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    As promised some pics of the finished job. I can't believe the difference it's like a different car. Happy as with it Still to get it outside into the daylight to see how it looks.
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    @mike m Being a builder I'm always up for a challenge, so this car detailing lark no probs I've gathered up some kit from the back of the van as the Silver 'F' needs a spruce up....... Ive scraped out my best muck bucket for the 'H2 O' Solution. And my best plastering sponge had had a dust off and also my favourite broom for the difficult bits. Now I'm guessing you are all going to approve of my own 'Clay Bar' , its a hand sander with 180 grit pad that should shift even the most obstinate stains. So here we go......... Oh and by the way for a fraction of the cost 😂 🐀
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    I enjoy (sad isn't it?) Doing my own. Use a DA polisher with various pads depending on the car. The rc only needed a light paint restore and gentle pad. Then coated with king of gloss which should last about 12 months. But it's only 20 quid a tub. Takes me about 4 to 6 hours to do a full job but between is just normal wash and towel and it looks waxed again. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Another MOT passed with no advisories so yet another year of ownership for me, purchased for £3750 11 years ago and with mainly DIY servicing never let me down until the other week when the offside rear spring gave up after 23 years of service probably as a result of the state of UK roads. My local garage also fitted the nearside rear spring for me whilst in for the test, total bill came to £82.00. At just £42.00 inc VAT to remove the strut, replace the spring and refit it just wasn't worth getting my hands dirty.
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    Passenger door corrected and is like a mirror, looks like the ceramic won't go on till tomorrow. Just had to drill and tap my rear number plate bolt holes. Stupid plastic bolts were seized.
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    LC has arrived home, thank you to Ultimate Finish at Brand hatch for bringing the paintwork up to a morrow finish, a great job as usual.
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    Here's a few pics of the job so far. Bumpers and door handle still to do, interior clean then apply the coating. There's one thing for sure it's going to be super shiny. Its not coming out the garage ever again
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    "I have not tried GS300h but it must be extremely annoying machine " It does amaze me when someone can say something is awful without even trying it! I find the GS300h more than adequately powered, especially in S and S+ modes. I thought I'd miss the mid range torque of my previous IS220d but not at all. More than enough power for overtaking and pulling away from tailgaters.
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    Robert. I am happy to be able to help when I can. To me the forum exists to help each other, and keep the costs of repairs to a reasonable level. I have learned much from the forum, and continue to do so. John
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    So I've just had a dream come true what's better than having one SILVER is-F at your house.......... yes you've got it 2 🤗 Especially when the second one is nicely detailed and hiding the dirt on yours 😂 Big Rat
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    You know you want to! Chance to meet the infamous Kemble crew (consisting of @Mark G, @emjay82 and @Big Rat). A once in a lifetime opportunity (until the next meet).
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    Its only my personal opinion but i always look what tyres are fitted to any car i'm thinking of purchasing and think it can often say a lot about how the car has been looked after. I think a premium car deserves a premium tyre.
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    This reminds me of being 17 again, my brother had an issue with his speedo in his cavalier and when removed a note was in there with the words “ oh no, not again” 😂😂😂
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    I’ve tracked mine (a 2008 with the electronic diff, not the mechanical LSD) on a wet Silverstone and never once did it feel like I was missing out... 3rd gear will see roughly 100mph, with wheelspin north of 90mph if you hit any paint on the tarmac (again, on a wet track). It’s a lively car if you provoke it, but still gives the full Lexus experience if required. In the dry, there’s ample grip. In manual mode, the gearbox will hold a gear down to about 1500rpm, then change down to prevent stalling. It’ll also hold the gear up to the red line and sit banging off the limiter at the top end if you want. It’s as close to a manual as you can get with an auto. It’s really very good. I have my car serviced by the main dealer on a service plan (about £32/month via DD). I can’t find a specialist nearby on the South Coast, but I’ve been so happy with the main dealer, I’ve not bothered looking too hard.
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    You lose money on every car you can buy, bar something exotic or very old. Here is the thing about money though - it can be replaced, it's not a real thing, in fact it's not money it's a fiat currency, but that's a whole different topic. What you can't replace and have less and less of........... is time. A friend of mine (fit and healthy) recently got home from work and dropped dead from a stroke aged 48. You just don't know. SO saying I'll never do this or never do might be right. And then you'll be dead, for a very very very long time. Unless you believe in heaven, then you'll be dead and disappointed.
