very rude !!!!
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    I have found my last six vehicles via eBay. Four from independent dealers and two from private advertisers. Maybe I've been lucky, but all the cars have been good ones. I research the feedback of the seller and talking to them is usually the most revealing. Obviously, check out the vehicle details mot history. Just have caution at the forefront of your mind.....but this applies wherever you buy from....Lexus dealer, Independent dealer, privateer on eBay or Autotrader. From your previous dialogue Geoff, looks like you're going to become a privateer on one of those sites....would you warn people against buying from you ? There are rogues of course, but I'm sure you'll smell a rat if confronted by one. Good luck.....get an RX, you'll love it !!
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    See especially the posts by Britprius. I followed his suggestion and fitted Three A 245/40/18. C/B/69dB I think from memory. So far so good...... John
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    I found the link when searching for Lexus accessories. Haven't gone gold yet. Does my Tunbridge Wells Lexus dealer give discounts? My first Lexus and registered August 1st 2017 after having driven a Honda CRV diesel for 9 years. Was going to stick with another diesel but after all the uncertainty popped into my local Lexus dealer to see what they had. Offered a test drive and on impulse bought the one in the show room that day. Still getting used to the car as it is so different to the Honda. Likes: quiet drive, looks, easy to drive, comfort, all the tech. Dislikes: reflections in windscreen, boot size, visibility (luckily have the all round camera view), poor user guide and a lot of the tech not explained clearly. Had to get the full user manual and navigation manuals off Lexus. Luckily they supplied them free of charge.
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    Yes they should do. My dealer price matched Black Circles price which had the best price for me. I have the gs450h and the michelin primacy 3 are fine.
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    www.thsatnavshop.com have a newer update than those, the latest one, also do the USB update too for the non premium navi's
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    So where are the photos of this great looking car?
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    Having owned both in my opinion the RX is an all round better car especially for power and space.
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    Ah yes I knew that - what I really meant was the RX300/350 SE-Ls! Yes. Should clarify that the 3rd Gen RX450h Premier has air suspension but the 4th Gen has standard suspension with AVS. I agree regarding the NX, feels a lot smaller inside than its size would suggest.
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    Lexus Dealer or not, all they want is to maximise their ££££ take from a deal and seemingly try any lengths to minimise spend on a used car before sale. There is little honour within car dealers these days ......... CRM ( customer relationship management ) and customer retention is " out of the window ". A quick buck is all that most seem to want. They follow banks in that regard (NatWest my gripe ) 50 years as a good and trouble free customer and I'd might as well have popped up from the gutter ( well, that's the way I feel about it anyway ) .. rant over, and it's non-Lexus, sorry Malc
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    OMG your garage looks as big as my house lovely wheels though ............ I just might spend £250 and have mine refurbished next month ...... he tells me the acid dip and powder coating should see them good for 15 years ..... hahahahaha, if not I'll be claiming on his verbal warranty Malc
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    As my sons would say, in approval: they look sick.
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    very nice wheels and the car is stunning
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    Just watched your 8;31 lap, terrific stuff. Thanks for sharing it.
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    Nice driving that. Enjoyable to watch. Thanks!
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    Window switch down for 10 secs, up for 10 secs, usually wakes it back up on the bus network.
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    My 2001, 146k, my dads before me, killed at the end of June by a lorry, had new o2 sensors and exhaust, thats it, passed every MOT, never let us down! Heart breaking! Replaced with a 2002 Lexus RX300 with 70k
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    We bought our RX300 (an '05 plate) last year with 79k on the clock and one of the first jobs was to get my trusted mechanic to change the timing belt, idlers/tensioners and water pump. I think the whole job came in somewhere around £420 - £450 if I remember right, including replacement coolant (one of the other things I do when buying a secondhand car is to have all the fluids changed). Not sure how much Lexus would charge but as you say, if they're working in that area anyway, hopefully, it'll be a bit cheaper than normal. I have to confess to knowing nothing about this recall, can you give any more details and how do I find out if mine needs doing? 2. Don't know for sure but would guess that the whole washer unit would have to be replaced. When I had to replace a headlamp washer on my Nissan Maxima QX it was £130. I'd be inclined to get one from a breakers yard, either local to you or one of the breakers on Ebay. 3. The only thing that seems to be a problem on these cars is possible water ingress, either from blocked sunroof drains, roof bar mounting points or rear lights. Thankfully (and fervently hoping I'm not tempting fate here), ours seems to be alright in this respect. We've now done about 16k in the 15 months we've had the car and had no trouble whatsoever. It's brilliant and we love it. 4. Unless some part is needed that can only be supplied by a main dealer, then any good motor factors will be able to supply almost anything you need. The car is 12 years old and has lost most of its value so there's no need to use 'genuine'* Lexus parts or to keep up with Lexus stamps in the book. Remember that Lexus doesn't manufacture things like tyres, exhausts, batteries, brakes etc., etc., and they just buy in from whoever does make them, so places like Euro Car Parts or BBC etc., will supply good quality stuff at reasonable prices. For anything they can't supply you've got breakers yards (I got a pair of tailgate gas struts from a breakers on Ebay for £40 and they work brilliantly) and/or Ebay. *The only time I use 'genuine' Lexus is the fluids (coolant, transmission fluid, transfer fluid etc). There's lots of knowedgeable folks on here who are more than willing to help with things so good luck on your purchase and keep us informed, with pictures, if you get it
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    No warning light, just the metal tab that will scrap against the pad and give you an audible warning.
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    There is an audio warning when you're very close, it's sort-of an expensive-sounding crunching noise.....
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    You're giving yourself grief and heartache over something that's never going to be great and will always bo old and clunky anyway Nicky - remember the old saying "You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear". Just use your TomTom when necessary and leave the inbuilt nav as it is.
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    I have now covered a little under 4,000 miles on the tyres. While it would still be unfair to give an accurate assessment on the ware rate "appears to be good" I can say the tyres are quiet, but not the quietest tyres I have used, grip well in both wet, and dry conditions, and give good steering response. This information is based on normal road use on mostly rural roads with no motorway use, but lots of spirited driving on the sort of roads enjoyed by "Big Rat, and company". I am not saying they are track day tyres, but good value normal motoring tyres. The tyres replaced a set of Yokohama's with around 5mm of tread, and compare favorably against these in all respects. I am now prepared to name them even though I have not reached 5,000 miles, and this is where I expect to get shot down in flames. The tyres are made in China and are Three A brand P606 rated for M&S but not winter tyres. Price expect to pay £55 around each fitted, and balanced for 245/40/18's. I am not in any way connected with the tyre company or it's sales just an honest opinion on the tyres I have tested at as yet limited millage. Any further developments good or bad will be posted here. John.
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    Given the archaic performance of the satnav, it is obvious that the names mean 13th century and 15th century.