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    So bought a new friend for my Lexus family today :)
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    They're practically the same car anyway so wouldn't bother about it lol
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    I can just imaging you sitting there thinking "what's the most controversial thing I can say to the ISF community?? I know I'll tell their car is practically a IS220!!"
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    Don't know if the video has upload properly - here's a couple of screen shots
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    I went to the PistonHeads oragnised Sunday Service today - loads of interesting cars there! I met a nice chap called Adam from Toyota, who’d borrowed a lovely looking red RCF carbon. I also saw a dark grey/black ISF to complete the set, and as an aside managed to visit the memorial to Bruce McLaren and Sir Jack Brabham. Most of the time, I totally forgot to take photos, but the bacon sandwiches were great and the weather was freezing! The GSF was utterly faultless, although a healthy presence from Sussex constabulary on the journey home prevented too much fun!
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    I've mentioned the site before on here a useful toool when car buying or even looking up the cars you used to own. They are in the process of updating the site with more information and there is now a drop down selection with the MOT history where it was done and so on, they have now included manufacturers recall information. Its still work in progress but it makes a change to see where some of the money fleeced from us motorists by the government is put back into something beneficial. https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history Take a look. Big Rat
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    Pete It sounds like you have a airlock within the heating matrix and this is causing restricted flow that is fluctuating with increased pressure from the engine when the temp goes up. You will be best served getting the system totally flushed and refilled properly exhausting any airlocks. The leak in the radiator can cause the problem you have in that it will draw air into the system as it cools down after use this air lock will travel round the system and get lodged because the pressure on both sides of the airlock equalises.
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    He's just finished this one, give him a break....
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    @Comedian Nah thanx matey my blood pressure is fine 😊 🐀
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    Well I have made it home but it wasn't drama free, serves me right for opening my big mouth, it's dangerous out there in freezing temperatures and packed ice on some roads, took me ages to get back on account of stopping three times, firstly to tow a Defender out of a ditch, then a gritting lorry and finally a snowplough - none of which unlike me were on winter tyres! On a more serious note, I took the LS for a blast round a very empty and icy a Tesco car park, very difficult to break traction unless seriously provoked and tried some emergency stops, no drama, no abs etc, will be interesting to see if the conditions in the morning can provide more challenge.
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    All this talk of 'F' cars in garages look at these........,,., yum yum says papa bear 🤗
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    @Ace8800 Matey sadly the days of my car having steamy windows are long long gone 🤓 🐀
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    Big rat . Flytvr this is a rare sight
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    You are right @Warrington guy. I’ve kicked it out!!
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    Model ID mistakes like this are not uncommon. It is usually the case that the incorrect model is selected by backroom admin dealer staff when registering the vehicle for the first time using AFRL (Automated First Registration & Licensing System). These staff members do not often have insightful knowledge, especially on niche models like an IS-F. Those with better product knowledge ( i.e. sales staff) are forbidden from being involved in the registration process.
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    I think I'd class that as operator error
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    According to a friend of mine, who runs a body repair business, it is all to do with the insurance companies trying to force down the cost of repairs but giving them a bigger profit on insurance costs. My friend is constantly being hassled by insurance companies over costs. If he quotes using a special paint then the insurance company will try to make him use a cheaper product, even though it might not blend in with the original paint. All the insurance companies want is the cheapest job, and the quality of the job is of no interest to them. If you repair, for instance, Mercedes or BMW, then you have to go to all sorts of training and buy in special equipment, and have the company site inspected by the car company before you can get a franchise. This is a very expensive over-head. However, the insurance companies want my friend to ignore all the quality checks and methods and just do quick repairs. So it is quite possible, depending on who repairs your Mercedes, that the bodywork warranty will be null and void if it repaired by a big insurance company. Basically these insurance companies are just a bunch of cheapskates who are only interested in profit. They will instruct a repair company to throw a cheap, third party, wing onto the car, whatever make the car is, rather than using an original part. Then you wonder why the wing, or door or whatever, starts to rust after 3 or 4 years even though the car has a 30 year body warranty guarantee against corrosion. The answer is [a] don't trust the insurance company, and try to get the car repaired yourself by a reputable, and responsible, body repair company. Parkman.
