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    After seeing @Farquis shining Gs450h is always planned on getting my car corrected they (autobrite) had it this week for three days, £280, and what was a car made up of more of swirls than I remember seeing, and multiplying every second look, was transformed into a rather nice clean car two stage polish, some manual effort involved where paint has been repaired and was too hard for machining, and a water based ceramic coating then within hours, my neighbours building work took effect, the car is now covered, or as I am now pretending, covert.
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    Brutal. https://youtu.be/AjPWIp0JOHY
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    If your lights were like mine, almost original, and you fancy an upgrade, my side light went out, so I thought I'd change all four. so I read the tutorials, seemed pretty easy, got two Philips racing vision headlights and some white sidelights. then found my lights were quite brittle, and do take a firm hand in removing. One clip broke on the side light requiring bonding. I also found out that the bulb wasn't out and it's actually the side light connections that are a bit temperamental. Any suggestions? Happy with the result though, I might end up replacing the deteriorating plastic units at some point Total cost £26 plus the worry that anything plastic would break at any moment, and the need to sort the connectors for the side lights
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    So following on from my earlier thread I wanted to create a new thread to keep track of all the mods I do from here on: Current Mod List as she stands today: Black Powder Coated Exhaust Tips Flat Bottom CF Steering wheel Cowon dash cams (front and rear) Candy apple red pearl powder coated calipers All emblems blacked out + window trims + front grill PPE Headers Sikky Sway bars 2014 LED Fog lights Carbon fiber rear spoiler Afe or Toms drop in filter Apexi Throttle controller RR Racing Air/Oil Seperator Orange electronics TPMS with display Figs Racing Brake 2-piece front and rear rotors RR Racing Titanium Intake Figs LCA Bushing and Housing Full interior trim changed to Carbon Fiber (pictured below):
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    Here are a few photos of my RX300 purchased this week. Impressions Dealer:- Very pleased with the dealer description of this Lexus, as I did not wish to travel 150 miles just to turn round and go home. I viewed an almost identical car locally and it was dire in comparison to this one. It has had only one owner from new and a full Toyota (Listers) service history – Lexus Hatfield before that. It appears to have been well looked after, possibly garaged. The owner sadly died. There was ¾ of a tank of fuel left in it! Only a couple of small things I can find. One remote key is broken and the other does not unlock the car. You can still use the seat settings by pressing buttons 1 or 2. I was told all this by the dealer before I travelled. Fingernail scratches on the passenger door handle. When I took the RX out today the main window controls would not work! Thanks to this wonderful site, I had read about re-programming them – AND it worked! That could have been a real downer. Initial Impressions:- I was pleased with the test drive and drove it the 150 miles home. Driving the RX 300 was an eye opener. I had expected it to wallow in the corners and be a bit sluggish compared to my LS 400. The gearbox seemed to change quite quickly and smoothly. I was also surprised how good the ride was, I was expecting it to be quite hard. It holds the road really well and the steering gives me a feeling of confidence. The high driving position adds to that feeling. I have tried not to compare it with my LS400, as they are very different vehicles, but to be honest it has the same feel of quality. I do not think I could be more pleased if I had bought a much newer RX. I would like to thank Rayaans, for his help in compiling a checklist. It is early days yet but my initial impressions are very positive. Just a quick tip when viewing cars on-line – make sure your computer screen is clean!
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    Very pleased, will be interesting to see what the ceramic coating does and how long it lasts. I'm told I can wax it, but in theory it just needs a wash and dry when cleaning it its just dust, lots and lots and lots of dust
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    Well the ct had its first service just now. I apparently had nothing to worry about. The service went smooth on time and completed with no issues. Had a look round the showroom and enjoyed the coffee. . I still think its appropriate to mention what you expect when you hand the key over wether its a 20k car or 100k rather than have a problem later. certainly wont be worried over next years visit, very happy with lexus plymouth today
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    Hi everybody, i start my IS200 build thread It's a 2000" IS200 with manual 6 speeds gearbox, i love this car. It's pack version, no sunroof, no gps, no leather interior . She juste have 200 000 kms / 125 000 miles. For the moment, i've received some performance parts ... In first, come back home : First mod, i install my Bluetooth Kenwood double din head unit, very easy to install :
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    Hey Mark, your car looks great and it seems they did a good job for you [emoji106] Although it's a shame the car is now covered in gawd knows what [emoji852]️
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    I do like the look of that exhaust. And then I went on their website and read ...which sort of sold it for me.
