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    I've been pondering an upgrade for a while and just wanted to put it out there if there are any genuine buyers looking for a nice example 2008. Get in touch if youre a serious looker, I'm looking for £15,500. Couple of months of warranty lefts, alloys refurbed 22nd Dec 2017. 80,000 miles. Rare alpine leather, like new. Service/mot booked for 1st Feb which I would have done if sold. Purchased from a fellow forum member in 2016.
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    Really is a great looking car, i have spent many a happy mile behind it!! Whoever gets it will have a good 'un.
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    What a great looking ISF.
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    My water pump was replaced at the beginning of 2016. The previous owner was also an enthusiast and member of LOC and wanted it changed before I collected the car.
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    Emjay82 good look with the sale . Someone is going to get a beauty . And a bargain . What’s next ?
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    Hi, No, I'm definitely not driving it around too much. Why not? First of all, I drive a lot, about 350 miles a week and if I'd use the lexus all the time this would add up to about 15,000 miles a year. I don't really want that. Most of the miles I drive are rather boring, the M1 and traffic jams in York and Sheffield. So, I haven't sold my mercedes cl 500 which I use for this. It's a 2011 model which has stopped depreciating. So, currently I keep the lexus for trips when I don't expect a traffic jam and the need to use cruise control. What do I think? I think it is much sportier than I thought. If I have to rate the car in a row of some of my previous cars I'd say that it drives less sporty than a lotus elise or an audi tts, more sporty that a jaguar xk 5.0, a jaguar xk 4.2 and much, much sportier than a mercedes 500 cl. About as sporty as a porsche boxter s. The Mercedes is - in my view – a more relaxed car. The comfort mode in the lexus does not make it that comfortable. It remains quite a sporty car. I'm not quite used to the infotainment system. I'm a big fan of the colored head up display. I don't like the fact that not the whole steering wheel gets warm evenly (the outside gets warm much faster than the inside.) It's not fit for 4 people but for 3 people (my children age 12 and 11 and me) it is fine, we put the passenger seat a bit more forward and they are both quite comfortable. I didn't like the adaptive cruise control. I was continuously slowing down without wanting this. I do like all the other warning systems, including the lane departure warnings, forces me to indicate. In the evenings I get quite some people signaling as if I am driving with main beam on while I am not. Quite irritating. I have to see what I can do about that. I have washed it already a few times. Lovely car. Best thing, in my view is how it steers and how it responds to the throttle. And how, when you walk to it, you think, mmm that is a gorgeous car. Question is, should I sell the mercedes? Or am I doing the right thing, saving the lexus a bit? Am adding some pictures (including one of the mercedes). Yours, Ben
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    Hi, after a bit of advice from maybe some unbiased posters ha I currently own a Lexus IS300 (4.5yrs) and a Jaguar S-type R (3.5yrs) Which would be the best out of these 2 to have as a daily driver. I am currently looking at both models Lexus ISF or Jaguar XFR My lexus honestly has been the best car i have owned after 2 previous IS200's My STR has the usual mods, pulley upgrade, re-map, caldoofy intake, WOT mod, Adamesh exhausts, currently running 370WHP, 440Crank hp Would the ISF be much difference in performance?? I know about the reliability of the Lexus, thats why I am more heading in that direction, my budget is upto £20K Cheers Andy
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    Hi Farqui Just a quick update. Yes I do live in the countryside and the squirrel has a reprieve! I have just spoken with our local pest controller when he came in to work today, and he tells me that its not a squirrel but more likely to be a field or harvest mouse, would you believe??. All I can say is I don't want to meet a mouse who can carry bunch of conkers the size of a golf ball up my manifold! It also worries me more, now, just where he / she got fibrous material from, as a mouse is a lot smaller than a squirrel ............ but then again looking at the conkers, maybe he isn't!!! Next move is bait boxes and traps required around the garage and car. Ray
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    Hi Alec,I have serviced my own cars for many years including my previous sport cross; I can assure you that your Lexus is a straight forward car to maintain ,find a small independent garage with a ' hands on' owner and you should have no problems . Lexus parts are of course good and dependable quality ,but I can also recommend Gates brand for timing and ancillary belts ,they are used as original equipment on some makes and are a bit cheaper Dave
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    Picture courtesy of Welsh road safety partnership
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    RC-F for the win. I predict I'll be ready to shift mine in Jan 2020 if anyone else is into longer term planning. And of course, it is the best colour.