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    Hi all I have been the proud owner of a IS300 H for two weeks now ,and i am very pleased with it . Having owned a Honda Accord 2.4 auto for ten years i was a little concerned about changing to a hybrid .After reading all the negative reviews of the Lexus by the motoring press,i ignored it and did my research on this site , reading real life owners real world findings. So here i am , and very pleased with the car so far, double the fuel consumption of the Honda , and quick enough when needed.The dealership experience was amazing , very helpful and polite. My main reasons for buying a Lexus where; Reliability [very important to me ] Hybrid technology Looks . not everyone and their dog own one [getting lots of nice comments already] So here's to a happy Lexus experience ,and keep up the good work on this fantastic site. Best Regards Steve.
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    Well, the Lexus have been on back burner... I have been busy with other things Like this :)
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    I've finally given up polishing the F and bringing in a local professional today / tomorrow to machine polish and apply a Cquarzt ceramic coating. Can't wait to see the results so beware all you silver lovers there might be a some very blue pics coming The guy inspected the car a few weeks back and every panel had a more than 200microns of paint depth some areas were 250 so it would seem Lexus did a good job on these cars at the factory. Wife's CT is around 150 as a comparison.
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    Any idea on times yet??’s a 3 hr drive for me and 140ish miles, but pencil me in, obviously time depending 🙄........Kemble was a 2-1/2 hr journey 😳 but be good to catch up in person 👍
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    Hi Guys decided to bite the bullet and change the CD/Radio to a Kenwood double din. Now i have DAB radio and Apple Air play. Not a cheap way of doing things but i think it brings a tried look into the 21st century!
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    To be fair, it should stay looking pretty good, his garage is really clean.... 👍
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    @mrfunex Good post Stuart reading that makes me want to go out and buy mine all over again ! Had a play with mine this afternoon up and down Cheddar Gorge and over the Mendip Hills on a route I know well, I always drive mine in sport have done since I bought it, I concur it really is a great gearbox 👍 Big Rat
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    I had a very minor collision on the way to work this morning when I ran into the back of another car at a roundabout (The usual - he moved off then decided to stop even though the road was clear!). Anyway, no physical damage at all to either car so nothing to report. However, when I got back into my car the dreaded Pop Up Hood failure was indicating on my dash. Having read lots of horror stories on here about £3k repair costs even without any physical damage, I hesitantly rang my local dealer (Lexus Teesside) and spoke with Andy Pederson (their service manager). He advised me to bring the car straight in and they would have a look at it for me. I am very happy to report that the good news is, less than 1 1/2 hours later, the indicator has been reset and the system has been given a clean bill of health. Not only that, there was no charge at all and the car has been valeted inside and out!!! Now that's what I call great service! Thanks to all involved at Lexus Teesside but in particular to Andy Pederson and the technician that helped me out.
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    Had some time on Sunday so decided to take the airbox and intake off to have a look. Cars just ticked over 89k miles. There was carbon build around the bottom and top of the throttle flap, not a massive amount but noticable as attached. Cleaned out with carb cleaner. Checked the MAF sensor which was clean no real build up but gave it a spray with electric contact cleaner. Removed positive battery cable before I took it apart and reconnected after I finished to reset the ecu. Improved throttle response and car feels smoother overall. Only took about 30mins.
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    That Tesla sounded Epic... Said no one... ever ;-) I was having a chat to my next door neighbour who is buying a Model S (He had a Prius) and I mentioned the noise to him. I likened it to comparing ACDC with those pipes you hang in the garden that make an odd noise when the wind blows (ISF being ACDC in case you were wondering) I then noticed he had a hearing aid. Which explains why I always hear his wife shouting at him. Mind you... I don't have a hearing aid and my wife shouts at me so not sure I have any logic to go on here.
