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    Put a deposit down on this beauty today. Ive been reading through this and other forums for the past few weeks deciding whether to take the plunge, ive struggled to find any negative opinions from owners and after considering the usual alternatives (C63/M3 and XF-R) it almost seems the sensible choice (If a 5L V8 could ever be classed as sensible!). I'd be interested if anyone on here has any previous knowledge of this car? Few bits of info, 18k via Private seller, CK11OMG, 83k miles, white leather, Full history etc.. To be honest Silver wouldn't have been my first choice but after seeing the car in the flesh it looks really classy, the mileage was also a little bit higher than i would have ideally liked but its in tip top condition and i gather these cars wear miles well anyway, It felt really solid and drove great. It's also got 2 services left on a service pack so it seemed like a pretty decent deal for a later model car. It's going to eventually be a daily driver, replacing both my leased Citroen C1 commuter and my supercharged MX5 weekend car (owned 17 years!) which i never seem to get any time to use. Im hoping it will tick the boxes for me, the noise alone gave me goosebumps, what an engine! Would be great to come to some meets in the future, i should be picking it up in the next few days so ill post up a few new pic's when i do.
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    Think we can all agree that black isf's are the cleanest judging by this thread 😎
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    Flytvr that’s because you’ve a noisy exhaust fitted .
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    @Peter P18 I can picture the scene now as the techies stood back admiring the finished work and one of them says “ Who’s going tell Peter I don’t think it looks right you know “ 😂😂😂 🐀
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    Whilst trying out some scaffold boards under my jack/stands at the weekend (gravel drive) I decided to clean up the OSR arch/suspension before slapping on a good coat of rust converter. I applied some to the tired rear disk bells earlier this year, didn't coat them with anything else and they've stayed nicely protected. I hope to get all of the undercarriage cleaned, treated and under sealed before too long. Anyhoo whilst I was rummaging around the OSR tail pipe I found that a heat shield fixing had corroded through. I managed to remove the nut and add a penny washer back only to find a second fixing had also failed but in a more awkward position on top of the rear box. This nut wouldn't budge but still had enough thread for me to add a spacer and washer which nipped up the heat shield properly. A bonus of this find/fix is that the rattle I thought was the rear parcel shelf/boot has now gone
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    Graphic content, those of a nervous nature beware... Mad collection of clips but the Lexus content is at 1:00 A little too much rear downforce?
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    Next person to ask where and when will be presented with a special title (and will be asked to append it to their login name) Sunday 19th November 10AM RAF Cosford Museum See you there. All welcome, IS-F or not!
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    Had mine done today at Cardiff. No issues and they gave £25 of fuel which apparently lexus hq will cover. They cleaned the inside but I told them not to touch the outside as I only trust highly paid professionals with my paintwork 🤣 Got a CT loaner and really enjoyed it, apart from the gearbox!
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    @Warrington guy Dave I heard through the grapevine that @Flytvr was at the service reception of Cheltenham Lexus pleading on bended knees for them to fit @Mark G old system 😂 🐀
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    Thanks David. Car made 474.1hp at the flywheel this morning. That's a gain of 56hp from the last run on the same dyno etc. Lee and the guys will hopefully have started the supercharger install when they got it back from the dyno. Nice thing for next year will be a dyno actually at SRD, so we can maybe do another rolling road day over there? Be nice to see a few F's on the rollers, good fun seeing how they do I find. Think they were a little frightened at the sheer scale of parts involved, but I think they'll get over it once they get stuck in. Hope so anyway! Lol.
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    Wow that’s properly dirty!! Don’t think I have ever managed to get my car that that mucky - impressive 😉
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    thanks for all your support guys, much appreciated. At least I know other people also agree with me that Lexus are being extremely harsh with the way they are treating me. I have been on Twitter to vent my anger and Lexus have contacted me straight away and asked for my registration and claim number and stated they will get someone from customer relations to contact me. I have also emailed Paul Van Der Burgh and Richard Balshaw raising my concerns.
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    We took out an LC500 V8 yesterday for an extended test drive. This certainly confirmed my decision to go with the V8 rather than the Hybrid version. I felt much more at home on the second drive and I was amused by the exhaust crackle when you change gear to supplement the engine note. We drove it home and tried it in the garage where it fits no problem. It was interesting to see the car in a familiar environment and this showed up just how wide it is as this is not apparent in the dealer's car park. I have to wait until January now!