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    I took the boot and bonnet off my wife's cardoxton 220d to put them on my red IS-F. I thought it would make it look like it had carbon fibre panels. The boot fitted perfectly, but the bonnet was missing a bulge. That was a wasted weekend
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    @Mark G Don't look up now but............... 🐀
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    Linas is making friends again......
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    Firstly, I'm probably the least technical person on this forum - by a mile, so all my views are based on my experiences during ownership and those of many other F drivers (who I meet on a regular basis). With regards to the radiator, all I can say is that one member had his replaced - can't recall why, but Lexus Japan didn't even have any in stock. It had to be made!!! I'd be careful assuming that parts for the IS-F are easily swappable with IS parts. As an example, my IS-F had a leak from the air conditioning system. Replacement pipe was IS-F specific. Time to fix, several months as the part had to be ordered from Japan. Who'd have thought the pipework wasn't just off an IS (or other Lexus)!! In summary, unlike the world of BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc, there simply isn't an abundance of independent garages with knowledge of the IS-F, so when things go wrong, most of us will have to resort back to using the main dealers. This will never be cheap. Of course there are those talented individuals that will engineer fixes, make their own radiators in their back shed, rob pipework from the washing machine to fix the air con etc etc, but whichever way you look at it, this is a pain.
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    BTW - I just noticed the bit about 'carrying on with Lexus servicing'. That will be expensive and totally unnecessary - the only things needing regular attention are oil changes and oil, air (only very occasional) and cabin (pollen) filter changes - after market filters work fine at a fraction of Lexus prices and oil is oil. Buy your own fully synthetic 5W-30 on eBay along with filters etc and get a good indy to do your servicing if you can't do it yourself. All the other servicing 'work' is/are inspections - hell, the MoT covers most of them. Lexus dealers don't do the essential brake caliper maintenance, and they charge full price for any parts they consider 'needed'. You can buy filters, tyres, brake pads etc much more cheaply from the after market and they work just as well - often they are the same parts in a different box. Using any dealer for any car after it's out of warranty is throwing money down the drain, IMHO - they are geared up to maintain cars within warranty and change 'units' - they don't consider or attempt any suitable fixes which require a bit of dismantling, repair and reassembly. A good indy will seek the best/lowest cost compromise to deal with problems.
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    Thankfully the carbon bonnet will help you find it in the snow if it did happen to venture out
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    I get around the winter blues by driving mine every day of the year 😎😎😎
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    There is something to be said for 'Winter blues' when it comes to these things I reckon. I'm chomping at the bit to get mine out to enjoy the new supercharger setup, but the cold weather is a real fun killer in that respect! I'm sure it will be worth the wait, but do see why people lose interest or think about selling up. A few years back I bought a Navara because I thought it would be useful with snow etc, that's fine, but in reality how many snow days do we get each year?! Not many! Don't buy a car for the wrong reasons, don't sell a car on a whim, you only live to regret it I find.
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    This link may have been posted before idk, but there is some great information here on the IS F. https://lexus.pressroom.com.au/press_kit_detail.asp?kitID=270&navSectionID=6#2912
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    I was thinking more something like this?
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    Comedian . Same here mate . That’s whats putting me off buying the orange carbon
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    Great freeze of 81! How well I recall. I got caught in Alton, Hants, having driven my Citroen Dyane there to deliver a hi-fi amp -Quad 405 -(stuck avidly behind a coach 'getting his wind'....). HEAVY snow and freeze overnight; on the way home to Bristol, the M4 was mainly one wavering lane through frozen snow, passing abandoned Saabs and Porsches etc.. on the way. Thin tyres, air-cooled 602cc engine.....no problem!. (Pic; I didn't ALWAYS deiver giant cinema horns!) Later, I used my Citroen DS Safari on high suspension to deliver goods over the frozen ruts that kept everyone else marooned! How DID I drive a Ford Galaxie in Canada in December snow I wonder now, in 92? At least the roads are wide and thinly populated there, not our jammed roads.
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    Obviously I'm going to say it'I a good one, but it really is. Needed wheels tidying and getting ready for tyres. I know someone on here is already interested. All I'll say is they have plenty of room for manoeuvre with the price...
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    I used to press that on my IS200 and it didn't work: It didn't make it snow.