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    Well done David, gorgeous colour and interior looks spotless. Car looks well cared for, worth paying the money for the right car. I had the 300 Sportcross, if it's the same engine, an inline 6 then it's the best engine i've ever known. Oh, and a sunroof, the only thing I really miss in my RX450. Enjoy it, nice stable of cars to have. Ed
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    Was that an NSU Prinz at 1:14? Those Beetles were well made!
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    I'm with you as far as tyres go. There are some extremely good low priced tyres on the market that some are afraid to try because they may come from China. Tyres are now a global product, and even the most well known makes come from countries that a few years ago we would never have bought tyres from. The tyres I have on free test "Three A" for 10,000 miles are are proving to be very good in all respects including the ware rate. This at the moment would seem to suggest they would last till at leased 25,000 miles. This on a tyre that costs a little over £50 for the 245/40/18 size. The only conditions I have not tried them in are snow because we have not had any since they were fitted. Would I buy a set when needed? Definitely. They are certainly better than the Yokahama's fitted to the car when purchased that are now in storage ready to be refitted at the end of the test. A tyre that my friendly tyre shop is recommending "the shop that fitted the test tyres" is a tyre called "Landsail". They have slightly better label ratings than the Three A, and apparently last as long. John.
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    Just taken over the IS-F mantle from @DT_Racing so thought I'd say 'Hi All'. Must admit was nervous about private purchase having only bought through dealers before and we did have a slight tax hiccup (what was so wrong with the old car tax system?) but all good now. Done a Brum commute but looking to get out on a proper run as soon as possible as difficult to fully extend down the M6 (29mpg apparently this morning). Love the stealth looks which doesn't seem to attract that much attention, sound is glorious, ride is more pleasant than my previous 530d M-Sport, tyres are somehow cheaper than the BMW!, steering great (don't understand what you changed here Dave but it works). I doubt the infotainment system UI was ever up to date even when first released but I guess you could call it reasonably functional - and it streams direct from my iPhone so not so bad. Will update once I've figured out how to drive it properly.
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    Hi, If I may chip in my answer, here is what I have learned doing my own research and working with a friend with over 25 years experience servicing medium and enterprise range inverters and backup power supply systems. Get your capacitors from a supplier that can guarantee/ tell you how long these have been sitting on a shelf before you buy. Electrolytic capacitors are known to have rather short shelf life (2-3yrs) and deteriorate their parameters randomly when not in use. Also if you need to replace more than one piece of a kind, say 100 uF, make sure ALL these 100 uF for your PCB come from the same batch, have the same manufacturing date, come from the same factory of a top notch producer. Maybe look for NIPPON, PANASONIC, EPCOS... Check maybe if UK Farnell can get you some, rather than eBay... If you have an LCR meter check them for C and ESR. https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/8794/do-electrolytic-capacitors-have-a-limited-shelf-life I wouldn't waste too much time, but if interested, here may be a good start for a further reading: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/3191479_Shelf-Life_Evaluation_of_Aluminum_Electrolytic_Capacitors http://www.rubycon.co.jp/en/products/alumi/pdf/Performances.pdf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_plague Hope this helps, and you get your car sorted. Btw, your subject just made me think that I maybe should do some prev. cap change on my 2004 ls430...
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    There is a workshop manual procedure for removal of the mirror on the LS400 which I believe is the same on the 430. Get a strong rag and insert from the bottom and get up behind the mirror so it is equal on both sides and pull upwards and outwards at the same time with equal pressure on both sides. this does remove the mirror and mirror back frame from the mirror internal chassis.