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    369 days from delivery and just 7500 miles later my RC had it's first service today. All went as expected, no issues, hybrid health checked ok. Dealer was superb, very accommodating, right up to when I requested their LC500 as my courtesy car No amount of cajoling would change their mind. So away I went in a brand new CT200h... If it didn't have a Lexus badge on it I would never have equated the two .. I'm sure the car fulfils a purpose but my word I found the car terrible. The ride was so hard I'm sure I've chipped a tooth. The seat was totally unsupportive, no amount of adjustment helped. What on earth is that gear selector all about? The engine sounded like a rolling tin , half filled with nuts and bolts. The throttle had no resistance behind it, not that it mattered really, there appeared to be no power either! The e-CVT clunked in and out of D, N and R. When the ICE cut in or out there was a hefty jolt. I had to double check the driver's window was closed properly the wind noise was so bad above 50mph. On returning the car I suggested a tech take it out for a drive. All perfectly 'normal' ... Getting back in my RC was like slipping on a nappa leather glove, so smooth, silent, comfortable. I really can't believe how different the two cars are.
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    Looks lovely and sounds like a cracking deal 🖒
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    Google "Hybrid Battery Solutions".....he is a member on this Forum.
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    @Flytvr Ha no more silly than your new profile picture of you aged 9 at the school fancy dress panto 😂 🐀
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    The problem with that is that you need a key to start with as you need to put the ignition on. Creating a second key would not be a problem. I need to get the first key, as I have none at present and therefore cannot put the ignition on etc.
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    Hi Bamboo I would stick with the grade of oil recommended by Lexus for your car. When buying filters, its probably best to stick with genuine filters. After pricing them at Lexus, phone your local Toyota dealer to see the price they are quoting for same parts, mention you might just go to eurocarparts as it is an older car and you don't want to spend too much . I done this last week and the person at the end of the phone said he would put the parts through as a trade deal if this would help. Worked out I got genuine parts for the approximate same price as eurocarparts price. I may have been lucky, however as they say " If you don't ask, you'll never know". The worst that can happen is they say no. As far as part numbers go, phone up Lexus or Toyota with registration or VIN number and they will be able to supply you with correct part numbers. Good luck.
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    I very often hear a wind noise but from the passenger side when my wife lets rip 😅
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    Tried that Farqui. Disconnected the battery this morning. Booked in to an Auto Electrician tomorrow.
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    Dav bending his knees. No chance lol
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    Sounds like a good reason to have a meet. Be interesting to see what every bodies car is putting out.
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    Hi Edwardo, I agree that you have posted the links, it's just when I follow the links for Amazon I just get a whole page of headings and it is difficult to figure out how to find the IS 300 brake pads. Having said that, I have had an e-mail from Cambridge Motorsport Parts, and they say that they stock Hawk Performance ceramic brake pads, from the US. A front and rear set are £150 plus postage, and Hawk pads are supposed to be very good. I will be ordering from Cambridge, I think, because they took my reg. number and came back to me to say that they have the right pads in stock. Sorry, that should read "will have in stock in about 7 days time". Parkman.
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    @G10RRE Oi that picture is a year old nice to see someone washes there car as often as @Flytvr 😂 🐀
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    Had a few silver cars and as you say they it’s a great colour for hiding dirt etc. White is not quite as good, but very close and better than any other colour I have had. 👍🏻
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    All cars registered after 1st Nov 2012 will have TPMS fitted as standard.
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    Think I would have got out and given one of his mirrors a slap when you saw him the second time!
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    I've found very good video: It got battery meter and power displayed so we know what is happening. We can see car is accelerate with the battery assistance at 250KW. Then he brakes and accelerate again with battery deplated at 220KW - you can compare the difference if you want. Then at 155mph it hit the limiter - observer that speedo is showing 260kmh which is 161mph. So limiter is set to the real 155mph. At that time power output is dropping to 190KW (255bhp) and is stable engine only output. That means if limiter weren't there engine still got like 40bhp to get extra 10-20kmh.
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    I had a issue with my GS bumper after a small scuff against a kerb cracked the bumper from a area which they told me had "a scratch" and needed painting, which i took Sheffield Lexus word. I was shocked to have seen a massive chunk of plastic missing and fillered like no tomorrow. They didnt get back to my messages at all which lead me to complain to head quarter's. I managed to get bumper of them in the end. Its defo worth a shot.
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    @Mark G What a lovely bunch of Lexus blokies....... now about that box of brownies do you remember when I said that you are the best bloke on the forum and..............😍 🐀
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    You mean this one? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201711030919293?radius=1500&sort=sponsored&price-from=500&postcode=wf177rs&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&model=IS F&make=LEXUS&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1 Very nice although the colour is the softest Ive ever come across - PITA to even polish let alone put a finger on.