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    Two very different cars.......But if this was a p85d/p90d or p100d the Lexus would have got majorly walked.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I bought my GS450 back in July, a 2008 SE-L with radar cruise and a sunroof. I’m not someone who is a Lexus fanatic and I can easily see me owning another BMW or MB one day, so my enthusiasm for my GS is not wrapped up in some misplaced tribalism. I was considering CLS350s and 530Ds before getting the Lexus, but I didn’t fancy a diesel and you simply get more kit on the GS than either of the other cars I was looking at. You can buy a very comprehensive Lexus warranty for £1100 for two year years which may be worth doing. I’ll do that once my 12 months approved used warranty runs out. Quick, reliable, comfy. You can do a lot worse than a GS450. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @Jon_B Jon most likely my route in the future as well, this me and a mate on a day out in Bath, well at least this his is last one he’s bought another now he rates em 👍 Big Rat
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    Ok, I feel a little picked on now But seriously, I think I might have misrepresented myself somewhat in my last post, so let me clarify. Paul, I did say that since the warranty company is paying, so if it wasn't free I wouldn't have suggested the dealer replace it. I am certainly of the opinion that you should make an effort to look after your car yourself, wherever possible. In fact, if you browse my old posts, you will see that one of the first things I did to my car was unstick and grease the front calipers when I bought it. Recently, I noticed a neighbours car had a flat tyre and told him so. Looked out of my window a while later to see him struggling to figure out how to get the wheel off; he couldn't figure out which way the wheel nuts turn to undo, and worse, he was trying to undo them with the car jacked up. I went out and showed him how to do it. I just assumed it would be obviously how a wheel is changed and even more so on which way a thread unlocks! I feel that it does help if you have an interest in cars or how things work in general which, unfortunately, excludes most people, who would rather just pay someone else to fix it for them.
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    I’m starting to improve my MPG on my CT200H. I use brim to brim filling to ensure accuracy on the readings. Most of my motoring in town and commuting to work with the occasional longer trip. Last fill up was 51.7 mpg. The average mpg read out on the car says 49.8 so it’s pretty accurate. On another topic, I do like the 2018 facelifted models. If I feel up to leasing a new car I may change in 2020 when I have paid for my current F-Sport. (If the CT200H is still on sale of course, if not then a low mileage used model should do the trick. That should see me up to retirement in just under 7 years. (I will still work on if able to for a bit)
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    I would suggest you have a good read of the issues on the diesel Lexus models from the owners on this web site. Dealers will of course tell you its a fantastic car as they want to sell it. I have not had one of the diesels so cant really comment but from what I have seen from user issues then look for an IS250
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    I agree. Personal tastes are just that, personal! My only criticism was the fact that someone could make a judgement on a vehicle that they admitted that they'd never driven. That to me is bizarre!
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    Hoping that I should be able to join you all on this one. It’s been a while.
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    @Flytvr Ooh err now if @Mark G happened to have been German this subject hedge matter would be something akin to 'Don't mention the war " Big Rat
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    I am not surprised with reaction, sadly I cannot ignore the existence of 300h or for that matter like it. Loosing GS450h from the range in my opinion would be a major problem. Equally, in my opinion (after trying) IS300h and RC300h are underpowered and I found them painful to drive and event to be inside. 300h combination produces same power/torque in all models, but IS is the lightest (1670kg), whilst GS is the heaviest (1830kg), which means it the worst in this aspect. Stating that GS is not "that much heavier" than IS is just wrong, because it is ~160kg heavier (and that is a lot, almost 3 extra adults in your car). GS is the heaviest car to have 300h configuration with RC being second biggest offender (1775kg), followed by NX (1755kg). This clearly impacts performance of the car (IS 8.4s vs. GS 9.2s 0-60). I accept that not everyone are the same, hence car manufacturers have different engine options for the same model. Sadly, as is the case with RC - Lexus gives no engine option and that is what I find particular pain point about the brand as a whole. If they would drop GS450h I would not be able to comprehend what is their goal... except of alienating customers like me. In terms of how big issue it is... for RC it is massive issue - slow sports coupe doesn't sound particularly appealing, for IS it is not as much of an issue, first of all because it is the lightest of the bunch and fastest, secondly because as replacement for IS220d it can be considered suitable, slow sports saloon is not great and lack of IS250 replacement is apparent and painful, but it definitely has it's places as entry model to the range, for NX that is not an issue at all, because it is city SUV for school runs so it's sportiness is relatively ok... for GS... I don't know. I guess if GS450h exists it would be fine - you choose what suits you (something you cannot do with RC), but if GS450h does not exists that seems like major problem for me... My personal feelings about 300h (and your hurt feelings) aside... does anyone have anything to add regarding 450h and why do you think it is hidden away on Lexus website? P.S. I really don't want to insult anyone, but just because car is "~OK" for you it doesn't means it is "~OK" for everyone and equally that they have no right to have different opinion about it. I am trying to be factual, however all depends on perspective and it is clear that we all have different ones.
