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    Day two saw some mock up by SRD. They can’t fit the supercharger bracket or blower until they change out the broken auxiliary pulley. Hoping that shows up at some point today!
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    Morning All, As suggested, thought I’d start a new thread to document the progress by SRD on my supercharger install. Hoping they receive the replacement auxiliary pulley today, as it’s holding things up! I won’t try posting the video of the knackered pulley again, but here are photos from day one, mostly stripping everything down, with one of the two new coolers fitted, and the rather lovely ATI custom harmonic crank damper pulley.
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    In preparation for the increase in power I decided to upgrade my brakes as well. Project Mu slotted discs and pads. Also new brake lines and Endless fluid with new OEM shims as well to complete the package.
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    I have no experience of the Lexus CVT boxes but I have driven plenty of others and do know that I've never read or watched a review of a car with CVT that wasn't complete tosh.
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    Hoo Raarrr. Found 1 key. The youngest had put it inside his reading book and walked in this morning and said 'Dad is this yours?' , holding the key aloft. I didn't know whether to kiss him or send him to the workhouse !! Will get another key sorted this week, incase he wants to hide it again....
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    If it was the stolen one, let's hope it was the thieving scum that were involved in the crash and not the owner....
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    Without being bitchy, if I had a red one, I’d try and improve the colour by leaving it out in the sun. Here’s the improved red -
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    @mike m Yep my wife goes quiet as well when she gets into the passenger seat of the 'F' with me says a little prayer crosses herself and then puts her hand close to my gentleman vegetables snd says very authoritatively "Now were not going to hurt each other are we " 😂😂😂 🐀
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    Lol and there it starts again
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    Those still undecided about coming to this meet, here is what you can expect to see.....
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    Any laptop should do, I just mentioned an old one earlier to make the point about costs. Techstream should run on anything from Windows XP upwards. There used to be a problem that it would only run on 32-bit machines but that's now been solved and I've got V 12.00.127 running on a Windows 10 64-bit laptop (no need for compatibility mode). It's one of those things though, where you don't need the absolute latest version if you've got an older car. A new version of Techstream may be released tomorrow but it's still communicating with, in my case, 12-year-old software in my 2005 car and it doesn't do anything new for the car over and above what, say, for example, version 8 could do.
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    As you say, if the power is disconnected I assume the mpg is reset? What sort of driving have you done since you picked it up. If you've just pootled around town then don't forget it's an average so it will be low. Try resetting and go for a steady cruise up the motorway. See what happens then. My first gen IS doesn't have such statistical wizardry. I think I prefer not to know
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    Hi , EO59EAF belongs to me . Started at £19695 2/3 weeks ago but recently reduced to £18695 as now have replacement car sorted. Nearly sold last week but buyer could not raise finance. It really is a top example. Any questions please shout.
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    Flytvr . Waste of money . White is the best
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    I had a very minor collision on the way to work this morning when I ran into the back of another car at a roundabout (The usual - he moved off then decided to stop even though the road was clear!). Anyway, no physical damage at all to either car so nothing to report. However, when I got back into my car the dreaded Pop Up Hood failure was indicating on my dash. Having read lots of horror stories on here about £3k repair costs even without any physical damage, I hesitantly rang my local dealer (Lexus Teesside) and spoke with Andy Pederson (their service manager). He advised me to bring the car straight in and they would have a look at it for me. I am very happy to report that the good news is, less than 1 1/2 hours later, the indicator has been reset and the system has been given a clean bill of health. Not only that, there was no charge at all and the car has been valeted inside and out!!! Now that's what I call great service! Thanks to all involved at Lexus Teesside but in particular to Andy Pederson and the technician that helped me out.
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    Libel & slander cases are very expensive starting around a cool £250,000 and that would need paying into court before any counsel would even consider taking it on so with that in mind it would need to be a serious slander or libel. These laws are for the rich and famous.
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    Exactly Stuart & look at the age of the cars were dealing with on this part of the forum, mine was 23 year old in Aug with 174,000 miles on it......& I expect it to outperform & new Jag, am stupid or is my LS so damn good??
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    I remeber that meet at bluewater, i had a good chat with Gary @finchy40. I had my white ISF then. I loved his cars exhaust note and had a little spin in it. I wasnt a fan of messa red till i saw his.