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    @emjay82 I heard about that as well and the grey one was modelled on this and it came with the obvious accessories 🤓
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    Here is Silvia. Shes only had a quick wash before getting wet in the rain (typical.. everytime i get my car washed it rains). She will be getting pampered to some SRP and HD wax later today, will post some pictues later. and before some one says.. i know the rear alloys need to be swapped lol.
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    @emjay82 I'm to tired to sign anymore......... Big Rat
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    That’s more like it!!!! The F community looks up to you three legends!! Small print: Signing of engine covers is chargeable at £180 per signature. Signatures on personal items such as underwear - free of charge
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    Interest has GROWN thanks to our manager, a trend was started in the US when the head engineer () in the development of the ISF Yukihiko Yaguchi sined some engine covers. Surely that will add value, how much would big 🐀's signature add to a UK ISF???
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    I will not just sign anything @bigrat and @Flytvr apart from a sole agency agreement at 1.5% + Vat.
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    SILVER ones are the fastest. I can confirm that they are faster than - Blue ones ( @Mark G) White ones ( @Warrington guy) Black ones ( @Rusty Crobar) and Gray one’s ( @emjay82) Scientific fact - ask @Big Rat Arguably as fast as GSFs ( @Mark G) Welcome back!!
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    That is why pedestrians must never meet traffic. I know it sounds idealistic, but that should be goal of road infrastructure, but in UK it seems they goal is opposite - to cram as many pedestrian crossings on busy roads. Think for a moment - would you choose to drive on local road with 30MPH limit, speed bumps and 100 crossings, or would you rather get on nice A road or motorway with 50MPH+ speed limit where you can just cruise along? Answer is quite obvious, but the reason we still drive on local roads is that main roads are too busy and not sufficient, major roads crosses town centers and so on - it is nothing more than infrastructure issue and blood really lies on governors hands for not spending to make underlying infrastructure safe.
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    But it's a T sport with 103hp it's a beast Maybe and engine swap to a 1.0 litre. Nah who am I kidding I got caught speeding in the bug when it was original with 44 hp lol
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    So that didn't work. Had a drive with the vent out and the rattle was still there. Pin pointed it to these two cable conduits and wedging my fingers between them stopped the noise. Ended up wedging them apart with some self amalgamating tape and some fabric tape around that. Seems to have done the trick.
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    It's an amazing experience. I'm totally in awe 😀
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    I’m not going up there. They have RCFs and I’m not to be tempted!!!!!!!
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    49 and a banker. Bought my first Lexus as a one year experiment back in 2003 - an LS400 which 14 years later I still own. On my 2nd ISF and also pursuaded my wife to buy a Rx450h. I love the reliability of the cars along with the great service from the dealers.
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    Hi all, New to the forum and new to RC-F ownership so Hi to all I've been reading a number of threads on here with a great deal of interest. I have to say I'm delighted that I'm now owning a car that polarises opinion! I've just come out of ownership of 3 years of a C63 and whilst some on here have already testified, it is a great car, yes probably is quicker from the low to mid range, but I've realised that I was taking pleasure in my C63 from the comfort of external opinions, nods, glances which were all positive, taking comfort in the fact it was widely lauded as being one of the best V8's you can buy, but as I've got over that excitement through ownership, I've realised it also is very much about the experience of the interior too and with that I was bored with the C63. Personally I think the interior in the Lexus is fantastic, and the build quality far superior to the C63. Equally I'd discounted an M3 due to a boring and lacklustre interior. The Lexus just has that little bit extra pazzaz that I've felt has been missing from owning a C63. I enjoyed the attention I got in the Merc, but having now moved to the RC-F can see far more interest from people in this car due to it's rarity. As others have said I see no reason why that wouldn't contribute to a stabilisation and potential increase in value, when most owners acknowledge the car grows on you. I'm bored to be honest with what I feel are journo's fixations on track driving, lap times round the ring, when we all drive cars on the road 99% of the time, and our experience of our cars is how they make us feel, and the emotion they generate both by their exterior but also interior look and feel. The driving experience is subjective, but any 450bhp coupe is going to feel fast up to "normal" road speeds. I've had just as much interest in the car, with the looks, glances and question marks in peoples heads over what it is, then reminded myself I'm also sat in just an exclusive and fresh environment on the inside with gasps when they realise Lexus made V8's. You don't get that owning a BMW or a Merc! As I say the pull for me is the surprise the car gives me and others on the perceived opinions of what a Lexus "is" Enjoying the experience so far! Cheers Matt