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    @Mark G "Trouble free Grinning "........... like this you mean
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    @Comedian Now we're getting personal love it 🐀
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    The common denominator here is reliability, but then you already knew that, the Jag sounds interesting!!! looking at the BHP figure i would expect very similar performance from the ISF, i am on my 5th Lexus and second "F V8" and have not had a single issue. The later cars come with revised suspension, not sure there is a massive difference, LSD and different instruments, engines are identical, as ever buy one with history and if possible from a member on here and enjoy years of trouble free grinning....................
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    The states seem to get a lot of water leak or pump issues, I say seem because if you take into account the number of cars over there compared to here it is a very small number that have an issue. As others have said I have not heard of one issue with coolant loss from that area of the engine.
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    Don't know what you mean?
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    @FTBBCVoodoo American terminology 🙄 Anyway its the area between the V at the top of the block between the heads there is a large shaped aluminium water jacket that sits atop the engine that coolant runs through and it’s adhesived into place no gasket. There have been instances in the states of them weeping. 🐀
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    What's a Valley Plate?
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    Hi, the car is at home. When you pick it up, don't put the manual in the boot. As you"ll never find that little button that you accidently hit and that makes that you won't be able to open the boot anymore. Ben
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    Don't forget to replace the idler and the adjuster for the timing belt
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    If it is the water pump you are referring to they are situated low down front of block, earlier cars the pumps seeped nothing more, they do not fail. Most would have been changed by now, if not it’s a £3-400 fix at Lexus or if it’s under warranty nowt. 🐀
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    This 'got a bonnet from the scrappers' look is catching on. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    How about this fine example just posted last night? I've known people have the S-Type R's from new, and do have a soft spot for them, despite some reliability issues he encountered. In a straight line with your mods, I'm not sure there would be much difference. The IS-F does have a better gearbox, so that could well give it a good advantage. Around corners and general handling, it would be like night and day. I suggest taking one for a test drive if you havn't already. XFR is going to be similar to the IS-F, but I would rate Lexus reliability higher than the Jag. I know a few people who have had various issues with the standard XF. I did a tour around scotland with one in a group of cars (some over 20 years old) and it was the only one to break down!
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    At the time, I'd have struggled. V6 or 4x4 Turbo.
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    It's an S3 - chance if being stolen is about 95%. If you live near London, Birmingham or Manchester, it's yours in name only
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    Thankfully the Skunk jokes have now been replaced by Vauxhall Calibra jokes!!!
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    My LS400 is male called Rio, after the number plate. My RX 300, I think is female. Chloe after the number plate KL0. I say to "her" in the morning, "Well KLO, what do ya know?" And she always starts first time!
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    I’m not that fussy! [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I was the one being apologised to! My GS450h is Gus, as in Angus. It’s a boy. My wife’s RX350 is Roxy and is obviously a girl. We only started naming our cars after we bought a red SLK which had a nice note from the previous owner in the handbook explaining that he was called Manfred after Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen aka The Red Baron. My ‘15 Touareg was Rufus (numberplate started with RF). I think it’s cute but also stupid to name cars. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @Pecker Hi Mark I'll have a look and come back to you, good to see your going to stick with another. 'F' I'm also in the process of keeping the same type of info on the Rcf and the Gsf. Will most likely be jumping into an Rcf my self in Jan19. 🐀
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    How am I supposed to know they're a ladyboy lol - unless you go to Bangkok fairly regularly I dont think its much of an issue
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    Adjust the rod at the top by slackening the nut on the back of the ball joint and slide it downwards in the slot on the rotary mechanism.. Try about 1/4 inch movement to start with. See picture below. John.
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    Welcome to the forum,and what a great looking LS430 you have.
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    Brake job is done done now with replacement of the disc retaining screws, cheap at a quid and a bit each plus the sensor clip which was an immodest £10 approx. Correctly torqued up the wheel nuts. All done.
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    I finished a tube of Carlube copper grease and it was ok...only ok as it seemed too runny or just not a quality consistency. A tube of QX stuff from Euro car parts though is much better and it’s good stuff. A bit more like the old copperslip branded grease I was accustomed too.
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    Not sure if any of you follow Jalopnik as you trawl the t'interwebs getting your fix of motor related nonsense but this caught my eye https://jalopnik.com/you-dont-need-all-wheel-drive-in-the-snow-1821806245 I noticed a few weeks ago that one of their guys had just bought an IS300 Sportcross and now he's having fun in the aftermath of the "bomb cyclone". The reason for me posting this here is that absolutely none of that would be possible in my very similar (save the rear end) IS300 saloon. Absolutely none at all. Not bothering with winter rubber this year means that when we had about half an inch of snow the other week one of my neighbours offered to push me out of my parking space. Bambi on ice springs to mind. I'm well aware of the benefits of winter tyres having run them for a number of years but even I sat open mouthed watching the Jalopnik video.