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    @mike m Such a bad man 😁 🐀
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    Completely agree.. taste thing. I personally think TVD is the best of them, but at the same time it is the only one which I would not miss. Kind of counter intuitive - it would be very nice to have it, but at the same time you would need to be on the track to really push car to the limits to benefit from having it... and if I would want track performance I would not look to RC-F anyway. ACC/PCS is important for me personally, because I would use car as daily which means quite a lot of busy motorway journeys, so it kind of key option for me. Secondly, I might be just me, but the only complaint about my current car is lack of sunroof, I really enjoyed sunroof on my previous IS250 F-Sport (and generally any car)... and to be honest it would be even better if it would have entire glass roof... that would be "must have" for me... I don't want it to even open to let that dirty air in.. but sunroof is key. All completely personal of course. That is kind of the reason why I consider RC-F carbon inferior car by any means - it doesn't even have option of sunroof (because roof is carbon ... wooohooo), the seats are maybe of recycled plastic bags (a.k.a alcantara which 100% polyester). Not to mention it doesn't even look good in my personal opinion, but what is more important it doesn't reduce weight which is the only reason to have CF in first place... really don't understand that car.
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    All my cars I’ve had for the last 10 years or so have had automatic climate control and I just leave the AC on all the time, it’s beneficial in both summer and winter. The last LS400 I had needed the air con regassing and it was absolutely fine after I got it done with no leaks etc, same for a Vauxhall Vectra I once had and a Ford Mondeo. They all regassed just fine and stayed fine afterwards.
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    How did you get that piece of information?! I don't live too far from said dealer and I didn't know that!...Saying that, I have never seen a messa red ISF in person, apart from one lexus Manchester sold a while back so perhaps he only uses it on special occasions! Did spot an ultra blue ISF being driven like miss daisy was behind the wheel as I was coming out of Stockport lexus a couple of weeks back, the driver must have heard me the way my brakes are squealing on my GSF! Having my pads de-glazed by lexus on Monday to try and solve the issue
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    If I had a silver ISF is wrap it too to be honest!!
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    Ah I remember that review, it's a feature of eCVT quietly doing the gear work while the engine sits at max rpm when under full throttle. So you are commenting on the engine at full chat rather than the gearbox whining, right? 5th Gear were on an airfield test as I recall, an airfield with loooooong straights and their right foot planted to the floor. On the road I am not at full throttle for more than a few seconds, so it's a none issue in 'real' life. I'm not sure how this 'feature' applies to other eCVT cars tho, maybe those with lesser power outputs are at full throttle for longer? Which i can imagine would get annoying. Mind you the lack of gear changes is a fast way to punch yourself down the road you know Me thinks you need to take the tiller of a car you're interested in and decide for yourself. It's good to get some info up front tho, so that you're prepared. The full electric question is one I ask before I'd driven a Hybrid before. This implementation isn't about looooong EV drives, instead it's there to assist and help under acceleration, around town, in traffic, etc and I find it works pretty well. The economy will not be as good as a dirty, complex and potentially unreliable and more expensive to fix diseasel tho. It'll be acceptable and much more refined tho, so take you pick.
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    Super excited to see this thread. Fingers crossed the build goes well for you.
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    I have been waiting for this thread for ages! Good luck! Can’t wait for videos of the results!
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    That makes sense. Thanks for you help anyway. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's how averages work. Whether or not it returns to the exact figure you had before depends on how you drive, weather conditions, wind speed and a whole host of other parameters - and don't forget fuel consumption always goes up in the winter months.
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    @Lexusman007 Phew you had me worried then 😊 🐀
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    When i had mine done, it was just the same as before they were done. Just had air bag done and checked mileage said 33 mph car had to go to bradford. A week later with my driving style, 28 that is with town and motor way driving.
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    Excellent cheers Paul,looking forward to it mate but I not got the same car anymore,but don’t worry it’s still in the best colour ( silver :)
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    @Lexusman007 All are welcome Rich look forward to seeing you and the car again 👍 Big Rat
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    Can a sc430 come if so I come along :) anyone want to meet along the way,am coming from Gloucester
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    Nooooo!!!!! There are only 7 Mesa red ISF's???? Does that make mine more valuable now??lol I'd be interested to know the history of the red cars too as I'm not sure how ratty does it but I've struggled to find much info on mine Marcus
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    @Womble72 Hey Paul you’ve got a dirty bottom mate 😂 🐀
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    @finchy40 is that lexus Edinburgh showroom? Looks like Seb in the background. If it is then he took me and the wife out for a quick run in a Mesa red ISF when I'd just bought an RX. I won't go into it too much but the wife went quiet sitting in the front lol. Two years later I bought my isf.