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    I had a CT for 3 years and never realy loved it. Nice car but a big comedown from my previous RX300 which I still miss. Saved me a fortune in fuel though. Swapped the CT for an IS300H which was a massive improvement. Test drove an NX and IMHO it is significantly better than the CT (fuel consumption excepted) However if you have been used to premium nav and or Levinson sound system avoid the base model NX as sound system is truly awful. I also thought that the parcel shelf was a let down in the NX, cheap assed like from a ford fiesta LOL
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    I used bp ultimate religiously in my previous is220d. Still had dpf and egr issues so it' a waste of money in my opinion. Different story with my current 250 petrol though. Due to the high compression ratio of the V6 it definitely performs better on shell nitro than regular unleaded.
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    Not available for Lexus as yet just Big German manufacturers, it's an OBD plug in app that interrogates the ecu for information regarding the cars past life - mileage clocking identification etc etc. It's aimed to assist with purchasing decision of a vehicle. Number of articles on it on the web sounds interesting. Big Rat
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    I can get a weekly supermarket big shop in the boot easily if that helps. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Ummmmmm........this is as bad as one of them there technical threads that I 'sometimes' sabotage! Yesterday, my F got the special treatment, being washed and vacuumed by Lexus Cheltenham.
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    That's good value for a product that should last 2 years. I'll be paying over £500 for a similar treatment next week but it will last up to 5 years 😊
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    don't tell er indoors but I put mine in the dish washer, came out sparkly
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    If you look at the very front of the inner wing you should see a black plastic tab held with the small black screw, remove the screw and lift the tab slightly then pull the sidelight slightly outwards and forwards to release the retaining clips ( these can be tight and need a substantial tug to disengage but I haven't broken one yet doing so.) Behind the sidelight is a headlight securing nut in a horizontal position, a bolt below it and 2 more bolts on the other side of the unit (all 10mm). Once all the bolts and nut are removed the assemble should be loose enough to waggle out, just take care as the front bumper lips it slightly.
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    What colour combination have you gone for? Q1: It's a pain to get to! - Lift the centre armrest and pull out the storage unit. It should just lift up. There is 1 (could be 2, can't remember) USB connector, a cigar lighter type connector, and I think there is also an audio connector. Your best bet is to leave your charging cables plugged in at all times, because having to pull out the storage unit each time soon becomes a pain. To the front of the storage unit, next to the seat heater switches, there is a small slider that you can push to the side to allow the cables to poke out for easy access if so you wish. Q2: You have to be within a couple of feet of the door handle. You need to place your fingers/hand in the gap between the body of the car and the door handle for it to unlock. in effect, it means that the car unlocks itself as you pull the handle to open the door. To lock the car, there is a groove on top of the door handle. One tap to lock. Two taps to double lock. You will notice that the interior lights will come on (as well as the puddle lights under the mirrors) as you get near the car, but also that they get brighter when you open one of the doors and then dim slightly when you close the door. Another little thing I like - I know, it's a bit nerdy - is that the "mouse" re-position itself each time you switch the ignition on/off. Oh, and there is a little light hidden next to the interior light at the front that gently illuminates the centre console (only really useful when it's pitch black, but a nice touch nonetheless).
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    Steve, another year behind you then and a new brilliant one to look forward to ................. my 2018 is going to be expensive methinks ..... cambelt, peripherals and warterpump at 204,500 miles ( 199,875 now ) . 4 x new tyres looming on the short horizon, the front pads and discs my indy tells me are nearly ripe for plucking, usual oil and filters service and MOT with gearbox and diff oil attention .............. and if I'm really lucky, the offside UCAs both the nearside front and the rear, both having been replaced this year and last ( I think ) . Am I phased by it, well, not really .... it's only money and ever so much cheaper than changing the Lexus for anything else too methinks Malc
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    Hi all, The Toyota Recall checker is here , claims to work by reg number but not for mine or my brothers car I had to enter my VIN for it to work.... then you get a number to ring and register..... Andrew
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    Defo check. Like I said, I never got a letter.