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    Here’s a few of mine.
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    Here's my GSF. You can add to your database Big Rat, ex Lexus GB car.
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    My gt86 Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Before the illuminated Taxi sign was fitted....................
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    I mentioned earlier that a fair few have changed there cars and lots of new members so it's time for pictures of your 'F's ! I'll kick it off with mine............ Big Rat
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    This is the third GS I've seen, and in all honesty it's hard to see how I could have found a better one. It really is just about in showroom condition. 68k full Lexus history. Maybe not everyone's choice but I particularly wanted cream leather. Hopefully this will be our means of getting to Austria in the spring.
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    One of mine from a few months back. 😎
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    Wind has been blowing tiles off houses last night. Here is how convo went: Mrs: "the wind has blown tiles off some houses" Me: "What about our house?" Mrs "You're car is ok don't worry" She knows!
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    So I've been going through 'The Rat' archives and thought I'd show this I won't put up the full vid as it's a members car and it will be recognised. The car was a Lexus press and motoring magazine loaner and was used for much promotional work, 175 mph with 2 gears to go 🤗 Big Rat
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    Is it just me, or does anyone else just see a stormtrooper in this photo? 🤔
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    Here’s mine when I first got her.
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    @Flytvr Hey Dav no wonder @Mark G ‘Blue ‘is difficult to find he’s got a second job........ Big Rat
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    Here's mine, not the best photo, someone graffiti'd on the road... 😉
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    @Linas.P "£3750 for my 176k miles IS250" no way it must be some kind of mistake. Maybe they missed the leading 1 from millage :) As for the stone chips it got few in the bumper as expected but windscreen is almost new as it was replaced (OEM one with Lexus logo). @Jamesf1 Thanks for sharing that. It is probably then a feature rather than fault @Mike Hartland You welcome. What else I've found out is while normally driving in GEN3 to Luton from M25/M3 was 35mpg, now in GEN4 it was 43mpg in a medium traffic. Another observation is GEN4 doesn't use so much of aluminium - like front fender and bonnet was aluminium in GEN3 while in GEN4 it seem to be old good steel. In general I've noticed that GEN4 got more accountant interventions - money was shifted from technical parts (like aluminium) to the interior closer to the driver. I've attached some promised photos. If you take a look at the last one you will notice that I've replaced the remote touch knob with the newer version one :) If yours is a little bit tired like mine or you don't like the look of the older version this is really easy change and cost £12 only for brand new one from Lexus.
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    I recall a previous thread mentioning that the 220d is 99% F!
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    They come as a package anyway. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Had another part turn up yesterday thanks to co-ordsport (part box) my mishimoto oil sandwich plate is here. Got this trial fitted to just to see how it went on, it can be rotated to sit in what ever position you need for the ports. This will now allow me take an oil feed for the turbo and also fit oil pressure/temp sensors for gauges. Rod bearings are going to be here on monday along with my turbo, cannot wait to get some momentum back to this build! Hope you guys are enjoying the updates, ive been toying with the idea of doing a youtube channel dedicated for the build, not that confident infront of the camera though so we will see how that goes
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    300h owner but had the chance to drive the RCF today at a demo day put on by Listers Lexus Cheltenham. Whilst waiting to try the new LS500 I was offered a go in the RCF. Glad to have experienced a V8 of Cathedral proportions and endless pull. I fear the V8 will be resigned to history soon so chuffed to have driven this one. LS500 - a massive silent luxury thing. The rear seating room and gadgets are totally nuts.
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    I've been pondering an upgrade for a while and just wanted to put it out there if there are any genuine buyers looking for a nice example 2008. Get in touch if youre a serious looker, I'm looking for £15,500. Couple of months of warranty lefts, alloys refurbed 22nd Dec 2017. 80,000 miles. Rare alpine leather, like new. Service/mot booked for 1st Feb which I would have done if sold. Purchased from a fellow forum member in 2016.
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    Not been using mine much with the crappy weather but here it is at work.