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    Nice pics but have you checked engine coolant yet? It looks a bit low. Greetings
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    I think you're wrong there ............... Lexus dealers staff possibly just don't have the incentive to worry about their customers, being supported by the " big brand ". The small private car sales people generally understand CRM and know how difficult it is to get customers and want to hang on to them and thereby ( fingers xd ) treat them properly. In my car sales days we had local, and more far afield customers visit time and again, year after year, changing their cars and buying for family and friends coz they KNEW we actually " cared ' Just my simple view Malc
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    Michelin always for me
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    Some new. To day, i install a armrest, it's essential in this cockpit !!! And my new carbon shift knob :
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    Right, not a good idea to get your brother to check over a car when he is waiting for two cataract operations, the 430 was the biggest pile of crap you have ever seen, every panel needed repainting, wheels were awful (no surprise there) the interior was appalling, every seat was damaged, not worn but damaged, the center console and dash was chipped scratched and worn... I could go on..... It had been hit in the rear and the bumper was badly bent out of shape and so was the rear panel, there was evidence of water ingress into the passenger compartment (rust up under dash and even the seat belt metal ends were rusty!!) and the boot.... several stored fault codes that I didn't bother going into... And it was described as immaculate, with no bodywork damage, it had both rear arches scraped, golf ball dent on rear wing, damage to front bumper and one front wing, as well as the already mentioned paintwork damage everywhere.... all four doors had been repeatedly smashed into whatever was in the way and one rear door was actually bent where it had been smashed into things... I'm not saying who is selling it but it is a 2006 Canterbury Blue with Ivory interior, if anyone wants the reg or more details of it, so as to avoid it like the plague then let me know... Nothing else on the market interests me at the moment, I want a facelifted LS430, all on sale at present are the wrong colour or age, or so ridiculously priced I'm not paying it.... I'm in no rush, something will come up... I don't want a low mileage car I would rather have a high mileage, low mileage cars suffer from more problems than high in my experience. The SC we looked at on the way down looked lovely in the pictures and again was described as immaculate and the bodywork was pretty good but the inside had been "smart repaired" on both seats, the door card and areas of the dash and the work was not very good, it also had the rear silencers removed so sounded like an 18years olds Corsa... We also went to look at a 16,000mile SC430 at a Lexus dealer, (my brother doesn't agree with my dislike of low mileage cars) they are asking £17,000 for it, top money, it again was awful, front bumper badly damaged and scraped, dent on the roof, serious stone chips down the nearside, damaged leather on driver's seat, both headlights badly sun damaged, Lexus response, I couldn't believe it.... Leave a deposit and we will get the mobile painter to sort the bodywork and the trim, so another smart repair that will last a few months and then look awful, and we "may" change the headlights or have them refurbished ie, polished and it will return in a few months!!!!! They would also "probably" change the cam belt......... What is it with Lexus, as bad as the private dealers..... Rant over....
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    it's easy to sell with advertising and transfer fees BUT not usually viable economically .... often best just to leave with the car ........ unless you want to transfer it to your new car of course Malc
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    5 or so weeks in, I am loving the RX. Today, it's in the office car park between and black X5 and a white Q5. It's definitely the best looking car!
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    I keep pressing the Snow button, but it never snows.
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    Anyone with some knowledge on the subject - please reply.
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    Hi Ian, that is an interesting combo. Here lives a man that knows itś cars! I always admired the little IQ for itś package. position of gearbox, minimalist design. A car for people in the know.,, And Edward, many moons ago i had an Alfa GT Junior which i drove to the beach every day in summer when i was a student. Fun was over when i had a puncture and tried to jack it up went straight through the chassis can still hear that ripping sound.
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    Always happy to help if I can.
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    I have just had the rear springs and shock absorbers on my 1996 LS400 replaced by my friendly local garage. To aid the fitter I copied the (American) instructions found at www.lextreme.com/ascon.htm. We found the instructions had some shortcomings so here is the easier way that worked for me. Back seat removal. 1. Seat squab. Where squab fits into the base, at a distance of about 9" inwards from the corners, push the front side towards the rear to release catches from the retaining hooks. Lift out seat base. 2. Raise both rear headrests, open flaps in seat back and undo both bolts. Drop down centre arm rest, open flap at rear and undo bolt. Undo the bolts at the bottom of the backrest. Lift backrest upward and remove from car. 3. Lift parcel shelf just high enough to reach the S/A cap. Shock absorber removal. 4. At parcel shelf slacken off the large centre nut from the S/A but DO NOT REMOVE IT. this is just to make it easier to take off when the S/A is off. 5. Slacken off wheel nuts and jack the rear of the car as high as possible off the ground, supporting the car on axle stands. Remove the wheels. 6. Fit a set (2 min) of wheel compressors around the spring and compress as much as possible. This will shorten the distance between the top and bottom of the S/A making it easier to remove. Undo the large bolt securing the bottom of the S/A to the axle carrier. Undo the three nuts under the parcel shelf. You should now be able to remove the unit from the car. 7. Undo the central nut from the S/A and remove mounting plate, insulator and spring bumper. Carefully slacken off spring compressors and release spring. 8. Fitting the new items is a reversal of this procedure. Torque figures; S/A to axle carrier 101 ft. lbs S/A centre rod nut 20 ft. lbs Wheel nuts 76 ft. lbs Part Nos. Springs Lexus ZL48231-50100 S/A Lexus ZL48530-59126 (very dear) S/A Boge 30-B37-A (around £55 ea) emdg
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    What's the matter with you man, cant you see the ISF? 😜