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    Contact Steve and he will sort it out for you. lexusoc@gmail.com
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    So guys a update on the exhaust took it back in today with my mind made up putting the standard boxes back on :) but my exhaust man said no need he can fix the drone so he made some custom 10inch boxes,which are straight through so give a nice v8 sound,but 100 % no drone and had a lovely drive back home very happy man
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    It'll be interesting to hear what difference you find if you have climate control set to auto before pressing Demist. Hope it makes a difference. One other point to bear in mind is that the manual says: "Operation of the air conditioning system in Eco drive mode In Eco drive mode, the air conditioning system is controlled as follows to prioritize fuel efficiency: ● Engine speed and compressor operation controlled to restrict heating/cooling capacity ● Fan speed restricted when automatic mode is selected". So, as well as auto climate control, check that the car isn't in Eco mode - ie switch to Normal or Sport - before pressing the Demist button.
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    It is normal for the engine to kick in when starting in cold weather. That car has probably been sitting there for a while.
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    Think we need linas to confirm that one flytvr
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    Arghh my eyes blue and beige Nice looking motor with the alternative wheels but not my cup of tea. Would need a nice black interior from an is220d... Mine is still pretty low around 20800 miles on the clock ,13 plate.
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    @MNMJWasted weekend I dunno about that 2 days playing with cars not speaking to the wife sounds like heaven 😉 🐀
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    You say "we're realising" but I suspect what you really mean is "I am realising" although how you're realising a design flaw based on anecdotal evidence is beyond me. The only glasses I have are x-ray ones I ordered from the back of Viz. Rose tinted doesn't work on me. I'm a technician.
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    That was me. When Lexus had the car in bits doing the fuel pump recall they spotted it was worn where it shouldn't have been and decided to replace it. None in stock in the UK, Germany (where there's apparently a large Lexus parts bin) nor Japan. They had make/assemble one for me. I would have thought they would have made a batch but I don't know. Took 2 weeks. TBH if the car was out of warranty then there are some other ways of getting one (probably cheaper too) but that won't be the case for other parts.
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    Saying the engine and gearbox are the only things unique to the IS-F model is at best plainly wrong, LSD, wheels, suspension parts, pumps and other ancillaries are model specific, yes a radiator is not a moving part but to say it cant "rust" is not completely true, alloys corrode and therefore can leak. Nobody is saying an IS-F is a totally bespoke car, they are sayng how reliable it is.
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    I think F the yaris up is what would happen lol
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    I have locked this as its sinking to the depths of tit for tat insults. We are meant to be adults so let's try and act like adults. Its Christmas time let's see some Christmas cheer and be nice to each other. Remember we are all allowed our opinion.
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    I love the old fj40s as well especially the troop carrier style I saw for sale last year from Oz. Really I could maybe opt for one of these newer forerunners and keep the ISF. The beast aka my trusty t sport Yaris would have to go instead
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    Omg, it looks like it swallowed a Cessna 150 and spat the remains out the exhaust!!!!
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    Really not sure. I like the blue. As a wrap I confess I like the tokyo drift sponsored race car look. Just feel a bit old for it :D Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Hello all, That car was in Charles Hurst, Dundonald (near Belfast) until some time in October. They had it advertised on Autotrader as a 2007 car for £17500. The registration is a County Armagh plate which was put back on the car after it was traded in and the previous owner transferred their private plate on their new car. It doesn't show up on the DVLA MOT check because Northern Ireland details aren't available centrally (since vehicle licencing and MOT's etc were all managed / recorded locally before it all went to Swansea). It was previously registered as DS04VYS and AG58FHC. I think the 04 plate was the one transferred when it was traded in. I had thought about having a look at it when it was for sale in Belfast but I was a bit put off by the standard tail lights and the slight deformation in the rear bumper. I wondered if it had been hit. The original Charles Hurst photos also appeared to show that the boot trim wasn't fitted properly around the hinges but that looks like it's been fixed in the new photos. In the end it went before I had a chance to get a closer look at it. Hope this is helpful, Gareth
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    there is a sprung ball bearing in a track... if the mirror is forced beyond it's normal throw it will move (as opposed to break), but once returned to it;s normal position, you'll hear a load click as the ball bearing re-located into the track again. So long at it retracts and extends as per normal, then all good.
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    Australia and will you just listen to that exhaust especially at 1.12 seconds on wards lovely footage throughout, now my personal favourite Big Rat