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    Seen them many times in the flesh driven both loved both buy one with my money no I don't believe I would....... Rcf for me now 😁 🐀
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    New bearings come today, Paul from whifbitz got them quickly sent out, top man 👍should have the pistons, rings and rods assembled on the weekend.
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    Just a quick heads up for those of you with diesels - Car Mechanics magazine this month (February 2018 issue) has an interesting article about DPFs - how they work, what goes wrong and how they can be cleaned etc. It also mentions EGRs etc (and Catalytic Converters for petrol engines) but the main focus is on DPFs
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    I now use Dodo Juice Supernatural Leather Cleaner & Sealant. I find it is brilliant on my ivory leather. Apply it with an old nail type brush and scrub with reasonable force and the results are astounding every time! It ain't £3 mind you but it is very very good. I won't get anything else now. Usually around the £20-26 mark but you do see deals from time to time. My last kit was £18.50 from Ebay. I used to use Gliptone .... but now I just wipe some of that on an old magic tree freshener and pop one under each front seat ... makes the car smell great for weeks! There are some good demos up on Youtube for applying Dodo.
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    I found the limiter (i think) on mine in June last year... the speedo showed just under 180mph at around 6000rpm in 7th. I can’t say I looked more accurately at that....
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    I was just reading a thread on this site whereby a member felt the need to apologise to another member for getting the gender of their car wrong. I feel that in this day and age we need to be careful about gender stereotyping and wondered what gender other members give to their cars and why? What makes a male car and what makes a female car? I do not want to upset mine by getting it wrong!
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    Back in the day I used to get Kent fast road cams fitted to my hot hatches. Got an extra 35bhp from my ford escort RS2000. I wonder if these are available for the F?
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    Stay away from the XFR! This was my alternative choice when I got my ISF last year too. They are no more reliable than your STR would be once you start racking the miles up. Be prepared for the 'gearbox fault' limp modes at every verse end and endless misfires that both seem to be totally fine as soon as you get to the dealer and pay 'em £150 for a fruitless diagnostic check. I loved my STR for the ride, styling and power but it cost me the same as the car cost me to own it for two years and it had every conceivable issue. From what the head tech at Solihull Jag told me in good faith, the XFR's are no better. Get an ISF and relax for the rest of your life!
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    Please don’t get confused regarding the coolant leak issue, don’t believe U.K. models suffer from this, nor the sticky interior trim or any other minor niggles/issues raised across the pond. Mine has been running fine with 640hp thanks to the addition of an RR-Racing supercharger kit, but not had coolant leaks etc. Lexus have checked it for me, nothing. Pound for pound the most reliable car I’ve owned. Sorry to see you go, but hope the car finds a loving new home, it deserves it.
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    I agree with you Mike. However, here is an extract from an Autocar review "Lower, wider and longer, the styling is far more adventurous – borderline funky, in fact - and comes with uncommon presence and an almost fanatical devotion to detail. That ‘spindle’ front grille has 5000 surfaces and took one stylist 14 weeks of solid work to design, after which I’m guessing he or she had to go and lie in darkened room for almost as long again."
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    So my rod bearings and turbo have come....... but the rod bearings are damaged. Ive emailed whifbitz about it and just waiting for a response, it was just poorly packaged and the turbo has dented/crushed the bearings so its a little set back but its ok im sure it will be sorted. The turbo on the other hand ......... jesus ***** it is huuuuuuuuuge!!! Alot bigger in person compared to looking at pictures of it! Just for comparison ive placed a 2ltr coke bottle next to it, keep in mind this is slightly larger than the normal 2ltr And 1 next to honey 😂 Will crack on with piston ring gaps tomorrow and hopefully my bearings wont set me back too much
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    The definition of gender is being male or female. Male = of or denoting the s*x that produces gametes, especially spermatozoa, with which a female may be fertilized or inseminated to produce offspring. I dont think cars can fertilise each other - would therefore have to say they don't have a gender - but I mean everything exists in the mind so if you want yours to be a girl then so be it. I find this whole gender debate stupid and utterly ridiculous - we've become a society scared of saying anything in case of offending someone. I prefer to keep things simple - a male is a male if it looks like a male and a female is a female if it looks like a female. If they want to identify themselves as something else, then they better let me know or I'll probably end up offending them all day long Give it a few years and someone will probably start a trend of identifying themselves as a kangaroo.