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    Not a chance, LoL I'm a big believer in GSI. Get someone in. It works !
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    GY08GBE but I know the new owner but his private plate on it and I haven't a clue what it is now. If any of you lads are thinking of selling....... don't!!!!! I regret it and wish I still had it.
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    Probably right. Blue IS-Fs are arguably the fastest F cars out there!
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    @paul99 Paul well done fella you are off to a flying start right car right colour and the right Christian name 🙄 Seriously though look forward to seeing you at a meet, were off to Cosford Museum 19th of this month if you can make it, as regards your car I believe it was last sold through the RSDirect place just outside Bristol at Yate. It was about 18/20 months ago it had about 70k on the clock then I think. Big Rat
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    So he might! But did you win your car in a free raffle? I guess not and I know I have worked damn hard to get mine so if some Jeremy Kyle contestant wants to treat it ( my property) like dirt then it is probably gone end up with us both rolling around on the ground and getting a few scratches to say the least, straight after an exchange of expletives has taken place. Sure it ain't gonna fix anything but I'm gonna sleep a whole lot better and mr tricycle might think twice in the future.
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    Calculations as folows:- Engine revs 6500 divided by gear ratio with mg1 stationary 3.266 to give wheel rev per minute = 1990 rpm x tyre rolling circumference (81.7/36 = 2.27 yds) = 4517.3 yds per min 4517.3/ 1760 yds per mile = 2.567 miles per minute x 60 for mph = 154 mph some of the figures are rounded for calculation. It should be noted that 6500 rpm is not the maximum engine speed of the GS450H John.
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    Yes I did get mixed up. I lived in Germany for 9 years and you are right: autobahn are brilliant when unrestricted, but if and when there are speed limits, better stick to them! I agree that the CT is bettered by many, and also that it has many good points: it is extremely reliable, relatively cheap to run, has plenty of toys and I love its go-kart attitude. I also agree that an older IS300h is most probably a better buy for many reasons. The reason I am/was looking at the CT is that I will be on my own in it 90% of the time. Maybe I should wait a little longer and treat myself to a RC300h instead. And before you start, I know you can get better for the money :-) ...but I do love the looks, especially in Ultra Blue or Sonic White.
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    My first lexus was hit by a motorcycle courier weaving around traffic. It went to court and the judge decided that on the balance of probability it was more likely that I'd changed into a different lane than the one that I needed for my journey (on journey I did every day) than the motorcycle courier had been filtering.
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    The temptation is strong but solves nothing though does it? I'm very much a karma sort of person. Not in a waving your chakras and chanting at crystals way but more based on cold statistics. If he continues to drive like a ******, especially as exposed as that, he's a lot more likely to come a serious cropper than Linus. I'm not going to wish him ill, he'll eventually manage to do that all by himself.
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    I've found very good video: It got battery meter and power displayed so we know what is happening. We can see car is accelerate with the battery assistance at 250KW. Then he brakes and accelerate again with battery deplated at 220KW - you can compare the difference if you want. Then at 155mph it hit the limiter - observer that speedo is showing 260kmh which is 161mph. So limiter is set to the real 155mph. At that time power output is dropping to 190KW (255bhp) and is stable engine only output. That means if limiter weren't there engine still got like 40bhp to get extra 10-20kmh.
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    You missed the main point: This of course makes the assumption that the engine has sufficient power which it does not. Britprius is not saying it will do 200mph but if you will put 5L engine with 500bhp and leave the gearbox it should go up to 200mph without reaching crazy rev like 15k rpm. Of course don't try to do that as gearbox also got limits on the max torque not just rpm :) As for sustained max speed it just mean limit is not on the gearbox side but on the engine and battery.
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    went to lexus this morning and the fault can be reset they couldnt fit me in until this afternoon so i tried carista on my phone whilst in the carpark and the app cancelled the dash warnings for me. so happy days .i've attached an image of the dash message,lexus did say even with the car parked up you can still get this message if the car is nudged gently.