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    @NemesisUK But Peter yours is the Leccy version I'm guessing all you can stream is ELO...... for those of us who remember them 🤗 🐀
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    Sorry to hear that , but should be straight forward & wouldn’t be at all surprised if her insurance company offers to repair it so you won’t have to fork out your excess. Had that when I was hit from behind a while back. But as others have said I would insist Lexus do the repairs unless you know a body shop you trust. Even if you decide to go through your own insurance company there shouldn’t be any issue with you getting your excess back from such a clear cut accident. Hope it all gets sorted as painlessly as possible👍🏻
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    Reckon it’s all that caustic wheel cleaner I use keeping the weeds at bay! We had a cat cr*p in on it this morning which my mrs took to work on the bottom of her shoe!
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    @FTBBCVoodoo A white Gsf nice..... a load of us had a play in this one last summer sweet..... Big Rat
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    Speak for yourself Ian - I've been waiting a long time to put all this practice to good use!
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    My LS400 is male called Rio, after the number plate. My RX 300, I think is female. Chloe after the number plate KL0. I say to "her" in the morning, "Well KLO, what do ya know?" And she always starts first time!
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    How am I supposed to know they're a ladyboy lol - unless you go to Bangkok fairly regularly I dont think its much of an issue
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    Yesterday was good weather wise for car washing (i.e. above freezing) so I thought I'd share my cleaning routine that I follow every 2 or 3 weeks depending on weather. I do about 250 miles a week so this is a clean every 500-750 miles across mixed roads in southern Scotland. The aim of this isn't a super detail but something to keep the worst of the grim and road salt at bay and that can be completed in under an hour when the outside temperature isn't conducive to spending too long on the job! I prefer to do it with my own equipment as the stuff at the supermarket jet wash is rather harsh and can strip wax. A couple of pictures first to show the built up of winter grime. First up a good layer of snow foam to drag off the worst without risking scratching. After giving it 5 minutes to dwell and a light rinse with the pressure washer (nothing too fierce at this stage) about 90% of the dirt has been removed. Next up are the wheels. I give each a spray of cleaner, give it a couple of minutes and then wash off at about 80% pressure. Next up with the main wash. Speed is of the essence so I go with spraying on the wash/wax solution. I then wipe this over using 2 buckets and 2 wash mitts (one for the top and the other the lower parts). Finally the suds are rinsed off at 80% pressure and the windows cleaned. Results: Products used: Pressure washer - Karcher K4 Bog standard buckets, one with a Grit Guard Wash Mitts - Meguiar's Lambs Wool Foam lance - Elite Car Care Foam - Bilt Hamber Auto Foam Wheels - Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel Cleaner Wash - Autoglym Pressure Wash Windscreen - Autoglym Fast Glass Other windows and mirrors - Rain X 2 in 1 I do a good clean in autumn including wax with Armour All Shield that lasts well into winter so the dirt doesn't stick too bad. Inside I apply Gtechniq I1 to rain/snow coming in doesn't soak the seats or carpet. Come late spring the clay bar will come out to remove the ingrained stuff like tar sports that have accumulated over winter and I'll spend a full day pouring over it.
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    Hi This is my old car, px'd at Lexus Nottingham two years ago against my current 2012 ISF. The car was a 'good'un' but that was two years ago, and I'm surprised it has only come up for sale now - maybe they've been running it as a pool car? The wheels are original but sprayed black after various bad curbing repairs - I actually think it works well with the colour. Likewise, the steering wheel is a quality aftermarket one I imported from the US - better than the stock cheapie one (have put a similar wheel on my current Lexus), the car also had/ has a cat back exhaust fitted by me. TBH if the price is right and it comes with 2-3 years warranty should be a safe bet unless it has been severely abused since I had it..
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    Lots of crumbs in the boot, whoever owns this car had a love for all things sweet...🤔